True Christians are embracing gay marriage

Dr. Brad Braxton, The Open Church joins Thom Hartmann. This weekend - the NAACP voted to endorse same-sex marriage. Where does the African-American community as whole stand on marriage equality - and are the views of the community changing?

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Latericeously Ugly!

The Good! *New Jersey State Judiciary Committee* The committee unanimously voted Monday to send a bill to the full New Jersey Assembly that would decriminalize possession of up to a half ounce of marijuana. The Bad! *Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman* Recently - the cities of Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska passed LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances - but State Attorney General Jon Bruning argued they were unconstitutional. And the Very Very Ugly! *Mark Traina* Traina - a school psychologist in Louisiana - recently used his Twitter account to go on a racist rant - accusing "young black thugs" of destroying America.

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What Exactly is & is Not "Private Equity"

Conservatives are now calling President Obama's ads against Mitt Romney and Bain Capital, attacks against capitalism. So, since Republicans are quick to defend private equity - or pirate equity firms - like Bain Capital - even going so far as to argue that an attack on Bain is an attack on capitalism - maybe we should take a step back and explain exactly what it is that a pirate equity firm like Bain Capital does - and then ask the question whether or not this is REALLY American capitalism at its finest.

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Full Show 5/22/12: Booker and Bain

Thom talks Cory Booker and Bain Capital w/ Journalist Tommy Christopher, corporate capitalism with Economist Gar Alperovitz and voter reform with Nirvana Co-Founder Krist Novoselic. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom discusses the new SuperPAC ad targeting President Obama and which billionaires are behind it.

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The "Iron Law of Oligarchy"

The wealthy elite are taking over America - and they're trying their hardest to turn the US into a complete oligarchy. How do we stop their destruction of our democracy - and protect the values and ideals that this nation was founded on?

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Will the soft peddle take down of Obama work?

Karl Rove - the mastermind behind the Bush White House - wants to pass the blame for America's economic mess - and he's using $25 million dollars to do it. How is Rove using half-truths and psychologic mind games to confuse the American public - and how can you see straight through his lies?

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Something Stinks - John Edwards & a 30 Year Jail Term?

Mike Papantonio, Attorney/Host-Ring of Fire Radio, joins Thom Hartmann. The jury in the John Edwards case has now deliberated for three days without reaching a verdict - and if convicted - Edwards could face 30 years in jail. Meanwhile - Republicans that get caught up in sex scandals get off scott free - and are applauded by their colleagues. So what's really going on here?

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The Good, The Bad and The Very Very Mastigophoricously Ugly!

The Good! *CleanStar Mozambique* The venture - formed by the companies CleanStar Ventures and Novozymes - is a biofuels operation in Mozambique that seeks to support local farmers - prevent deforestation and provide a cleaner-burning fuel for local residents and the environment. The Bad! *Iowa Republican Party* The Iowa Republican Party released it's official party platform on Monday - and it is filled with far-reaching and Tea-Party approved policy ideas. For starters - birtherism is an official stance of the party now - and the party argues that a candidate for President must provide proof of US citizenship. The Very Very Ugly! *Pastor Charles Worley* The North Carolina So-Called Pastor gave a sermon this weekend to his congregation - discussing how he thinks America should deal with homosexuality.

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The Nirvana of Instant Runoff Voting

Krist Novoselic, founder and bassist of the rock band Nirvana, joins Thom Hartmann. While lawmakers bicker over legislation in Washington - across America - Voter ID laws are disenfranchising thousands of citizens. It's clear our political system is broken - so what are some ways to rebuild Washington - and make sure the vote of every American is heard?

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The Rise of the New Economy Movement

Gar Alperovitz, Professor of Political Economy at the University of Maryland / Historian / Political Economist, joins Thom Hartmann. As austerity continues to batter the Eurozone nations - there are new fears that a severe recession is on the horizon. Are we witnessing the end of corporate capitalism in the global economy - and if so - what will take its place?

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So Cory Booker takes money from Bain...

Tommy Christopher, Mediaite.com joins Thom Hartmann. This weekend - Newark Mayor Corey Booker criticized President Obama over his attacks on Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital. Now - we've learned that he's collected tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Bain Capital executives. So - what were the real motives behind Booker's attack on the President?

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Full Show 5/21/12: NATO Comes to Chicago and Protests and Arrests Take Place

Thom was off on Monday, but Guest Host Sam Sacks discussed the protests in Chicago at the NATO Summit and the treatment of the media trying to cover the event. Sam also hosted a Monday rumble that covered the topics of The Paul Ryan Budget and Donald Trump's Reverend Wright advice to Mitt Romney

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