How the GOP Can Accomplish 98% of their Corporatist Agenda

Let's assume right now that all the Republican lies work. And let's assume that the billions of dollars spent by the likes of the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, and Karl Rove work. And let's assume that the statewide voter ID suppression laws, and restrictions on early voting, and hurdles to voter registration all work. Assuming all those things work - then come January 2013, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will be in the White House. And Speaker of the House John Boehner will be presiding over a Republican majority in the House of Representatives. And Mitch McConnell will be leading a Republican majority in the Senate. We'll have one-party Republican rule in America again. And unlike when Democrats held majorities in Congress and the White House for the first two years of President Obama's presidency - Republicans will see to it that their agenda under Mitt Romney is not derailed by the Democratic minority - like President Obama's was by the Republican minority's filibuster. Republicans are already planning how they can silence the voice of the minority should they sweep the elections in November - and this plan was laid out this week in the pages of the Financial Times. And guess who's spilling the beans - none other than one of the most powerful voices in the Republican Party - multi-millionaire K street lobbyist - Grover Norquist.

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The Good, The Bad, and the very, very Rebarbatively ugly...

The Good! Code Pink. Today all the pundits are talking about the rousing foreign policy speech Condoleeza Rice gave at the RNC Wednesday night - in which she called for endless war in the Middle East. But no one is talking about her associations with known war criminals in the Bush Administration who dragged our nation into two illegal wars and who threw American values out the window when they decided to use torture. Well, Code Pink is talking about it. Protestors stormed the RNC on Wednesday, staging a die in on the sidewalk to signify all the bloodshed from Bush and Condi's war of aggression - and they also called for the arrest of Condoleeza Rice under war crimes charges. The Bad! Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted. Husted is working tirelessly in Ohio to cut short the number of hours voters in his state can cast their vote during early voting. In other words, he's doing his part to rig the election for Mitt Romney since a large chunk of early voters in Ohio are minority voters who tend to vote for Democrats. And the very, very ugly... Gina Rinehart - the richest woman in the world. Rinehart, who was born into a wealthy Australian family of mining tycoons worth roughly $30 billion, wrote a column in an industry magazine blasting the poor who are "jealous" of her. In the column, Rinehard writes: "If you're jealous of those with more money, don't just sit there and complain. Do something to make more money yourself - spend less time drinking or smoking and socialising ...

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Scientists Say the World Must Become Vegetarian

Here's a warning to all meat-eaters out there - you may be forced to completely change your diet in the near future. Citing population trends that show there will be 2 billion more people on the planet by 2050, and dwindling water resources, a team of scientists with the Stockholm International Water Institute warned that in the next forty years - the world's population will be forced to radically change their diet - going almost completely vegetarian.

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Obamacare vs. Romney "I Don't Care"

David Selig, conservative commentator vs. Thom Hartmann. Ignore what you hear from the Right - the United States DOES NOT have the best health care system in the world. But, can a startling new report re-awaken the movement to bring a single-payer, universal health care system to the United States?

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Obama Endorses Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United

Mike Papantonio, Attorney, Host, Ring of Fire Radio joins Thom Hartmann. Billionaires are having a field-day this election season throwing their fortunes into races all around our nation. Thanks to Citizens United, Obama is poised to become the first incumbent President outspent by his opponent. So maybe that explains why he's speaking up in favor of a constitutional amendment that our nation desperately needs.

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Crazy Alert! Gross Profits from Expensive Excrement

Thom Hartmann's Crazy Alert

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Sensata Worker Outsourced by Bain Speaks Out

Cheryl Randecker, Sensata worker whose job is being outsourced. Aside from his offshore tax havens - Romney also wants people to ignore what's happening at a factory in Freeport, Illinois. That factory belongs to Sensata Technologies - or at least it did - until Mitt Romney's Bain Capital took it over. And with Bain Capital in charge - all 170 workers at that factory are about to lose their jobs. Over the last few months - Sensata workers have been watching chunks of their factory packaged up and shipped off to China - and all their jobs will be following suit by the end of the year thanks to a decision made by Mitt Romney's Bain Capital. Romney doesn't want you to know this is happening - especially since he's running as the guy who will create 12 million AMERICAN jobs in his first term. But those workers at Sensata do want you to know what's going on.

