The Good - The Bad - And the Very Very Hederaceously Ugly

The Good! The English Premier League! The UK's biggest soccer league announced on Wednesday that it is throwing its support behind a campaign led by the Engl...

Here's a Texas Ad for Rick Perry to Use

Rick Perry's pitch to Maryland businesses to move to Texas is just one big hustle.

Did the populous rebellion tank Larry Summers?

Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio, joins Thom Hartmann. Larry Summers' withdrawal from the Federal Reserve sweepstakes is just the latest national level vi...

Full Show 9/19/13: Texas: The Conservative Dystopia

Thom talks with Attorney and Radio Host Mike Papantonio on how the left is finally pushing back against Reagan's failed policies, and with Environmentalist B...

Here's a Capitalist Who Doesn't Understand Capitalism

Ignore the right-wing talking heads on Fox and CNBC - business owners like this guy -- are not job creators.

The Good - The Bad and the Very Very Catachtonianly Ugly

The Good! Howard Schultz! The Starbucks CEO appeared on CNN Tuesday afternoon and announced that he wants all customers to leave their guns at home before th...

Politically Corrected - Steve Doocy Spreading Lies

Politically Corrected - Steve Doocy Spreading Lies.

Brazil & U.S....internet d-i-v-o-r-c-e?

Shahid Buttar, Bill of Rights Defense Committee joins Thom Hartmann. In the wake of Edward Snowden's leaks about the NSA's surveillance program - people all over the world have started to look...

Lone Liberal Rumble - If ObamaCare was a disaster the GOP would embrace it

Horace Cooper, National Center for Public Policy Research & Cameron Seward, Heritage Foundation joins Thom Hartmann.

Lone Liberal Rumble - Should Gov Goons or Insurance prevent you from owning a gun?

Horace Cooper, National Center for Public Policy Research & Cameron Seward, Heritage Foundation joins Thom Hartmann.

You Want to Own A Gun? Get It Licensed & Insured!

Christopher Hahn, Progressive Political Commentator, joins Thom Hartmann. The solution to America's gun problem is pretty simple. In fact - it's the same sys...

Full Show 9/18/13: A Capitalist Who Doesn't Understand Capitalism

Thom talks with Political Consultant Christopher Hahn on why we aren't regulating guns like we do cars, and with Attorney Shahid Buttar on how Brazil is tryi...

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Who rejected United States-North Korea peace talks?

There were conflicting reports on Sunday regarding a recent proposal for United States-North Korea peace talks which was allegedly made before North Korea"s recent nuclear test

U.K. Pound Falls As Markets Get Brexit Jitters

Bloomberg said on Monday the pound had sustained its biggest fall against the dollar in 11 months

Clinton: I'll defend Israel but push for 'two-state solution

Hillary Clinton believes both Republican candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz "missed the mark" with their approach to the Israel-Palestinian Arab conflict

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How Can the GOP Run American Government If They Hate It?

The coal country state of West Virginia is in the middle of a special legislative session to deal with a $270 million budget shortfall, and it's setting the stage for Republicans to completely gut the state's government.

It's the same playbook we've seen the right-wing carry out in Wisconsin, in Kansas, in Michigan, and in Ohio.

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