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  • Wednesday 20 April '22 show notes

    • National Progressive Townhall Meeting - Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
    • What about inflation profiteering? - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Democracy At Work / Author of numerous books - his latest is The Sickness is the System
    • America Needs Radical Plans to Save the Environment, Not Supreme Court Secret Sellouts
    • Sen Mallory McMorrow shows how dem outrage can end Trump's reign
    • Does the war on Ukraine mark the end of the fossil fuel era? - Dr. Michael Mann, Distinguished Professor of Meteorology & Director, Earth System Science Center-Penn State University / Member-National Academy of Sciences / author of several books including including his latest just out, The New Climate War / (previously, The Madhouse Effect: How Climate Change Denial Is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics, and Driving Us Crazy) / Recipient of the Tyler Prize
  • Tuesday 19 April '21 show notes

    • Are you willing to travel now that a Trump appointed unqualified judge strikes down mask mandates on planes and public transportation?
    • Geeky Science: How Covid causes micro-brain-bleeds (new study) that leads to dementia and "loss of executive function" (aka "ability to restrain bad behavior")
    • Democratic Leadership Is Suffering From A Serious Deficiency Of Outrage
    • "Everyone everywhere is inextricably connected to and utterly dependent upon the existence of the sea." What is the state of the ocean? - Dr. Sylvia A. Earle, President & Chairman - Mission Blue / National Geographic Explorer at Large, / former Chief Scientist of NOAA / Author of the new book National Geographic Ocean: A Global Odyssey
    • Is Rick Scott's new GOP plan a theocratic racist homophobic autocratic give-a-way?
    • Elizabeth Warren says there in 1 way to avoid disaster in November - is she right?
  • Monday 18 April '22 show notes

    • The Deadly Reason Republicans Are Suckers for Fake News?
    • Autocrats have to be prosecuted and convicted - will it happen in America?
    • No pray to play - Will These Guys Succeed In Turning America Into a Theocracy? - Rachel Laser, President & CEO - Americans United for Separation of Church and State (the legal team legal team representing the Bremerton School District)
    • Crazy Alert! - We Regret to Inform You That Tucker Carlson's New Special Does In Fact Promote 'Testicle Tanning'
    • How DeSantis is transforming Florida's Education Department into the Ministry of Propaganda
    • Can a lake in Florida be saved by giving it rights? - Thomas Linzey. Senior Counsel - Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights (CDER)
    • 'Stain on Democracy': Tax Day Study Shows US Billionaires Now Own $4.7 Trillion
  • Friday 15 April '22 show notes

    • How Do We Break the Cycle Of Political Violence?
    • It's Anything Goes Friday!
    • To all Republicans who insist on banning abortion because it "kills innocent humans."
    • The debate dividing the January 6 committee - Should they refer Trump to the DOJ for prosecution? Or could that somehow backfire?
    • Is 'long Covid' worsening the labor shortage?
    • Why the GOP refuses to do debates with Commission of Presidential Debates
  • Thursday 14 April '22 show notes

    • $10,000 a Day Fine Means Nothing to Trump - He Should Pay a Percentage of His Income
    • What's it going to take for Americans to see that Republicans are utterly cynical about voter fraud?
    • Chasing the Capitalists and Thieves Who Got Rich While We Got Sick - J. David McSwane Investigative Reporter - ProPublica (DC office) / Author of the new book, PANDEMIC, INC.: Chasing the Capitalists and Thieves Who Got Rich While We Got Sick
    • Will naked racism continue to work for the republican party?
    • Should democrats demand that Clarence Thomas be Impeached and his wife arrested? - Brendan Fischer, Deputy Executive Director - Documented and a lawyer with expertise in campaign finance & government transparency issues
    • Crazy Alert! A trumpster praises Adolf Hitler for overcoming homelessness and achieving getting in the history books
  • Wednesday 13 April '22 show notes

