Big Brother is Watching

Brian Doherty, Reason.com & Shahid Buttar, Bill of Rights Defense Committee (PCC) join Thom Hartmann. Americans around the nation want some sort of immigration reform. But...they should be careful what they wish for. As several media outlets are reporting - including the Wall Street Journal - as part of immigration reform - lawmakers are considering new high-tech ID cards that may soon be required by all American workers in order to prove that they are not undocumented immigrants. These "bio-metric" cards would be connected to a person's fingerprints or other unique biological trait - and would be far more difficult to forge than the current E-verify system that employers to test the citizenship status of new employees. But what effect might these new ID cards - if implemented - have on our personal privacy? Could they open the door to a Big Brother future?

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Crazy Alert! Dog bites man. Man bites dog. Dog shoots man??

Thom Hartmann's crazy alert.

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Politics Rumble - Is Voting about to blown up

Ben Cohen, The Daily Banter & Cherylyn Harley LeBon, former spokesperson-RNC & Patrick Howley, The Daily Caller

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Politics Rumble - The Sequester Proves that Government Create Jobs!

Ben Cohen, The Daily Banter & Cherylyn Harley LeBon, former spokesperson-RNC & Patrick Howley, The Daily Caller. A growing number of polls are showing that - should the sequester go through - Americans will place most of the blame on the Republican Party. So - will the Republicans' refusal to save our economy from complete disaster come back to haunt them in 2014?

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Full Show 2/26/13: How to Stop the GOP from Stealing the White House

Tonight's "Big Picture Politics Panel" discusses the fast approaching sequester cuts, tomorrow's Supreme Court case challenging the Voting Rights Act and whether gun owners should be required to have liability insurance. Thom speaks with Reason Magazine's Brian Doherty and Bill of Rights Defense Committee's Shahid Buttar on the idea of having the government require all workers to have biometric ID cards, and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom calls for a national popular voting system that would, for the first time, give Americans the ability to directly elect our President.

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TSA Now Targeting Disabled Toddlers...

Going on a family vacation to Disney World as a toddler is supposed to be a fun and magical experience. It's not supposed to be a traumatizing nightmare. But thanks to airport security theater in America - a traumatizing experience is becoming the norm.

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Crazy Alert! A good ending to a porn theft....

Thom Hartmann's crazy alert

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The Good, The Bad, And the Very, Very Teleophobically Ugly...

The Good! "The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots." Activists around the world fear what could be a SkyNet future - if the worlds' militaries continue their embrace of fully autonomous weaponized machinery. The Guardian is reporting that activists plan to unveil this new campaign against killer robots in April at the British House of Commons. Pointing out the surge in the use of unmanned drones - and a recent report by Human Right Watch that warns about killer robots under development - "The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots" insists this isn't science fiction - and that already in America - more pilots are being trained on drones than actually aircraft. Keep an eye on this movement - it could be very important in the future...especially if the drones ever become...self-aware.

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Are Cats Leaving New Zealand for good?

Gareth Morgan, Cats to Go, joins Thom Hartmann. While the debate over climate change and global warming heats up - pun intended - a variety of solutions have already been proposed to help save our environment. But one environmentalist has proposed a new way to help save our planet - and lets just say it's a little outside of the "litter" box. So - if you think the cat purring on your lap is a furry friend - and not a little devil wreaking all sorts of havoc on our environment - then everything you know might be wrong!

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NRA's Newest Conspiracy Theory on Obama

Tommy Christopher, Mediaite, joins Thom Hartmann. While the Motor City faces economic disaster - Republicans in Michigan are doing all they can to subvert democracy - and rig elections. What can be done to protect the power of the people in Michigan - and stop the endless onslaught of Republican election rigging efforts?

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How gun violence & improving the economy go together...

Elizabeth Parisian, Stand Up! Chicago, joins Thom Hartmann. Is it possible to curb gun violence - improve the economy - and help rebuild the middle-class all in one step? A new report out suggests that it might be

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Will the GOP plan to rig elections in Michigan work?

Pastor D. Alexander Bullock, Rainbow Push/Detroit, joins Thom Hartmann. Over the weekend - Republicans attending Michigan's state GOP convention overwhelmingly approved a plan that would divy up that state's electoral votes. 14 of the state's 16 electoral votes would go to which candidate got the most votes in each congressional district - while the other two would go to the state-wide vote total winner

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Dr. Richard Wolf - DC's Dangerous Game

Dr. Richard Wolf, Democracy At Work, joins Thom Hartmann. Thanks to Republicans and their refusal to close a few tax loopholes for billionaires - it appears that the US is headed for the sequester and for devastating austerity. Given what's happened with austerity in Europe - why are Republicans playing this very dangerous game with our economy?

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Full Show 2/25/13: TSA Now Traumatizing Disabled Toddlers in Strollers

Thom talks with economist Richard Wolff on the parallels of Europe's austerity cuts and our looming sequester cuts. Also discussed: GOP electoral college rigging, how increasing the minimum wage will save lives and what the NRA is doing with a leaked White House memo on gun control. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom discusses the latest war on terror victim courtesy of the TSA.

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It's Time to Bring Back the Draft for Men & Women

Next month marks the tenth anniversary of the beginning of our war in Iraq - and in these ten years - thousands of Americans have given their lives in the name of our country - while thousands of others are forever changed. How do we make sure a debacle like Iraq never happens again?

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The TPP Will Sink the Middle Class

Six years into his presidency, President Obama is now taking heat from a surprising place: congressional Democrats, who are lining up against his plan to force the Trans-Pacific-Partnership, or TPP, through congress without any debate whatsoever.

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