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  • Tuesday 01 November '22 show notes

    • Will America Have a Free & Fair Vote or a Government Chosen Through Violence?
    • Gopers continue to flood the zone with "lying" polls
    • Another Dem politician is violently assaulted ahead of vote
    • Lula's victory show what's possible when everyone is in & Why hasn't Bolsonaro conceded? - Guillaume Long PhD, Senior Policy Analyst - Center for Economic Policy and Research (CEPR) in Washington, DC. / Previously held several cabinet positions in the government of Ecuador and most recently served as Ecuador's permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva. Ph.D. in International Politics from the University of London.
    • Crazy Alert! NH Goper claims there are still kitty litter boxes for kids identifying as cats in school
    • Just Plain Mean Alert! You can't sink any lower than Don Jr's recent tweet
  • Monday 31 October '22 show notes

    • Progressive Town Hall - Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA, 17th District) / Author of 2 books, his latest Dignity In A Digital Age: Making Tech Work For All Of Us
    • Will the billionaires' risky bet pay off?
    • The Paul Pelosi attack show how the GOP's Limitless Lying Endangers America
    • Crazy Alert! Will NC vote this crazy MAGA candidate in?
    • The demonization & cancellation of women - parallels between witches & the women's movement - Pamela "Pam" Grossman - Writer, curator, and teacher of magical practice & history / Host - The Witch Wave podcast & Author, latest - Waking the Witch: Reflections on Women, Magic, and Power
    • Meta & TikTok pushed Bolsonaro on eve of election
    • Is Desantis really getting away with extending voting for only red counties post
  • Friday 28 October '22 show notes

    • Drenching America in Blood is a Popular Sport for the GOP
    • Crazy Alert! Steve Bannon says Republicans will teach Democrats a lesson 'by bayonet'
    • "We are watching you" & and we are violent
    • It's Anything Goes Friday!
    • A tale of two presidents...
    • We now know Trump-humper FBI chief blew the Portland protest all out of proportion
  • Thursday 27 October '22 show notes

    • Could Today's Crises Help America Reject Corporate Personhood?
    • Here's why the GOP can't help with inflation
    • Researchers have proved GOP policies are killing Americans
    • Weapons of Mass Delusion: When the Republican Party Lost Its Mind - Robert Draper, Contributing Writer - New York Times Magazine and National Geographic Magazine / Author of several books including, Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush & the just released, Weapons of Mass Delusion: When the Republican Party Lost Its Mind
    • Mike Pence is saying that American have no right to "freedom from religion." Say what?!
    • Father sues school for it's support of "homosexual lifestyles," as he calls it
    • The deal goes down - Larry Beinhart, Author of numerous books including, Wag the Dog (adapted for film in (1997), directed by Barry Levinson, w/an all start cast including Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro, & the late Anne Heche among others... / Also, the recently released novel, The Deal Goes Down / Larry's work in progress is a yet to be published economics book, "The Rich Can't Be Trusted With Money"
    • Study shows healthy human future still possible if we do this one thing....
  • Wednesday 26 October '22 show notes

    • Why Is America Still Buying Saudi Oil When We Could Be Self Sufficient?
    • UN warns earth could see cataclysmic 2.9*C of heating by 2100 - here's what that means...
    • Come on! Looks like Herschel Walker committed another murder in the eyes of the GOP - another abortion pops up..
    • Why is the fed chair putting workers at risk? - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Co-founder, Democracy At Work / Author of numerous books - his latest is The Sickness is the System (now also available as an e-book) & Host - Economic Update with Richard D. Wolff on Free Speech TV
    • Are We Now a Banana Republic?
    • Americans continue to get ripped off & are paying $38,398 for this old old medication
    • Geeky Science! A new hybrid virus is in town and we need to pay attention...
  • Tuesday 25 October '22 show notes

    • This Is the Election You Get for 9 Billion Bucks
    • Why are the house progressives joining the #MAGA cult on Ukraine?
    • This is what happens when you put right-wingers in charge of college - Judd Legum, Journalist/Founder -
    • QAnon is ramping up to control elections
    • Crazy Alert! Tucker Carlson embraces Q-Anon conspiracy - says, Dems are ‘a child sacrifice cult'
    • The new medicare advantage plot exposed - Alex Lawson, Executive Director - Social Security Works / Strengthen Social Security
    • Why hasn't Clarence Thomas recused himself from all 2020 election issues?
  • Monday 24 October '22 show notes

    • Americans' Cartoon Vision of Authoritarianism Causes Us to Miss It
    • Why Is slavery on the ballot in 4 States?
    • In Nevada have election deniers already prepared to sabotage the midterms?
    • Did NC senate candidate Ted Budd help donors attempting to bypass predatory lending laws? - Julia Rock, Reporter - Lever News
    • America Medical assoc. president wants politicians to get out out exam room
    • Mayo clinic warns people about Medicare advantage
    • Merrick Garland's Justice Dept busts a Chinese spy ring...
    • There were 10 separate mass shootings last week - where is sensible gun reform?
  • Friday 21 October '22 show notes

    • Ending "Money Is Speech" Is the Only Way to Restore Democracy
    • It's Anything Goes Friday!
    • Ben Dixon is on the ground in Gulfport MS on the Shooting of a teenager - Ben Dixon, Host - The Benjamin Dixon Morning Show
    • Will the GOP Hand Ukraine Over to Putin? Looks Like it....
    • Montana Voters Could Re-Shape Abortion Rights
    • More Stupid Gun Owner Tricks
    • Geeky Science! Could Toxic Levels of BPA Be in Your Sports Bra?
  • Thursday 20 October '22 show notes

    • How the Right Wing Used Dark Money to Capture the Supreme Court... - Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, U.S. Senator (D-RI) & author of 3 books... his latest is The Scheme: How the Right Wing Used Dark Money to Capture the Supreme Court
    • Are SCOTUS Republicans In On a Plot to End Democratic Presidencies Forever?
    • Why Has a Fake Ballot Been Found in Georgia?
    • Is Something Off With the Polls and Turn-out?
    • More "Straightforward" Criminality On Trump Exposed?
    • The Truss Debacle - Victoria Jones, Chief Washington Analyst-The DC Radio Company
    • Crazy Alert! MAGA Candidate Arrested for Masturbating While Parked Near a Preschool: ‘I F**ked Up' But Wait! There's More....
  • Wednesday 19 October '22 show notes

    • National Progressive Townhall Meeting - Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District) / Member & Former Co-Chair-Congressional Progressive Caucus / (Committees: Appropriations / Also, Education & Labor)
    • Is There a BRICS Nations Plot To Kill the Dollar & Bring the US Economy to Its Knees? - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Co-founder, Democracy At Work / Author of numerous books - his latest is The Sickness is the System (now also available as an e-book) & Host - Economic Update with Richard D. Wolff on Free Speech TV
    • The Most Successful Con In American History Laid Bare
    • The Real Stakes for the 2022 Election
    • The Alarming Plot to Radically Rewrite the US Constitution Is Picking Up Steam...
    • Geeky Science! Will the Next Pandemic Come from Melting Glaciers?

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