A New Manhattan Project - A lesson from Australia!

Something interesting is happening in Australia. A new study by the research firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance has found that unsubsidized renewable energy is now cheaper than fossil fuels like coal and gas. In fact, it's a lot cheaper. Let's take a lesson from Australia and the Eurozone, which have both set up carbon taxes to make 19th century energy barons pay for at least some of the damage they've done. And then use that revenue for a green energy revolution here in America. Considering the threats of climate change, war, and disease, only an idiot - or a fossil-fuel billionaire like Charles or David Koch - would want us to bring in more oil with a pipeline or take any other steps to continue America's dependence on dirty and costly last-century fuels.

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Will we prevent future monster storms?

Dr. Brenda Ekwurzel, Union of Concerned Scientists joins Thom Hartmann. As the Northeast faces the full force of Winter Storm Nemo just months after surviving Hurricane Sandy - many are sure to ask the question "what's causing all of this extreme weather." The answer is climate change - and that's thanks in part to this nation's toxic addiction to fossil fuels. Isn't time we started investing in clean and green renewable sources of energy - and worked to prevent future devastating monster storms?

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Full Show 2/8/13: A New Manhattan Project

Tonight's "Big Picture Rumble" panel discusses our country's continued drone war, the massive increase of our prison population since 1980 and George W. Bush's strange self-portraits. Thom takes viewer phone calls in "Your Take, My Take Live," and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks to Australia where producing electricity from wind turbines is cheaper than from coal.

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Ayn Rand Classes Forced on Children

Thirty years after her death, Ayn Rand's philosophy of selfishness and billionaire empowerment rules the world. And today, the United States and other independent governments around the world are crumbling while Ayn Rand's billionaires are taking over. Sadly, the understanding of how democratic republics work - and why - has been lost this generation. And Ayn Rand's disciples are making sure the next generation never finds it again. Idaho State Senator John Goedde, who chairs that state Senate's Education Committee, introduced a bill this week that would require all students to read Ayn Rand's book "Atlas Shrugged" before they can graduate. Goedde explained that the book made his son a Republican and that it "certainly gives one a sense of personal responsibility." Between stupidity like this, and the re-birth of Ayn Rand through corporate-funded think tanks and Hollywood movies, the Billionaire Class wants to make sure the next generation buys into a toxic ideology that's quite literally destroying the world as we know it.

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Luctiferously Ugly!

The Good! *Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Senator Bernie Sanders introduced legislation today to cut off corporate tax breaks and loopholes. The Corporate Tax Fairness Act gets rid of the "deferral" loophole that allows corporations to avoid paying taxes in the US on any profits they make overseas. The legislation also closes several other loopholes that allowed corporations to pay an average 12% tax rate in 2011 - the lowest in 40 years. We don't have a spending problem in America - we have a revenue problem with billionaire and billion-dollar corporations not paying their fair share in taxes. Kudos to Senator Bernie Sanders for taking on this issue.

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Geeky Science - Odd Ability & Body Image

Geeky Science - Odd Ability & Body Image

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Your Take/My Take - Something is biologically different between Libs & Cons...

Thom Hartmann answers your calls

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The Homophobic Scouts of America

Horace Cooper, National Center for Public Policy Research joins Thom Hartmann. After coming under enormous pressure from religious groups - the Boy Scouts of America have decided to delay its vote on allowing gays to be members of the organization. Is this a civil rights issue to you? Couldn't you make the same argument against blacks not being allowed in private organizations?

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Drones - Do you support your party & its leader, right or wrong?

Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio joins Thom Hartmann on Drones. Now that we've set a precedent - what's stopping other nations or organization from using them against us?

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Drones - Obama vs. The Constitution

With the American public and Congress beginning to understand this nation's full use of drones - is the drone program in for a major change now that the secret's out? Given the choice between supporting the President or supporting the nation's Constitution, the Constitution comes first. In fact, the President's oath of office requires him to put it first, too.

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Full Show 2/7/13: Ayn Rand: Queen of the Universe

Thom talks drones and the John Brennan hearing with attorney and radio host Mike Papantonio, Boy Scouts and their policy on gays with Conservative Horace Cooper and Michigan's new mandatory transvaginal ultrasound bill with Progressive Sam Bennett. Thom takes viewer phone calls in "Your Take, My Take Live," and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom discusses how teaching Ayn Rand's philosophy to our nation's children is a very bad idea.

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Did Ronald Reagan kill 20 children in Newtown?

These are the names of the men who have committed some of the deadliest mass shootings in American history. But - putting aside weak gun control laws, the gun lobby and gun manufacturers - who really helped these men to pull the trigger - and take so many American lives?

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Drones...the ultimate stalkers

Imagine you're being stalked from the sky. Every time you go in or out of any building, it's recorded. Everybody you talk with. Everyplace you drive or take public transportation. Your sky-stalker can see through your windows, read your lips, and, using infrared cameras, can even see if you've lit a cigarette - of any type. Shouldn't this be illegal?

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Crazy Alert! Hair-Plug Loving Orangutan Wants Money

Thom Hartmann's crazy alert

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Why the US is suing the S&P

Richard Eskow, Campaign For America's Future joins Thom Hartmann. So this might be less about actually holding Wall Street suits accountable, and more about revenge for embarrassing our nation. Or - did President Obama get the message from the last election - which is the American people are sick of the crimes on Wall Street and actually want to see some suits thrown in prison?

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