Republicans Stick the Knife in the Backs of American Workers Again

Shane Larson, Communication Workers of America joins Thom Hartmann. The US call center industry has lost 500000 jobs over the last six years thanks to corporations like bank of America, Well Fargo, and t-mobile outsourcing Americans jobs to foreign countries where they can exploit low-wage workers. The big four wall street banks have all moved their call centers to the Philippines in the last few years, laying off hundreds of thousands of American workers who bailed out the banks to the tune of a couple hundred billion dollars back in 2008. Well on Tuesday, republicans in the house had a chance to put an end to this giant sucking sound by passing the us call center worker and consumer protection act. The bill cuts off federal loans and grants to corporations that outsource American call center jobs. Unfortunately for Americans workers, the bill failed as house republicans lined up against it - voting it down, while most democrats supported the bill. So now, corporations once again have free rein to outsource as many call center jobs as they like to stimulate the Filipino economy - while turning their backs on the American economy? So what does Tuesday's vote say about the republican party and how they really feel about hardworking Americans? Time to call your member of congress - especially if they're a republican - and ask why they support stimulating the Filipino economy over the American economy.

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The Outrageous Conspiracy Theory about Guns Behind Fast & Furious

The republican descent into the "fast and furious" twilight zone continues. Today - republican darryl issa's house oversight committee. Voted to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress for not turning over doj documents related to the "fast and furious" program. That vote comes on the heels of the white house asserting executive privilege over those same documents that issa is demanding - A move that president george w. Bush employed six times, and president clinton used 14 times. "Fast and furious" was a program started by the bush administration, and centered on selling guns in mexico and then tracking those guns up to high-level drug cartels. Ultimately, the program was abandoned after an american border patrol agent was killed in a shoot-out with suspected undocumented immigrants that were using "fast and furious" guns. And that's when republicans began their witchhunt into attorney general eric holder - alongside some truly bizarre conspiracy theories. Despite testifying eight times in front of congress and handing over thousands of documents, attorney general holder was unable to satisfy congressman issa's witch-hunt because he was unwilling to turn over documents that would compromise ongoing, live criminal investigations. In response to the contempt vote - attorney general holder issued a statement saying: "this divisive action does not help us fix the problems that led to this operation or previous ones and it does nothing to make any of our law ...

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Full Show 6/19/12: War Against Public Workers

Thom talks with author and political activist Van Jones about the Republicans latest war against public workers. Also discussed: Romney's first trip to a WaWa, the latest from the radiation leak from the San Onofre nuclear plant and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom compares the Texas Democratic Party's platform with Iowa's Republican party platform.

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There's a Major Difference in the Two Party Platforms

So looking at these two platforms - how can anybody possibly say there's no difference between Republicans and Democrats? Republicans want to outlaw pornography, Democrats want to legalize marijuana. Republicans want to get rid of the minimum wage, Democrats want everyone to receive AT LEAST a living wage. Republicans want to deny global warming and teach creationism in schools, Democrats want to move forward with stem cell research and help us again graduate world-class scientists. Republicans want to throw women in jail who get raped and want an abortion, Democrats support a woman's right to choose. Republicans want fat cats to pay no income tax, Democrats want rich people to pay more and working people to pay less. Republicans want more Shoot First laws, Democrats believe healthcare is a more basic human right than gun ownership. The point is - it's easy to get frustrated - and even despair over - our nation's current two-party system. It's true corporations have far too much influence in both. But - there are still monumental differences between the two parties, with one party - the Republicans - trying to take America back to the days of the Puritans, witch-burnings, and feudalism. And the other party - the Democrats - trying to move the nation forward with science, equal rights for all, and a strong social safety net. Just a little something to think about with the elections looming a few months away.

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Republicans find another union to bust

Van Jones, Rebuild the Dream / Global Activist & Author joins Thom Hartmann. In America today - thousands of homeowners are struggling to stay in their homes - college students are drowning in loan debt - and public sector workers are being laid off in droves. Time to stop Republicans from tearing down everything we've built since World War 2 - from social security to unemployment insurance to Medicare.

