May Day - Is this the kick off of OWS spring?

Workers of the world are uniting in a global day of action to commemorate International Workers Day. In hundreds of cities across America and around the world - in London, Barcelona, Toronto, Kuala Lampur, and Sydney - there were calls for a general strike with no working, no shopping and no banking. One thing you might have noticed in today's rallies and marches, is that a majority of those taking part in the action are young people. That's because they've figured out that Reaganomic austerity policies they're pushing back against are harming them the most. According to a new study by the International Labour Organization, trickle-down austerity measures like the ones passed in Europe and by Republicans here in the United States disproportionately hit young workers the hardest. In austerity-wracked Ireland - a third of young workers are unemployed. And in austerity-hit Spain - more than half of all workers under age 25 are unemployed. And here in the United States - where Republicans have forced the President's hand on budget cuts - including cuts to Pell grant programs - half of our nation's recent college graduates are out of work or underemployed. If young people can't find work out of college - then a whole generation of entrepreneurs, teachers, and engineers could be lost. For a round-up of today's action from New York City - I'm joined by Occupy participants Sarah Seltzer, Associate Editor-Alternet, and Mark Bray, Press Liaison-OWS.

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Full Show 4/30/12: CISPA: Patriot Act of the internet?

Thom talks with Policy Director of FreePress.org, Matt Wood about the US cyber security bill known as CISPA and the possible implications it would have on private online information. Then Thom talks to actor and activist, Noah Wyle and his recent arrest on Capitol Hill over Medicaid cuts. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom explains the connection between wealth inequality and obesity.

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The Obesity epidemic...blame Reagan!

Since 1960 - the obesity rate in America has tripled - and one man is largely to blame for the epidemic. I'll tell you who he is and how he's created a nation of over-weight Americans, in tonight's Daily Take.

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Your Take/My Take - from Perth Australia - Does Greed Always Win?

Your Take/My Take - from Perth Australia - Does Greed Always Win?

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Obmutescentously Ugly!

The Good! *FCC* The Federal Communications Commission voted Friday to require broadcasters to post information in an FCC online database on who bought or attempted to buy political ad spots - and how much they paid for them. The Bad! *Fox News* Thursday and Friday - Fox So-Called News eagerly promoted a new attack ad calling President Obama a "celebrity president." and the Very Very Ugly! *DJ Dominic Deiter* Last week - Deiter - a popular DJ and radio personality in Cleveland - suggested that rape was a good way to turn a lesbian straight.

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The Crusade to Examine every Floridians' Bodily Fluids

Now a quick update on a story we've been covering out of Florida where Governor Rick Scott just can't catch a break as he carries on his crusade to examine every Floridians' bodily fluids.

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GMO-The Food Fight of our Lives

In the United States - nearly 75 percent of all supermarket foods are genetically engineered or modified in some way. And while this fact alone is enough to make you think twice about what you buy at your local foodstore - it gets worse. The United States doesn't require labeling of genetically modified foods - so you really have no idea whether you're buying something natural or vegetables filled with fish genes - and that's how biotech and agribusiness companies want it. But - a new grassroots campaign is underway - with hopes of toppling the big biotech bullies - and outing genetically modified foods. So - if you think that you can't control whether or not you eat genetically modified foods - than everything you know is wrong! Joining Thom Hartmann now is Alexis Baden-Mayer - Political Director of the Organic Consumers Association.

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Now an app for TSA groping!

Amardeep Singh, The Sikh Coalition joins Thom Hartmann. Thanks to our broken airport security system - Sikhs in America are subject to racial profiling and unecessary screenings because of their dress and skin color. But now they've found a way to fight back against the profiling - find out how.

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Crazy Alert! The world is his bathtub

The world is his bathtub

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May Day History - From Pagans to OWS

The Occupy Movement is trying to put May Day back on the map. In over 100 cities in the US - the occupy movement will be holding rallies, marches and teach-ins. So find a rally near you - and if you can, a Maypole too - and celebrate May Day in America this year.

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Who are the Real Losers?

Actor Noah Wyle, arrested at DC protest against Medicaid cuts, joins Thom Hartmann. Maybe we should ask Speaker Boehner what his definition of a "loser" is. Are school teachers who haven't made millions laying off factory workers losers? What about community organizers who devoted their days to registering voters rather than mergers and acquisitions - are they losers, too? If so - that might explain a lot about what Republicans have been trying to do in the House of Representatives the last year - giving trillions in tax breaks to so-called "winners" - and ripping the social safety net out from under the rest of us. It's in response to this attack on working Americans - that around 100 people were arrested last week for demonstrating outside Congressman Paul Ryan's Capitol Hill office.

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Yes to Net Neutrality - No to CISPA

We must keep the internet both free and open - and that means both defending it from corporate interests that want to carve it up - and from prying eyes in the government who want to read your emails without a warrant.

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CISPA...The Patriot Act for the Internet?

Matt Wood, Free Press.net joins Thom hartmann. Last week - the Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act - better known as CISPA. So is CISPA what's needed to make the Internet safer - or is it the PATRIOT Act of the Internet, destroying our privacy? So where does the fight over CISPA stand today? And what do "we the people" need to know to preserve a free and open internet?

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Workers Memorial Day - Workers Built this Country

It's Workers Memorial Day May 1st. A day of rememberance for working men and women who've been injured, diseased, and killed on the job. And sadly - there's a lot of remembering to do. In 2010 - more than 4500 American workers were killed by traumatic injuries on the job - that's 12 Americans dead on the job every single day. Another 50 to 60000 workers died from occupational diseases that year - the consequences of breathing in asbestos - or working with carcinogens in our nation's refineries - or working in coal mines that cause black lung. These are men and women who are just trying to live their lives and raise their families, and in the process of working every business day create wealth for our country - make billions for CEOs - and all too often die in the process. And tomorrow we remember them for their sacrifices. But it's not just about remembering - it's about working to today's workers, and the workers of the future.

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The Big Picture Rumble - War Crimes

Sam Sacks, Progressive writer/strategist & Kris Ullman, Conservative Commentator & Activist & Michael Warren, The Weekly Standard all join Thom Hartmann. Student loans, violence against women and torture are in the rumble.

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