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US Treasury Income Mobility Report

The cited report presents the following key findings :
1. There was considerable income mobility of individuals in the U.S. economy during the 1996 through 2005 period as over half of taxpayers moved to a different income quintile over this period.
2. Roughly half of taxpayers who began in the bottom income quintile in 1996 moved up to a higher income group by 2005.

Why Americans are Uniformed

A brief cartoon explaining why Americans vote against their interests.

A brief history of religious terrorism

Clavell Jackson, the logical brother, gives a brief history of religious terrorism.

The Liberal Media Myth

Clavell Jackson, the logical brother explains, why the liberal media is a myth.

Why Do People Like Sarah Palin

A video explain why people like Sarah Palin

Too Dumb for Democracy?

Hey Thom: I caught part of the third hour of your show, Wednesday, 12/29/10. Who sang the song that accompanied your interview with the professor about Too Dumb for Democracy? Great song. You should post a link to it. Thanks for all you do keep the dialogue alive!

s/ Alan

Indigenous Perspectives and Realities

Although I am a fan of Bernie Sanders, I was disappointed (though not surprised) that he could not answer the caller today who asked him to comment on Obama's having recently (Dec 16) signed the UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights, having been the last country on Earth to sign the 2007 document. I doubt if any of the congress men or women know about this because in essence it is a farcical gesture on the part of the U.S., sadly for all of us. The four countries that did not sign the declaration (Australia, New Zealand, U.S.

Health Care Rights?

The rights that Americans wisely cherish as being essential for a free society require only the refraining from action. Your right to speak freely requires me simply not to stop you from speaking; it does not require me to supply your megaphone.

Wounded Knee

Many Americans were disgusted with the massacre at Wounded Knee. The 7th cavalry was reaking revenge for their losses at the Little Big Horn. In an effort to make Wounded knee seem more like a battle than a massacre the government awarded 26 Congressional medals of Honor to troopers of the 7th Cavalry for their actions on that terrible day. It was and is shameful and those medals should be rescinded lest they lend another days tarnish to a sacred award.

Chris Hedges: An interesting literary observation

Sorta like 1984 is a sequel to Brave New World. I get where Huxley was coming from in BNW (understanding his philosophy and theology.) George Orwell had breathtaking insight.

The times are changin': Philip Giraldi

Or, is the hypnotic hold of the Corporate Media, Entertainment of the Empire, so great over sleeping, unconscious America that the future will be dismal, more of the same? Is it becoming a battle of the obvious over the la-la land of the professional entertainers, with their empty rhetoric? They really have a major hold on the information and attitudes the people are given to work with.

How to create millions of jobs overnight - send in the Poopinator

Desparate times call for desparate measures..

The Disgrace Continues - Obama Appoints AIG Crony

In what can only be described as a slap in the face to every American who suffered from the over $9 Trillion dollar loss in homes values due to the financial chicanery of Bankster’s and Friends, Barac O’bama has appointed AIG “consultant” and crony James Cole to the office of Deputy Attorney General.

China and Iran will sink our aircraft carriers

It has long been suggested by opponents of the aircraft carrier that they are sinkable. The myth of the unsinkable aircraft carrier comes from the luck we had in the Pacific in WWII. Unlike the Japanese we lost no aircraft carriers after the Yorktown. It does not take a fancy new missle to knock one out. It only takes a torpedo or 2 from a sub that was hiding on the bottom long enough to get through the destroyer screen. That could probably be done by a non-nuke sub.

Forever Stamps

Your caller was wrong about a replacement of the forever stamps. The Post Office announced this month that all stamps are now forever stamps and 1 and 2 cent stamps will no longer be issued. Note that even some of the recent holiday stamps were also forever stamps.

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GOP Blocks Equal Pay...again.

Just in time for election season, Senate Republicans blocked legislation aimed at closing the gender pay gap. For the third time since 2012, Republicans refused to allow debate on the Paycheck Fairness Act, and reminded women that the GOP doesn't believe in equal pay for equal work.