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Tuesday 27 September '16 show notes

  • Thom's Reaction to the First Clinton/Trump Debate Plus, Your Calls
  • Who Do You Think Won the Debate?
  • Richard Greene, Huffington Post/Words That Shook the World: 100 Years of Unforgettable Speeches and Events: Trump, America's Duterte
  • Brandon L. Davis, DNC: Who Really Won Last Night's Debate?

Monday 26 September '16 show notes

  • Jonathan Cohn, Huffington Post: The Future of America... it Really IS About the Issues
  • Rev. Jesse Jackson: Tonight's Debate, Systemic Racism and the Recent Police Shootings
  • Justin Danhof, National Center for Public Policy Research: Discrimination is Discrimination
  • David Plouffe, Hillary For America: What to Expect from Tonight's Debate
  • Harvey Wasserman, Solartopia: How Nuclear Power Causes Global Warming

Friday 23 September '16 show notes

  • Thom's message to millennials...
  • Congressman G.K. Butterfield Jr. (D-NC, 1st District)/Congressional Black Caucus: Trump...the Divider
  • Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District): Issues of the Day
  • Issues of the Day

Thursday 22 September '16 show notes

  • White People: We Need Your Help to Stop Cops From Killing Black People
  • Professor D. Watkins, Salon/The Beast Side: Living (and Dying) While Black in America: Why Are Cops OK With Killing Black People?
  • Ralph Nader, Breaking Through Power: It's Easier Than We Think: How Can We Break Through Power
  • Mimi Kennedy, Progressive Democrats of America: Open Source Voting Explained
  • Donna Smith, Progressive Democrats of America: Progressive Roundtable

Wednesday 21 September '16 show notes

  • Are Most Americans Feeling Outrage Fatigue?
  • Maya Schenwar, Locked Down, Locked Out: Why Prison Doesn't Work and How We Can Do Better/Truthout: Have you Heard? The Largest Prison Strike in U.S. History is Happening...
  • Jeff Cohen, Park Center for Independent Media/F.A.I.R./Roots Action/Cable News Confidential: My Misadventures in Corporate Media: Washington Post Editorial Board...What Were They Thinking?!

Tuesday 20 September '16 show notes

  • Slave Patrols Strike Again… This is Why Kaepernick Won’t Stand for the National Anthem
  • Marc Morano, Climate Hustle/Climate Depot: How Long Before James Inhofe is in The Hague?
  • Morning Joe thinks Trump will now win??

Monday 19 September '16 show notes

  • NY & NJ Bombings...Can We Lay This at the Feet of Bush & Trump?
  • Carl Higbie, George Washington Leadership Foundation/Enemies, Foreign & Domestic: A SEAL’s Story: Did Trump Just Threaten Hillary's Life?
  • Scottie Nell Hughes, USA Radio Networks/ROAR: The New Conservative Woman Speaks Out: Is Donald Trump Hating For Ratings?

Friday 16 September '16 show notes

  • Robert Harrison, CEO-Clinton Global Initiative: Coming Up in Next Week's Clinton Global Initiative
  • Congressman Gregory Meeks (D-NY, 5th District): Trump's Birtherism...
  • Thom takes on Trump's economic policy speech!
  • Anything Goes Friday...Thom Takes Your Calls...What's On Your Mind?

Thursday 15 September '16 show notes

  • Austin Petersen, former 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate: What Happens in a Libertarian World?
  • Karen Weaver, (D) Mayor of Flint, MI: Donald Trump Joked About Flint Water Crisis, Insults Pastor
  • Professor Steve Keen, Economist/Kingston University: What Should You Care About the Impact of 'Negative Interest' Rates?
  • Carey Gillam, U.S. Right to Know: FDA Finds Glyphosate in U.S. Honey Supply
  • Congressman Ted Deutch (D-FL, 21st District): Trump/Bondi Scandal Plot Thickens

Wednesday 14 September '16 show notes

  • What's Trump Hiding?
  • The Not So Sweet Side of the Sugar Industry...
  • RJ Smith, National Center for Public Policy Research: Conservatives: "No More National Monuments or National Parks!"
  • Ed Pilkington, The Guardian/Beyond the Mother Country: The Secret Influence of Corporate Cash on Politics REVEALED

Tuesday 13 September '16 show notes

  • Why Won't the Media Push Back on Liars-Think Tanks & Experts
  • It's the GOP that ignores the laws on maintaining emails...
  • Is the Climate Crisis Calling for Fewer Children?
  • Alex Kotch PhD, AlterNet: Is the Koch Machine Coming for Your Kids?
  • Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX, 18th District), Hillary For America: Why Isn't Donald Trump Being Charged With Bribery?

Monday 12 September '16 show notes

  • Remembering 9/11 - the response...
  • Jeff Stier, National Center For Public Policy Research: Can Bloomberg's $1.5m Support of the Sin Tax Save Our Health?
  • Shannon Jackson, Our Revolution: What You Need to Know About Our Revolution and How to Get Involved!

Friday 9 September '16 show notes

  • In for Thom today, Richard Eskow, The Zero Hour/Campaign for America's Future
  • Aaron Rupar, Think Progress: Trump Astonishes Former Intel Officials... and Not in a Good Way!
  • Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District): Congressional Update: Zika Funding, Planned Parenthood & More
  • Ian Millhiser, Think Progress Justice: You Won't Believe What's Happening With Voting Rights This Week...

Thursday 8 September '16 show notes

  • Alex Lawson, Social Security Works: Election 2016... Who Do You Trust With Your Future?
  • In for Thom for the rest of the show, Alex Lawson, Executive Director-Social Security Works (Owner & Producer-We Act Radio)
  • Merith Basey, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM): Drug Prices are OFF the Charts... What You Can Do
  • Lori Wallach, Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch: Lame Duck TPP Passage = Big Bucks for Big Pharma

Wednesday 7 September '16 show notes

  • Trump & Bribes...How Does He Get Away With It?!
  • Pope: Harming the planet is a sin
  • Watch out! - GOP will still bring up the TPP in the lame duck session...

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