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  • Thursday 8 June '17 show notes

    • Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District): Comey Hearing and Issues of the Day
    • All Eyes on Former FBI Director James Comey Today...
    • How will we know when Trump is on his way out? The GOP will start pushing Pence...
  • Wednesday 7 June '17 show notes

    • Could Trump Tweets Lead to War in the Middle East?
    • Why is Trump Selling Off DC's AqueDuct? Is DC's Water About to be Privatized?
    • Richard A. Clarke, "Warnings: Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes": Could Bush Have Prevented Gulf War with a Phone Call?
    • Victoria Jones, Talk Media News: U.K. Elections Tomorrow: Corbyn & May in Virtual Tie
    • Charles Sauer, The Market Institute: Karen Handel: 'I Do Not Support A Livable Wage'
  • Tuesday 6 June '17 show notes

    • 49th anniversary of the murder of Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy, Sr. and the 73rd anniversary of D-Day.
    • David Hearst, Middle East Eye: Qatar...the Trump Effect?
    • Neil W. McCabe, Breitbart News: How Privatizing Air Traffic Will End Safe Travel
    • Thom takes YOUR calls!
  • Monday 5 June '17 show notes

    • The Power of Ideas and What It Means for Our Politics
    • Trump Just Waiting for His Reichstag Moment?
    • Dr. Michael B. Oren: The Past 50 Years of Israeli Occupation. And the Next
  • Friday 2 June '17 show notes

    • In for Thom today, Sam Sacks, The District Sentinel News Co-op
    • John Nichols, The Nation Magazine: It's Time to Make the Case for Impeaching Trump
    • Farron Cousins, Ring of Fire Radio/DeSmog Blog/Trial Lawyer Magazine: Fallout Continues on Trump's Paris Climate Accord Withdrawal
    • Anything Goes Friday!
  • Thursday 1 June '17 show notes

    • In for Thom today, Sam Sacks, The District Sentinel News Co-op
    • Cassady Craighill, Greenpeace: Shareholders FORCE ExxonMobil to Come Clean on Cost of Climate Change
    • House Minority Leader Rep. Melissa Hortman (DFL-District 36B): MN Governor's Epic Battle With GOP Legislature
    • Page Gardner, Voter Participation Center: New Report Confirms Trump Admin Disastrous for Women
  • Wednesday 31 May '17 show notes

    • In for Thom today, Sam Sacks, The District Sentinel News Co-op
    • Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District): Paris Climate Agreement, Healthcare...what's next?
    • Noah Horowitz, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Energy Efficiency...BIG Loser in Trump Budget
    • Charles Sauer, The Market Institute: Imagine the World Without Net Neutrality
  • Tuesday 30 May '17 show notes

    • Three Stabbed in Portland: Has Trump Normalized Right Wing Hate & Vigiliantism?
    • What is the Christian version of Isis?
    • How BernieCrats Are Winning In Red States
    • Greg Palast, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: Could the GOP steal the Georgia Run-off Election... BEFORE It Happens??
    • Lamar Waldron, The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination: JFK’s 100th birthday…
  • Friday 26 May '17 show notes

    • Best-of radio show.
  • Thursday 25 May '17 show notes

    • Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District): Issues of the Day
    • Republican! Rev. Robb Ryerse, Candidate for Congress (R-AR, 3rd District): Meet the Pastor Running as a Progressive...
    • Mayor Mitch Landrieu - change the false narrative that the Confederacy is our history!

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ALEC's Scary Plan for Elections

Right-wing oligarchs like the Koch Brothers don't just want to roll back a few regulations - they apparently want to repeal our democracy, too.

Republicans like to wrap themselves in slogans about liberty and freedom, but the truth is that deep down they hate our democracy - and now we have the proof.