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Friday, May. 6, 2016
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In for Thom today, please welcome Progressive Talkers Danielle & Shane-O

Coming up today on The Thom Hartmann Program:

Anything Goes Friday

- 2000+ Doctors Agree...It's Time for Single Payer Health Care

- Will Trump Be a 'Unifier'? And, Why Isn't Paul Ryan Ready To Endorse Trump?

- Could There Be 2 Contested Conventions This Year???

- PLUS, What's the Best Advice Your Mom Ever Gave You?

The Latest From Thom

State-Owned Bank of North Dakota is a HUGE Success!

In 2014, the state Bank of North Dakota was more profitable than Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Chase. And, that's why every state should own their own depository institution.

Most people attributed the Bank of North Dakota's success with the oil boom in the region, but their latest report shows that last year was their most profitable year ever, despite the fact that their state's oil boom has become an oil bust.