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Why Refiners Are Exporting.

Thom, I very much enjoy your program but at times when you propagate a misleading opinion, I have to provide a riposte. On your January 6th show you mentioned that our refiners export our gasoline and airplane fuel to other nations to keep our prices high. As you may not know the price of West Texas oil (pricing of domestic oil on the spot market) vs Brent crude (Europe's oil pricing on the pricing of the spot market) is much lower in the latter's continent.

Barney Frank is a snarky old sot who thinks trapping the People in Triangulation is funny.

"we're not perfect, but they're crazy"

Buddy Roemer

What is your feeling about Rep. Gov Buddy Roemer? A great example of how the media and rep party are controling the debates and election process.

10 ideas that would make America better

  1. Individual citizens should only be able to contribute to candidates for whom they have a legal right to vote.

The proposed pipeline

Hello Thom,

"8.6% Unemployment" REJOICE! Trickle Down is starting to pay dividends! The ends justifies the means!

Yea, letting the middle class job pool growth along with the near zero growth rate of the domestic economy for 4 years will result in a piddly few more jobs! Yea!

how it should work


Or imagine what amounts to about the same thing: Imagine a world without Israel.

Another war looming on the campaign trail? Maybe, Israel wants a war with Iran (has, in fact, already begun a covert, clandestine one) and why not another war just in time for next November's election? It would surely boost the re-election odds for the USA's first Zionist president - Obama. And what matters most for Obama? Re-election, what else? And, after all, history tells us that whatever Israel wants, the USA provides.

Economical Terrorism

Dear Thom,

A RATIONAL or an IRRATIONAL society???

And the United States? Perhaps the most irrational society ever. Maybe you can add to my list, one that I posted before, back in June. This list has even more relevance today as we begin another year.

· A rational society would rebel when its government serves only the interests of the rich and powerful.

· A rational society would legalize prostitution and drugs with strict control on both.

Snowmobile Futures Contracts plunge on opening bell of Milwaukee Exchange.


What are the Banksters doing to us?

Once again they just don't understand how it works.

Jan. 6, 2012: Forecast for Southern WI not -20 F wind chill but highs near 50 F

Oh yea, we’re screwed and its just starting. Die well bitches!

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America Is a Country - Not a Business!

America is, increasingly, no longer a country; instead, we're being run like a business, and in some cases it's literally killing us.

Take for example, the ongoing problem of foodborne illnesses like Salmonella, which infects over a million Americans every year.