Chris Hedges - Rise Up or Die!

Chris Hedges, Truthdig, joins Thom Hartmann. The AP scandal is just the latest example of an ongoing - and often corporate backed - assault on our most basic...

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The Good - The Bad - and the Very Very Semiusulately Ugly

The Good! The District Department of Transportation. As part of its ongoing Urban Forestry Initiative. The Bad! Glenn Gruenhagen! During a session of the Min...

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Austerity...Death by a Thousand Cuts

Dr. David Stuckler & Dr. Sanjay Basu, authors, The Body Economic: Why Austerity Kills, joins Thom Hartmann. It turns out austerity isn't just bad for the eco...

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The GOP Punks ABC News...

Dan Bongino, Conservative Commentator, joins Thom Hartmann. Here's the real Benghazi scandal. Some Republican - we're not sure who yet - gave ABC altered and...

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Climate Change? Biggest Monster Tornado Ever...

Dr. Jeff Masters, Weather Underground, joins Thom Hartmann. We begin tonight with horrifying scenes out of Oklahoma - where afternoon tornadoes have ripped a...

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Full Show 5/20/13: Welcome to This Generation's Joseph McCarthy...

Thom debates Conservative Dan Bongino on the Right's continued politicizing of the Benghazi attack, talks with the authors of the new book "The Body Economic...

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Full Show 5/17/13: We Don't Have a Deficit Problem!

Guest host Sam Sacks is in for Thom Hartmann tonight and discusses the following in tonight's "Big Picture Rumble:" Obama's scandalous second term, new evide...

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Full Show 5/16/13: Gitmo Hunger Strike Reaches Day 100

Guest host Sam Sacks is in for Thom Hartmann tonight and talks with the Government Accountability Project's Kathleen McClellan on whether we need to pass law...

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My Memo to Bush Administration Leftovers on Fox - Shut Up!

There's only one thing I want to say to all the former Bush Administration talking heads over at Fox So-Called News.

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Why some foods should be banned...

Thom talks to Dr. Jayson Calton & Mira Calton, Rich Food, Poor Food.

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First they came for Wikileaks and the AP did not speak up....

Sam Sacks, RT Political Commentator, Joins Thom Hartmann. Revelations that the Justice Department seized the phone records of Associated Press reporters has ...

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Lone Liberal Rumble - IRS: Who is more about social welfare - libs or cons?

Heather Cirmo, Blueskin Solutions, ...

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Eleanor Clift - Obama's 2nd Term Scandal Heaven?

Eleanor Clift, Newsweek/Daily Beast, joins Thom Hartmann. How does this controversy and the other recent ones compare to Washington scandals of the past?

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Full Show 5/15/13: Memo to Bush Administration Leftovers on Fox: Shut Up!

Thom talks with Newsweek Veteran Journalist Eleanor Clift on Obama's scandalous second term. Tonight's "Lone Liberal Rumble" panel discusses Obama's recent s...

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We've been warned about smooth invasion before

If there is any hope of Congress being productive in the next 3 years - and of tackling the most pressing issues that our nation faces head-on - President Ob...

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Donald Trump’s candidacy is an example of how our political system is being eaten alive by the cancer-stage of capitalism.

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