June 2010

  • The Manchurian Candidate happened...

    According to a new Pew Research Center survey, "The recession has directly hit more than half of the nation’s working adults, pushing them into unemployment, pay cuts, reduced hours at work or part-time jobs." Close to half of the survey’s respondents said, “they are in worse financial shape as a result of the downturn, which destroyed 20 percent of Americans’ wealth.” Meanwhile, Republicans are obstructing any attempts whatsoever to aid Americans in c

  • Daily Topics - Wednesday June 30th, 2010 - Is this Porn? Or Free Market News?

    Hour One: Have the bankster terrorists blown up the bank tax that would have helped Main Street instead of Wall Street? Thom challenges conservative economist Stephen Moore http://online.wsj.com 

    Hour Two: Is Don Siegelman getting a second chance in Karl Rove's pursuit of him? Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman talks to Thom www.donsiegelman.org; Plus, In laissez faire news you get crotch shots of Miley Cyrus...is that ok? Thom has a rumble with Dan Gainor of the Business and Media Institute www.businessandmedia.org

  • Monday 28 June '10 show notes

    • Guests:
      • RN Martha Kuhl, Board member CNA and National Nurses United.
      • Kieran Suckling, Founder/Executive Director of the Center for Biological Diversity.
      • Former head of the Texas Republican Party, Tom Pauken.
    • Topics:
      • Sharks are circling the G-20, as nations tremble before the banksters...
      • Senator Robert Byrd, RIP.
  • The Hard Reich in the Republican Party Shows their True Stripes

    It appears that the Senate Judiciary Committee's Republicans have so far one solo talking point, that being that Justice Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American to ever serve on the Supreme Court, was an "activist judge," and because Elena Kagin clerked for him, she must be tainted by her association with him.

  • Daily Topics - Tuesday June 29th, 2010

    Hour One: Why are the Republicans so attached to race bating politics?

    Two: Who is Barack Obama really?  Thom talks to Newsweek's Jonathan Alter about his new book "The Promise: President Obama, Year One"  http://books.simonandschuster.com/Promise/Jonathan-Alter

    Hour Three: Should we start to worry about Russian Redheads, invisible ink, shortwave radios, wifi cafes and nuclear weapons?  Russia Today's DC correspondent  Alyona Minkovski will be here

  • Daily Topics - Monday June 28th, 2010

    Hour One: Sharks are circling the G-20, as nations tremble before the banksters; Plus, California Nurses and the National Nurses Association are fighting back against Meg Whitman's attack campaign...RN, Martha Kuhn will be here.

  • There are now Bankster Sharks in the Water...

    In his New York Times column, economist Paul Krugman is ringing the warning bell and saying we are in the early stages of a “third depression.” “This third depression,” he writes, “will be primarily a failure of policy” as the world’s leading governments focus “about inflation when the real threat is deflation, preaching the need for belt-tightening when the real problem is inadequate spending.”  It's truly bizarre to watch country af

  • Friday 25 June '10 show notes

    • Guests:
      • Senator Bernie Sanders, (I-VT).
      • Dylan Ratigan, Host of the Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC.
      • Casey Nunez, New Orleans tour guide/actor/filmmaker, who made a video of oil raining down in River Ridge, Louisiana.
    • Topics:
      • "Brunch With Bernie"
      • Financial Reform.
  • This So-Called "Banking Reform" Bill

    Nearly two years after the American financial system teetered on the edge of a great Republican depression, Congressional lawmakers have come to an agreement early Friday morning to reconcile competing versions of the the bill in the biggest overhaul of financial regulations since the last Republican Great Depression. Big banks won big in this, as they can continue investing a significant amount of equity in hedge funds.

  • Daily Topics - Friday June 25th, 2010

    It's Anything Goes on Townhall Friday!

    Hour One: "Brunch With Bernie" Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) spends the hour with Thom discussing the issues and answering listener questions www.sanders.senate.gov

    Hour Two: Dylan Ratigan, host of the Dylan Ratigan MSNBC www.msnbc.com


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