Seattle Swears in a Socialist

Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Council joins Thom Hartmann.

Why Scotland is Lowering the Voting Age to 16

Katie Ghose, U.K.'s Electoral Reform Society joins Thom Hartmann.

Is net neutrality dead?

Tim Karr, Free Press joins Thom Hartmann.

Beware the TPP Fast Track with Rep. Peter DeFazio

Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR) joins Thom Hartmann.

Full Show 1/15/14: How to Protect Yourself From the NSA

Thom talks to McAfee Inc's founder John McAfee about his efforts to create software that would prevent the NSA from spying on Americans. Tonight's "Lone Libe...

Full Show 1/14/14: The End of the Internet As We Know It?

Thom talks the fast-tracking of TPP with Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR), net neutrality with Free Press' Tim Karr and socialism with Kshama Sawant. Tonight...

Is Congress Guilty of Torture?

It's now been more than 12 years since the Guanatamo Bay prison took in its first detainee and the prison is STILL open.

Everything U Know Is Wrong about Dying

David R. Dow, Texas Innocence Network / Things I've Learned from Dying: A Book about Life.

TPP...fast track to poverty in America?

Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District) joins Thom Hartmann. Decades of so-called free trade deals have decimated the middle-class and sent millions of j...

Will America get a federal carbon tax?

Mark Reynolds, Citizen's Climate Lobby.

Is there an antibiotic nightmare coming to America?

Patty Lovera, Food and Water Watch, joins Thom Hartmann.

It's Time to Kill Some Companies

Meghan Lopez, RT-TV America & Maria Gunnoe, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition join Thom Hartmann. More on the WV spill and what it says about corporate pow...

Rumble - Are Young People Turning Back To Liberalism?

Nicole Williams, Democratic Strategist / Attorney & Marc Harrold, Observations of White Noise & Dutch Martin, Project 21 all join Thom Hartmann.

Conversations with Great Minds - Busboys & Poets/Andy Shallal - Rethinking Poverty

Although the Washington, DC metro area is the wealthiest urban area in the country - many DC residents struggle with backbreaking poverty. So how can the cit...

Rumble - This Conservative Does Hot Yoga!

Nicole Williams, Democratic Strategist / Attorney & Marc Harrold, Observations of White Noise & Dutch Martin, Project 21 all join Thom Hartmann.

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Who rejected United States-North Korea peace talks?

There were conflicting reports on Sunday regarding a recent proposal for United States-North Korea peace talks which was allegedly made before North Korea"s recent nuclear test

U.K. Pound Falls As Markets Get Brexit Jitters

Bloomberg said on Monday the pound had sustained its biggest fall against the dollar in 11 months

Clinton: I'll defend Israel but push for 'two-state solution

Hillary Clinton believes both Republican candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz "missed the mark" with their approach to the Israel-Palestinian Arab conflict

Secretary John Kerry Makes History At The UN

While much of the mainstream media was focused on 2016 election cycle, Secretary of State John Kerry was making history with his granddaughter at the United Nations. Last week, Secretary Kerry joined a gathering of the majority of the world's nations and signed on to the historic Paris Climate Accord.

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