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Kat Bradley-Bennett

sleep with Boehner

Could use the money, but would really be tough to actually do...maybe two bags -one for him and an extra for me to barf in. Maybe the two LL's mean Love em and Leave em.... new initials for him...BBB...Bangin' Bawlin' Boner! I think I'd be crying to if I resorted to that.

getting busy in arizona

As progressives we have a lot to do in Arizona. Senator 1070 now has a bill to exempt Arizona from federal laws whenever they desire and the GOP is seeking to throw nearly 300,000 of our most needy friends off the medicare health insurance called ACCESS here in Arizona. A number of us in Democracy For America, Maricopa ounty ( are working to set a new age phone tree to bring out activist and encourage the just interested to call, write, email, twitter, blog and otherwise take back our state. If anyone is out in Thom land is interested in what we're doing, come o

Collapse of Capitalism, Part II: Squeezing Blood from a Stone

by Phil Polizatto |

February, The EPA and the GOP

February seems to be an interesting month for environmental issues, because in the same time month that we see this...


Jeb! Seen Wearing Yellow Tie

On this morning's broadcast, Jeb!, encased from the waist down by a bright red pulpit bearing his name in large white letters, was seen wearing a pale yellow silk tie over an almond shirt, finished with a tan jacket. Against his pink-toned skin, the effect was ghastly. Red Jeb! backdrops completed the scene, which appears to have been a speech about education.


Don't Underestimate the Tea Party

I replied to an earlier Blog entry about Americans. Anyone who read my response will recognize some of this Blog entry, but hear me out. After I replied I gave the subject a couple of days thought...

VIVA Young Egypt!

What a false label this "Pro-Mubarak Protesters" term is! These disrupters are nothing more or less than Mubarak's own state police/secret police force (who happen to be the ones with the horses and camels trained to enter crowds). The longer Mubarak and his police forces (which outnumber the military) are left in control, the more oppression/repression and retaliation murder of Egyptian "progressives" will take place.

Obama has the power to effect that -- the power of the U.S. aid purse strings! Why isn't he using it? Is he saying one thing and doing another?

For the people

Please read or go to: I have much to say, only join in this way because my book is a few months away. But my message needs to be put out ASAP but have no platform. Any help you can give please let me know.

New Moon, Rabbit Year and Groundhog Day

New Year? New Moon? Groundhog Day? Wow! If that isn't enough to contend with already! Then there's the looming sword hanging over this country's head, unemployment. For those of you who made New Year's resolutions and let them slide as we move into February, there's a 'reset' button called the Lunar New Year, a thousands year-old celebration from our lien holders, the Chinese. Perhaps we can take solace in the fact that we can start over at various times during the year. One biggie resolution of course is putting Americans back to work.

"We have lived by gobbling up our own future," Vladislav Inozemtseu, Russian Economist

Applies to Obama and his Republicans approach to the Economy and Environment.

Supreme Court striking down law

I caught yesterday's show on podcast. Thanks Thom for taking on Marbury v Madison. No one ever does that.Thats why you're the best in the business. Only a few realize that the Supreme Court is exercising powers that the Constitution does not give it. Even attorneys and law professors don't realize how radical John Marshall was in that case. They just reinforce his logic in the opinion when they teach it to law students. Judicial Review is the height of activism. Anyway thanks for taking it on. Please do it as often as you can. Your opponent wouldn't even debate you on it. LOL.

As the largest consumer market in the world we should have the power over corporations!

As the largest consumer market in the world we have the power to tell corporations to give us jobs & pay us fairly or sell your products in the countries where you take our jobs. Let's see how rich you become selling your products in Pakistan!
We also have the right to make you pay for maintenance (taxes) of our country since you use public services such as roads, police, fire, etc...

A Rather Secret Bank in Haiti

It is vara vara suspeecious that the Fed has a bank it monitors in Haiti which is not listed in 1959 and forward in Moody's Manuals of Banking and Finance. NIC says

1959-12-31 BANQUE DE L'UNION HAITIENNE, S.A. located at PORT-AU-PRINCE, 0, HAITI was established as a Foreign Bank the same day that

EPA Under Siege! Republicans and Special Interest Groups try to block Clean Air Act

On Monday, Senator Barrasso from Wyoming and Senator Rockefeller from West Virginia both introduced separate pieces of legislation that would keep the EPA from protecting public health and would allow big polluters to run roughshod over the environment.

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