Full Show 9/17/14: The Rise of Right-Wing Militias

Thom takes a look at the Republican obsession with Benghazi and debates the successes of Obamacare in the Lone Liberal Rumble. Thom tries to shed light on the rise of right-wing militias during the Obama administration with former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack, one of the leaders of the Oath Keepers movement. Economist Richard Wolff joins Thom to discuss Sweden's rejection of austerity politics and the prospect of an independent Scotland.

Crazy Alert - Naked Bicycling Anyone?

Thom Hartmann's crazy alert

Both the Evangelical Movement and ISIS are Anti-Evolution Extremists

Rev. Bill Keller, LivePrayer.com, joins Thom Hartmann. As ISIS continues to take over more and more of Iraq - it's also dictating what students there can and can't learn about. In Mosul - schools have been given new sets of rules and curriculum from ISIS - which include things like the outlawing of patriotic songs and anthems - and the outlawing of chemistry and philosophy. ISIS has also banned the teaching of Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution. That one sounds kind of familiar right? It should. That's because all across our country - evangelical conservatives are trying to pass laws that would limit - or entirely remove - the teaching of evolution - along with other scientifically-proven subjects like climate change. Louisiana already has a law on the books that promotes teaching creationism and climate change denial. And - under the guise of "academic freedom" - last year - at least 4 states considered legislation that would have teachers teach creationism alongside evolution. Meanwhile - this week - the Texas Board of Education is considering implementing new textbooks that put a heavy focus on traditional Christian teachings - and that downplay or misinform on settled science. So - while ISIS may be dictating what can and can't be taught in Iraq - don't we have are own little form of ISIS right here in the US: the evangelical movement?

Politics Panel - What If Bernie Sanders Runs for Prez?

Jean Card, Jean Card Ink / U.S. News & World Report, Nate Sweet, Progressive Commentator, Hughey Newsome, Project 21 / Move-On-Up joins Thom Hartmann.

Politics Panel - Rand Paul was against bombing ISIS before he was for it

Jean Card, Jean Card Ink / U.S. News & World Report, Nate Sweet, Progressive Commentator, Hughey Newsome, Project 21 / Move-On-Up joins Thom Hartmann.

Privatized Scientists are Hurting the Planet & You

America's Lawyer Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio, joins Thom Hartmann. If you've ever seen any studies claiming to "debunk" global warming or "proving" that cigarettes don't cause cancer - then you may have the scientists funded by private business to thank.

Full Show 9/16/14: Scientists for Sale

Thom talks to Mike Papantonio, attorney and host of Ring of Fire radio about new documents that shed light on the Weinberg group’s role in spreading scientific disinformation. The Politics Panel discusses military action against ISIS, Rand Paul’s flip-flop on intervention, the pay gap for women and Bernie Sanders. Thom takes aim at anti-evolutionists – both ISIS and US evangelicals - in a conversation with Bill Keller, founder of Liveprayer.com.

Actor/Activist Mimi Kennedy on War & the Progressives...

Mimi Kennedy, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) /Mom on CBS, joins Thom Hartmann. Back in the early 2000's - the Iraq War split the Democratic Party and reawakened the progressive left. Could another Iraq War do the same thing today?

Is America This Gullible About War?

Zoe Carpenter, The Nation Magazine, joins Thom Hartmann. Less than a week after President Obama's big speech - hawks in Washington are already demanding boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria. Is another Middle Eastern quagmire already inevitable - or can Congress prevent the start of another all-out war?

Phone Sex Operator Tells Secrets of the Trade

Wednesday Lee Friday, Kinkly.com, joins Thom Hartmann. But even with advances in technology and the internet - millions still turn to their phones to satisfy their sexual desires. To this day - phone sex is still a multimillion dollar industry - that involves just about everything you can imagine - and then some.

Palin “Mama Grizzly” Family in Drunken Brawl

Shannyn Moore, Anchorage Dispatch News, joins Thom Hartmann. It's been more than six years since the Palin family first captured - and terrified - the hearts and minds of the American people. But if you thought you'd seen the worst of the Palins - then think again.

Our Media is the Mouthpiece for the Military-Industrial Complex

How did our media become a mouthpiece for the military-industrial complex? And what does that say about the future of our democracy?

Crazy Alert! Boob Squeezing Now OK!

Titillating technology!? Perverts and 13-year-old boys everywhere - rejoice - your wildest dreams have come true: there is now a boob-squeezing simulator. Yes - you heard me right - a boob-squeezing simulator

The Good - The Bad - And the Very Very Nidifugously Ugly

The Good - The Bad - And the Very Very Nidifugously Ugly

Trump's Drain the Swamp Scam Has Been Exposed

Just a few months ago, Donald Trump was saying things about Wall Street and the big banks that sounded, well, downright progressive.

During an appearance on CBS' Face the Nation, for example, he accused the "hedge fund guys," as he put it, "of getting away with murder."

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