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Golden Globes Frivolous Idolatry

Golden Globes, Golden Calves, Golden Cows, the exciting, glittering world of Beverly Hills must remind us that it is not so bad that millions have lost their homes lately to floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, fires, and foreclosure, as the idols pose for each glamour shot on their way to the banquet table, an open bar, and hopefully a prize. I won't be watching.

We can forget about the recent assassination attempt on U.S. soil, escalating wars, the suffering of those without jobs, to admire the gowns of, well, I couldn't really tell you who this year's stars are.

Where Was Homeland Security?

Since 2001, the FBI website, every kind of law enforcement website, and the spin-off, Homeland Security, have encouraged sincere citizen reporting of potentially violent or harmful persons. This came to mean not only perceived foreign foes, but kids at school, like Columbine and VA Tech, or everyday guys like T. McVeigh.

It is very easy to anonymously make reports online. It is easy to call police. It is easy to send an anonymous warning to authorities on a slip of paper.

In Joe Biden's words

from a speech to the Iraqi soldiers, "I just think -- you know, we talk about you all being, and you are, the greatest warrior class that the world has ever created. This is not only the best run, but this is the most powerful, significant military force in the history of mankind."

I had never heard of the military being described as a class!??

It seems Mr. Biden is quite enamored with, " the most powerful, significant military force in the history of mankind." He just left out the adjective, "destructive."

WHERE IS THE IRS?! Stop the Chamber of Commerce's and Karl Rove's "Crossroads" abuse of the Tax Code !

or is this tax avoidance scam too important to the democratic party ?

Where is the IRS?

A Gift That Was Not Theirs To Give

I received this email and thought it quite worthy of a pass around. Please help the “People For the American Way” to help undo what the Republican Supreme Court Has Done To Our Nation's Freedom. If we just sit back and do nothing we will eventually not have a 2 party system, there will only be ONE! A SYSTEM OF CORPORATE RULE!

Do the Libertarians have any single imortant point they're sure of, and which has been tested?

Something like "social security has helped people not starve," like "Glass-Steagall Act prevented much fraud and abuse," :cutting taxes raises revunues over more than a very short period," etc.

The field is wide open -- but Libertarians, what is your SINGLE best argument?

Anything at all?

Uncanny resemblance?

Uncanny resemblance?

The Sleeping Giant is in a Coma!

While steaming away from Pearl Harbor into the Pacific an aide to Adm. Hirohito turns to the admiral, who was gazing, deep in thought, out the port window, The aide states, "We have won a great victory". Adm. Hirohito turns to his aide with a somber look on his face and says, "I fear all that we have done was awoken a sleeping giant"! (or something close to that). I assume the sleeping giant he refered to was the American people?

Weird how this David Gergen piece appeared in Jan. 9's Sunday Parade, predicting Obama's Jan. 12 memorial address?

This piece appeared in the PARADE supplements to Sunday newspapers on Jan. 9. It's like Gergen was already laying the groundwork for Obama's reconciliation memorial address on Wednesday Jan. 12, in which Obama was the Big Dad scolding ALL his kids for not being polite to one another (even though the only ones not being polite are the Rightists).


MEDITATION (Existence Has A Sound)

Humans are an extension of this universe. Our physical bodies are comprised of known elements of this universe on a molecular and atomic level. Our bodies are animated by that ’life spark‘(or soul) unique to each of us.
Upon entering this existence(birth) a vibration(sound) is initiated in everyone.

Shrinking Business Down to Size

January 15

A Capital Idea Part 51: Shrinking Business Down to Size

Our political system has been designed to favor big business for many years, regardless of what politicians may say. After all, it has been big business which has been writing the rules, or rather, lack of rules. This has led to the dysfunctional state of current economics in the United States and much of the world, by extension. It is incumbent upon us, the citizens, to undo this monopolistic system, for the good of everybody.

Are these gold commercials really necessary?

Thom...OK, I couldn't agree more with your assessment of the wacked right and their stochastic terrorism...but as an aside, what does your show, Ed Schultz's show, and various other radio shows on the socially responsible side of the radio get out of advertising gold? Granted, they aren't the indicted criminal companies advertising on other shows, but how much money do the gold merchants pay, that you and others choose to engage in selling (even moderately) the paranoia and fear of total societal collapse, and the fake solution that owning gold would somehow be advisable?

Detroit vs Hiroshima 65 years later

Ran into this reference from another user group. A photo essay comparing two cities:

This is Obama’s America

I’ll probably get a lot of flack for this post, but I got too many questions and there seems to be an elephant in the room regarding the recent shooting.

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When Eric Holder eventually steps down as Attorney General, he will leave behind a complicated legacy, some of it tragic, like his decision not to prosecute Wall Street after the financial crisis, and his all-out war on whistleblowers like Edward Snowden.