    • Stormy Days Coming for Solar Power in the Sunshine State - All-powerful for-profit utilities have apparently bribed/persuaded Florida officials to crush what they consider to be a developing threat - solar power
    • The GOP & Sinema don't believe in policy - only power and money - When will Americans wakeup?
    • Crazy Alert! Are human sacrifices the logical conclusion of deflating tires?
    • The Fed Gets Scary - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Democracy At Work / Author of numerous books - his latest is The Sickness is the System (now also available as an e-book)
    • Have "The Birchers" Won?
    • The story of the phony homeland security guys just got weirder…
    • Shock Therapy for Neoliberals - Professor Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel laureate in economics and University Professor at Columbia University / Former chief economist of the World Bank (1997-2000) / Chair of the US President's Council of Economic Advisers and co-chair of the High-Level Commission on Carbon Prices. / Member-Independent Commission for the Reform of International Corporate Taxation / Lead author of the 1995 IPCC Climate Assessment
    • How much longer will the "Trump Power" last?
    • Geeky Science! Biden's plan to guard endangered species from pesticides is a much-needed concrete move to protect wildlife, people, and the planet - Will it be implemented?
  • Tuesday 12 April '21 show notes

    • Putin, Trump, and Le Pen are Cashing In on the Collapse of Neoliberalism
    • How the corporate media whittles away at democracy
    • And...Why Is It not OK to be a unicorn if you are a child?
    • Small Penis Club Alert - Trumpster complains he can't build a "very cool" ghost gun
    • Racism Alert! Penn Law professor Amy Wax tells Tucker Carlson that "Blacks" and other "non-western" groups harbor "resentment, shame, and envy" against western people for their "outsized achievements and contributions." But wait... There's more....
    • The state of black America - Marc H. Morial, President & CEO - National Urban League / Former Mayor of New Orleans, LA (1994 to 2002)
    • Why isn't the media asking - Is the Saudi sweetheart deal really just a payout to Kushner for services?
    • Youth center is locking up children for 23 hours, no lights, no exercise - Who are we?
  • Monday 11 April '22 show notes

    • It's Time to Nationalize the Fossil Fuel Industry
    • What reaction would you expect if Trump is indicted?
    • What are the takeaways from the French elections? - Cole Stangler, Paris-based journalist covering labor, culture & politics - Contributor-NY Times, Jacobin and other news outlets / Writer & producer-France 24 (international news network)
    • Did Jared Kushner Get 2 Billion for Selling Out Khashoggi?
    • Is Trump guilty of more financial fraud because he always gets away with it? Who just loaned him 100 million $$?
    • Why are people acting so weird? Is it because America life has become clickbait?
    • How GA turned purple & broke the monopoly on republican power - Greg Blustein, Political Reporter - Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) / Host - Politically Georgia podcast / Author - Flipped: How Georgia Turned Purple and Broke the Monopoly on Republican Power
  • Friday 08 April '22 show notes

    • Are Trump & Republicans Willing to Die For the Right to Be Racist?
    • Why Are People In Power Afraid Of Trump?
    • Geeky Science! Are Sugar Substitutes Worse Than Sugar?
    • Shouldn't Americans Know What Security Issues There Are Surrounding UFOs Including "Unaccounted-for Pregnancies?"
    • Because I Got High Alert! What Do You Do When You Get Celery Instead of Pot?
    • It's Anything Goes Friday
  • Thursday 07 April '22 show notes

    • National Progressive Townhall Meeting - Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
    • Why Is the GOP Siding With Putin?
    • Right Wing Movements Around the World & the GOP Share a Common Goal With Putin
    • The Shanghai Lockdown "will have a global effect on almost every trade"
    • Could Solar Geoengineering Reduce Human Suffering? - Dave Levitan, Climate Reporter - Grid.News / Science Journalist & Author-"Not A Scientist: How Politicians Mistake, Misrepresent, and Utterly Mangle Science"

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