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Will Kennedy 7 years 45 weeks ago

Some of my past metaphoric comment rants about MoveToAmend :

... Government ideally would require right business behavior across the board. While we attack four or five single issues [leaves on the 'Bush of Evil'], the root is untouched and many more leaves are budding. MoveToAmend to amputate from the government the love of money, which is the root of all evil.

... [1] Save Biodiversity must be your aim and all efforts are tributary; you will need the government as your ally so [2] MOVEtoAMEND[.org] to make our many problems solvable; conservatives would rather Sell the Future so [3] vote Progressive and flush them.

... we might make our many problems solvable. [global warming even, and erosion, war profiteering, pollution, fossil fuel subsidy, job export and race to the bottom globalization, etc] Money is not speech, limit and reform campaigns, artificial entities must have Zero political activity. Then we the people own the government by majorities in each decision.

... "Therefore MOVEtoAMEND, and so make our many problems fixable. Until then there is a millionaire behind every smokestack and bad subsidy, war profiteers and wage thieves poisoning us and so on. Money is not speech [it is property]. Fictional entities [corporations, unions, businesses, Trade Associations, other] must have zero political activity; their human members have plenty. Free Speech for People etc., and One vote per person."

All single issues wait on this Amendment. Meanwhile there is a millionaire behind each smokestack. Examples come to mind : HVHF Fracking and Global Warming [fossil fuel is poisoned candy], wars for profit, petroleum/cotton/corn subsidies that ruin also poor countries [Indian farmer suicides pondered with _Nero's Guests_]], Monsanto and privatizing genomes and killing our Soil, farm antibiotic overuse, expensive campaigns and millionaire Senators, all-or-nothing non-proportional "Two-Party" scam]

And if there *is* Truth then shame on us generally for endless disagreement.

SHFabian's picture
SHFabian 7 years 45 weeks ago

Actually, my answer is no, this isn't going to happen. This isn't going to change. We were having this same discussion back when I was in school in the early 1970s. My grandfather participated in this same discussion back in the 1930s. What can we do about it? Demand change? Get really, really mad? Sign multiple petitions? No one is DC is listening because their careers depend on this system, which has worked so well for them.

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