Geeky Science: Why humans need mosquitoes...

Thom Hartmann's Geeky Science: Why humans need mosquitoes...

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Your Take/My Take Live - Caller - Dr. Almeida from India on racism...

Call Thom LIVE at (202) 904-2134 TONIGHT 7-8pm ET (check local listings)

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Why is Facebook promoting violence against women?

Sam Bennett, She Should Run, joins Thom Hartmann. A group of activists is leading a campaign to fight sexism in social media.Is their boycott of Facebook the...

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Is Atty General Holder Obama's Alberto Gonzales?

Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio, joins Thom Hartmann. President Obama gave a huge speech at the National Defense University in which he described in deta...

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Full Show 5/23/13: How Electric Cars Save Human Lives

Thom talks with Attorney and Radio Host Mike Papantonio about Obama's speech today on the global war on terror, and with Women's Advocate Sam Bennett on rape...

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Donating 23 Million to PBS gets you More than a Tote Bag...

If the Koch Brothers get their way - Public Broadcasting could become Private Broadcasting before you know it. When you donate 23 million to PBS you get more...

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Police Using Tazers Against Peaceful Protesters...

Jason Collette, Alliance for a Just Society & Vera Johnson, homeowner, join Thom Hartmann.

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Business sees Value in Autism

Temple Grandin, The Autistic Brain: Thinking across the Spectrum, joins Thom Hartmann. Many people see Autism as a debilitating disorder - but now some busin...

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Lone Liberal Rumble - Can states force citizens to be safe?

Patrick Howley, The Daily Caller & Matthew Vadum, Subversion Inc. joins Thom Hartmann. Although Moore - Oklahoma - the site of Monday's deadly storm - is rig...

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Lone Liberal Rumble - Prosecutes the Leaker, not the Leakee

Patrick Howley, The Daily Caller & Matthew Vadum, Subversion Inc. joins Thom Hartmann.

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We don't need a national security provision in the media shield law

David Shuster, Take Action News, joins thom Hartmann. The Constitution - our nation's founding document - mentions only one industry by name. And that indust...

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Full Show 5/22/13: The Corporate Dictatorship of PBS and NPR

Thom talks with Emmy Award-Winning Journalist David Shuster about the AP scandal and why the first amendment is so important to our democracy. Tonight's "Lon...

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OMG! Thom agrees with Brit Hume

Believe it or not - there's actually something that Fox News' Brit Hume and I agree on. Pastor Martin Niemoller warned us of the importance of speaking out w...

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The Good - The Bad - and the Very - Very Hordeaceously Ugly

The Good! The Vermont State Government! At 2 PM on Monday afternoon - Vermont governor Peter Shumlin signed into law a bill that legalizes physician assisted suicide in that state. --------...

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Religious death threats and murdered pets!?

Adam Lee, Daylight Atheism, joins Thom Hartmann. Nearly 70 percent of Americans support a clear seperation of church and state. They believe that the governm...

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It's time for the SEC to expose CEO pay!

The Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 requires corporations to disclose their CEO-to-median worker pay ratio, but that information is still being hidden from workers, shareholders, and the American public.

That's why the AFL-CIO, MoveOn.org, CREDO Action, and other groups delivered a massive petition to the Securities and Exchange Commission last week.

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