Politics Panel - Is your shirt from the Bangladesh factory?

Kay Steiger, Raw Story & Bob Parks, Project 21 / MRCTV & Neil McCabe, Guns & Patriots Newsletter all join Thom Hartmann.

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Politics Panel - Gitmo - The dark side on the War on Terror

Kay Steiger, Raw Story & Bob Parks, Project 21 / MRCTV & Neil McCabe, Guns & Patriots Newsletter all join Thom Hartmann.

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Full Show 4/30/13: Third World Solutions for First World Problems

Tonight's "Big Picture Politics Panel" discusses whether Obama will ever fulfill his campaign promise of closing Guantanamo Bay, the right's continued blocki...

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How Big Pharma is Killing Americans...

Should Americans be forced to choose between surviving a devestating disease or living a life of poverty? The pharmaceutical industry thinks so.

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The Good - The Bad - and the Very - Very Foudroyantly Ugly

The Good! Keith Ellison! In the aftermath of the Boston bombings - the Republican party and its allies in the media have ramped up their usual Islamophic rhe...

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Here's How U Can Join Alex Jones' Dating Site

The Dating Freedom Lovers group is ready for you - if you have these "single" attributes.

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Angry God & Mental Illness Go Together...

Dr. Nava Silton, Marymount Manhattan College joins Thom Hartmann. Most religious people believe in a kind, caring and nurturing image of God. However - there...

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Did NBA player Jason Collins just level the playing field?

Chris Geidner, BuzzFeed, joins Thom Hartmann. NBA player Jason Collins became the first active professional athlete to come out as gay. Is his announcement a...

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Who's really at the core of terror in America?

Rev. Bill Keller, LivePrayer.com, joins Thom Hartmann. Since the terrorist attacks in Boston - the far-right has been up in arms over the Muslim world - labe...

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Remember the Bird Flu? It's back & might be worse than ever...

Dr. Laurie Garrett, Council on Foreign Relations, joins Thom Hartmann. The Chinese government announced that a new form of the avian flu -known as H7N9 - has...

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Congress Flies While People Die

Neal Asbury, "Truth for America" Radio joins Thom Hartmann. If our elected representatives can find a way to make their trips home for recess a bit easier - ...

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Full Show 4/29/13: How Big Pharma Is Killing Us!

Thom talks with conservative Neal Asbury on how the U.S. sequester/austerity measures are hurting America's sick and poor. Also discussed: why we should fear...

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Full Show 4/26/13: Congress Passes Bill to Avoid Flight Delays

Guest host Sam Sacks is in for Thom Hartmann tonight and discusses the following in tonight's Big Picture Rumble: how Congress passed a bill to end the FAA F...

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The Right Wing Cult Machine Exposed

One man has successfully turned far-right Conservatism in America into a cult - and it's growing larger and larger each day. Who is America's newest cult lea...

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Your Take/My Take Live - What about Corporate Terrorism?

Call Thom LIVE at (202) 904-2134 TONIGHT 7-8pm ET (check local listings)

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Obama to veto legislation on refugee screening

President Barack Obama would veto a Republican bill introduced in the wake of the Paris attacks to toughen the screening process for Syrian refugees

New York officials: No credible ISIS threat against city

There is no credible threat to New York City at this time, officials said

China denies torturing political prisoners

A Chinese delegation denied mistreatement of prisoners held in police stations and deaths in custody

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Republicans try to derail Paris Climate Summit.

This week, leaders from around the world are meeting in Paris to work out the future of global climate action.

But, while our President is overseas trying to come up with climate solutions, Republicans back in the states are undermining him at every turn. And, their typical obstruction could pose a threat to the entire Paris summit.

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