Sue's Daily Summaries

Thursday 1 October '15 show notes

  • Thom Endorses Village Idiot For Speaker...
  • Thom called a "Left Wing Shock Jock" by Breitbart...
  • Dahr Jamail, Truthout/The Mass Destruction of Iraq: Why It Is Happening, and Who Is Responsible: Free Speech Gets the Death Penalty

Wednesday 30 September '15 show notes

  • Caucus Room Conspirators Now Target Hillary...
  • Professor Stephen Cohen, The Nation/Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives: Will Obama and Putin Find a Way To Compromise?
  • Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield, Stamp Stampede/Ben & Jerry's: 'We the People' NOT 'We the Corporations'

Tuesday 29 September '15 show notes

  • So...Why Was Thom At the U.N. Yesterday?
  • Vivian Glyck, Just Like My Child Foundation: The Girl Power Project
  • Stephen Moore, FreedomWorks: Conservative Response To the Pope's Message For America
  • Jehmu Greene, WakaWaka: Empowering people living without access to electricity with life-saving, life-enhancing solar lights
  • No member of the Caucus Room Conspiracy should become Speaker of the House!

Monday 28 September '15 show notes

  • In for Thom today... Progressive Talkers Danielle & Shane-O
  • Kyle C. Barry, Alliance For Justice: The Case Against the Roberts Court
  • Ian Millhiser, Center For American Progress (CAP)/Think Progress Justice/Injustices: The Supreme Court's Nearly Unbroken History of Comforting the Comfortable and Afflicting the Afflicted: How the 2016 Election Could Impact SCOTUS and You
  • Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT): "Brunch With Bernie"
  • Bob Ney, Sideswiped: Boehner resigns

Friday 25 September '15 show notes

  • Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT): "Brunch With Bernie"
  • Bob Ney, Sideswiped: Boehner resigns
  • An Ice Age for Europe in three years?
  • David Ray Griffin, Unprecedented: Can Civilization Survive the CO2 Crisis? : Why Global Warming is Not a Government Conspiracy

Thursday 24 September '15 show notes

  • The Pope's Message...Greed is Not Good
  • Brian Malone, Patriocracy (airing on FSTV - check your local listings!): Just How Bad Is It In Washington?
  • Pope and immigration - plus your thoughts on his speech
  • Bernie nears 1 million small campaign donations! A revolt against conservatism

Wednesday 23 September '15 show notes

  • Gianno Caldwell, Caldwell Strategic Consulting/The Hill: The Pope vs. Conservatives
  • Trump vs. The Club for Growth - when the elephants fight, the mice get trampled?
  • Dr. Joe Romm, Climate Progress: Hottest Year on Record, plus AP on Climate "Deniers"

Tuesday 22 September '15 show notes

  • How Many More CEOs Should Go To Jail?
  • Neil McCabe, One America News Network: Conservatives... All About the Money
  • Your calls on the topics of the day!

Monday 21 September '15 show notes

  • DNC Chair gets heckled to schedule more debates in NH
  • Paul Driessen, Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow: Should Climate Deniers Be In Prison?
  • Your calls on the topics of the day!

Friday 18 September '15 show notes

  • Thom talks with 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate - Governor Martin O'Malley (D-MD)
  • Worrying economic stories
  • Anything Goes Friday!

Thursday 17 September '15 show notes

  • GOP Debated Everything That Didn't Matter and Ignored Everything That Did...
  • Greg Palast, Billionaires & Ballot Bandits/Vultures and Vote Rustlers: Greg Palast Slams the BS About Bernie and #BlackLivesMatter
  • Randall Thompson, NC State Leader for Daily Kos: Progressives to Gather in Asheville, NC...

Wednesday 16 September '15 show notes

  • Neil McCabe, One America News Network: Pope To Deliver 'Message From God'... Will Conservatives Listen?
  • Lawrence Norden, Brennan Center for Justice: What You Need To Know Before You Vote in 2016
  • Liberty University evangelical reacts to Bernie Sanders "He's like John the Baptist"
  • David Brock defends Bernie attack email

Tuesday 15 September '15 show notes

  • Is the Democratic Primary About to Get Dirty?
  • Socialism...American Style
  • Governor Don Siegelman: The Political Assassination of Governor Don Siegelman

Monday 14 September '15 show notes

  • Political Insiders vs. Outsiders...International Edition
  • Congresswoman Barbara Lee, (D-CA, 13th District): Iran Deal Moves To the House
  • How Should Europe (and America) Deal With Syrian Refugees?
  • Memes, collective unconsciousness and political revolution

Friday 11 September '15 show notes

  • In for Thom today... Progressive Talkers Danielle & Shane-O
  • Russ Baker, WhoWhatWhy: The Saudi Connection...the Suppressed Story of 9/11
  • Finally...the Banksters May Go To Prison!
  • Where Have All the Real Journalists Gone?
  • Anything goes Friday!

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White House opposes bill blocking Iran nuclear deal

President Barack Obama will veto the bill, saying that the Iran nuclear deal addresses only nuclear issues

Where would Afghanistan be today if the US and Russia had just left it alone?

The United States and Russia are really in a very awkward place right now

Kremlin: Syria air strikes target 'a list' of groups

US Senator John McCain said he can confirm Russian air strikes were against the Free Syrian Army recruits

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"The market has become tilted..."

It seems like the most popular word in this election cycle is 'inequality,' but we need more than talk to narrow the great divide between the haves and have-nots in our nation.

According to a recent article by former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, the pro-corporate elite have rigged the system against us, and it's going to take the majority of us standing together to change the system.

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