Slow Death by Fast Food...

All across this country - Americans are dying a slow, painful death thanks to this nation's toxic and unhealthy food system. What should the federal government be doing to ensure that all Americans have access to safe - and healthy - foods?

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Wow...The middle class isn't going down without a fight

Have you noticed the large number of CEOs going on TV to give their opinions on how to fix the debt? We've heard from Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein who suggested raising the retirement age for Social Security and Medicare. We also heard from AETNA CEO Mark Bertolini who also argued for raising the retirement age and means-testing Social Security and Medicare benefits. In fact 71 CEOs have joined together as part of a "Fix the Debt" coalition to call for cuts to social safety net programs, instead of higher taxes on rich people like themselves. And, as the Institute for Policy Studies discovered, there's good reason why these CEOs want to target social safety nets like Social Security...it's because they don't need them. They're all sitting on massive retirement assets, averaging over $9 million each. Lloyd Blankfein himself has nearly $12 million in retirement assets. It's easy to call for cuts to Social Security when you know you won't need it. Well, in Washington, DC this morning - this "Fix the Debt" coalition invited Republican Senator Rob Portman for a panel discussion on how the debt can be fixed on the backs of the working class without rich CEOs sacrificing a single penny. Unfortunately for all those CEOs - today's panel didn't go according to plan - just watch the middle class fight back!

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Big Brother...Patents on Life & Death?

Attorney Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio joins Thom Hartmann. Corporations own our parks - our prisons and even our public schools - so it shouldn't come as a surprise that they want more control over our lives. But is wanting to own the rights to the very building blocks of life going too far - and can - or will - the Supreme Court do anything at all to stop this injustice?

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Supercacaneously Ugly!

The Good! *Michael Forbes* Forbes is a Scottish farmer who - despite being bullied and called names by Donald Trump - refused to sell him his farm and land for construction of a new golf course. Despite being called a variety of names by Trump - Forbes never gave in - and his refusal to sell was actually documented in a Scottish film. As a result - Forbes was just named Scotland's "Top Scot" of the year - beating out sports stars and other celebrities. Forbes said of Trump, "I took an instant dislike to him. He called me a village idiot and accused me of living in a pigsty, but I think everyone knows by now that he's the clown of New York." Couldn't have said it better myself Michael!

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Libertarian Fantasy...Japan's Privatized Rail Myth Exposed

Eamonn Fingleton, Forbes.com, joins Thom Hartmann. If you browse the Libertarian blogosphere - you're likely to see dozens of stories touting the success of railway privatization in Japan. But - if you dig a little deeper - all is not what it seems. So what's the real story behind the posterchild for privatization?

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Why is the Government Listening in on our Conversations?

Declan McCullagh, CNET, joins Thom Hartmann. Just when you thought getting caught sexting was bad enough - police agencies across America want to keep all of your texts on file for the world to see. What's the rationale behind this latest proposed invasion of your privacy - and does this have any chance of becoming a law?

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Is TPP the Biggest Threat to American Sovereignty?

Lori Wallach, Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, joins Thom Hartmann from Auckland, New Zealand where TPP talks are underway. You down with TPP? Well you shouldn't be - because it means giving transnational corporations unprecedented power and control over the American government. What kind of disastrous effects would this so-called free trade deal have on our national sovereignty? What about surrendering our national sovereignty just so a few thousand transnational corporations and their billionaire CEOs can make more money?

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Full Show 12/4/12: TPP: The Corporate Power Grab

Thom talks with Lori Wallach (Director of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch) who's in Auckland, New Zealand attending TPP negotiations. Also discussed: whether police will be able to look at people's text messages, whether corporations will be able to patent human genes and whether Republicans in Congress will work with the president to prevent the "fiscal cliff." In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom details how Americans are dying a slow, painful death thanks to our nation's toxic and unhealthy food.

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I've Found Reagan's Welfare Queen...

After years of searching - Reagan's welfare queen has finally been found. I'll tell you where she's been hiding for so long in The Daily Take...

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Everything U Know is Wrong: Occupy the Bible

Dr. Susan Thistlethwaite, Chicago Theological Seminary/Center for American Progress. In this day and age - corporate greed and shady back-alley deals are the name of the game. And with such high levels of corruption and greed in our society - it can be very hard for those who are religious to follow the true teachings of their religion. This is especially the case for millions of Christians in this country - who are struggling to follow their beliefs and teachings in a country that - for the most part - is morally bankrupt. So - if you think that Jesus advocated leaving the less fortunate in the dust - and wanted a society where only the wealthy could prosper - then everything you know is wrong.

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Exiguously Ugly!

The Good! *Father Jonathan Morris* How do you know it's the holiday season? When Fox News starts up its "investigative reporting" on the so-called "War on Christmas" in America. Its 25 days of Fox So-Called News uncovering outrageous injustices like people calling Christmas trees holiday trees. Well - on Fox and Friends this morning - Father Morris - a regular Fox contributor - said that Fox's coverage of a "War on Christmas" was silly. Morris also pointed out - much to Fox's chagrin - that very few people are trying to stop public expressions of faith. I don't think Father Morris will be back on Fox anytime soon - but kudos to him for calling out Fox's latest conspiracy theory campaign

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How the Saudis Secretly Funded the GOP Election

Lee Fang, The Nation Magazine, joins Thom Hartmann. It's bad enough that American big oil companies have so much influence on our political system - but now - foreign oil is invading our democracy too. Who's really bankrolling America's largest oil lobbying group and how are they able to do it?

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If this is what fracking is doing to animals - what is it doing to people?

Elizabeth Royte, The Nation Magazine, Author of "Garbage Land: On the Secret Trail of Trash" joins Thom Hartmann. Sticking to environmental horrors...Is fracking responsible for killing off an alarming number of livestock around the nation? Authors of a new report looked into 24 different case studies in six different states where hydraulic fracking is taking place, to find out why livestock is getting sick and dying. Their conclusion: it's the fracking chemicals! For example in Louisiana, the study found 17 cows that died after being exposed to spilled fracking chemicals for only one hour. In central Pennsylvania, after 140 cattle were exposed to fracking chemicals, half died. And in western Pennsylvania, after a nearby pond used by pregnant cows was contaminated with fracking chemicals, half the calves born were dead. And if this is what fracking is doing to animals, what might it be doing to people?

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The Godfather of Climate Change Denial vs. Thom Hartmann

Marc Morano, Climate Depot.com, joins Thom Hartmann. Every second - 2.4 million pounds of carbon pollution are being pumped into the atmosphere - warming the planet - and having disatrous effects on the environment. Is this startling statistic enough to make climate change deniers wise up to the perils of global warming?

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Are the GOP Putting Racing Stripes on the Same Old Crap?

Tommy Christopher, Mediaite.com, joins Thom Hartmann. As Fiscal cliff negotiations continue...which way do you see the Republican Party going? Toward the Tea Party or toward the Party of Ike?

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