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While the United States has a long and sordid history of violence against both indigenous people and enslaved people, it’s largely in the past 40 years that we’ve seen an explosion in something virtually unknown in the rest of the world: school shootings. This Gun Book examines where this proclivity for gun violence that’s so deeply embedded in the American psyche came from. By learning and understanding our history, we can begin the process of recovering from it. Finally, you’ll find clear, simple and effective solutions (that work within the boundaries of the Constitution as interpreted by the Supreme Court) to our gun violence crisis. We ask for your help in selecting the best title and subtitle for the new book by Thom Hartmann, New York Times bestselling author and one of America’s most popular radio hosts. Please take a few minutes to complete a quick 8-question title survey. We ask for your response by 2:00 pm Pacific time this Thursday, August 23. To take the survey, click on this link:

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