Full Show 7/11/14: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare

Tonight's "Big Picture Rumble" discusses Boehner's plan to sue Obama because of his delay in implementing Obamacare (the law he hates), how Republicans throughout the country are satisfied...

Full Show 7/10/14: A Union Win in Tennessee

Thom discusses economic bubbles with Economics Professor Stephanie Kelton and what UAW's small victory in Tennessee says about the future of the labor movement with Democracy Partners' Mike...

Full Show 7/9/14: NSA Spying on Muslim Americans

Thom discusses the spying of five politically active Muslim Americans by the NSA with Corey Saylor with the Council on American Islamic Relations and whether Nixon was guilty of treason with...

Full Show 7/8/14: The Real Reason Pot Is Still Illegal

Thom discusses the lack of public outrage over money in politics with Attorney and Radio Host Mike Papantonio and details the latest from Lee Fang of "The Nation" on the real reasons that pot...

Full Show 7/7/14: If It's Sunday, It's Meet the Republicans

Thom discusses how the mainstream media is dropping the ball on the current immigration crisis with Conservative Commentator David Laska, Maine Tea Party Governor Paul LePage's connections...

Full Show 7/3/14: GOP Taliban-Style Tactics Are Hurting America

Thom discusses how the GOP's Caucus Room Conspiracy is working exactly as planned with Conservative Commentator David Laska and how the Disclosure Act would reign in dark money and corporate...

SCOTUS Thinks Women are Not People

Ryan Clayton, Wolf PAC joins Thom Hartmann.

Big Oil is a Family Affair

Lee Fang, Republic Report joins Thom Hartmann.

Full Show 7/2/14: Civil Rights Act Turns 50

Tonight's "Lone Liberal Rumble" discusses Speaker Boehner's refusal to bring passable bills to the House floor, Obama's latest call to Republicans to start funding infrastructure projects and...

Thom Accepts The Freedom of Speech Award

The reason I was in New York last Friday was because I was honored at the 2014 Talkers Magazine Convention with their "Gene Burns Memorial Award for Freedom of Speech" According to Talkers,...

The Giant Methane Monster Lurking...

Thom Hartmann's daily take.

Citizen Koch

Carl Deal, Director, joins Thom Hartmann. PBS pulled their funding on Citizen Koch to appease the Koch Brothers.

Politics Panel - NRA Wants Convicted Stalkers to Have a Gun

Kyle Peterson, The American Spectator & Nate Sweet, Progressive Commentator & Patrick Hedger, American Encore all join Thom Hartmann.

Politics Panel - SCOTUS - Hobby Lobby Has More Rights than Woman

Kyle Peterson, The American Spectator & Nate Sweet, Progressive Commentator & Patrick Hedger, American Encore all join Thom Hartmann.

Congress has the Power to Regulate the Supreme Court!

Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio, joins Thom Hartmann.

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The GOP war on workers has killed again...

It’s time to stop the conservative's war on working people in America.

Since the birth of our nation, conservatives have always been wary of average working-class Americans having too much political or economic power. John Adams, the second President of the United States and a Federalist (precursor to today’s Republicans), was very wary of the working class, which he referred to as “the rabble.”

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