Immigration is Taking Babies Away from Mothers

Seth Freed Wessler, Applied Research Center/Colorlines.com joins Thom Hartmann. Children are being ripped from the arms of their parents at an alarming rate today in America. 5000 American children are in foster care today because their parents have been deported. So is this really what Americans want when they call for greater enforcement of our borders? Or has something gone terribly wrong with immigration enforcement?

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Student Loans vs. Corporate Overlords

Sam Watson, Cool Springs Financial Group, LLC joins Thom Hartmann. If you had a choice between helping students or helping tax-dodging corporations - which would you choose? Well, Republicans in the Senate made their choice today - and it shouldn't surprise any of us.

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Full Show 5/8/12: Mitt Romney is a liar!

Mitt Romney wants to take credit for the auto bailout even though he said, on record, that he wanted the auto industry to go bankrupt. Thom talks to conservative commentator, David Selig about Romney's outlandish move to get elected. Then Thom discusses the enormous student loan debt and its corporate overlords. Plus the Obama administration is leading the way when it comes to separating families due to deportations. Why is the government arming its military to go after undocumented workers instead of the US companies that hire them? In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom explains why FOX so-called News is supporting a misogynist reverend who has been hired as a paid contributor.

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Auto Industry - Romney wishes he had a time-machine

Thom Hartmann vs. David Selig, Conservative Commentator. When it comes to the auto-bailout - Mitt Romney wishes he had a time-machine. But since he can't find HG Wells - Romney instead is choosing to lie. We'll look at Romney's latest whopper - and if it points to a larger strategy by Republicans this year to win the White House.

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Full Show 5/7/12: Austerity gets booted in Europe

Thom discusses the major blow to technocrats in Europe after this weekends' elections in France and Greece. How will this clear message of saying "no" to austerity affect the US presidential election? Then Thom highlights the newest swift boat ad attacking President Barack Obama. Plus the NSA is setting up a spying center in Utah. And in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom explains why Americans will need to wait until after the presidential election to see major changes in the battle over legalizing same sex marriage.

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Will Prez Obama support Gay Marriage before or after Nov election?

Have we've hit a tipping point now when it comes to same-sex marriage? That same tipping point that Argentina hit in 2010 when it approved same-sex marriage. Or Brazil in 2011. Or Canada in 2005. Or the Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, Iceland, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Portugal, and Belgium - all nations that have already recognized same-sex marriage in the last decade. That tipping point is best seen in the eight states that have passed laws to legalize same-sex marriage - with Maryland being the most recent earlier this year. VP Joe Biden was reflecting the mood in America - which is that we, as a nation, are ready to extend civil rights to all Americans regardless of their sexual orientation. Will President Obama come out in support of gay marriage before or after the election?

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The Good, The Bad, and the Very Very Ugly.

The Good! Gregory Berns. Berns is the director of Emory University Center for Neuropolicy - and he's trying to unlock one of the greatest secrets known to man - which is, "what the heck is man's best friend thinking? The Bad! North Carolina Republicans. Four different Republicans politicians in the state have gone full-on birther. And the very, very ugly...multi-millionaire Congressman Paul Ryan. At a town hall meeting last Friday - Representative Ryan was asked point-blank by a constituent if he supports closing corporate tax loopholes to prevent student loan interest rates from increasing.

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Who's more compassionate...atheists or fundamentalists?

Dr. Emiliana Simon-Thomas - the Science Director with the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California at Berkeley - joins Thom Hartmann. The story line is that for thousands of years - most of our morality has been derived from religious doctrine. Religious people say that without religion - then people would have difficulty determining what's right and what's wrong. They also assert that compassion itself - caring for one another - is a byproduct of subscribing to a certain religious morality. But according to new research from the University of California Berkeley - if you believe that compassion and morality are best found in religious people - then everything you know is wrong.

