GOP: The Establishment Vs. The Grassroots

Austin Petersen, FreedomWorks, joins Thom Hartmann. Rand Paul vs. Marco Rubio vs. Barack Obama. After President Obama gave his State of the Union speech last week - Republican senators Marco Rubio and Rand Paul gave seperate responses to the speech. Is this an indication of the growing divide within the Republican Party - and will the rift between establishment Republicans and everyone else continue to grow?

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Will the Supreme Court dismantle our vote?

Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio & Mark Riley, AM 1600 WWRL Morning Show, join Thom Hartmann. All of a sudden - voting rights cases are flooding the chambers of the Supreme Court. But will these cases provide a boost to the voting rights of American citizens - or give billionaires even more power in our corrupted elections system?

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Full Show 2/21/13: America's Long History of Assassinations Abroad

Thom talks with Journalist Mark Ames on the history of our government's assassination programs. Attorney and Radio Host Mike Papantonio and Radio Host Mark Riley join Thom to discuss the upcoming voting rights cases the Supreme Court will hear, and Libertarian Austin Petersen discusses the civil war going on within the Republican party. Thom takes viewer phone calls in "Your Take, My Take Live," and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom details how we should ignore the sequester and focus on the real issue facing our nation: wealth inequality.

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You've Met the Birthers...now Meet the Simpson-Bowlers

You've heard of the birthers, the tenthers and the climate change deniers - but there are some new crackpots making themselves heard in Washington today. I'll introduce you to a pair of corporate shills doing their best to destroy the American economy in tonight's Daily Take.

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The Good, The Bad, and The Very, Very Argillaceously Ugly....

The Good! The People of Bulgaria. After years of crippling austerity that's taken the unemployment rate to nearly 12%, the people of Bulgaria rose up and said they're finished with the Conservative austerity regime. And after days of anti-austerity protests rocking the country - the pro-austerity Bulgarian government formally resigned and called for new elections. As the outgoing Prime Minister said..."I can't watch as fences go up around Parliament. If the people want the government to resign then the state needs a new vote of confidence, so the people will decide how the government continues from now on." This is how organized people take down the banksters. And we should be paying attention here in the United States.

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The Devastating Ad That Prohibits Wealth

Neil McCabe, Conservative commentator joins Thom Hartmann. Switzerland is taking the lead in taking on the banisters. In yesterday's show we talked about how. Switzerland is poised to go to the polls next month and vote on some of the harshest restrictions on executive bonuses in the world. And now - the Swiss are promoting a campaign to put an end to banksters making huge amounts of money on global food speculation. In other words - making a lot of money by jacking up the price of food and watching the developing world starve. Check out their new devastating ad.

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Lone Liberal Rumble - What?! Only guns discourage illegal immigration?

Dan Bongino, Conservative Commentator & Cameron Seward, Heritage Foundation join Thom Hartmann

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Lone Liberal Rumble - Thom found the money fairy!

Dan Bongino, Conservative Commentator & Cameron Seward, Heritage Foundation join Thom Hartmann

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If we can't hold war criminals responsible - then who are we?

Mark Rossini, former Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI's Counterterrorism Division (featured in the documentary "Hubris") joins Thom Hartmann. It's been nearly a decade since the Bush Administration duped the country into going to war against Iraq. Ten years on - what do we know about the so-called evidence that was used to justify war with Iraq?

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Full Show 2/20/13: Meet the Simpson-Bowlers

Thom speaks with former FBI Special Agent Mark Rossini on how the Bush administration duped us into the war in Iraq. Tonight's "Lone Liberal Rumble" panel discusses the MSNBC documentary, "Hubris," John McCain's fiery town hall meeting on immigration and Karl Rove's anti-Ashley Judd ad. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom introduces us to the Simpson-Bowlers and the pair's new deficit plan.

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How Our Own Fighter Jets Are Killing Us

This is another story about political dysfunction in Washington. Say hello to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program.

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Crazy Alert!Pot or not? That is the question...

Thom Hartmann's crazy alert,

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The Good, The Bad, and the very, very Epizootically ugly...

David Peck, Pizza & Deli in Virginia & BP

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A Job should be a right not a privilege!

Marshall Auerback, Institute for New Economic Thinking, joins Thom Hartmann. Banksters make millions of dollars a year in salary - so do they really need million dollar Christmas bonuses too? Europe doesn't think so - and they're doing something about it. When will the United States get on board?

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Politics Rumble - Is the world round or flat?

Pete Hegseth, Concerned Veterans for America & Neil McCabe, Human Events Online & Richard Fowler, The Richard Fowler Show all join Thom Hartmann.

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