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Free Market?

The Free Market hypothesis is based on market efficiency, self correction etc.

Warren Buffet: "If the market was efficient, I'd be driving a cab."

George Soros: In his book 'The Crash of 2008' he details how the market is not only NOT self correcting but rather the opposite, that as errors occur it chases and magnifies errors until the errors are so big the they become unsatainable and the market is destroyed (bubbles and crashes).

My Open Letter To The President Of The United States

We are facing the most incredible times in America. Some say this is the beginning of the end, others say it's a new beginning. I believe this is neither a new beginning nor is it the end. Today, this year we are witnessing history repeat itself. The politicians that have taken over Washington D.C. are taking a meat ax to the very system that has sustained the middle class from falling into poverty. There are those who have loathed the social contract fabricated by progressives for the last 100 years, and now is their time to act.

We're Going to Raise the Taxes on Millionaires and Billionaires

Phase III update-- Now that we got the Japan radiation leak stopped, and got that mess just about all cleaned up, and there's nothing to worry about, let's talk about what "you's people" are going to have to do to lower "our" debt-

Dana Palmer

The idea of "Shared Sacrifice" is BOLOGNA! It is time for the Rich to simply "Catch Up"

It also ticks me off that the President has been using excuses like delays in house closings, slowed tax refunds, late payment to the troops, etc. as an excuse to agree to devastating, risk-inducing and in some instances life-threatening changes in the budget. There is no equivalency.

What are your top ten talking points? My try at them on the evening of 4-12-11 are these...

1. The Republicans are willing to kill American people to ensure tax cuts for the rich and benefits for corporations.

2. Republicans are willing to ignore the history of economics and promote ludicrous tax cuts for the rich and expect these tax cuts to create jobs.

3. Republicans seem to be ignorant that jobs are created by DEMAND, by people with money to spend and who want to spend it. Simply offering people with no money something they want will not create sales.

why do this to yourself?

I understand you lost your cool bantering with a peter ferrocoli, or something. I missed it, but don't regret it. Like, he should be grateful. He should say, "Thank you, Thom, for explaining that to me. All this time I have wasted being a right wing puke. But thanks to Thom Hartman, I have seen the error of my ways." Just maybe, you would be less stressed if you spent more time talking with people who actually have a clue - like proggressives. Try it, you might like it.


The lie that won’t die


This is a remarkable film. Please watch the trailer:


I honestly cannot think of a more appropriate and accurate political term than "Prostitutes" for most of our elected officials. We've broached the term "traitors" -- this is also a most accurate identification of what these people have let themselves become.

FIX almost ALL of our corrupt political problems??

I'm thinking that if NO ONE can EVER be RE-ELECTED, they will ONLY run for office if they truly want to be a PUBLIC SERVANT! Get in there for one term, do the work -- and GET OUT!! Everything would change -- INSTANTLY!! What is this Tues., Wed., Thurs. "club" of representation we have?! ALL of our elected representatives in Washington, D.C. are TOO BUSY having their weekly "days off" and working on raising campaign money for their NEXT election TO DO OUR WORK!! NO RE-ELECTIONS! Thank you.

Are Progressives Learning to be Helpless?

April 12

A Capital Idea Part 64: Are Progressives Learning to be Helpless?

I thought I loved you before...

I am sitting here, grinning from ear to ear. I thought I couldn't love you more until I heard your exchange with "Romania" and the "equal pay etc." debate.

I love you even more. Talk about your "evolved human being"...! I am impressed!

I have often thought that the most dangerous chemical on the planet was testosterone! We can thank raging testosterone for

- wars and the need for "conquest"

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Corporations outspend taxpayers in Congress...

You may be surprised to learn that we spend about $2 billion dollars a year on our dysfunctional Congress. However, it's even more surprising to learn that corporate lobbyists spend even more to buy off our federal lawmakers.