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The Secret Group that's about to Swift Boat Barack Obama

Adam Peck, Think Progress, joins Thom Hartmann. You might remember back in 2004 - Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry was dogged by these outrageous and misleading ads. Those were funded by the group Swift Boat Veteran's for Truth - a right-wing organization that attempted to spin John Kerry's military service against him. The ads were so effective they cost Kerry that election - and introduced a new word in our American political lexicon - "swiftboating" - meaning to launch unfair or untrue political attacks. And now - as we're heading into the 2012 election - one group is trying to swiftboat President Obama with this new ad - trying to spin President Obama's killing of Osama Bin Laden against him. The group behind that ad is calling itself "Veterans For a Strong America." So what more do we need to know about this group - as it begins its ad assault on the President?

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Welcome to America's biggest spy center

James Bamford, Investigative Journalist/Author joins Thom Hartmann. There's a massive new building under construction in the city of Bluffdale, Utah - population just seven and a half thousand people. It's a two billion dollar project commissioned by the National Security Agency - complete with heavy fortifications, surveillance, and top-secret clearance. The building - officially being recognized under the innocuous name - the Utah Data Center - is expected to be completed by later Summer of 2013. But what exactly is it? What will be going on within the top-secret walls of the $2 billion Utah Data Center? The answer...surveillance - but not just surveillance - we're talking the biggest spy center this nation has ever seen. And if you use the Internet, talk on the phone, or check out books from the library - then you should be very concerned with this so-called Data Center - or Spy Center - under construction in Utah

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Big Picture Panel - Socialism & Austerity on Trial

Richard Fowler, Democratic Strategist & Vince Coglianese, Daily Caller join Thom Hartmann. As austerity gets the boot in Europe - Republicans in the United States double-down on their own version of it. So who are Republicans REALLY trying to protect this time around as they shred the social safety net in America? And Mitt Romney caved into the religious far-right in his Party - parting ways with his openly-gay campaign spokesman. And now that same religious far-right is opening up a new line of attack against Romney. We'll talk about this new attack later with our political panel

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Will French Socialism be good for the world economy?

Professor Max Fraad Wolff, Economist/Instructor, New School University joins Thom Hartmann. After years of Technocrats and banksters having their say on European budgets - democracy finally had its say. So what do this weekends' elections across Europe mean for the 1% trickle-down austerity agenda - and the future of the global economy?

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Full Show 5/4/12: Conservative Media In US Politics

Thom discusses the role of Conservative media in American politics with Conversations with Great Minds guest, David Frum. Tonight's "Rumble" panel debates the latest job numbers, negative political ads, Republican moderates not welcomed by the GOP and arming the RNC against OWS this summer in Florida. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom compares the 1931 Lemon Grove Incident to today's radical anti-immigration laws increasing Xenophobia across the country.

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The Big Picture Rumble - A New Deal?

Rania Khalek, Journalist / Regular Contributor-Alternet & Dan Holler, Heritage Action for America & Nicholas Ballasy, The Daily Caller all join Thom Hartmann. New jobs numbers out...The unemployment rate dropped to 8.1% in April as the economy added 115000 jobs last month. It's the 26th straight month of private sector job creation on President Obama's watch - and he's now recouped all the provate sector jobs lost during his term so far..Unfortunately - there're still 12.5 million Americans unemployed. Don't we need bold action to get these people back to work - like a new New Deal? And why are Republicans more focused on making Presiden Obama a one-term President than putting Americans back to work?

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Is Alabama the new Lemon Grove?

Back in 1930 - the all-white school board of Lemon Grove, California decided they didn't want children of Mexican descent sitting next to their white children in class. So - the school board built a separate school - and then turned away the Mexican-American students from their original school and directed them to their new school - which was basically a big barn-house. Within the local community - it became known as la caballeriza - or "the stable." But rather than just accepting the new segregated school - the parents protested. They sought help from the Mexican consul in San Diego - eventually got legal representation - and won a court case against the Lemon Grove school board - putting an end to the barnyard education plans. This happened more than 80 years ago - but today - history is repeating itself. Thanks to the radical anti-immigration law recently passed in Alabama - Hispanic children are afraid to go to school. That's because the law requires Alabama school officials to check the immigration status of children in public schools. 99% of children in Alabama's K through 12 public education system are American citizens. But those who don't look like citizens - mainly because their skin isn't as white - are subject to prying questions and unnecessary paperwork to prove their citizenship. And while most were born here and are citizens, in some cases their parents are not, and they're terrified their parents will be identified and deported and they'll end up orphans ...

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