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Daily Topics - Thursday March 30th, 2017

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The People's Climate Rally 2017

The People's Climate Rally 2017

The D.C. march for science will be the most wonderfully nerdy demonstration ever
Scientists are taking a cue from last week's Women's Marches and planning their own protests in Washington, D.C., and far beyond.

Environmental Activists Plan to March on Washington April 29


Tyee Poll: Is Nationalizing Journalism the Way to End Fake News?

Hedge-fund billionaires are wringing the last drops of profit out of Canadian media organizations (cough... Postmedia... cough) before sending them out to pasture entirely — according to Crawford Kilian in a recent op-ed for The Tyee.

Daily Topics - Wednesday March 30th, 2017

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Health Care Solved - for Some...

Why don't the Northeastern and the Northwestern states secede from the u.S. and join Canada? The improved and expanded Canada might divide itself - for administrative purposes - into semi-autonomous East Canada and West Canada. The new Canadians would, of course, enjoy the benefits of Canada's health care system.


"Another example was provided recently by Fox News. They conducted a poll asking who is the most popular political figure in the country. In the lead, by a very large margin, was Bernie Sanders -- even more so among the young, the hope for the future.

Daily Topics - Tuesday March 28th, 2017

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The survival of the fittest in society: Health care for the healthy.

Screw you sick people!

Is this sinking in yet? I speak largely to the trolls and fence sitters who believe that anything good can come from this clusterf—k that minimally passes for a white house administration. Our national dumpster fire.

Canadian helathcare.

I heard your discussion of financing for Canada's healthcare. One source is a general sales tax that is applied to meals at restaurants, probably other non-essential products and services.

Single Payer Healthcare

CNN this past weekend had two commentators talk very briefly about Benie Sanders' push for a Medicare for all, single payer healthcare system. With no discussion, both of them agreed and stated as fact that this was not feasible because it would cost over $1T [I assume that was above beyond Obamacare - but that was not clarified]. From listening to your show, I was under the impression that a single payer system would actually save around $850B [my numbers could be off].

Daily Topics - Monday March 27th, 2017

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Hi, I heard you talk about resistbot on your show over the weekend. The guardian did some research and wrote a piece on it. It is legit. Here's the link. Thanks!

The Resistance Now: robots join the movement

Thom's Blog on 3/20/17

I have followed Thom's Blog and his radio show since Jan, 2016. This was in preparation for the 2016 primaries (in which I supported Bernie Sanders) and for the entire election year of 2016 (frankly impressed by Thom's prescience in warning us that we should not take anything for granted about who the winner would be in the 2016 election). However, on healthcare, I cannot agree. I am an OB/GYN physician for 34 years.

Inspection- The Checkmate Equation

When you play chess, or Stratego if you wish, how you move each piece is crucial. Just refusing to play, or objecting to how the opponent is deceiving you, only turns you into a loser. You have to use your wits, and not just use how they are deceiving you, but use what truths they may unintentionally reveal against them.
 That's the checkmate equation.

tRumpcare is dead (for now) yea! Now get to work!

As I sit here on the eve of my 66th birthday, I feel the fire of the '68 convention! On the heels of the failed tRumpcare proposal, these feckless R's will be out for blood to get even. All the Real American Democratic Progressive Patriots must end the ACA celebration and tighten their bootstraps for the next round.

Trump Undoing Climate Protections - The Fate Of the Planet Is At Stake

Just as global warming appears to be reaching a dangerous new phase, Donald Trump has begun dismantling what little climate protections we do have.

He's calling it a win for workers.

But who's really going to come out on top?

West Virginia miners or the coal barons who've robbed their state blind?