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WYD Media is the primary syndicator of our commercial radio program.

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      Affiliates (and people who support affiliates) –
      Here are three shorte videos to share with your sales people, or folks who may be volunteering to sell advertising for your station:

      The Thom Hartmann Program “Fair and Slightly Unbalanced”
      Time: Mon-Fri Noon to 3pm ET
      Length: Three hours

      “Best of Thom Hartmann” Weekend 3 Hours


      Dial Global/Jones Radio Satellite Inventory: 14.5/local 5/network

      “Thom Hartmann is doing great on KTLK in Los Angeles –this is one very strong show. And he kicked the tar out of Bill O’Reilly in the Spring book, almost two to one!”—John Quinlan, KTLKLos Angeles (ClearChannel)

      “The Thom Hartmann Program is intelligent, informative,passionate, and entertaining. The total liberal talk package from an instantlylikeable guy. A major reason why our TSL is through the roof! Once again Thom Hartmann is the #1 Talk Show host in Seattle – even though he’s a Progressive!”—Paul Fredricks, OM, KPTK (CBS/ Seattle)

      “I’ve been in broadcasting for over 30 years and this was the first time I have ever seen a show get 100% positive response—we even had some conservatives tell us how “refreshing” Thom’s show was.”—John Poister, WPTT,Pittsburgh

      Hartmann’s “No Boring Zone” technique of delivery draws in listeners who just couldn’t handle another tedious interview (other than Independent Congressman Bernie Sanders, who’s a Friday regular, about the only guests Hartmann has on his show are conservatives with whom he debates). Hold on to your seats as Thom demonstrates how to talk back to the right wing talking points right-wing talking points—by doing it!

      Number One Progressive Two Years in a Row! Named one of talk radio’s 2009 and 2010 “100 Heavy Hitters” by Talkers Magazine (#10 overall, #1 Progressive) , and “Top Ten New Voices in Talk Radio” for 2004 by Radio Ink – Thom Hartmann is live daily from noon-3 PM ET on stations nationwide and on XM and Sirius Satellite radio.

      He is also a four-time Project Censored-award-winning, New York Times best-selling author. His national daily progressive radio talk show, now has more live daily listeners than any other progressive talk radio show. Thom often appears on Fox & Friends, CNNand CSPAN.

      In the radio field, Hartmann worked from 1968 to 1978 as a DJ, reporter, news anchor, and program director for a variety of commercial radio stations, and today hosts a daily nationally-syndicated talk show. He’s also contributed to the American economy:in the business world he has founded seven corporations over the past 30 years, five of which he has sold and are still thriving and one, a nonprofit, most recently featured in a 2005 photo in Newsweek. Coming back behind the microphone, Hartmann began in Spring 2002 a “liberal” talk radio show syndicated on stations from coast to coast, on the Sirius satellite radio system, and streamed live on the internet.

      “I’ve been in broadcasting for over 30 years and this was the first time I have ever seen a show get 100% positive response—we even had some conservatives tell us how “refreshing” Thom’s showwas.” —John Poister, WPTT, Pittsburgh

      Stations can pick up The Thom Hartmann Program from the DG/Jones 2 Left stream off the DG/Jones satellite. The show is streamed live from noon-3 pm ET, right after Stephanie Miller.

      Here’s the satellite info: Satellite: GE8 (or AMC8) 
Coordinates: 139 degrees west 
Frequency: 1124600 
Data Rate: 2048000 
Provider: Jones (tech support only : 303 784-8747) 
Channel: Dial Global/Jones 2 Left

      SG Relay 00 “Start of Local Spots” Pins 1 and 20 off the relay card, and Pins 2 and 10 off the audio card AUX

      SG Relay 01 “Start of Local Liners” Pins 2 and 21 off relay card, and Pins 3 and 11 off the audio card AUX

      Audio Port Pinouts: Left channel is pin 1 positive, pin 6 negative, and pin 2 for ground

      The program is available on a barter basis, 5 network and 17 affiliate minutes per hour, and you can click here to see a printable copy of the program clock (we use hard breaks).

      For affiliation information, call Ron Hartenbaum WYD Media: (212) 680-0151.

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