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Beyond Elections Part 2

This video is inspiring. It is not directly related to the issues being talked about on the show right now. But these projects tend to increase participation according to articles that I'm starting to look through. One KEY part of this is that it took a Worker's Party to get this started on a large scale. A party commited to participation. While we may mostly align with Dems - obviously more so than Rs - they have not pushed for greater democracy in a way that puts our voter turnout above 100th place in the world that has elections.

3rd party

A few minutes ago, Thom outlined what a 3rd party needs - organizers, a brand, etc. The Green Party is all set up and they are 100% in sync with our progressive views. They just need a fraction of the coverage given to the tea bag groups, which the corporate media have elevated to the status of a political party. The caller mentioned a handful of great Dems who are always ignored; and wished they would form a 3rd party. Perhaps we should get them over to the Green?

The President has failed his oath

The president took an oath to protect and defend. He should have referred to this pledge and announced to the country that he will not cave into to tactics used by criminals and terrorists, and that he would not allow the congress to intimidate him into doing something that harms the United States to benefit a few.

They Have Lawyers We Have A Judge

The Republicans are acting like lawyers. Once they accept a case (their job) they have to represent their client to the best of their ability. Even if they know their client is guilty or wrong they have a moral and ethical obligation to fight for them.

Obama wants to be the judge instead of our lawyer. While he should be fighting for our side he's just looking to find agreement between the two parties. With this mindset there is no way that we can succeed. No matter how wrong everyone knows the Republican position is we will have to compromise with it.

Oh no behavior

Is the Republican party's no behavior in the Senate the new standard in behavior in the future? The Republicans may rue the day when they become the majority in the Congress.................

I had a dream...

Obama was visited by the Ghost of Presidential past (played by Harry Truman) to wake him up.

Don't say OBAMA CARE!

Thom is the only progressive I've heard who uses the derogatory term "Obama Care". It's not Obama Care. The bill was formulated by the House and Senate. To call it Obama Care is feeding into the opposition who dislike Obama and therefore dislike anything he supports.

jasons thoughts

One of my most lifechanging experiences was reading Thoms book Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight. This video by the group Disturbed embodies parts of Thoms book. Watch it, and listen closely to the lyrics.

A Tale of 2 Countries - Confronting Evil

Tax Cuts

It is time for the Democrats to step up to the plate and fight for what we were promised when we elected President Obama. I realize that he is fighting and uphill battle but he has had little help from his fellow Demcrats - especially the blue-whatever dems who are nothing more than republicans in disguise. How long before they change parties as others such as Lieberman?

I'm stickin' to the I as in Independent, after dropping the D for Democrat (albeit disgusted!)

A few days following the midterms, I switched my party registration from Democrat to Independent. To be honest, in m earlier years I'd vascillated between Democrat to Independent (while working as a reporter/news editor for a three town weekly in western Massachusetts) then back to Democrat for a while then GOP and finally about a decade or so I went back to Democrat, thinking it'd be for good.

Remember remember the 7th of December

Arguments come and go don't they. Whatever happened to the discussion about Park 51? Reason I thought about it was yesterday was the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, the ground (water) "zero" for WWII. I also noticed that there are still a couple of Shinto shrines near the harbor, also some Buddhist Temples. Well, I guess time heals all wounds. So the plans have been released to the press on what this Muslim community center would look like a mere 2 blocks from where the World Trade center towers used to be.

Can someone look into this?

Thomm and staff:

I just read a blog over at and here it is:Daily Kos: Reuters/Smith: G.O.P. Is Executing Plan To "Bankrupt" States

I find this troubling and need a better understanding of this. If this could be looked at and dealt with at a latter time I would appreciate it.

I don't know if this is customary or not within standards of this board and if not, I apologize.

Keep up the good work.


Contacting Pelosi and Sanders

Pelosi's mail box is full and Sanders line is constantly busy.

Obama's Line Item Veto

Can't Obama line item veto the portion of the bill that deals with the Republican items?

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The Ferguson Effect On Our Great Grand Children

A few weeks ago, Congressman Paul Ryan released his latest proposal for tackling America’s poverty epidemic. Unfortunately, the plan does very little to combat poverty in our country, and instead, continues the devastating austerity policies that Ryan himself helped to create. Thanks to those policies, entire communities across America are underwater, and struggling to survive in tough economic times.