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I'm OUT.

In 2008, I campaigned for Barack Obama. I donated (repeatedly, as much/often as I could afford to) to Barack Obama's campaign. I voted for Barack Obama and celebrated so very much when he was elected. Now, Barack Obama wants me to be "In" on his 2012 Presidential bid.

I am OUT.

March in DC

Are you sick of how our country is turning to fascism and an elite aristocracy to rule and control the working people without their input? Do you want your Democracy back?

There will be an Egypt style march on DC on 6 October to protest the corporate oligarchy that has captured our government. Join us and stay until we see results. Take the pledge. They can only rule us if we let them.

Thom you need to let people know about this.

March on Washington

We need to organize a "million unemployed march" from K street to the Capitol to demand a constitutional ammendment overturning Citizens United, and to promise to organize against and primary every Democrat who does not get behind this cause. The unemployed today feel isolated, angry, defeated, and powerless. The only way We the People can gain the power back from the Oligarchs is to march 1 million strong on their city and reclaim it as our city. Please spread this idea around.

-Sam from New York City

Dispirited progressive? Not this dude ...

It's time to stop be apologists for the likes of Obama and start being a protaganist for progressive ideals. The first step will be the hardest: stop rewarding failure by voting for Obama or any other federal lawmaker who insists on maintaining ties to the Democratic Party.

Despite Injuries Gabrielle Giffords back in Full Fundraising mode with calls for “Bipartisanship”

Despite Injuries Gabrielle Giffords back in Full Fundraising mode with calls for “Bipartisanship” when dealing with representatives of Special Interest Groups on a resolution to the fake Debt Ceiling Crisis.

My best well wishes for her continued speedy recovery from her injuries.

Debt Deal: Slamming it through the Needed Votes without time for Public Opposition to Organize

the convenience of a deadline.

Family in Small Town Wisconsin debates move to British Columbia

I’m not kidding. They are going to “give themselves a bail-out” by walking away from their home mortgage and pursue the business of organic hair coloring.

Local Park Ranger moves family to Thailand in HOPE of Better Life

I’m not kidding. His wife got a job teaching English. He was told to get on the plane (his first time ever on an airplane) and "don't ever look back."

FDL: “Catfood Commission on steroids”

“…debt limit deal includes the Super Congress -- a Catfood Commission on steroids -- tasked specifically with cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits over the next few years.”

Characterization of American voter apathy

During yesterday, August 1, 2011, you had a caller reference American voter apathy and you characterized it along with a reference to a book and author.

Can you repeat the reference please?



Jack London's View of the "Surplus Labor Army"

The following is an excerpt from Jack London's 1905 essay on "The War of the Classes". Keeping people poor and unemployed is good for the Corporations who exploit their labor. While I do NOT ascribe to Marx's 'solutions' to the Class War I do understand very well how this problem came about. This piece was written by Jack London a little over a century ago and is only 60 pages long (excerpt below is only two and a half pages taken from the greater work). From a common working man's point of view it sums up the problem that existed since the beginning of the


I play a little chess against my Mac.

Science versus Intelligent Design

A discussion of a hypothetical 50-bit self-replicating molecule as the basis for for life.

Reporter has more foresight than the President....

Link to the exchange Thom talked about today which happened December 2010

Glowball Warming Casulties...


The golden toad which, according to environmental groups, was the first casualty of global warming

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Tax cheats stash $2 trillion overseas!

America's biggest companies are playing by their own set of rules. According to a recent report from two major watchdog organizations, our nation's Fortune 500 companies have $2.1 trillion dollars stashed in overseas tax havens.

To put that number in perspective, it's worth noting that the entire federal budget for 2015 was only about $3.8 trillion.