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There's Hard News then There's Beck

You won't hear me commending the Fox Channel for their reportage much so you can mark this day on your calendar. Fox's reporting from Cairo is indeed commendable and worth noting. They are trying their best, along with other journalists, to report the 'real' news happening on the ground. They, along with others in the news business, have been targeted by pro-government thugs, roughed up, equipment damaged, arrested and otherwise intimidated. The corpulent Rush Limbaugh ridiculed the beating of two New York Times reporters belittling it to the point of saying:

Lee Yee Phang and Think Progress

Who is this guy and why did Thom reference him regarding the world economy's direction?

Is There a Talking Lizard In Your Subconscious Mind? Hope Versus Advertising

Special Note for Thom Hartmann readers -- please do continue to support the advertisers on Thom's national show, and the advertisers on your local station that carries Thom's show -- do support progressive talk on commercial radio! - R.B.

Employment news,...if any

Oh Great Wealth Concentrator of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I beseech you,

Nay I beg of you, Oh great compassionate potentate,

Elegant Miami Mayor Hopes for Elegant Ending

Miami, Florida

Mayor Regalado, in consideration of this being Miami, hopes the embroglio between City Hall and the Chief of Police will resolve with elegance. This means Chief XPosito will humbly step down so as to avoid a protracted scandal, and lose $100,000 accumulated sick pay.

Chief XPosito has adopted the "Hell no, I won't go" stance and his demeanor on camera has progressed from starchly grumpy to really ticked off.

I digress

How hard could it be? A fifth grader should be able to figure this out! Yes three pies. One pie is assets the second pie is hopes and dreams America's future. The third pie is liabilities. Job killing tax cuts has left the liabilities pie half eaten.? All right three quarters eaten. The hopes and dreams pie is looking somewhat stale. Not too appetizing.MMMMM! Assets pie is overflowing with rich fruit dripping from the edge of the crust. It is simple take what is overflowing out he assets pie and replace what is been eaten or misplaced from the liabilities pie.

Pittsburgh in the 60’s- I loves me some PHIL

Sherry Pasquarello - Well we all know what’s been going on in the past few days. Unless of course you happen to be related to Phil. Yes, you must know Phil, don’t you? Pennsylvania’s most famous groundhog!

Danger's of ending the blooming of democracy in Egypt.

Egypt: A shock doctrine moment?

Milton Friedman is digging at his casket lid trying to get out of his grave. Egypt! The most populated country in the Middle East! Ripe for privatization! $2 bucks a day average wage. "We'll make it four! Just give us your young or old and... ( what the hell we'll make it six!) and You all will be able to afford bread for the rest of your lives...

Love you

U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

courts need power to overturn unconstitutional laws

Thom: Would you really rather that Congress gets the last word on what is constitutional, over the courts? Yes, the Supreme Court is corrupt and political. Some of its members attend right wing conventions funded by oil billionaires. But they are still better than Congress, most of whose members are fully bought and paid for. The constitution give judges life appointments so they can, in theory, protect the rights of minorities and the politically powerless without having to face the voters. In the past 5 years, Congress and the executiv


, I knew John kennedy and John kennedy was a friend of mine and He's no John Kennedy.....Hell no

"Protests in Egypt" ( the new ) "What Now Cartoon"

Let us hope that the violence can quell and that there can still be a peaceful solution.

The P2P Foundation

February 3

A Capital Idea Part 55: The P2P Foundation

Info please on Speaker

Let's say Boehner steps down as Speaker....does that mean someone automatically steps in, or would someone be elected to replace him? I don't think ever come up before and curious how it would be handled. I think we should be glad that McCain is not in power so that we don't needlessly get into another war in the middle east!

Obama’s attendance at The Family’s Prayer Breakfast EXTREMELY offensive in lieu of David Kato killing.

January 27, 2011


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Can Democrats Set Out a New Path?

Democrats must embrace a pro-government platform, not run away from it.

Those were the sentiments of Senator Chuck Schumer today, in a speech given at the National Press Club. Talking about the reasons for Democrats’ losses on Election Day, Schumer said that those losses were proof that the American people and middle-class want a government that will work more effectively for them.