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  • Tuesday 31 March '20 show notes

    • We're All Mourning Our Way of Life...How Are You Working Around It?
    • This Is the Story of the GOP Over the Past 40 Years Writ Large
    • Trump Says if Only 200,000 Americans Die, He's "Done A Really Good Job." So What IS His Job?/li>
    • Science Revolution: Trump Fights Clean Car Standards Instead of the Coronavirus - Amit Narang, Attorney & Regulatory Policy Advocate - Public Citizen
  • Monday 30 March '20 show notes

    • Mad King Trump Angers the God
    • If Only 100,000 Americans Die Trump Thinks He "Did a Great Job"...WTF?!
    • Thom vs. Marc Scribner, CEI - When Should the Government Move to Protect Americans? Is Saving Business More Important Than Saving Lives? - Marc Scribner, Senior Fellow & Transportation Policy Expert - Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI)
    • The Stimulus Bill & the Social Security Tax...What It Means - Alex Lawson, Executive Director - Social Security Works
  • Friday 27 March '20 show notes

    • Anything Goes Friday...What's On Your Mind? Thom Takes Your Calls
    • Trump's Latest Abominable Gaff...
    • Issues of the Day - Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, U.S. Congressmember (D-WA, 7th District) & Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus / Senior Whip-Democratic Caucus & serves on multiple committees including the House Budget Committee & the House Judiciary Committee
    • Kushner (& Now Trump) Covid Response? 'We Don't Need Ventilators...'

  • Thursday 26 March '20 show notes

    • What Happens When Mobsters Run the Country?
    • Mid-day with Mark - Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
    • The Economy, the Stimulus & 3.3 million Laid Off - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Democracy At Work / Understanding Marxism / Understanding Socialism
    • Warning to Pandemic Profiteers - Peter Maybarduk, Director - Public Citizen's Global Access to Medicines Program & a Human Rights Lawyer
    • Boris v Trump & Brexit or Breathing?! - Victoria Jones, Executive Director - DC Radio Company LLC
  • Wednesday 25 March '20 show notes

    • What's Next On Trump's List? Turning Grandma & Grandpa Into Soylent Green...???
    • Curtis Ellis Vs Thom - Did Democrats Load Up Bill Like a Left-Wing Goodie Bag? - Curtis Ellis, Policy Director - America First Policies
    • Hunkering Down With Green Energy... - Ty Benefiel, Co-Founder & CEO - Hero Power /Meter Genius (green energy brokers) and Host - The Climate Pod (podcast)
  • Tuesday 24 March '20 show notes

    • WHY??? America Deserves An Answer...
    • Republicans Always Want As Few People As Possible To Vote... And Here You Are Again!! - Thom vs. Jason Snead, Executive Director - Honest Elections Project / Former Senior Policy Analyst-Heritage Foundation
    • Profits Or People?!
    • The Corona Virus Makes A Powerful Case for Boosting Our Social Safety Net - Katrina vanden Huevel, Editorial Director & Publisher - The Nation Magazine
  • Monday 23 March '20 show notes

    • Would Trump Get Away With Letting 2 Million Americans Die?
    • How the Coronavirus Pandemic and Donald Trump's Irrational Cult Is a Deadly Combination...
    • Issues of the Day - Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA, 17th District)
  • Friday 20 March '20 show notes

    • Roll Back Republican Tax Cuts!!
    • Norway's PM Shows Us All How to Talk to Kids About Covid-19
    • Anything Goes Friday! Thom Takes Your Calls
    • How Vegas Does Social Distancing!!

  • Thursday 19 March '20 show notes

    • Will Trump Step Down?
    • The Global Meltdown - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Democracy At Work / Understanding Marxism / Understanding Socialism
    • Covid-19...What South Korea Got Right That the Trump Administration Got SO Very Wrong...
  • Wednesday 18 March '20 show notes

    • Mid-day with Mark - Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
    • We Need to Be Planning for the Worst & Hope For the Best
    • What's Going on With Covid-19 in Seattle? - Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Councilmember (Socialist)-District 3 / Economist / Member of Socialist Alternative and AFT 1789

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Will Forcing Kids and Teachers Back to School Be Trump's Waterloo?

Thom plus logo Trump's first major policy change on his first full day as president was to gut implementation of the "Waters of America" Act.

His change allowed coal mines and factories to increase their profits by dumping massive amounts of poison in our rivers and waterways.

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