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  • Tuesday 21 February '23 show notes

    • Does Fox News Merit Criminal Prosecution for Sedition or Reckless Endangerment?
    • Did McCarthy put party over America by handing Jan 6th video to Tucker?
    • Crazy Alert! America now has a secessionist on the Homeland Security Committee- are we safer?
    • Debate: Why red states have poor health & poor credit - is it because they have libertarian leadership that doesn't believe in using tax dollars to build infrastructure and a social safety net? - Charles Sauer, Libertarian / Economist & President - The Market Institute / author of Profit Motive: What Drives the Things We Do / podcast Pardon My Parsing
    • Is religion learning from the far right wing that "the ends justifies the means?"
    • Will the MI GOP become extinct or just more fascist like Florida?
    • It's costing us peanuts to defend Ukrainian democracy and kick Putin's ass
    • Desantis and GOP embraces fascism over democracy - now you know where he stands...
  • Monday 20 February '23 show notes

    • The GOP Is Just Obnoxious - It's why the party keeps losing elections - David Frum, Staff Writer - The Atlantic / Author of 10 books, most recently "Trumpocalypse: Restoring American Democracy" / former speechwriter & special assistant to former President GW Bush
    • Jimmy Carter Reflects the Best of America
    • One of my friends Richard Belzer (Law & Order) died - his last words were so Belzer.....
    • Is the WI SCOTUS race the most important election in America to set the stage for 2024? - Ben Wikler, Chair - Wisconsin Democratic Party (WisDems)
    • The GOP Plan to drive more American deeper into poverty revealed and why....
    • Has MTG Become a very useful "Troll" for Keven McCarthy?
    • How corporate hooked American on the myth of the "magic of the marketplace" - Naomi Oreskes, Professor of the History of Science-Harvard University / Co-Author w/Erik Conway - "The Big Myth: How American Business Taught Us to Loathe the Government & Love the Free Market" (Their previous book was " Merchants of Doubt".)
    • Crazy Alert! Fox Thinks diversity is the cause of OH train derailment & Alex Jones warns everyone liberals are eating babies...
    • Geeky Science! What will America find out about the first GMO trees planted?
  • Friday 17 February '23 show notes

    • Depression is more common than we think and may be built into our DNA - Fetterman is helping to remove the stigma
    • It's Anything Goes Friday!
    • The Outrageous New Way Big Pharma is Trying to Rip Us All Off
    • Pharmacist refuses to give Covid booster- Why does anyone work at a pharmacy if they don't believe in science? But wait! There's more.... How about being charged with a crime for giving an mRNA shot against Covid?
    • How the Senate if REALLY getting behind and fine-tuning minority rule
    • Geeky Science! Can preventing dementia and cognitive impairment just be a few thousand steps away?
    • Has the Michigan GOP been taken over by a coup of the militant far right? What to do?
    • Whoa! Armed community groups are protecting drag queens from so-called christian fascists?
    • Crazy Alert! Ann Coulter welcomes Nikki Haley to the 2024 prez election "Go back to your country"
  • Thursday 16 February '23 show notes

    • What the Supreme Did to America When They Legalized Political Bribery
    • How a Mississippi bill would carve out a separate judicial district for 80% of whites in a majority black city
    • Israeli contractors claim to have hacked & sabotaged 30 elections around the world
    • on the ground in Lviv, Ukraine - Phil Ittner, Veteran War Correspondent in Kiev, Ukraine
    • In good news the Biden administration is requiring carchargers to be built in the United States immediately, and with 55% of their cost coming from U.S.-made components by 2024...
    • New Kentucky law says abortion is murder - does that mean women may soon die by lethal injection?
    • Doesn't the OH train derailment reveal the risks of plastic pollution?
    • Is Gov. Ron DeSantis adopting a Donald Trump tactic to manipulate the public's attention away from real problems Floridians suffer?
    • A new report is out on extremist Christian terrorists luring & killing cops
  • Wednesday 15 February '23 show notes

    • Will democracy survive in this land of its modern birth? Will we take seriously the threat of those who proudly called themselves "Cultural Warriors?"
    • Trump says 2024 battle: "It's going to be a life or death election." How much more un-accountable violence will Trump be allowed?
    • Our mass shooting problem is very simple - It's about the access to guns. Where is the media?
    • That toxic mushroom cloud over Ohio - Will Bunch, National Opinion Columnist - Philadelphia Inquirer, / Author of several books including his latest,After the Ivory Tower Falls: How College Broke the American Dream and Divided the Nation, and How to Fix It
    • Marjorie Taylor Greene is complaining that not enough money went toward rail safety in the bill she voted against - How twisted can you be?
    • Crazy Alert! Charlie Kirk claims Ohio train derailment is proof of a 'war against white people'
    • Jared Kushner's cozy ties with the Saudis
    • Geeky Science! Microsoft's new ChatGPT AI starts sending ‘unhinged' messages to people - Remember Hal?
    • New report says Russia is holding 6,000 Ukrainian kids for re-education
  • Tuesday 14 February '23 show notes

    • Why Would Anybody Embrace Fascism?
    • Donald Trump *knew* his election conspiracy theories were BS
    • Israel going fascist
    • Will the French allow the pension age to be raised?
  • Monday 13 February '23 show notes

    • In for Thom today - Jefferson Smith, Host - Democracy Nerd podcast...
    • Superbowl leftovers...?! Should Post Superbowl Monday be a holiday?
    • Shared Experience & Community - Why Sports Matters...
    • Homelessness can be cured... - Tess Fields, Executive Director - Home Share Oregon Twitter Article: "Home Share Oregon: Matchmaking for roommates".
  • Friday 10 February '23 show notes

    • How Trump Could Make a Bird Flu Pandemic More Deadly Than Covid
    • What happened to the Article VI, Clause 3 of the United States Constitution, "… no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."
    • GOP Offers Preview of Austerity Targets: Food Aid for Poor Families, Student Debt Relief, and More
    • A troubling anti-American movement is growing
    • Rail companies blocked safety rules before Ohio derailment
    • Saudis sentence American to 19 years over tweet....
    • Anything Goes
  • Thursday 09 February '23 show notes

    • The "Noble Lie" Lives On In Crisis Pregnancy Centers As They Rake In Millions
    • GOP trying to ban science next - it interferes with fascism....
    • Montana Republican introduces new bill banning 'scientific theory' from being taught in schools
    • On the ground in Lviv, Ukraine - Phil Ittner, Veteran War Correspondent in Kiev, Ukraine Youtube
    • Should the New GOP Fair tax should be renamed Billionaire (wel)fair tax?
    • FL teachers are scared to teach black history for black history month.....
    • Missouri House lawmakers have voted against banning children from openly carrying firearms on public land without adult supervision
    • Crazy Alert! That great statesman Jorge Santos doesn't realize we have three branches of government
  • Wednesday 08 February '23 show notes

    • This is the most presidential speech I've seen in my lifetime...what think you?
    • Will the Children Tortured as a Trump Policy Tool Receive Justice?
    • This climate change ocean disaster is a doozy - where is the news on this?
    • Here's proof we should be bailing out people and not business in times of trouble
    • Wow - Google is targeting women w/ads for anti-abortion pregnancy centers...
    • Crazy Alert! Trump is saying DeSantis is a pedophile - It's gettin ugly......meanwhile lecherous DeSantis floats making it easier to sue the news....
    • A federal judge mocks the Supreme Court on abortion

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