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Miami mayor recall election

The Miami mayor lost his job because he raised property taxes 14% and gave himself and a few select county employees raises. All this while the city , like all other US cities , is struggling to balance it's budget. Way to go Miami voters. Now let's all do the same in D.C.

Fission Energy??

I recently watched a program on Fission energy on UCTV. At Livermore CA they had successfully split the water molecule with lasers. They said the prototype power plant would be completed in 2020 and they could start building them around the country by 2030. Looked very promising. I wonder why this isn't a top priority. I'm sure if it were a battle ship during war they could certainly speed up the timetable. Also, what ever happened to the bloom box. A year ago it made mainstream media for one day then nothing ever since. Anyone have any answer

America Awakens in Wisconsin

Tyrants and fascism comes in many forms... In America it is the happy wedding between corporations and politicians MORE than happy to do their bidding... FIGHT Corporate America!


Just recently made the transition from a Libertarian to a Social Libertarian. Love Thom's program especially Brunch with Bernie.

Open minded looking for ways to end Fascism in America.3

David Patraeus -- master of nonsense speak.

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Class Warfare and more

Here in New Mexico the right wing is going after immigrants in a show of their "toughness" and as part of their perpetual campaigning. They do this and avoid creating jobs. Their media partners go after stories on "illegals" regularly and even have "surveys" that help build a sense of anti-immigrant sentiment.

Koch Limbo

How low can you go? Will the Koch brothers capitalize on the nuclear disaster in Japan to help market more coal plants? Would you take Koch money to support anti-nuke protesting?

Clear the States of Minions

Clear the State of Minions

Because not one of Wisconsin's 14 Senators would fold.

The tyrants and their minions were stopped cold.

Wisconsin is not real estate for the tyrants to take.

The Award for Most Asinine Excuse for Nuclear Energy Goes To...

Ed Schultz for his comment that “everything we do has risk associated with it.” As if the risks associated with solar or wind energy are the same as nuclear energy.

Stand up. Speak Out.

by Diana May Waldman | WWH- There has been a lot going on in the world during the past couple of weeks. Sometimes, it’s hard to take it all in and sometimes it scares the hell out of us.

Reactor at North Carolina State University

North Carolina State Universtiy has a nuclear reactor on campus. It is a PULSTAR reactor. NCSU also has problelms with waste removal. There were rumors of past waste dumping behind the fairgrounds and at the site of the hockey arena.

This article describles the danger of waste pools at another North Carolina plant.

Iodine-131 (131I) has a half life of 8.02 days - including when it is IN THE OCEAN

It might not be in the atmosphere sufficiently to cross the Pacific but it is already coming - you can count on it. Check your ocean current /conveyor belt.

third time

first there was three mile island then chernoble and japan thats three major nuclear power plant problems. and this last one as i understand it is still in progress. now logic would dictate that this should tell our leaders something. like no matter how save world officials claim they are . they aint. and the results as all can see can be terriable. my hope is that first , that somehow japan is able to stop those reactors from getting worse and hopefully prevent any more loss of live. and that nuclear power as an energy source be reconsidered


"Trickledown" is the "Meth" of the masses.

Dirty Little Secret

The dirty little secret that the Nuclear Industry knows and that anyone with even an inkling of Earth Science knows is: that this nuclear disaster was100% INEVITABLE! Mountains and land masses didn't just magically appear. Cataclysmic geologic events are a certainty.

But the Nuclear Industry and governments choose to live in denial, and gamble on time. Greed, being the driving force.

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Economists Demand Universal Health Care

It’s time for universal healthcare in America.

More than 100 economic professors from across our country have signed on to a letter, calling for Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin and that state’s legislature to enact universal healthcare in the Green Mountain State.