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  • Monday 16 May '22 show notes

    • The Myth of the 'Lone Wolf' Shooter
    • GOP Caucus chairwoman Elise Stefanik's & Many Other Republicans Pushed 'Replacement Theory' that Inspired the Buffalo shooter
    • Why Democracy's Relentless Enemies Always Try to Destroy Trust First
    • Was Trump Stealing Top Secret Documents For Profit?
    • Geeky Science! Is Long Haul Covid Caused By Coronivirus "Ghosts" in the Gut?
    • On This Day in History - Segregationist George Wallace Won MI Democratic Prez Primary
    • Russia/Ukraine Crisis Update
  • Friday 13 May '22 show notes

    • How Minority Rule is Killing America
    • The future of Roe and The Supreme Court - Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, U.S. Senator (D-RI
    • The Romancification of Crime… - Joyce Nance, award winning documentarian & author of 5 books including "Escaping the Arroyo" and "Reel to Real: The Video Store Murders".
    • More Proof GOP Doesn't Care About the "Born" & Monopolies Are a Problem
    • Authoritarians Love Authoritarians - Could This Be Why Erdogan Won't Support Finland & Sweden Joining NATO?
    • It's Anything Goes Friday!
  • Thursday 12 May '22 show notes

    • Why are Americans Subsidizing Our Own Extinction?
    • Question of the Day - If Elon Musk Lets Trump Back on Twitter - How Will It Affect America?
    • We're in danger of losing our democracy.
  • Wednesday 11 May '22 show notes

    • Is the Supreme Court Seriously Above the Law?
    • Republicans Are Whining that Joe Biden Could Help Inflation
    • Crazy Alert! Trump Kept Asking if China Was Shooting Us With a 'Hurricane Gun' WHAT!?
    • Why Is Inflation Being Blamed on Biden? - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff / Co-founder, Democracy At Work / Author of numerous books - his latest is The Sickness is the System
    • Why Are Republicans Willing to Kill Their Own?
    • Geeky Science! Are the Oceans Developing Amnesia?
    • Reparations, Healing and Reconciliation—A Battle Against the Winter Spirit, Witigo - Clayton Thomas-Müller, Senior Campaign Specialist -
    • War Is Hell - Scientists Now Know What Caused the Gulf War Syndrome
  • Tuesday 10 May '21 show notes

    • How Will The Trump's Deadly Sabotage Of America End?
    • The Real Truth of Why DeSantis Wants Communism Lessons In Schools
    • Another MAGA Clerk Is Busted for Breaking Voting Machines
    • How Are the Murders, Bombings and Arson Acts Committed By Anti-Choice Pro-Life?
    • Is the Housing Bubble 2.0 Underway?
    • After women's rights, marriage equality & LGBTQ rights under attack too? - Michelangelo Signorile, Journalist / Commentator & Host - Michelangelo Signorile Show - SXMProgress ch. 127 3-6 ET M-F (immediately following The Thom Hartmann Program)
    • What Will Be the Impact of Hitting the 1.5C of Warming by 2026?
  • Monday 09 May '22 show notes

    • The Abortion Firestorm Is Also a White Freak-out About the Browning of America
    • Should Rupert Murdoch's & Tucker Carlson's Assets Be Frozen for Russian Propaganda?
    • Russians had infiltrated the GOP as early as 2008! & Mark Esper outlines Trump's most 'outlandish' plans to abandon South Korea, Poland and all of Africa
    • Should Protesters Be Allowed to Protest Outside of Supreme Court Justice's Homes?
    • Take down of Dinesh D'Souza's new film, 2,000 Mules: Belly Laughs, Belly Aches from Film's "Proof" that Trump Won - Greg Palast, Investigative Journalist/Author - latest, How Trump Stole 2020: The Hunt For America's Vanished Voters & previously, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
    • Will the Abortion Battle Seal the Deal on America Becoming "Mutually Hostile Legal Territories?"
    • "Your vote won't help restore abortion rights" - David Daley, Senior Fellow - FairVote / author of Ratf**ked: Why Your Vote Doesn't Count and Unrigged: How Americans Are Battling Back to Save Democracy / former Editor-in-Chief,
    • British scientist says US anti-abortion lawyers misused his work to attack Roe v Wade
  • Friday 06 May '22 show notes

    • Louisiana wants to be the first state to send women to prison for Murder
    • Senate Republicans make it plain: A federal abortion ban is in the offing
    • Is "Democracy in the Workplace" Having a Moment?
    • Free Speech: Why is the Supreme Court getting a Buffer Zone When Abortion Clinics Were Denied the Same?
    • Texas GOP Governor Considers Challenging 1982 Ruling Requiring Free Public Education
    • Geeky Science! If Meatless Mondays Could Save the Forests - Would You Do It?
    • Once 'Unthinkable,' French Left Forms Coalition to Challenge Macron in Parliament
    • Crazy Alert! Trump suggested 'secret' missile strike on Mexico in 2020: Former Pentagon chief
    • It's Anything Goes Friday!
  • Thursday 05 May '22 show notes

    • Why is the Court Using Religious Belief to Alter what Should be Secular Law?
    • What Kind of Can of Worms Has the Supreme Court Opened - If you can fly a Christian Flag at a City Hall then why can't the Church of Satan do the same?
    • Is Mitt Romney Right and Trump Can't be Stopped in 2024? Will He Be the GOP Nominee?
    • How Badly Will Powell Damage the Economy In Time for the Election?
    • What Is Causing the Spike in Violence in America?
    • Geeky Science - Will India's Heat Wave Cause More Global Food Problems?
    • 'Pure propaganda': inside Starbucks' anti-union tactics
      - Will Westlake, Barista / Member National Organizing Committee - Starbucks Workers United in Buffalo, NY
      - Maggie Carter, Barista & organizer in Knoxville, TN
    • Is Putin at Peak Desperation? What Happens Next?
  • Wednesday 04 May '22 show notes

    • National Progressive Townhall Meeting - Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
    • Implications of Supreme Court's Roe v Wade Deliberations - Noreen Farrell, Civil Rights Attorney / Executive Director - Equal Right Advocates
    • How Straight Wealthy White Reactionaries Are Fighting Progress
    • Whatever happened to the right of bodily autonomy? And, Why did Alito quote Hale about whether abortion is a crime?!
    • Florida has figured out a way for corporations to make money off forced pregnancies...
  • Tuesday 03 May '21 show notes

    • Federal Abortion Ban: Court Packing Should Be Back on the Table
    • Biden Responds, Calls on Congress to 'Adopt Legislation That Codifies Roe'
    • How will SCOTUS decision affect states' rights? - Heather Shumaker, Director of State Abortion Access - National Womens Law Center
    • Democratic Senate candidates urge eliminating filibuster and passing bill protecting abortion rights
    • Mike Pence...Remember 'Periods For Pence'???
    • Was the Leak Meant to Normalize a federal Ban on ALL Abortion?

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