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It's time to Tax God!

Professor Carol Swain joins Thom Hartmann. The seperation of church and state ensures that if your pastor gives you a sermon - he's not going to use that sermon to barrage you with political endorsements. Well - it looks like a group of pastors are preparing to do just that. So - is it time we took away the tax-exemption of our religious institutions?

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Bibaciously Ugly!

The Good! *Kevin McClatchy* McClatchy is the former owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates Major League Baseball team. And - in an interview with the New York Times published on Saturday - McClatchy publicly came out as gay. He told the paper that, "homophobic language during his days in baseball" convinced "him that keeping his sexual orientation hidden was best." McClatchy in one of the first sports team owners to come out as gay - and to this day - no active player in America's major sports leagues has come out as gay. While NFL stars have recently come out in support of marriage equality - there is still a strong stigma against homosexuality in sports - at all levels - from youth leagues to the pros.

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New study suggests tumors & organ damage from GMO foods

Mike Ludwig, Investigative Journalist-Truthout, joins Thom Hartmann. Earlier this month - WalMart announced it would begin selling genetically modified foods made by bio-agriculture giant Monsanto. But - a new study suggests those foods could contain cancer causing and organ damaging chemicals - so - is this the end of Monsanto?

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Questions Romney must answer about his taxes...

David Selig, Conservative Commentator joins Thom Hartmann. Mitt Romney released more of his tax information on Friday - but there is still a ton of his financial information shrouded in secrecy. With only 43 days left until the election - what are the chances Romney decides to come clean about his extraordinary wealth?

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I Have a Bush Administration to Sell You!

So, Romney doesn't think it's unfair at all that he pays a lower tax rate than a bus driver. In fact - he goes a step further and says that it's better for everyone if the Paris Hilton class pays a lower tax rate than the working class. Romney says him and Paris Hilton paying a lower tax rate is the best way to put Americans back to work. This is the same sort of scam that the extremely wealthy have been perpetrating on working people for centuries. And to compound the hustle, now Romney and his rich buddies are claiming that if we tax them at the same rate a surgeon pays, at 35 percent like everybody else instead of the 15 percent "capital gains" rate paid for by banksters like Romney and heiresses like Paris Hilton, then the economy will suffer. But history - and facts - prove this point wrong.

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Full Show 9/24/12: The Romney Tax Rate

Thom details how Mitt Romney and Paris Hilton pay far fewer taxes than most Americans, and why Romney thinks it's okay. Also discussed: why you should be concerned about and avoid genetically modified organisms (GMOs), how a thousand pastors in the US are challenging the IRS on separation of church and state and how one man fared living a year without using physical money. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at the stark differences between Romney's and Obama's "big ideas."

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Is America moving back to the left?

First, the good news. Just below the surface, there's an enormous political shift underway in America that's going to sweep the far right reactionaries out of power - and put moderates and progressives back in control. The bad news is...all hell will likely break loose before this happens. Think about it - major political shifts in America have occured in reaction to major economic crises. The Stock Market Crash of 1929 and Great Depression put an end to ten years of free-market, corporate Republican rule in the 1920's - and gave way to the New Deal Revolution and a huge political shift to the left. Similarly - several decades later - the economic crisis caused by problems in the Middle East and the oil embargo in the late 1970's gave way to the Reagan Revolution - and massive political shift to the right. Here we are today - again in the midst of another economic crisis and subsequent political shift. The financial meltdown of 2007 and 2008 swung the pendulum back to the Left - with Barack Obama winning the presidency - and Democrats gaining big majorities in the House and Senate. It was 1932 all over again. Yes - the 2010 midterm happened - and Congress snapped back to the Right. But that was an anomaly. It was fueled by racism - it was made possible by the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision - and as we see today looking at polls and the failure of the Mitt Romney campaign - we probably won't continue to swing hard right in 2012. Instead, over the next few years ...

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Full Show 9/21/12: Why America's Moving to the Left

In tonight's extended edition of the "Big Picture Rumble" the panel discusses our tax code's contribution to our wealth inequality problem, Paul Ryan being booed at the AARP for saying he would repeal Obamcare and whether the GOP's voter suppression tactics will get Romney in the White House. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom explains how the country's moving to the left and how the corporate elite are trying to stop it.

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Surprise! Another Financial Meltdown on the Horizon

Professor Max Wolff, Economist/Instructor, New School University / Senior Analyst-Greencrest Capital joins Thom Hartmann. Surprise surprise! A new report out says the very banks we bailed out in 2007 and 2008 are behaving riskier now than those that didn't get the bailout. So - now that Wall Street is again up to its same old dirty tricks - is another financial meltdown on the horizon?

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Just Asking - Does Mitt Romney Think he's Jesus - Who'll Save America?

In the wake of Mitt's 47% comments - pundits and politicians on both sides of the aisle are wondering just what the heck is wrong with this guy. He's taken each side of every issue - he panders to whoever he's in a room with - and (look at plasma) even may change his skin color to appeal to a certain demographic of voters. The man seems to have no core - he seems hollow. But maybe politicians and pundits are looking at Mitt from the wrong angle. Hear me out on this - because I want to suggest a theory that explains everything about Mitt Romney - his campaign - and what he sees for his presidency. And it all centers on one very personal, core belief he holds - and that's the way he was raised, and how it interfaces with his Mormon religion.

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Geeky Science Rocks! Why Pictures Can Sway Your Moral Judgment

Geeky Science with Thom Hartmann

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Taking Our Country Back - Jim Graves running against Michelle Bachmann

Jim Graves, Native Minnesotan & Hotelier running for Congress (D-MN, District 6) joins Thom Hartmann. Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann has made some wild accusations during her time in Congress - and looks like they've hurt her. Do Progressives have a chance to take back her seat?

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Vertiginously Ugly!

The Good! *Broward County Public Schools* The Broward County, Florida School Board voted yesterday to officially recognize October as LGBT History month - becoming the first public school district in the country to do so. The ruling allows teachers to create a curriculum based on LGBT history - which may have otherwise been overlooked. At the ruling, school board member Robin Bartleman said that, "Every child deserves to feel safe, not just in their school, but in their own skin." This ruling in Florida is a huge step in promoting LGBT equality - and stopping the bullying and hazing that so many LGBT students face at schools all across America every day. Hopefully more school districts across the nation will follow in Broward County's steps.

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Actor/Activist Richard Belzer on Dead Wrong

Richard Belzer, Acto/Author, Dead Wrong: Straight Facts on the Country's Most Controversial Cover-ups, joins Thom Hartmann. Things aren't always how they seem. For example - remember the Tea Party. By the way the media and our politicians treated these droves of teabag-toting, tri-corner hat wearing white Americans - you would think they were a grassroots movement, authentically angry with corruption, debt, and crony capitalism. We know now that they were just economically-disadvantaged Americas, some harboring racist sentiments, that were brainwashed by billionaires and transnational corporations to rally in the streets against their own best interests. That's the real story of the Tea Party - and yet most Americans still don't know it. And since this great Tea Party fiction paid off with oligarchs gaining considerable power in Congress in 2010 - another fiction is in the works. The Koch-funded organization Americans for Prosperity paid for a counter-rally in New York today to push back against the Occupy Wall Street movement. According to Americans for Prosperity's very well paid New Jersey State Director, Steve Lonegan: "The Occupy Wall Street crowd is nothing but a fringe element of malcontents bent on mayhem and destruction...it's time that someone stood up to the Occupy Wall Street mob." Right...it's time someone stand up to a genuine grassroots movements representing the American Middle Class/ After all - who's shining light on all the troubles the billionaire ...

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