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  • Congressional Coup that no one noticed...

    Completely ignored by almost all the media and demonstrating once more Democrats' complicity in the overthrow of our representative form of government is the committee for reducing deficit spending.  Did anyone notice that: 1)  although nationally the Republicans have a base of only about 26% of the population they are given 50% of the committee membership.  2) Republicans tapped for committee membership have all sworn to follow a specific deficit reduction policy and 3) Democrats placed on the committee represent conservatives as well as moderates, almost guaranteeing a cons

  • Yes!!! There is a Revolution....

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    Yes!!! There is a Revolution underway. There has never been one more real – or more sweeping. It is historic on a millennial scale and it is global.

  • More prisons may help?

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    I think the idea  Mr. Hartmann expressed last week of having more prisons built could help in two ways.  Contain the ever enlarging criminal population and create many new construction, and guard jobs.  Not to mention all the ancillary jobs that follow.

  • Booing gay soldiers

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    So, according to your last guest.....the audience is not booing THAT gay soldier, they are booing ALL gay soldiers.  That is not better, in case he was making an argument against them being sociopaths.

  • Could This Be A Jet Fighter?

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         This was posted this morning on after last night's 60 Minutes program.

  • STATE SANCTIONED MURDER or for those with weak stomachs THE DEATH PENALTY

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    STATE SANCTIONED MURDER or for those with weak stomachs THE DEATH PENALTY





  • UTUBE: Obama's Wall Street Goons rough up protesters.

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    see UTUBE for footage.

  • goonba ag go go

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  • Stuff This, Mr. W. Buffett

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    You'se guys better start coming out with the truth before you get lost in your own underwear closets. Firstly, admit you stripped the families of the builders of American agriculture and production by turning companies like Berkshire Hathaway and Fort Wayne Knitting Mills, and the old cotton fields back home, into a Lincoln National FDIC fund and Wells Fargo Bank while allowing the Mob to have Bank of America.