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Police Departments throughout the US purchasing military grade weapons, for,…..?!

hmmmm, not good, given the fact we are inching toward a petro\corp\1% police state

It the Levin/McCain Bill actually about Terrorists, or is it about breaking up the Occupy Protests.

After I watched Thom's television program this afternoon and heard about this absolutely scarey legislation these two guys are trying to pass, I could only wonder why. I mean didn't President Obama, kill Osama Bin Laidin? Didn't he get rid of several nasty guys at the top as well? We won't need to hear from Momar Kaddafi any seems we are keeping on top of the terrorist thing, so why the urgency to pass this bill which pretty much turns us into a country run by the military?

So what is the tax rate on "Job Creators" who Create Jobs?

I have been thinking about this recently, and of course the answer is that there are no taxes on created jobs. All the costs associated with creating a job are tax deductable as a business expense. So unless you are talking about Juan the gardener getting a helper or some other addition to the house staff, which could possibly be paid for with after tax dollars.

STOP S.968, the so-called "Protect IP Act" from killing the Internet for the People!

From Daily Kos:

This bill could destroy the Internet as we know it.

STOP S.968, the so-called "Protect IP Act" from KILLING THE INTERNET for the People!

From Daily Kos:

This bill could destroy the Internet as we know it.

Republicans to speak in series of woofs, grunts, and ughs.

film and soundtrack availalbe soon

Jobs on the Keystone Pipeline – “working the petroleum plantation”

One of many great lines from Greg Palast's book "Vultures' Picnic" - buy it, read it and make hay.

Democrats known to fake orgasms as well.


no cenorship of the net

Atlas Didn't Shrug But He Was One Of The 99%

Ayn Rand uses Atlas as an example of an exceptional being. The premise of her story is that exceptional people hold up the world and support the rest of us and if they were to shrug our world would come crashing down on all of us unexceptional people. If Ayn were to have looked into the mythology she butchers with her inaccurate metaphors she would have known that in mythology Atlas was a Titan and humanity arose from the Titans who battled the Olympian Gods. Atlas was forced into his labor by the Olympian Gods for daring to rise up against them.

Formula 1 USA

I believe you mentioned some shady dealings regarding Rick Perry and the track built in Austin.

Now, I'm a big fan of the F1 races, however, I am aware of the political and financial shenanigans that are part and parcel of the F1 circus.

Please Discuss Norquest Pledge = Marginal Rate

If you read the Norquest pledge, it refers to the "marginal income tax rate." Isn't that the highest bracket? Please discuss the actual text of the pledge(s) and exactly who it is protecting. Here is the Senate version of the pledge:

How to start taking control of our political process

I apologise in advance for the poor spelling and grammer. I have never professed to be an english major.

In any event,

I have been watching all I can about the occupy movements and I think were missing the point here. We have seen the growing response of government, ie. locking out the press and violently cracking down on peaceful protestors, in obvious violations of our constitution.

Appropriate Size of Government

(OMG, I wish Washington would shut up about the appropriate size of Government!)

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Big Oil Could Have Put A Dent In CO2 Emissions In 1970s — But Did Nothing

According to new documents from the Center for International Environmental Law, the industry chose to prioritize costs over the planet.

The new documents show oil companies chose to invest in climate denying instead of on technologies to reduce emissions.