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Trouble brewing at the San Onofre nuclear power plant in CA

Paul Gunter, Beyond Nuclear joins Thom Hartmann. All is not well at the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant in California - where federal investigators have found major designs flaws in the plant. Just what kind of risk do these designs flaws pose - and could we be looking at a future nuclear disaster on the West Coast? And are our fish getting more and more radioactive? Should you bring a geiger counter to the restaurant or supermarket yet?

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Luctiferously Ugly!

The Good! *United Nations* The United Nations has made a formal request to the US government - asking government officials to protect Occupy protesters against excessive force by police and other law enforcement officials across the country. The Bad! *American Future Fund* The American Future Fund - a shady conservative attack ad group funded by secret millionaires and billionaires - has released a new online ad - suggesting that World War Two veterans fought to protect "our right" to have unlimited secret money in politics. and the Very Very Ugly! *Richard Mourdock* You might remember Mourdock as the Tea Party favorite who beat incumbent Republican Sen. Dick Lugar in last month's Indiana primary.

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Mitt Romney's Wawas' Story...A Big Fat Lie

Tommy Christopher, Mediaite.com joins Thom Hartmann. So Mitt Romney draws a comparison between a WaWa sandwich maker and an optometrist trying to move his office. Mitt Romney has been caught in another lie - this time at a campaign event in Pennsylvania - but for some reason - the mainstream media missed it. What did he lie about this time - and why does the mainstream media always seem to give Romney and his lies a free pass? Why is the mainstream media having such a difficult time calling out Romney's lies?

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Do Espinosa's racist comments represent the beliefs of the far-right?

In what seems to be a daily occurrence - someone in Arizona has said something completely outrageous and offensive. No - it's not Sheriff Joe or Gov. Brewer. This time it's local political talk show host Barbara Espinosa, who does a radio show with the former head of the Arizona Republican Party. During a recent segment of her "Hair on Fire" show - Espinosa talked to a caller who was commenting about President Obama's big ears. Not twice but four times Ms. Espinosa called the President of the United States a monkey. And - when outrage erupted over the racist remarks - Espinosa stood behind them. In one internet post - Espinosa placed a link to a Google Image Search of "Obama as a monkey cartoon," while she wrote on her website that "YES! I Did Use the Word Monkey and Obama in the same sentence..." So - are these the sentiments of just one fringe Conservative in Arizona - or do they say something about the far-right across America? Joining Thom to discuss this is Joe Madison - human rights activist - and host of the Joe Madison Show on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio. With millions of Americans struggling to survive day to day - it's time that we came together to rebuild our nation - and not let the cancer of racism tear us apart.

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Full Show 6/18/12: The Socialists Win

Thom talks about the elections in France and Greece and the impact they will have on the world economy. Monday's political panel discusses how much foreign money will be used in the presidential election, how House Republicans are holding 1.9 million transportation workers hostage with the highway bill and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom discusses why GOP legislators in Louisiana have forgotten the founders warnings about religion and government.

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The Big Picture Rumble - Is China trying to buy the Oval Office?

Sam Sacks, Progressive Writer & Commentator & George Landrith, President-Frontiers of Freedom join Thom Hartmann. Is China trying to buy the Oval Office - and are Republicans ready to kick students and the working class to the curb again? All that and more in tonight's Politics Panel

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Has the GOP lost the Latino vote?

Rinku Sen, Applied Research Center / Colorlines.com & Sarahi Uribe, National Day Laborer Organising Network join Thom Hartmann. On Friday - President Obama changed course on immigration policy - announcing that he would stop the deportation of young undocumented immigrants. What ripple effects will this decision have across the country - and is it a sign of things to come - or just political positioning for November?

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Over the past few weeks, Elizabeth Warren has emerged as a leader of progressives on Capitol Hill. She led the charge against the part of the CRomnibus that gutted our financial regulations, and she is still fighting the White House over its nomination of bankster Antonio Weiss as Undersecretary of Domestic Finance in the Treasury Department.

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