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  • Anti-western blowback spreads across middle east

    The fallout from an anti-Islam film made here in the United States continues, as anti-western protests sweep across the Middle East, Asia, and North Africa – including Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Iraq. More than a dozen nations have now seen protests against Western diplomatic buildings – including British and German embassies. Reuters is reporting this morning that an angry mob has breached the walls and rushed the Amer

  • Daily Topics - Thursday September 13th, 2012

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    Hour One: Egypt...the revolution and the aftermath

    Hour Two: Progressive transformation happens in inches

    Hour Three: Media ignores Romney lies in favor of politicization - Tommy Christopher, Mediaite / Plus, democracy under fire in Michigan - Pastor D. Alexander Bullock, Rainbow Push-Detroit

  • This is what blowback looks like...

    Unrest spread to Yemen today – as an angry mob stormed the U.S. embassy in Sanaa – tearing down the American flag, burning it, pelting the building with rocks, and smashing windows. So far reports indicate that no one inside the embassy was injured. Just like the attacks on the U.S. embassy in Egypt and U.S.

  • Daily Topics - Wednesday September 12th, 2012

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    Hour One: Egypt/ the end of the day, it's not about Islam

    Hour Two: Egypt/ did we get here? Thom challenges conservative commentator, Rich Miniter, Author-Leading From Behind

    Hour Three: The insanity of privatizing the commons...

  • The damage domestic Islamophobia has on U.S. troops & diplomats abroad

    The Arab Spring turned ugly in Libya and Egypt on Tuesday, as angry crowds stormed U.S. diplomatic buildings killing Christopher Stevens – the U.S. Ambassador to Libya – and three other American diplomats. The deadly attack occurred on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya as an angry mob firing machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades stormed the building and set it on fire. Stevens is the first U.S.

  • Daily Topics - Tuesday September 11th, 2012

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    Hour One: Romney has figured out a new way to lie / Plus, how the Bush Administration blew it on 9/11

    Hour Two: FIght to overturn Citizens United & defeat Tea Party extremists - Becky Bond, CREDO Action / Plus, get big $ out of elections - Trent Lange, California Disclose Act

  • Remembering 9/11 & the Bush administration's incompetence

    The nation remembers 9/11 today, and is reminded about the utter failures of the Bush administration leading up to the attacks. As a new op-ed published last night in the New York Times uncovers, the Bush administration was repeatedly warned in the months leading up to the attack that terrorists were operating in America and determined to carry out an attack.

  • Daily Topics - Monday September 10th, 2012

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    Hour One: Is the choice free stuff or freedom?

    Hour Two: GOP's war on women...real or imagined? Carrie Lukas, Independent Womens Forum

    Hour Three: The fight begins on tax credits for wind power - Phil Kerpen, American Commitment / Plus, will Obama accept the challenge on medical marijuana?

  • Chicago Teachers Stage a Historic Strike

    The nation’s third largest school district is without teachers today. After contract negotiations fell through over the weekend, the Chicago Teachers Union declared a strike and walked off the job this morning. This is the first time Chicago teachers have gone on strike in 25 years.

  • What is at stake in this election

    President Obama took the stage at the DNC on Thursday night and instead of talking about change – he talked about choice. The President said, “when all is said and done – when you pick up that ballot to vote – you will face the clearest choice of any time in a generation.” You know, it’s easy to resign into cynicism and attack both parties as tools of the corporate elite. But the President’s speech last night revealed that

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