We've been warned about smooth invasion before

If there is any hope of Congress being productive in the next 3 years - and of tackling the most pressing issues that our nation faces head-on - President Ob...

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The Good - The Bad - and the Very - Very Exsuccously Ugly

Minnesota Legislators, Ted Nugent and the 1%

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Carbon Footprinting has Finally Begun...

Carbon Footprinting has Finally Begun...

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Smokejumpers Land in Burning Pot Farm....Did they put out the fire or...

Thom Hartmann's crazy alert.

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Women Now Being Stalked with Drones?

Amie Stepanovich, Electronic Privacy Information Center (E.P.I.C.), joins Thom Hartmann. How would you feel if you woke up one morning and saw a small drone ...

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The GOP has a "Liberal" Interpretation of IRS Law

David Keating, Center for Competitive Politics, joins Thom Hartmann. Campaign finance watchdogs - with the help of a handful of mostly Democratic lawmakers -...

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Politics Panel - Boehner strategy is the same as Brownie(FEMA) strategy

Kris Ullman, Conservative Commentator/Activist, Ben Cohen, The Daily Banter & Patrick Hedger, Freedomworks join Thom Hartmann.

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Politics Panel - Why should taxpayers pay for "right" propaganda?

Kris Ullman, Conservative Commentator/Activist, Ben Cohen, The Daily Banter & Patrick Hedger, Freedomworks join Thom Hartmann.

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The Real GOP Scandal is Not Being Talked About

The Real GOP Scandal is Not Being Talked About.

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Full Show 5/14/13: Obama Should Follow FDR's Lead

Tonight's "Big Picture Politics Panel" discusses the Obama administration's rough few days, Nancy Pelosi's tough comments toward Speaker Boehner and a bill t...

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It's Time For a Manufacturing Revolution

While lawmakers in Washington bicker over the so-called budget deficit crisis - America is facing a much larger kind of deficit - one that has real and lasti...

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Why Extremism is on the Rise...

Kirk J. Schneider, Ph.D., The Polarized Mind, joins Thom Hartmann. We often talk about right-wing extremists trying to take over the Republican Party - but i...

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How Colleges Are Selling Out Poor Kids to Get Rich Kids

Alex Palombo, Progressive Strategies, L.L.C., joins Thom Hartmann. How our nation's colleges and universities are hurting low-income students by giving the f...

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Lesley Stahl & CBS Cover Up SERIOUS Ethics Breach

Richard Eskow, Campaign for America's Future, joins Thom Hartmann. It turns out that CBS's "60 Minutes" veteran reporter Lesley Stahl is a major supporter of...

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Conservative goes after "Scientific" Liberal Thom Hartmann

Shikha Dalmia, Reason Foundation, joins Thom Hartmann. Not everyone's convinced that climate change is real. In a recent editorial for the Washington Examine...

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Waves of Destruction...

We've known for some time that warming temperatures pose a big threat to Arctic ocean ice. However, only now are we learning about so-called “waves of destruction” that are speeding up the disappearance of sea ice.

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