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Friday, July 8, 2011


Everything is on the table for negotiations.

Obama ready to "Deal" on Debt Ceiling!?!...uhm, ta hell for?!

What gives?! Obama does not have to deal with Republicans on the Debt Ceiling

Planning ahead for questionable creditworthiness of US Debt?

Wall Street divests (quantitative easing) and the People invest (borrowing from the social security trust fund). Thanks Uncle Sam, same to you.

Atlanta public schools

Just when you thought our kids test scores compared to rest of world was embarrasing, we find out that even theses low results have been fudged. But congratulations to Atlanta public school educrats, they may just have stumbled onto the holy grail of leftist politics: a means to equalize not opportunity, but achievement.

In 'Sixty-nine

Though 'Sixty-nine was largely spent, without us knowing what it meant,
love was blooming for each other! Then came Watergate, oh, brother.

Oh, my brother- he wasn't heavy, as if another tax to levy.
Unfortunately in 'Sixty-nine, there was a big bad bank combine.

Forty years they had their way. Cole Porter said, they'll have to pay.
For ports and coal made sure their Day- when we hadn't much to say.

Forty years, oh my eyes!. Lincoln steals, Washington lies.

hurry up & tear it down, already!

the world trade center fell faster than a bride's panties, so why is it taking so long to demolish the welfare state?

a few saudi guys with 'box-cutters' proved to have super-natural powers in 2001 by razing two NY skyscrapers in record time, but they forgot one thing: a plan to survive the attack. we lost many good men and women on that day in september, but the ones we need the most right now are those who had the guts and the vision to get the patriot act delivered to the president's desk - the saudi guys.

Log Cabin Republicans

The site below tells who they are and what they stand for. This is a big switch from what I have learned about the GOP party.

Any coments????

More Israeli "Democracy"

I wonder, will Thom ever understand that Israel isn't even close to a democratic state? It is rather a theocracy or an ethnocracy.

Today I received a copy of this letter that Israeli peace activists sent to their Minister of Internal Security.

July 7, 2011

From Washington to Brzezinski

Today we have broomsticks for candidates just as Washington supposed in 1799. With elections subject to the Supreme Court’s decision equating money with persons his words ring even truer today

Page 366 of Gordon Wood’s Pulitzer Prize winning book “The Radicalism of the American Revolution" contains this passage::

Tax increase as wedge issue.

Is it possible that Obama is trying to create a wedge issue by getting the republicons to go along with tax inceases and closing of loop holes.

If he can do this it may cause the Grover Norquist tax pledge to crack and fall like a house of cards and pit the tea party against the corporate wings of the Republicon cult.

Il Volo - Flight

Maybe you've heard these three teenagers but if you haven't prepare for a treat, serve up the spaghetti, pull the cork on a fresh bottle of Chianti then just relax and listen.


I can't believe I supported this guy in 2008. And by now, he is all too predictable. This past ten years (well, 30 actually) in this country are like some b-rate fiction or spy movie come true. just insert the name of one of the international groups of evil that James Bond would fight against. We have truly been taken over. I think the majority of THE PEOPLE ( inspite of what the media want you to believe) want SS and Medicare/Medicaid protected, but now we are going to witness the beginning of the end of these programs. The Will of the People be damned once again.

Social Work Class Assignment

This was an assignment that I did last year for a community college class that I was taking. Thought it would be appropiate here:)

4th section of the 14th Amendment states the United States' public debt "shall not be questioned."

Obama could ignore Congressional attempts to thwart raising the debt ceiling and as a constitutional scholar - who went to war in Libya - he knows it.

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