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  • Tuesday 3 September '19 show notes

    • What Can "We" Do About the "News?"
    • Trump's Mental Decline - Dr Bandy X Lee, Assistant Clinical Professor-Yale School of Medicine / Forensic Psychiatrist & an internationally recognized expert on violence-Yale University Medical School / Co-Founder, World Mental Health Coalition & Editor-The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess the President
    • Saving Our Labor Unions - Larry Cohen, Board Chair - Our Revolution / Board chair - Democracy Initiative / Past President - Communication Workers of America (CWA)
  • Thursday 29 August '19 show notes

    • What Just Happened in the U.K.??? - Victoria Jones, Executive Director - DC Radio Company LLC
    • Mid-day with Mark - Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
    • How Trump is Gutting the Forests & Rain Forests
    • Anything Goes Summer...Thom Takes Your Calls!
  • Wednesday 28 August '19 show notes

    • Will the GOP Save Its Soul & Move Left or Condemn America to an Oligarchy?
    • Trump: 'Go Ahead and Break the Law... I'll Take Care of You Later.'
    • Running Against the Koch Agenda - Mark Gamba, Mayor of Milwaukie, OR (D) (formerly a professional photo journalist for 30 years) Running for Congress against Rep. Kurt Schraeder (D-OR, 5th Congressional District)
    • Issues of the Day - Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA, 17th District)

  • Tuesday 27 August '19 show notes

    • Will The Media "Dean Scream" Bernie?
    • The Amazon is Burning...Is Trump's Trade War to Blame?
    • The Koch Bros' Legacy? Death and Destruction...
  • Monday 26 August '19 show notes

    • Thom's Presidential Candidate Straw Poll...Who Do You Want to Be the 2020 Nominee and Why? Thom Takes Your Calls...
    • The Anatomy of a Genocide... - Dr. Omer Bartov, Brown University - John P. Birkelund Distinguished Professor of European History / Professor of History & Professor of German Studies / Author of numerous books including his most recent, Anatomy of a Genocide: The Life and Death of a Town Called Buczacz
    • "I had to move to China to live the 'American Dream'" - Curt Kelley, American who moved to China to live the "American Dream"
    • On the Issues.....
  • Friday 23 August '19 show notes

    • Anything Goes Friday...Can Humanity Be Saved?
    • Nikki Haley & Mike Pence... is there a coup being planned for the White House?

  • Thursday 22 August '19 show notes

    • How Did the American Media Miss the "Pro-Life" Movement Isn't about Saving Life - But - Is About Women Under the Thumbs of Men?
    • Inverted Yield Curve, Recession & Racism - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Democracy At Work/Capitalism's Crisis Deepens Essays on the Global Economic Meltdown / Understanding Marxism
    • Why Medicare Advantage Costs Us Billions MORE Than It Should...
  • Wednesday 21 August '19 show notes

    • Can the 25th Amendment Be Used to Stop the "2nd Coming of God?"
    • Mid-day with Mark - Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
    • Are MORE Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Coming???

  • Tuesday 20 August '19 show notes

    • How Forced Arbitration Takes Away Your Rights - Remington A. Gregg, Counsel for civil justice and consumer rights at Public Citizen
    • Which Trump Policy Is the Worst and Why?
    • Why the Haters Are Grabbing Hold of the Environmental Movement & Re-Framing It... - Dr. Mustafa Santiago Ali, Vice President of Environmental Justice, Climate, and Community Revitalization - National Wildlife Federation
    • Prison for Miscarriages? FYI, It's Already Happened...
  • Monday 19 August '19 show notes

    • Is the Failure of Universal Healthcare Due to racism?
    • Could an Extinction Event Save Humans and the Planet? - Dr. David Korten, YES! Magazine / New Economy Working Group / Living Economies Forum / Club of Rome / Business Alliance for Local Living Economies.

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Thom plus logo Interestingly, the current divide in the Senate gives us an insight into how powerful a genuinely progressive Democratic president could be, and how much he or she could get done. As we saw yesterday, the Republicans voted repeatedly to participate in a cover-up of Donald Trump's crimes.