Romney may have a whole new problem on his hands...

Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party Presidential candidate / Former Governor of New Mexico joins Thom Hartmann. Mitt Romney got what he wanted - it's now a close race between him and the President. But now - Romney may have a whole new problem on his hands - his name is Gary Johnson.

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Workers Under the Control of Bain/Romney Speak Out!

Libya Wilson, 19 year old mother of two from Pittsburg, PA - works for Bain owned Dunkin' Donuts & Richard Hooten, from Houston, TX - works for Bain owned Burlington Coat Factory join Thom Hartmann. Workers at the factory have been begging Mitt Romney to intervene to save their jobs - but he won't. He - and the other corporate outsourcers - are committed to getting all the short-term profits they can, even though it means the long-term death of the American economy.

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America - Still for Sale to the Highest Bidder

Slowly but surely - the United States of America is being eaten alive by foreign transnational corporations. Today - news broke that telecom giant Sprint is being bought by the foreign Japanese corporation Softbank for more than $20 billion. According to the deal - which is the largest American acquisition by a Japanese company in history - 70% of Sprint will now be owned by overseas investors. The deal will likely be approved next year - making Softbank Sprint the third largest mobile phone company in the world. Not only that - this deal will suck billions in future revenue and profits out of the American economy - and into the Japanese economy. That's already the case with the nation's fourth largest mobile phone company - T-Mobile - which is owned by the German company Deutsche Telekom AG. In fact - there are so few American telecom companies and manufacturers - that our nation will likely have to rely on foreign telecoms like China's Wa-Wei to build the next generation of telecom infrastructure in the United States. That's how bad things have gotten for American industries. Every single second in America, over $4000 worth of our own industry is sold off to foreign investors.

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Full Show 10/15/12: Koch's Send Pro-Romney Mailing to Employees

Thanks to Citizens United the Koch Brothers are free to tell their employees how to vote-Thom discusses with Labor Journalist Mike Elk who uncovered the story. Also discussed: Thom speaks with Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson, the latest from the Walmart strike and new evidence that Obama's Muslim. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at how foreign companies are buying our nation's education system to obtain green cards.

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Full Show 10/12/12: Great Minds: David Frum and Kurt Eichenwald

In tonight's special edition of "Conversations with Great Minds" Thom talks with former George W. Bush speechwriter and CNN Contributor David Frum, author of the new book "Patriots." Thom also speaks with veteran journalist Kurt Eichenwald, author of the new book "500 Days: Secrets and Lies in the Terror Wars."

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Full Show 10/11/12: Affirmative Action Goes on Trial

Guest host Sam Sacks fills in for Thom Hartmann and discusses yesterday's Supreme Court arguments on affirmative action. Also discussed: a preview of tonight's Vice Presidential Debate, how Romney thinks there's not a health care crisis in the US and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at how privacy may just be a thing of the past.

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Full Show 10/10/12: The Black Friday Ultimatum

Guest host Sam Sacks fills in for Thom Hartmann and discusses the Wal-Mart worker strike, the result of private corporations running our nation's prisons and how the state of Montana really cares about our democracy. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at how it came to be that billionaires who kill jobs have become known as job creators.

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Greece vs. Iceland - are we seeing the collapse of Globalism?

The global economy is sputtering out. The International Monetary Fund cut its growth forecasts for the world economy - and warned that there is an "alarmingly high" risk of deep economic slowdown. IMF projections now show the global economy growing by a mere 3.3% this year - the slowest growth since 2009. As the IMF says in its report: "Confidence in the global financial system remains exceptionally fragile...Bank lending has remained sluggish across advanced economies." With Europe's economy contracting, the United States headed for a "fiscal cliff," and emerging economies like India and China also slowing down - IMF leaders are calling on policy makers to address the threats in their economies. All around the world - we are witnessing the collapse of corporate globalism. Economist Marshall Auerback, Economists for Peace and Security joins Thom for more on this topic

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Now Ireland is Nationalizing the Banks

Ask any economist - and they will tell you that the housing crisis is still very real - and it's still one of the major headwinds for our economic recovery. Yet - in the last Presidential debate - there was virtually no attention paid to this crisis and the millions of Americans who are on the verge of losing their homes. Why is that? Well - it's because both candidates know that the one best solution to the mortgage crisis is to make the banksters take a hit. And - as anyone who's familiar with post-Citizens United politics knows - if you're in favor of a policy that's gonna hit Wall Street - and you want to be elected to political office - then you need to keep your mouth shut about it. And that's exactly what both men did. But in Ireland - they're not afraid of the banksters. This year - the Irish government is expected to pass a law will force the banks to write down principal on their home loans, which will substantially lower monthly mortgage payments for struggling homeowners. Of all the nations hit by the global housing crisis - not a single one has taken bold steps to help homeowners at the expense of the banksters. But Ireland is trying to change that now. Here's what they're doing. They're changing their bankruptcy laws to make it easier for struggling homeowners to walk away from an underwater home mortgage. And when a homeowner declares bankruptcy this way, the bank gets nothing.

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Incruentalously Ugly!

The Good! *Obama for America* President Obama's campaign has released a new ad - poking fun at Mitt Romney's debate comments last week that he would cut funding to PBS - and Big Bird. Finally - a politician in America is ready and willing to take on one of the most important and pressing issues of our time - the greed and corruption that is taking over Sesame Street. Watch out Cookie Monster - Mitt's coming for you next (unless your cookies are from 7/11 - in which case you're probably safe)

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Crazy Alert! Marriage - For Better or For Worse - Over Logs & Through Mud

Thom Hartmann;s crazy alert

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The UN is Calling for a World-Wide Safety Net for the Poor

UN experts warned that most people around the world do not have adequate social protection from things like illnesses, disabilities, unemployment, and high food costs. So the UN is proposing a $20 billion global social safety net to help people living in the world's 48 poorest nations. Developing nations are being asked to contribute 2/3ds of the cost to this social welfare program - while rich nation are asked to foot the remainder of the bill. The UN's special rapporteur for food explained that this is a good investment for the world - saying: "Acting preventatively is much less expensive than intervention on an ad hoc basis. It costs eight times more to act in famine. By having safety nets in place, it will not be so necessary to intervene at an emergency stage." Here in the United States, we've forgotten this lesson while our own social safety nets are under unprecedented assault by billionaires like Mitt Romney and Ayn Rand followers like his running mate Paul Ryan. We need to understand that access to food when you're hungry - access to a job when you're poor - access to shelter when you're cold - and access to healthcare when you're sick are not luxuries that the well-off should grant to the poor among us. They are basic human rights.

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Your Take/My Take LIVE!! Big Bird, Globalism & Unions

Thom Hartmann takes viewers calls live.

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Sensata Workers & Community Blockade Bain

Debi Kempel of Freeport joins Thom Hartmann. In just over a month - Sensata Technologies in Freeport, Illinois will shut its doors - thanks to Mitt Romney's Bain Capital and it's love of outsourcing. But workers at Sensata aren't going quietly - and are doing all they can to bring attention to Bain Capital's all out attack on American jobs.

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Daryl Hannah on the TransCanada pipeline

Daryl Hannah & Eleanore Fairchild join Thom Hartmann. It's a sad day in America when you can be arrested for trespassing on your own land - but that's exactly what happened to one elderly woman in Texas. Why was Eleanore Fairchild arrested on her own property - and what does Big Oil have to do with this injustice?

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