Full Show 1/6/2015: Trans Pacific Partnership’s Job Killing Déjà vu

In tonight’s show, Thom takes on the Politics Panel, debating NYPD union chief dissing NYC Mayor de Blasio and what Speaker John Boehner’s 114th Republican Congress means America’s future. Hughey Newsome, National Advisory Council at Project 21 Black Leadership Network, Jennifer Kerns, Contributor at the Washington Times and The Blaze, and progressive commentator Nate Sweet debate.

On the 74th anniversary of FDR’s “Four Freedoms” speech, author Harvey J. Kaye talks about President Roosevelt’s impact on the greatest generation and his book, “ The Fight for the Four Freedoms: What Made FDR and the Greatest Generation Truly Great”.

Thom gives his “Daily Take” on why the Trans Pacific trade Partnership’s (TPP) spells doom for American jobs.

The Republicans Didn't Really Win the Senate

Over the next few days - Republicans will probably gloat pretty much non-stop about their takeover of the Senate. But their election day triumph wasn't all they're cracking it up to be.

Native Americans Speak out on KXL Pipeline

Tribal Rights Attorney Tara Houska joins Thom Hartmann. With Republicans set to officially take over the Senate tomorrow - the Keystone XL Pipeline will be one of the first things on the agenda. So how do the Republicans get away with misleading the American people about the pipeline just days ahead of the vote?

The Good - the Bad - and the Very Very Apotropaicly Ugly

TV Host recommends a viewer beat - yes, beat - a young relative who smokes pot.

Have You Seen? Comcast Lies about Net Neutrality

Stephen Spaulding, Common Cause joins Thom Hartmann. Comcast has been airing a slew of ads recently - claiming that it's in full support of net neutrality. But does that internet and television giant really want an open internet for all - or just for some?

Operation "All Out” By Police & GOP Exposed

Max Blumenthal, Alternet/Republican Gomorrah joins Thom Hartmann. According to Max police are openly hostile in a partisan “Operation All Out” against de Blasio. So - you have to then wonder - are the police officers turning their backs on DeBlasio because of a specific grievance with him - or are they doing it out of political motivation and coordination? And if that’s the case - shouldn’t they be fired under New York Code Section 17-110?

Debate - Fire All the Cops Who Turned Their Backs!

David Laska, New York State Republican Party and Thom Hartmann debate. Were their actions based on a legitimate grievance - or fueled by political motivation and coordination? Isn't it pretty clear that the right-wing is politicizing the deaths of the NYPD officers - in an attempt to smear DeBlasio - one of the most liberal politicians in America?

The Truth About Finding Mr. Right

Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet, joins Thom Hartmann. The modern world is filled with dating apps that make it a whole lot easier for people to meet and shack up with each other. So why are young women having such a hard time finding mates? And what does it have to do with the rising problem of wealth inequality?

The Big Picture Full Show 1/5/2015: Republican Congress is Really the Majority

In tonight’s show, Thom talks about the NYPD turning its back on NYC Mayor de Blasio with Max Blumenthal of AlterNet and David Laska, Communications Director for the New York Republican State Committee.

Policy Counsel for Common Cause, Stephen Spaulding speaks about the upcoming net neutrality rules vote and its impact on internet business and free speech.
Tara Houska, Tribal Rights Attorney and Founder of Not Your Mascot, discussed with Thom the impact of the Keystone XL pipeline on tribal lands.
Lynn Stuart Parramore, Contributing Editor at AlterNet, tells us why “Everything We Know is Wrong,” when it comes to finding “Mr. Right.”

Thom gives his “Daily Take” on why the soon-to-be Republican congress does NOT represent the majority, plus “Your Take My Take Live,” “Everything You Know is Wrong”, “The Good, The Bad, and the Very Very Ugly”, and “Green Report.”

Full Show 12/31/2014: Ralph Nader, Loretta Lynch, Mike Papantonio, & Matt Taibbi

In tonight’s Big Picture, we look back at the top storylines and interviews from throughout 2014. Thom’s conversation with Ralph Nader about the future of the United States and Nader’s new book, “Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State.” Thom’s conversation with America’s lawyer Mike Papantonio about the changes, if any, that Loretta Lynch will bring to the Dept. of Justice. Our most watched Geeky Science – discussing the dangers lurking in food packaging. Thom’s conversation with Dr.

Politics Panel - What Is American Exceptionalism?

Hughey Newsome, Project 21 / Move On Up & T. Neil Sroka, Democracy for America & Scott Greer, The Daily Caller joins Thom Hartmann. The Big Picture. . . LIVE from D.C. starting at 7pm eastern & 10pm ET. Check your local listings.

The War on Austerity in Greece is Raging

Dr. Richard Wolff, Economist / Democracy At Work joins Thom Hartmann. With new elections just weeks away - anti-austerity parties are poised to take over the Greek government. Could this mark a turning point in Europe's slow lurch towards economic depression? The Big Picture. . . LIVE from D.C. starting at 7pm eastern & 10pm ET. Check your local listings.

Politics Panel - The White Supremacist Problem GOP Won’t Talk About

Hughey Newsome, Project 21 / Move On Up & T. Neil Sroka, Democracy for America & Scott Greer, The Daily Caller joins Thom Hartmann. The Big Picture. . . LIVE from D.C. starting at 7pm eastern & 10pm ET. Check your local listings.

The True Welfare Queen Finally Exposed!

Rick Snyder wants to start drug-testing welfare recipients. Here’s why we should drug-test a corporate executive or two…The Big Picture. . . LIVE from D.C. starting at 7pm eastern & 10pm ET. Check your local listings.

The Good - the Bad- and the Very Very Diffugiently Ugly

And the Very Very Ugly! Stan Solomon! During a recent conversation on his radio program with gun activist Larry Pratt - the conservative talk show host called on the police to kill anti-police brutality protesters.

Cory Booker's Vote Shows Why To Get Money Out Of Politics

On Friday House Republicans joined their Senate colleagues and approved a measure that will allow them to repeal Obamacare using a process known as budget reconciliation. Meanwhile, the pressure is growing on them to come up with some kind of replacement plan.

Unfortunately, they still don't have one.

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