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Is Full Employment a Realistic Goal?

I started working in the tool & die trades in Everett (WA) in 1966. In those days there were 475-500 men who did NOTHING but maintain the calandering rolls for Everett's pulp & paper mills. There is a pulp & paper mill operating today at the north end of Vancouver Island (BC, Canada). This mill produces more than twice as much finished paper per year as ALL the mills in Everett did in the 1960's. There are SEVEN people (I don't know the gender breakdown) who maintain the calandering rolls for that mill. In other words, 7 workers do a job that would

Trying to get through to conservative friends.

After reading Cracking the Code, I've been thinking that it would be nice to have a short letter to send to my conservative friends. Since the way I would write it would probably still bounce off their thick skulls (and I mean that in the kindest way possible.) I would not presume Thom has the time to devote to the myriad requests he receives. So instead, I would like to hear from others what they think would be effective.

What I would like my conservative friends to understand:

He's Baaaaaaaaaaack, Welcome Keith Olbermann

It was with much excitement and anticipation that I watched the first two nights of Countdown with Keith Olbermann on Current TV. A glorious moment for me because after he was booted off MSNBC for not buckling under their rigid, corporate (and on-the-spot whoever conservative manager that was vexed by Olbermann's honesty) RULES, a BLACK HOLE(replacing the Olbermann candidness that kept us SANE in an INSANE period in our lives) appeared in my psyche.

Parable of the Watertank, Edward Bellamy (1897)

This classic work of literature shows the undeniable logic of Rooseveltian/Democratic economics in a way a child can understand it.

Shopping at Walmart

Sorry, Thomm. I will still chastise and castigate you for shopping at Walmart, because the next nearest store was 100 miles away. That's when you either get on the phone and mail order,or go online and shop. Either way, they would have come to your door, without supporting mysogynists!

Obama Apologies Grow Absurd

The contention that a legitimate job creation plan is absent because of the Peoples failure pull a Roosevelt style "Go Out And Make Me Do It" on Barac Obama is absurd and alarming!



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Supreme Court radicals in 5 to 4 agreement.

Corporations purchase American government.

video on how we got into this economic mess - MUST SEE & FORWARD TO THOM

Everyone should watch this video by Economist Richard Wolff

it is 1&1/2 hours long... but you can hit pause, at any time, note where you are... then reload (buffer it) at any time in the future, and move the time marker to just before the same place you paused, and start watching where you left off.

NOTE: Look up what is an ESOP? (employee owned companies)


I think it will help explain a lot... broken down into plain English... for all us "lay people".

Apocryphal Starvation is in the Mail

With the death of the Oceans imminent mankind will lose fish that account for 1/5 of the World’s protein. Worse still many – if not all – species of pollinators will not make it out the other side of an anthropomorphic warming event that is fully expected to last at least a couple thousand years. Pollinators, like the honey bee who simply can not survive in high heat (heat wave

Don't Be a Sucker

Propaganda film put out in 1947 by the U.S. Dept of War describing how socities are divided against each other. Worth watching and the comparing with what is happening in the U.S. today.

WHITECO Behind Billboard Junkets

WHITECO is nothing more than a veil for the Carlyle-Buckingham CIA which has done whatever it wants since Prescott Bush created his own tyrannnical fraction of Intelligence. The Kryder Estate has copious notes on WHITECO, an outdoor advertising monopoly, before and since the death of Clarence F. Kryder in 1950.


I know that it has been along time, in fact I was just a teenager. Reagan said that we were going to do away with manufacturing, and become a service economy. Well he got his dream. Now repubican's are trying to say we need a manufacting stratedy. Wow!!! That would be going after their God's Reagan statement wouldn't it.


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