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"Prager U" Misleads, Then Ignores Modern History

As I made my periodic excavation tunneling down through my junk mail folder, I noticed the following subject line: “Prager U goes viral: over 6 million views in one week!”

Curious to see how high on the B.S. meter this Prager U clip would register, I decided to click on it. As usual, it didn’t disappoint.

Faking It As They Try to Escape It: Learning not to blink

Animals do it all of the time. Their life or death depends on their performances. Never mind that they are sick, lame and feeling like crap. Never give this information to the predators and scavengers in the neighborhood. They will pursue you, track you down, grab your ass and have you for lunch. If possible, don’t ever blink. This is what rabbits learned eons ago. They blink less than any other mammal. They are trying to be invisible.

Double Standard

So now that a White Nazi terrorist has mowed down Muslim individuals with his automobile after worshippers left Ramadan services in London.

Democrats and Republicans are different? I understand this is another country but I would assume Democrats would be more on the side of labor. How am I to get behind this party when they can't even get behind labor in another country? They helped the conservatives (Tories).

To Save The Country

Millions Marchiing For Medicare 4 All is a grassroots organization that is organizing a march on D.C. for Medicare For All on July 24, on the West Lawn of the Capitol. We are also coordinating marches in all 50 states at the same time, with the intention of drawing a huge media blitz of attention. The plurality of Americans now desire Medicare For All, and we are demanding that Congress vote to provide it! We the People are the government and we the people should be deciding our health care system.

Domestic Violence and Mass Shootings

Hi Thom,

Flat-Earther Federalists Bag Federal Judgeship; Thank you Donald

Why be surprised to learn that the legal Flat-Earthers of the lawyerly crowd have bagged a Federal judge's seat. And who are they? None other than our same friends, and their fellow travellers in promoting "originalism," or judicial conservatism on 'roids when it comes to rolling back the clocks and calendars to their preferred pre-Brown v. Board of Education days.

The Dangers of Winner-Take-All Politics: Another wake-up call.

Amidst all of the talk about working together that has arisen from the ball game shootings, let’s not skip a major fundamental that is the elephant in the room--that is the new normal of Winner-Take-All Politics.

St. Regan's Lie 40 years later


I have been listening to you for years rail against St. Regan and the B.S. trickle down economics. I ready this artical this morning, I cannot understand why if Democratic leadership is concerned about the working man why don't they talk about this more. I only hear Bernie alking about this. If anyone looked at the graph in the artical it would make you sick (it makes me) and see the big lie, if the rich were creating the jobs they promis there would be more equity.

I ask you to read the artical:

Crow-Eatin' Time: The Trump End Times Are Here

For all of you Trump trolls, rubes, wannabe millionaires and wannabe apprentices, you all need to finally face the reality that it’s over. What are some of the symptoms of that? Even Joe Scarborough is routinely wearing a suit and tie in the morning, instead of pajamas or sweatshirts while he sips his latte. He wants his image in history during these disgusting Trump end times to reflect the gravity of the situation, instead of his normal yuk yuk shtick.

Inspection- 6 Twit Talking Points

 Twits, by definition are unable to think things through, see beyond their own narrow viewpoint, understand opposite views. Their responses display a twit's natural lack of reasoning and tend to give indication of a knee jerk support/hate mentality.


WAKE UP America. TRUMPS as American as apple pie, he's a reflection of you and what you've become, THAT'S why he's President. YES the Russians may have screwed with your election process OR it could have been the apartheid Israeli's who also wanted the U.S. to have a HARD right government. BUT the truth is if you were a civilized and moral people, Trump as a candidate for the highest office in the land, would have been summarily written off as the JOKE it is.

While you focus on Comey, Senate Republicans are launching an audacious plan to pass Trumpcare

Think Progress
June 8, 2017

While attention shifts to James Comey's much anticipated testimony today, Senate Republicans are still working to deprive 23 million Americans of health care coverage.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) says he is striving to get a vote on the Republican health care bill by July 4, before Congress leaves for August recess.
As ludicrous as this deadline seems, the Senate could pull it off -- but it will be done without much public scrutiny.

Sen. McConnell implemented Senate "Rule 14" Wednesday to fast-track the GOP House health bill.

Is Mr. Trump a secret Progressive? Or is he buying enough time for a Hail Mary?

What is Mr. Trump’s record? No, not his APPARENT record, his ACTUAL record.

50 years ago TODAY Israel ATTACKED American NAVAL Ship KILLING and Injuring 208 Americans

June 8th 1967 Israel launched an unprovoked attack on an American Naval ship, the USS Liberty, killing 34 US seamen and injuring 174. Today is the 50th anniversary of that attack, a fact not one corporate media outlet will bring to the attention of the American people.

It was “one of the classic all-American cover-ups,” said retired Admiral Thomas Moorer, a former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman who spent a year investigating the attack as part of an independent panel he formed with other former military officials.

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The Secret On TrumpCare Is Now Out

The Senate Republican healthcare bill is secret no more.

There's just one problem - it's not really a healthcare bill.

Don't let Mitch McConnell fool you.

Contrary to what you might have heard - Senate Republicans DID NOT unveil a healthcare bill yesterday.

They unveiled a tax cut for the rich DISGUISED as a healthcare bill.