UFO's or voter fraud...which is more common?

ask any Republican in America - and they'll tell you there is an epidemic of voter fraud sweeping the nation. But - in reality - UFO sightings in this country are more common than people voting illegally. So what's all this nonsense from the hard-right really about?

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Super Duper PACs

Guest host Sam Sacks examines what's worse than Super PACs this election season. Also discussed: Nixon's (and Obama's) failed war on drugs, how close scientists are to discovering the god particle and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom discusses how the Republicans latest attack on Obamacare reveals their larger, treasonous plot to make Obama a one-term president.

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Why Ireland scrapped their voting machines

Ireland decided this week to scrap their voting machines--like the ones here stored in Dublin. They're selling them for scrap metal, because they found they were too unreliable and too easy to hack. They'd only used them once, back in 2002, but that was enough. Unfortunately, America hasn't learned as quickly as the Irish. It used to be in America that exit polls were the gold standard to determine if there were shenanigans in an election. For over a century we used them, and we got very, very good at it. They almost never deviated by more than a few tenths of a point from the actual electoral outcome, and when they did, it was a sure sign of fraud. Such a sure sign that exit polls were used successfully to expose - and then overturn - fraudulent elections in Ukraine, Serbia, and Georgia. Polling companies were really good at this, and had great success in the election of 1998, when voting machines only recorded 7 percent of the national vote. But in the elections of 2000 and 2002, something odd began to happen. It was called "red shift" because, in certain states where there were a lot of voting machines being used, Republican candidates did better in the vote the machines reported than in the exit polls. In the election of 2004, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio led the charge with a red shift toward George W. Bush of 276000 votes in New York, 228000 in Florida, 190000 in Pennsylvania, 169000 in Ohio. It had started two years earlier, in 2002, when voting ...

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Big Picture Rumble - SuperPAC's like Mafia Hitmen?

Horace Cooper, National Center for Public Policy Research & Richard Fowler, Democratic Strategist join Thom Hartmann. Are Republican Governors going to put politics ahead of the well-being of millions of Americans? And why are SuperPAC's worse than Mafia hitmen? All that and more in tonight's edition of The Politics Panel

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Why the media is not reporting the truth on Fukushima?

Paul Gunter, Beyond Nuclear joins Thom Hartmann. For the first time since before last year's March earthquake and tsunami - a nuclear reactor in Japan is up and running again. Despite 200000 protesters gathering last week in Central Tokyo to demonstrate against turning any nuclear reactors back on - reactor number three at the Oil nuclear plant in the Fukui Prefecture in Western Japan was officially flipped on Sunday night - restarting Japan's embrace of nuclear power. Many of the other 49 reactors that have been shut down since last year - are scheduled to be turned on again later this month. But scientists are warning that the plants still haven't been properly upgraded to withstand a strong earthquake and tsunami - like the one that took out the Fukushima plant, which is still in the midst of a nuclear crisis. Last week - record levels of radiation were discovered inside reactor one at the plant. A lethal dose of more than 10000 millisieverts an hour was registered in the reactor - that's ten times more radiation than in reactors two and three. According to the operators of the plant - TEPCO - workers are unable to enter the site due to the high levels of radiation. So is it really wise for Japan to be restarting its nuclear plants while the country still tries to resolve the world's worst nuclear disaster?

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Nasicornously Ugly!

The Good! *The DC Republican Committee* The committee has included a call for LGBT equality in it's official party platform. The platform reads, "We, the Republicans of the District of Columbia support the belief that all individuals, without regard to sexual orientation, are entitled to full and equal protection under the laws and the Constitution and that everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect." The Bad! *Shell* Last week - the Obama Administration gave the green-light to oil companies like Shell to start oil drilling in the Arctic. But - if the company causes an oil spill - it has no idea what to do about it. And the Very Very Ugly! *Mike Malzone* Since the Supreme Court's ruling on Obamacare last Thursday - Conservatives across the nation have weighed in on the decision. That includes Mike Malzone - the founder of the Merrimack Tea Party in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

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Climate Scientists Warned Us - Freak Weather & Rising Sea Levels