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Can Mitt Romney's Flip Flop from being Wealthy & Out of Touch?

John Nichols, The Nation Magazine joins Thom Hartmann. Mitt Romney takes the stage tonight at the RNC. Clearly he's hoping people will forget about his numerous off shore tax havens while he speaking. So then why is there a luxury yacht full of Romney campaign donors sailing around the convention hoisting up the flag of the Cayman Islands?

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How the Main Stream Media Helps the GOP Big Lie

In the annals of political convention history - you'd be hard-pressed to find another speech like the one Paul Ryan gave on Wednesday night. Not because the speech was incredibly rousing - or passionate - or full of inspiration. But because it had so many dang lies in it - you'd have to think the guy has spent the last year living on a different planet. But maybe there's a strategy behind all the lies - I'll tell you what it is....

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Full Show 8/30/12: Ryan Lies for the Corporatocracy

Thom dissects Paul Ryan's lie-riddled speech at last night's RNC Convention, and "The Nation's" John Nichols joins Thom to preview Romney's speech tonight. Also discussed: President Obama's support for overturning Citizens United, why we all may be forced to become vegetarians and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at what America would be like if Republicans win big in November and are able to carry out their secret plot.

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It's all Another Republican Con Job

Here's something you need to know about the Republican Party. They will pretend to be the party of courageous leaders - the party that's willing to tell the hard-truths - the party that's willing to make the difficult decisions - decisions that aren't politically popular. They want to act like they're the adults in the room. But really - it's all another Republican con job. I'll hand it to Chris Christie and the Republican Party - they have been willing to say "no" a lot.

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Europe now looking at alternative economies?

Professor Max Fraad Wolff, Economist/Instructor, New School University, joins Thom Hartmann. As Europeans continue to struggle through the Eurozone mess - many are turning to alternative forms of economies in order to survive. What kinds of systems are Europeans using - and are these alternatives the answer to the global economic crisis?

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Barratrously Ugly!

The Good! *New Zealand* Today - New Zealand's Parliament approved a marriage equality bill - by a vote of 80 to 40. In New Zealand - nearly two-thirds of the population favors same-sex marriage. The Bad! *South Carolina State Rep. Alan Clemmons (R)* State officials in South Carolina - including Gov. Nikki Haley - have repeatedly claimed that their new voter suppressions ID law is not unfairly targeted towards African-Americans. However - now it seems like it may be. As part of the federal trial underway this week on the law - Clemmons - chief author of the law - admitted yesterday that he welcomed a racist email from a friend supporting the law. and the Very Very Ugly! *RNC Attendees* Last night - Chris Christie said in his RNC speech that the Republican Party would bring back American exceptionalism. Apparently - for some at the RNC - that includes overt racism. During the convention yesterday - two attendees were ejected after throwing nuts at a black CNN camerawoman. And - if that wasn't bad enough - after throwing the nuts - the two attendees were heard saying, "this is how we feed animals." For their part- RNC officials called the acts "deplorable" and "inexcusable."

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Must Watch - Thom Hartmann vs. Senior Economic advisor to Mitt Romney

Senior Economic advisor to Mitt Romney Glenn Hubbard. There's a very high likelihood that if Romney wins the presidency, then Glenn Hubbard might become the next Chairman of the Federal Reserve. So Thom moved in to get to the bottom of his - and Romney's economic philosophy - which is essentially rooted in Reaganomics - or supply-side economics. Notice how Hubbard agreed with Thom's premise - that growth is not being shared evenly. However - there was no achnowledgment whatsoever about the failure of Reaganomics. Instead - Hubbard attributes the problem to...well the same thing that all Republicans say it is - government's too big, taxes are too high, regulations are too burdensome.We need revolutionary economic change as we saw during the last economic crisis in America in the 1930's. And these guys don't have a clue about how to make it happen.

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The Secret Plot to Overthrow the US Government

Mark Potok, Southern Poverty Law Center & Mr.Gary Berntsen, Concerned Veterans of America & led the "Jawbreaker" team into Afghanistan immediately after 9/11 join Thom Hartmann. Four US Army soldiers have been arrested on charges of murder and have also been accused of plotting to assassinate President Obama and overthrow the government. Is this just an isolated incident - or do other members of the military pose a threat of domestic terrorism?

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