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  • Wednesday 15 March '17 show notes

    • Hey, Kelly Anne...It's Not Just Microwaves Anymore! Thom Reveals What Else Is Spying On You...
    • Charles Sauer, The Market Institute: Is Trump Trying To Kill Electric Cars?
    • Rebecca Vallas, Center for American Progress Poverty to Prosperity Program/Off-Kilter Podcast (formerly Poverty Talk Radio): Surprise... Poverty & Inequality Are Getting Worse Under Trump
  • Tuesday 14 March '17 show notes

    • Today is Pi Day & Einstein's Birthday (1879-1955)
    • Are We All Living in the Breitbart Bubble?
    • Wendell Potter, Deadly Spin/Nation on the Take/Tarbell: What the GOP Kept Secret About Repealing Obamacare...
    • Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR): Trump's 'Buy America' Rhetoric
  • Monday 13 March '17 show notes

    • David Frum, The Atlantic: Has the Modern Republican Party Morphed Into a Con Game as a Result of Billionaires?
    • Right-Wing Billionaires Have a Project Going to Rewrite Our Constitution, and They Are Shockingly Close to Pulling It Off
    • General Michael V. Hayden, Playing To the Edge: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror: The Trump Effect on the Intel Community
  • Friday 10 March '17 show notes

    • Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear: Fukushima: 6 Years Later & Still Not Over
    • Dr. Anthony Ingraffea Ph.D. P.E., Cornell University: How Big Oil & Gas Fracked Up Oklahoma
    • Anything Goes Friday!
  • Thursday 9 March '17 show notes

    • Jenna McLaughlin, The Intercept: Wikileaks Reveals CIA's "Impressive List" of Hacking Tools
    • Outrageous GOP "Healthcare" Bill: Takes Away Your Healthcare & Rewards the Rich With Massive Tax Break...
    • "Chumpcare" Will Make America Sick and Poor Again!
    • Faith Gimmell, Resisiting Environmental Destruction On Indigenous Lands (REDOIL): Native Nations Rise to Protect Sacred Lands From the Fossil Fuel Industry
  • Wednesday 8 March '17 show notes

    • Happy #InternationalWomensDay
    • Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District): Issues Of The Day And Your Calls
    • Charles Sauer, The Market Institute: How Would America Change if the Koch Brothers Had Their Way?
    • Alberto Saldamando, Indigenous Environmental Network: There are Tipis on the National Mall
  • Tuesday 7 March '17 show notes

    The Thom Hartmann Program Tue 7 March 2017

    • Jason Chaffetz, "Americans should forgo iPhones to afford healthcare”... What!?
    • Neil McCabe, Breitbart News: GOP Has Released the ObamaCare Replacement - Ouch!
  • Monday 6 March '17 show notes

    • In for Thom, Alex Lawson, Executive Director-Social Security Works
    • What Will Be Revealed In The Secret Healthcare Reform Bill On Wednesday?
    • Jon "Bowzer" Bauman, Senior Votes Count/Sign the petition: Hands Off Our Medicare & Medicaid Tour: Hey GOP: "HANDS OFF Our Medicare & Medicaid"
    • Steve Zimmer, L.A. Unified School District Board of Education: Battling the Billionaires for Better Schools...
    • Dr. Sanjeev Sriram, Dr. America-We Act Radio: Obamacare vs GOP's "WhoCares" Plan...
  • Friday 3 March '17 show notes

    • Have Lizard People Already Infiltrated the White House Easter Egg Hunt?!?
    • Anything Goes Friday
  • Thursday 2 March '17 show notes

    • AG Jeff Sessions Double Standard on Perjury?
    • Trump Wants You To Denounce Your Neighbors, Just Like That One Guy... Hitler!
    • Edward Wytkind, Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO/USDOT Advisory Committee on Transportation Automation: Is Trump's $1 Trillion Infrastructure Package a Scam?
    • Lori Wallach, Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch: Trump's Bait & Switch Trade Plans
    • Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg, Gratitude: Help for the Trump Stressed

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New Republican Healthcare Plan Is So Bad That Even Republicans Don't Want It

Republicans inched closer to a deal on repealing Obamacare yesterday, as the House Freedom caucus OK'd a new version of the American Health Care Act which is actually worse than the one that couldn't pass Congress back in March.