Topic “Sue's Daily Summaries”

Friday 11 April '14 show notes

  • Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT): "Brunch With Bernie"
  • Anything Goes on Townhall Friday!


Thursday 10 April '14 show notes

  • No GOP bill has helped average person since Nixon?
  • Joe Madison, The Joe Madison Show: Marching against slavery
  • The conservative death panel
  • Geeky Science - the origins of procrastination
  • Dr. Alex McFarland, 10 Issues That Divide Christians: Jesus was a communist


Wednesday 9 April '14 show notes

  • Climate deniers using same tactics as tobacco industry...
  • Jefferson Smith, Low-powered radio exec / Host-Thank You (91.1FM): Out of State Money Trumps GE Crop Ban
  • Peter Kelley, American Wind Energy Association: Cutting carbon emissions with wind power


Tuesday 8 April '14 show notes

  • Professor Stephen Cohen, The Nation Magazine: Has Flawed US Policy led to a new cold war?
  • Time to fire the DEA head!
  • Let's repudiate Reaganomics
  • Adrian Moore PhD, Reason Foundation: Why we should be protecting national parks NOT privatizing them


Monday 7 April '14 show notes

  • The climate change wars have already begun...
  • Carrie Lukas, Independent Women's Forum\: Why shouldn't all dads get some paternity leave?
  • Professor Harvey J. Kaye, The Fight for the Four Freedoms: What Made FDR and the Greatest Generation Truly Great: The economic royalists are back in charge


Friday 4 April '14 show notes

  • Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT): "Brunch With Bernie"
  • Anything Goes on Townhall Friday!


Thursday 3 April '14 show notes

  • Dr. Peter Breggin, Medication Madness: The Role of Psychiatric Drugs in Cases of Violence, Suicide and Crime: Are anti-depressants mass murder pills?
  • Barbara Honegger, October Surprise: The war on women's paychecks, part 2
  • Bryan Fischer, American Family Association / Focal Point Radio: Is the Christian right responsible for the decline of religion?
  • Big data is big money


Wednesday 2 April '14 show notes

  • Dan Backer, Attorney for McCutcheon: Backer vs. Hartmann: money is NOT speech
  • Stephen Ally, The Timothy Plan: The Hobby Lobby hypocrisy...they have sinned
  • Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum: The war on women's paychecks
  • David Cobb, Move to Amend: McCutcheon...billionaires win again - David Cobb, Move to Amend
  • Marianne Williamson, Marianne for Congress: Marianne Williamson reacts to McCutcheon


Tuesday 1 April '14 show notes

  • Former President Jimmy Carter, A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence and Power: A call to action
  • Horace Cooper, National Center for Public Policy Research: What's a little voter fraud?
  • Dr. Michael Mann, Climate Scientist: Earth will cross the climate danger threshold


Monday 31 March '14 show notes

  • James Sherk, Heritage Foundation: Are Unions coming to college football?
  • Tefere Gebre, AFL-CIO: an economic boost for millions
  • Dave Saldana, PipeLIES Exposed: do veterans support Keystone XL?
  • Time to consider ecocide a crime?
  • Dr. Brenda Ekwurzel, Union of Concerned Scientists: Global food security threatened by warming world?


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