Full Show 5/11/12: Conversations with Great Minds - Anya Kamenetz

For our Friday Conversations with Great Minds, Thom spoke to Anya Kamenetz. She's got a new book out titled "DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education." The two discussed college debt, student loans and Occupy Wall Street. Thom also welcomed Sam Sacks, Brian Darling and Caroline May for the Friday Rumble. During the rumble they discussed marriage equality, the Presidential Race, unemployment and JP Morgan Chase's loses.

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Full Show 5/10/12: GOP tries to rain on President Obama's coming out party!

The House GOP tries to ruin President Obama's coming out party for marriage equality. Thom gives us his take on Republican efforts to keep the Defense Against Marriage Act intact. Then the Reverend D. Alexander Bullock talked with Thom about efforts in Michigan to stop the Emergency Financial Managers Law. And now that he's facing a recall, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker believes job funding might save his own job. Thom asks Lisa Lindsley from AFSCME about Walker's new concern over his horrible unemployment numbers.

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HIgh School Student Suing Over Global Warming

Alec Loorz, high school student & Founder-iMatter Movement joins Thom Hartmann. May 2011 to April 2012 - are the warmest twelve months ever recorded - showing that global warming is kicking into high gear. What can we do to make sure the government is taking the necessary steps to slow down climate change?

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Bashful Tinklers are the Latest Right-Wing Bogeymen

Susan Saladoff, Director/Filmmaker "Hot Coffee," joins Thom Hartmann. Some say that corporations are the victims of Americans who like to sue too much - and as a result - tort reform is desperately needed. Could this really be true? Or have corporations made it more and more difficult for Americans to find justice after they've been wronged?

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How 18-month-old Riyanna Became a Terrorist

Without the help of foreign nations - the TSA foiled the plans of another terrorist mastermind earlier this week - plans that included enjoying a family vacation. Isn't it about time we stopped the ridiculous security theater in our airports and returned America to the home of the brave?

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Babies' Brains Need Music

According to researchers at McMaster University in Canada - very early music training can benefit children - before they even learn to walk or talk. The researchers found that one-year-old babies who participated in interactive music classes with their parents smiled more - communicated better and showed earlier and more sophisticated brain reactions to music. Laurel Trainor - director of the McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind and a lead researcher on the study - said that while "many past studies of musical training have focused on older children, our results suggest that the infant brain might be particularily plastic with regard to musical exposure."

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Fedifragously Ugly!

The Good! *The American People* According to a new poll released Wednesday - 52 percent of all likely 2012 voters say they will not vote for a candidate "who will not commit to reducing money in politics." The Bad! *Mitt Romney* At a campaign speech at a Colorado oil field yesterday - Mitt Romney attacked President Obama's energy policies - saying, "his ideas about energy are simply out of date. We're applying policies from the past that just don't work." and the Very Very Ugly! *Richard Mourdock* Shortly after beating Senator Dick Lugar in the Indiana Republican Primary - Mourdock was asked what current Congressman he would like to mentor him if he is elected. Mourdock replied Senator Mike Lee.

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Walker spends $100 million Taxpayer $$ on recall?

Lisa Lindsley, AFSCME, joins Thom Hartmann. Scott Walker is giving millions of dollars in aid to the people of Wisconsin. But does he really care about the well-being of Wisconsinites - or is this $100 million dollar payout nothing more than a political stunt?

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Why is Detroit Planning a Funeral for Democracy?

Rev. D. Alexander Bullock, President of the Detroit Chapter of Rainbow PUSH & President-Highland Park, MI NAACP, joins Thom Hartmann. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is trying to turn himself into the world's newest dictator - but a coalition of progressive groups aren't having it. How are they fighting back - and trying to give Michiganders a say on whether or not their Governor can take over a city?

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Gay Marriage rant - it's NOT a state's rights issue!

Even though President Obama came out in support of marriage equality Wednesday - becoming the first president to do so - it'll still be a long time before the LGBT community gets full civil rights. What really needs to happen in America for marriage equality to become a fundamental right?

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What's More Important - Capitalism or Democracy?

Leonard Gilroy, Reason Foundation joins Thom Hartmann. Earlier this year - the Florida State Senate struck down a bill that would have privatized two dozen prisons and correction facilities in that state. Since the decision in Florida - other states - like Arizona and Louisiana - have considered legislation that would give corporations like the Corrections Corporation of America the power to run their prisons. But prisons aren't the only thing being converted to profit centers in America. Privatization efforts are occuring at all levels of government - and in all industries - from education to transportation and telecommunications. Last week - The Reason Foundation released it's Annual Privatization Report - which details the latest on ways millionaires and billionaires can make even more profits off the commons.

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Lone Liberal Rumble - Swiss Family Bachmann?

Marc Harrold, Libertarian Commentator/Attorney/Author & Lachlan Markay, Heritage Foundation join Thom Hartmann for the Lone Liberal Rumble - Will Republicans give President Obama credit for falling oil prices - and what's going on with the Swiss Family Bachmann?

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Full Show 5/9/12: President Obama comes out!

President Obama comes out in support for marriage equality. Chris Geidner from Metro Weekly a gay newspaper in Washington discusses what Obama's decision means for the fall campaign. Thom also speaks with Michael Breen from the Truman National Security Project about the latest bombing plot broken-up by the FBI. And the Reason Foundation's Leonard Gilroy stopped by to discuss the secret plan to privatize everything in the US from prisons to education.

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The story behind the double agent undie bomber

Turns out there are layers of complexity and confusion in the underwear bombing plot that was busted open this week. What's the real story behind the plot - and does it mean TSA screeners are going to start asking us to take off our clothes? Michael Breen, Truman National Security Project, joins Thom Hartmann.

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