Jamie Henn, 350.org join Thom Hartmann. Millions of people are still without power around the nation's capital - and left to deal with a record breaking heat wave without air conditioning. Fueled by all-time temperature highs on Friday, a massive freak storm ripped across the Mid-Atlantic Friday night - killing at least 17 people and knocking out power to more than three million. West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, and Washington, DC have all declared states of emergency. Meanwhile, on the other side of the nation - a wildfire continues to scorch Colorado - where tens of thousands of people have been evacuated out of harm's way and more than 350 homes destroyed. Firefighters claim they now have 55% of the fire contained at Waldo Canyon, Colorado. On the heels of this freak weather is a new report from climate scientists around the world warning that when it comes to rising sea levels, the tipping point has already been passed. Scientists with US research group Climate Central warned that even with drastic cuts in CO2 emissions, rising sea levels cannot be stopped over the next few hundred years - threatening roughly a tenth of the world's population that lives in low-lying areas. So here we have massive wildfires, catastrophic storms, and rising oceans. Climate scientists have been warning us for decades about the effects of climate change - are we now starting to see their warning come true?

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Full Show 7/2/12: GOP Plan to Kill Obamacare

Thom looks at the GOP plan to repeal Obamacare and whether he thinks it will work. Also discussed: the latest Climate Change induced weather hitting the US, Japan's absurd and dangerous decision to start reactivating nuclear reactors and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom discusses why the US should follow Ireland and scrap our voting machines.

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Can Republicans now easily repeal Obamacare?

Over the past month, Chief Justice John Roberts may have changed his mind on Obamacare. CBS news is reporting that Roberts initially sided with the Conservatives on the court to strike down the entirety of President Obama's Affordable Care Act, before changing his mind and switching sides a few weeks ago to uphold the law. According to CBS, Roberts kept a close eye on media coverage of the court leading up to the decision - and one source close to the court suggested that Roberts may have changed his vote to keep the court's reputation intact. But ultimately, Roberts did Conservatives a huge favor whether they realize it or not. By upholding Obamacare, Roberts kept in place the for-profit health insurance system, which could have been overturned in a few years, had the healthcare crisis in America continued without action. And - most importantly - by designating the individual mandate as a tax, Roberts gave Republicans a chance to repeal Obamacare through reconciliation - meaning Republicans would only need a simple majority in the Senate to get rid of the law - no filibuster allowed.

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Full Show 6/29/12: Conversations with Great Minds: Jared Genser

Thom talks with activist and author Jared Genser in tonight's "Conversations with Great Minds." Tonight's "Big Picture Rumble" panel discusses the Supreme Court's decision on Obamacare, the contempt vote against Attorney General Eric Holder and Congress' passing of the student loan bill. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom previews what the Right will do with the court's passing of Obamacare.

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The Big Picture Rumble: Obamacare - constitutional or a sign of the apocalypse?

Brian Darling, Heritage Foundation & Sam Sacks, progressive commentator & SE Robinson, Freelance Journalist join Thom Hartmann. Yesterday - the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare - a law that will help the lives of millions of Americans. But - despite it's wide impact - Republicans are still full steam ahead when it comes to repealing the law. Why? That and more in tonight's Big Picture Rumble...

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Conversations w/Great Minds - Jared Genser - The Responsibility to Protect? P2

Jared Genser, Managing Director of Perseus Strategies, LLC. He is also founder of Freedom Now, an independent non-profit organization that works to free prisoners of conscience worldwide / Co-Editor (w/Irwin Cotler) "The Responsibility to Protect: The Promise of Stopping Mass Atrocities in Our Times" and author of the forthcoming, "The UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention: Commentary and Guide to Practice." As the world's largest superpower - does the US always have a moral obligation to take military action to stop human rights atrocities?

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The Death of the Middle Class was by Design...

Even in the face of the so-called Recovery, poverty and inequality are getting worse in our country, and more wealth and power is flowing straight to the top. According to Paul Buchheit over at Alternet, this is the end result of winner-take-all capitalism, and this destruction of the working class has all been by design.

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