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It is a must see !An An injury to one.! Frank Little!

Today a guest comment on your program, speaking about the Anaconda mine and the Berkeley pit.A outspoken union leader, . . This union leader or agitator who lost his life by way of Pinkerton.Frank Little had crowds up to 8000 men and women. It is every bit as important today, to understand the sacrifices of those who came before us. A wonderful way to understand this era of mining in Butte Montana, is a documentary titled An Injury To One.

After a record profit year, UAW union and U.S. taxpayer owned GM is cutting pension plan payments for NON UNION employees?

It appears deficits DO matter.

"There are still 500,000 workers who have now left General Motors who they are still paying pension plans to. That's a $9 billion shortfall that General Motors is facing. In a company that's making about $8 billion in profits, that's really hard to continue to pay out over time,"

The GOP's Insane War On Women

I saw Sandra Bernhard on The Young Turks show the other night and she NAILED IT. She said of the GOP Republicans' War On Women...

"This is a whole new level of Ignorance that we've never seen in this country."

Walker violates the Law to advance Mining Bill

Gegobic Mining (pronounced “jej-a-beck”) and Obama’s frackers were glee-filled$ when Walker’s co-felon Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald dissolved the special mining committee and sent the Assembly version (AB 426) of the open-pit mining bill straight to the Joint Finance Committee, indicating his intent to have the full Senate vote on the bill ASAP. An unprecedented rejection of proper pu

How big is the TOAD?: Total of All Distortions in the U.S. GDP (“Gross Distorted Procedures”)

For instance, this gem from an excellent book by Kevin Phillips titled “Bad Money, Reckless Finance, Failed Politics, and The Global Crisis of American Capitalism”:

New Doug's Dozen: 12 More Holiday Cards From Rick Santorum

Yeah, sending out the Hanukkah cards that plugged Jesus was kind of tacky. And I sure hope he killed the idea of the St. Patrick's Day cards with the AA fridge-magnet.

But what we're all forgetting about Santorum is that for a man of faith, he sure knows how to reach out to different groups and build bridges. That he promptly sets fire to.

The latest Doug's Dozen is up on Funny Or Die:

The Fraud of Fairness in America!

The Fraud of Fairness in America!

The NFL and NBA Union Busting... And YOUR Silence is Deafening!

Someone please help me figure this one out.

Two multi-billion dollar corporate entities destroy their current contracts with their employees. Lock their employees out. All but destroy their Unions (At one point, the NBPA actually did decertified their Union). Through "The Disney" media services of "ESPN", they performed daily propaganda hit pieces on their employees and their contract demands. The Billionaire owners weren't satisfied with their huge, windfall profits... they demanded MORE!


I have heard that CCA is planning to buy up the state prisons. They see huge profits from them. They want to put the states under a contract to guarentee that the prisons will be kept at least 90% filled at all times. Sorry I do not have links to back this up. Also there is pending (or did it pass) legislation to allow arrests and indefinate detention without trial being pushed by the Republican party. I am thinking there may be a connection between this company and the law makers via lobbiests. Isnt this kind of a monopoly illeagle to start with and the law unconstitutional?

Banks win again..........

Think the $25 billion was a good deal for the upside down home owners? Well it turns out the banks are only paying about $5 billion of it and the rest is coming from Fannie and Freddie, you the tax payers. The fraudsters win again. There is $13.5 mortgage debt and 22% of it is underwater, so do you think $25 billion is going to make a splash in the ocean. No!

Dr. Keith Ablow Is My Enemy

So, according to Fox media consultant Dr. Keith Ablow (a man with an interesting record if you Gooble him) as a 58 year old adopted child, I am a danger to society. What a crock!

I frequently have to laugh, having been born in the first year of a Republican administration. Under the current Republican morality, I shouldn't exist.

But I do.

My natural mother had an extra-marital affair where I was conceived. Her husband said, in order for her to come back to the marriage, she had to get rid of me.

She did.


The choice is simple!

Most Americans agree that government works when democracy is unfettered by money. The American rebels and the tea party with the Republicans would choose to be told how to live their lives, by bankers and industry, because they have been on the fast track, with the bankers and industry. They are on the payroll so to speak, so they would gain influence were the American government voided. The choice is simple, laws enforced by Democratic government or totalitarian rule of an economic nature by banks and industry. The common denominator is the rich not paying their fair share.

Here's Proof Republicans Are Done With Democracy

Show up for a protest, and end up losing your home, car, and retirement account? How about losing everything over just being at a meeting or on a conference call?