Daily Topics - Monday - December 21 2009

healthcare imagesHour One - Is this health care reform we can believe in?

Hour Two - Michael Medved www.michaelmedved.com  Why do conservatives confuse "monopoly" and "capitalism"?  (Michael's new book is "The 5 Big Lies About American Business")

Michael's booksigning & talk tonight at 7pm at Beaverton Borders Books, 2605 SW Cedar Hills Blvd.

Hour Three - Robert Knight www.theacru.org  What is the real goal of the "hate the gays" movement?


rewinn (not verified) 9 years 34 weeks ago

Get your tickets to "Avataristan" NOW! They cost only $100 Billion a year, plus some lives of people you probably don't know (soldiers and Marines and Afghanis ... who cares?) It satisfies your need for entertainment - What a bargain!

bobbler (not verified) 9 years 34 weeks ago

Relevant link for tommorrow:

Famous-presidential-quotes (in support if SOCAS)..

We can see the spirituality of the Founders, in their supporting arguments, in quotations in support of separation of church and state..


Freethought Society

bobbler (not verified) 9 years 34 weeks ago

> At the begging of the broadcast Tom mentioned watching a lecture before
> seeing the movie Avatar (great movie by the way). Does anybody remember
> the name of the person that gave the lecture?

I "think" it was Noam Chomski..
There was something about Obama on this link too (I didnt know Noam was still active).. Horray!



steve (not verified) 9 years 34 weeks ago

The first things rich people purchase with their wealth is insurance against the the loss of wealth. Protection of their wealth so that they need not share with others. Sure there are exceptions but look at who contributes to campaigns, it is mostly the top fraction of 1%. (a) they have the most purchasing power (b) they achieve the best bang for their buck.

Proud_Liberal (not verified) 9 years 34 weeks ago

The time has come for a third party. Both Democratic and Republican parties are toxic. This health care travesty is bringing both down. We need a third party movement that will be free of the corporate shackles.

And by the way is Rahm Emanuel Obama's Rasputin?

Prison for Miscarriages?

Thom plus logo Mike Pence's and the GOP's war on women took a sinister turn this week when Planned Parenthood was forced to abandon Title X funding; they can no longer get payment for serving low income women for cancer screenings and STD treatments.

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