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  • Tuesday 27 September '22 show notes

    • Why Do So Many Americans Ended Up Believing the Lies Pushed by the GOP?
    • Was Putin Part of the Jan 6th Treason with Trump?
    • DNC Chair Jaime Harrison on Democratic Messaging - Jaime Harrison, DNC Chair
    • Is Big Oil Trying to Throw the Election to the GOP?
    • Fox-So-Called-News Is Endorsing Italian Fascist Melon & Want You To Believe She's the "Center" Politically
    • Was Trump Ally Roger Stone Coordinating the Jan 6th Treason Event?
    • Biden's Student Debt Relief Just Costs a Fraction of the Giveaway to the Uber Wealthy
    • What Will We Find Out From the Confiscated Secret Service Phones?
  • Monday 26 September '22 show notes

    • GOP Bets Crime Will Generate Fear & Votes - Will It Work?
    • In 1864, a legislature of 27 white men created a body of laws that discriminated against Black people and people of color and considered girls as young as 10 able to consent to sex, and in 2022, one of those laws is back in force in Arizona
    • Geeky Science - Right-wing individuals are more likely to fall for political bullshit, according to new research
    • MAGA & the "Incels": Latest Jan. 6 arrests show how fascists target insecure young men - Amanda Marcotte, Senior Politics Writer at Salon & author of "Troll Nation: How The Right Became Trump-Worshipping Monsters Set On Rat-F*cking Liberals, America, and Truth Itself"
    • Crazy Alert! Mike Lee Is claiming It's "Overreach" To Arrest Anti-Abortionist of Assaulting an Elderly Man Twice!
    • Can This Teenage Democrat Win In Ohio? - Sam Lawrence, 19 year old student & Democrat running for Ohio state rep 47th District (against Republican incumbent Sara Carruthers)
    • Psychosis: A Historical Investigation of How the Republican Party Went Crazy - David Corn, Washington bureau chief - Mother Jones Magazine & on-air analyst for MSNBC / Writer-weekly newsletter, Our Land, available by subscription at / Author of several books including his latest, American Psychosis: A Historical Investigation of How the Republican Party Went Crazy
    • George Washington & The Russians Surrendering
  • Friday 23 September '22 show notes

    • How the Supreme Court Set Up the Criminal Takeover of America
    • It's Anything Goes Friday!
    • Will the Iranian Regime Survive the Death of Mahsa By the Morality Police? - Jamal Abdi, President - NIAC (National Iranian American Council)
    • Is the Russia Crisis About to Come to a Head? What's Going to Happen?
    • The Five Stages of Trumpism Revealed
  • Thursday 22 September '22 show notes

    • John Harwood Sums It Up In a Tweet - the juxtaposition of two events in NYC today - Biden's speech to the UN and the NY AG's fraud suit against the Trumps
    • Americans Used To Understand Public Schools and the Commons
    • Crazy Alert! Trump Is Pushing FBI Looking for Hillary's Emails At Mar-a-Lago?!
    • Why 70% Inflation Is Just One of Argentina's Problems - Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director, Center for Economic & Policy Research / President-Just Foreign Policy / Author of several books including "FAILED: What the "Experts" Got Wrong about the Global Economy"
    • The Internet Solves Trump's "Peekaboo" Letitia James Slur
    • Uber Wealthy Bezos is Buying Homes to Rent-Trap America - We Need to Stop This!
    • Ali Velshi Weighs in NY AG's Fraud Suit Against Trump and More... - Ali Velshi, Host - MSNBC “Velshi" (Sat/Sun 8-10aET) & "The Last Word" (Fri 10pET) / Host of the digital platform, The Velshi Exchange
    • Geeky Science! Are Blueberries a Superfood? Study finds eating the fruit every day can reverse cognitive decline in elderly people
    • Will Desantis' Contempt for Migrants Backfire? - Chris Lehmann, DC Bureau Chief - The Nation Magazine
  • Wednesday 21 September '22 show notes

    • National Progressive Townhall Meeting - Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District) / Member & Former Co-Chair-Congressional Progressive Caucus / (Committees: Appropriations / Also, Education & Labor)
    • China vs. US: System Rising vs. Falling- New Global Capitalism - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Co-founder, Democracy At Work / Author of numerous books - his latest is The Sickness is the System & Host - Economic Update with Richard D. Wolff on Free Speech TV
    • Crazy Alert! The Simpsons Weigh in on Trump's Messiah Complex
    • Trump's Messiah Scam Increases His Threat To America
    • Does Putin Have a One Hell of an Endgame? What Should America & Europe Do?
    • WV Abortion Ban - Ixya Vega, Member - Morgantown City Council (representing 3rd Ward) / Community Organizer-Planned Parenthood South Atlantic & Planned Parenthood Votes! South Atlantic in West Virginia
  • Tuesday 20 September '22 show notes

