National Security Panel: P1 - Can we "solve" terrorism?

Michael Breen, Truman National Security Project & Shahid Buttar, Bill of Rights Defense Committee & Corey Saylor, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR...

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Rumble: Texas explosion - Is this what your libertarian paradise looks like!?

Adam Bitely, Net Right Daily & Sam Bennett, She Should Run & Hughey Newsome, Project 21 Black Leadership Network all join Thom Hartmann.

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Rumble: Why is the NRA blocking taggants in gunpowder explosives?

Adam Bitely, Net Right Daily & Sam Bennett, She Should Run & Hughey Newsome, Project 21 Black Leadership Network all join Thom Hartmann.

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Full Show 4/19/13: The Bigger Picture: National Security

Tonight's "Big Picture Rumble" panel discusses the latest from the Boston Marathon Bombing, the disturbing defeat of the Manchin-Toomey gun control bill and ...

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Geeky Science - What exercise Does to your Brain

Thom Hartmann's geeky schience.

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Wow! GOP Pats Exxon on the Back for Arkansas Oil Spill

Exxon-Mobil, one of the most profitable companies in the world that regularly pays no US income tax, had a pretty horrible tar sands oil spill in Arkansas la...

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The Good the Bad & the Very Very Concionatively Ugly - Nuns, the Illuminati & Anti-Semetic

The Good! Nuns on the Bus! The road-tripping group of activist nuns took the fight for healthcare access to Rick Perry's doorstep on Wednesday - joining in w...

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$3.6 Billion Settlement Begins with Bouncing Checks

In screwed news...This week, many victims of foreclosure fraud finally started to receive their small portions of a $3.6 billion settlement with the nation's...

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Geeky Science - What exercise does to your Brain

Thom Hartmann's geeky science.

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Crazy Alert - Elephant Dung Beer is hot!

Thom Hartmann's crazy alert.

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Your Take/My Take - Urban Sprawl - what about it?

Call Thom LIVE at (202) 904-2134 TONIGHT 7-8pm ET (check local listings)

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Shadow Warrior - the CIA & Drones

Randall B. Woods, Shadow Warrior - The CIA. Last month the Obama Administration announced that it would transfer authority over the drone program from the CI...

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"Shame on You!" Congress

Nardyne Jeffries, mother of 16 year old daughter killed in DC drive by mass shooting & Patricia Maisch, survivor of Tucson mass shooting w/Gabby Giffords (co...

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Full Show 4/18/13: When Will Our 'Representatives' Represent Us?

Thom talks with a shooting victim survivor and a mother of a shooting victim about Congress' failure to pass a bill 90% of Americans support. Also discussed:...

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How to Create a Right Wing Terrorist

Right-wing attacks on big-government aren't just wrong - they're dangerous...

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Why the House of Representatives Doesn’t Represent Americans

One of the really weird ironies of politics these days is the huge divergence between what the American people actually want and what the radical right-wingers in Washington actually do. You won’t hear this on Fox So-Called News, but right now the American people are as progressive as they ever have been.

Don’t believe me? Just check the polls.

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