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  • Tuesday 15 November '22 show notes

    • In for Thom today, Jefferson Smith, Host - Democracy Nerd, is taking your calls...
    • Donald Trump has lost 3 elections in a row - 2018, 2020 and now 2022...will the GOP finally dump Trump?
    • What Should Congress DO In the Lame Duck Session?
    • How did 1 million mail-in ballots disappear in Georgia - Greg Palast, Investigative Reporter / Author & Filmmaker - latest film is "Vigilante: Georgia's Vote Suppression Hitman"
    • How Do We Keep Young Voters...Particulary, Young Female Voters...Engaged With the Issues?
  • Monday 14 November '22 show notes

    • In for Thom, Jefferson Smith (Democracy Nerd podcast)...
    • Debriefing the Midterms - Dems hold the Senate
    • Meanwhile, some House races are still too close to call as the vote count continues...
    • Senate...check, House? Still counting... - Adam Green, Co-founder, Progressive Change Campaign Committee
    • Making Twitter Pay up - Shannon Liss-Riordan, J.D. from Harvard Law School / co-founder of the firm, Lichten & Liss-Riordan, P.C & is widely recognized as one of the nation's top plaintiffs' class action employment lawyers
  • Friday 11 November '22 show notes

    • Jefferson Smith is in for Thom taking your calls...
    • Anything Goes Friday
    • What 10 things do you want to achieve for the greater good over the next 10 years?
    • Happy Veteran's Day
  • Thursday 10 November '22 show notes

    • Have the Zoomers ushered in the fourth turning?
    • The new Trump war - Mine is bigger than yours....
    • Trump's future - Michael Cohen, principle of Crisis-X (crisis management company) / previously, served as personal attorney to former president Donald. J. Trump / formerly Executive VP-Trump Organization & Special Counsel to Donald J. Trump / Author-Disloyal: A Memoir / Host-Mea Culpa With Michael Cohen podcast / Political Commentator / forthcoming book Revenge
    • Arizona is defying court order and ballot counting!
    • Why didn't Mike Pence warn America when he knew Trump's plan?
    • Can we stop extremists from recruiting our youth through video games?
    • Should Dems lift debt ceiling before 2023 to defend social security?
    • Geeky Science? Is mindfulness as good as drugs for anxiety?
  • Wednesday 09 November '22 show notes

    • Yesterday's election
    • We have our first Gen Z member of Congress
    • Voters let politicians know America is pro-choice
    • Has DeSantis been crowned the next fascist in line?
    • Our Next Struggle: DeSantis Inheriting Trump's Fascist Mantle
    • Deeply Republican South Dakota voted to expand Medicaid
  • Tuesday 08 November '22 show notes

    • Republicans see today as an opportunity to set up the end of Democracy in 2024
    • This is how vile America is coming - Trump is now saying we shoot shoot drug dealers immediately (within 2 hours) in the head & send bullet to their family
    • The World's democracies are asking: Why can't America fix itself?
    • Greg Palast (LIVE from Georgia) on GOP vigilantes challenging 149,000 voters - Greg Palast, Investigative Reporter / Author & Filmmaker - latest film is "Vigilante: Georgia's Vote Suppression Hitman"
    • It appears that Desantis' voter investigation unit is having a chilling effect on black voters
    • Why today's election is so important (Gen-X perspective) - Alan Minsky, Executive Director - Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)
    • How ugly would a MAGA America be?
  • Monday 07 November '22 show notes

    • The 3 Megatrends Hitting Democracy Like a Tornado
    • Don't Expect the GOP To Return to Normal
    • The latest privatized Medicare scandal...
    • New Report: How certain industries used the cover of inflation to drive inflation
    • And just how is the anti-voting and interfering with elections going?
    • SC GOP woman forced to carry unviable fetus for 49 days and is now supporting a democrat - Emily Paterson, CEO - Quatrain Creative
    • We need to keep the fight for sensible gun reform
  • Friday 04 November '22 show notes

    • Trump is running - what will it do to America?
    • It's Anything Goes Friday
    • Scientists are saying Standard Time would be healthier - They agree with ME!
    • America Should Buy Out the Fossil Fuel Industry
    • How Trump's hands are dripping in blood
  • Thursday 03 November '22 show notes

    • It's Critical to See what a Fascist America Looks Like, Before it's Too Late
    • Did the coup chain go from John Eastman to Ginni to Clarence Thomas?
    • Dark money & why this election is important - Jamie McCleod-Skinner, Candidate for Congress (D-OR, 5th District) (Opponent is Republican Lori Chavez DeRemer)
    • They Were Trying to Help Run Elections. Then They Got Criminally Investigated.
    • The midterms, polls and voting... - Ali Velshi, Host - MSNBC "Velshi" (Sat/Sun 8-10aET) & "The Last Word" (Fri 10pET) / Host of the digital platform, The Velshi Exchange
    • The media is MIA on the threat is to hold the debt ceiling hostage for Social Security & Medicare cuts
    • Geeky Science? Can pomegranates save you from colorectal cancer?
  • Wednesday 02 November '22 show notes

    • National Progressive Townhall Meeting - Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District) / Member & Former Co-Chair-Congressional Progressive Caucus / (Committees: Appropriations / Also, Education & Labor)
    • Has the Time for the Nationalization of Oil & Gas Arrived? - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Co-founder, Democracy At Work / Author of numerous books - his latest is The Sickness is the System & Host - Economic Update with Richard D. Wolff on Free Speech TV
    • Is Most of America's Inflation About Monopolies, Price-Gouging, & Oil Barons Fleecing Us?
    • "What Brian Kemp is Hiding From You" - Greg Palast, Investigative Reporter / Author of several books including The Best Democracy Money Can Buy / Filmmaker - his latest, "Vigilante: Georgia's Vote Suppression Hitman", produced by Martin Sheen which is debuting this week

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