    • Voting for Republicans is, tragically, voting against America -- It’s really just that simple
    • How Some Republicans Are Trying to Get Trump Indicted...
    • Is Russia Sending Cannibals and Convicted Murderers Into Ukraine To Fight?
    • Republicans just gave the country a master class on extremism - Dean Obeidallah, Host of Dean Obeidallah show weekdays 6-9PMET @SXMProgress Radio Ch127 / Columnist - / Contributor - The New Republic
    • Is Bill Barr Searching For a More Competent Autocrat?
    • Trump Promotes "Children's Book" On the "Big Lie"
    • Texas maternal mortality data won’t be ready before midterms
    • Geeky Science! Eating After This Time Could Mean cancer...
  • Monday 19 September '22 show notes

    • Let's Just All Acknowledge That Cruelty & Death Is the GOP Brand
    • Is The Far-Right's Entire Agenda Driven By "Liberals are Evil?"
    • Are Russian Trolls Destroying Democracy?
    • How Privatization of the Commons is Harming Countries & Communities
    • The Dangerous Digital Forever War of Far-Right Conspiracy Theories - Andy Kroll, Investigative Reporter - ProPublica / Previously DC Bureau Chief for Rolling Stone and has also worked for many other respected publications including Mother Jones & New Republic / Author of the new book (his first!!), A Death on W Street: The Murder of Seth Rich and the Age of Conspiracy
    • Geeky Science! How a 1 Hour Walk Can Lower Stress
  • Friday 16 September '22 show notes

    • Abbott & DeSantis Just Revived the "Freedom Ride North"
    • It's Anything Goes Friday!
    • How Judge Cannon's Order Is Lawless, Corrupt & Dangerous
    • National Progressive Townhall Meeting - Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA, 17th District) / Author of 2 books, his latest Dignity In A Digital Age: Making Tech Work For All Of Us
    • For Donald Trump, Has Information Always Been Power?
    • Railroad CEOs Reaped Windfall As Workers Suffered
  • Thursday 15 September '22 show notes

    • When Trump is Finally Revealed as an Agent of Foreign Governments - Will America Wake Up?
    • Is Using the Plight Migrants As Political Pawns an Unlawful and Immoral Act by DeSantis & Abbott? Do They Not See Them As Human Beings?
    • Right-wing Extremism - The Storm Is Here - Luke Mogelson, Reporter At Large & Award Winning War Correspondent - The New Yorker (covered war in Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, and Iraq / Previously, Contributing Writer-The New York Times Magazine / Author of the new book, The Storm is Here: An American Crucible
    • TX Is Covering Up Anti-Abortion Deaths
    • Do You Have "News Fatigue" on Monarchy Coverage While There Is Important "Other" News?
    • What America Could Learn from Canada and Other Advanced Democracies? - Ali Velshi, Host - MSNBC “Velshi" (Sat/Sun 8-10aET) & "The Last Word" (Fri 10pET) / Host of the digital platform, The Velshi Exchange
    • Xi & Putin Are Now Having High-Stakes Talks to Challenge the West - Isn't It Time to Bring Our Jobs Home?
    • Geeky Science! An EV With 600 Miles of Range? Oh my!
  • Wednesday 14 September '22 show notes

    • Hardees is Letting Us Know "Now that you know we exist... you should really try our pillowy biscuits."
    • How the GOP's Newest Anti-Voting Scam Works
    • Make the GOP Vote on Whether LA Women Should Be forced to Carry Skull-less Fetus To Term? Btw - the Baby Will Survive Only Minutes....
    • There's a New Recession Canary in the Coal Mine for Recession - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Co-founder, Democracy At Work / Author of numerous books - his latest is The Sickness is the System & Host - Economic Update with Richard D. Wolff on Free Speech TV
    • Ron DeSantis has Brought White Supremacy to FL - Now He Wants to Bring it to America
    • Crazy Alert! Josh Hawley Has a Very Important Lesson for the Russians
    • The Religious deal With the Devil Exposed... - Sarah Posner, Reporting Fellow - Type Investigations, has covered the Christian right for two decades and is the author, most recently, of Unholy: How White Christian Nationalists Powered the Trump Presidency, and the Devastating Legacy They Left Behind / Contributor - The Nation, Rolling Stone, New York Times and many other publications
    • Geeky Science: The most climate-friendly seafood

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