It's Do or Die time for the Filibuster

Diana Kasdan, Brennan Center Center for Justice, joins Thom Hartmann. Our ability to reinvest in America, hold Wall Street accountable, strengthen the middle class and fight global warming and climate change hangs in the balance of this filibuster reform debate. So - will filibuster reform pass the Senate in the next couple weeks - and even if it does - will it be enough?

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Guns & GOP Hypocrisy

Attorney Mike Papantonio, host of "Ring of Fire Radio" joins Thom Hartmann. As soon as the President finished revealing his proposals to reduce gun violence yesterday - Republicans attacked - some even calling for his impeachment. Why are Republicans attacking President Obama's use of executive orders - when they let the Bush administration use the power no questions asked?

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Full Show 1/17/13: This is what a fascist looks like

In tonight's show, Thom discusses the back lash President Obama is facing after signing 23 executive actions to encourage gun control. And in the Daily Take, Thom explains to Whole Foods CEO John Mackey what fascism really is.

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Could we save humanity by ending factory farming?

Is our national habit of eating dead animals dragging us closer and closer to a flu pandemic that could kill tens of millions of Americans? What if a strand of influenza swept across the nation that was twenty-five times deadlier than the 1918 strand? What if we were dealing with a flu pandemic that had a 60% mortality rate? Here's the frightening news: We already are.

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Crazy Alert - Polly wants a Grammy?

Thom Hartmann's Crazy Alert

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Helobiously Ugly!

The Good! *Steve Chalke* Chalke - a Baptist minister in the UK - and one of the leaders of the Evangelical movement - has published an essay in support of same-sex unions and relationships. In his essay, Chalke writes, "When we refuse to make room for gay people to live in loving, stable relationships, we consign them to lives of loneliness, secrecy, fear and even of deceit...I do believe that the Church has a God given responsibility to include those who have for so long found themselves excluded." This endorsement of same-sex unions is a big deal - especially coming from an Evangelical leader.

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Your Take/My Take LIVE - Conservatives pay their country clubs - why not taxes?

Thom Hartmann takes your phone calls and shares his take.

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Lone Liberal Rumble - Congress is talking "public option" again

Adam Bitely, NetRightDaily.com & Horace Cooper, Conservative commentator joins Thom Hartmann.

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Lone Liberal Rumble - 2nd Amendment Was Passed To Protect Slavery

Adam Bitely, NetRightDaily.com & Horace Cooper, Conservative commentator joins Thom Hartmann.

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Full Show 1/16/13: Could Factory Farms be Responsible for the Flu Pandemic?

In Tonight's show, the Lone Liberal rumble on the continuing gun control debate and if the public option is the best way to lower healthcare costs in America. And in tonight's Daily Take, Thom warns how factory farming could lead to a new flu outbreak killing tens of millions of Americans.

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Vote Rigging - The GOP is taking advice from Stalin

The raging debate in Washington over the debt ceiling may help to determine the short-term fate of our nation - but the battle over the long-term future of our democracy isn't being fought on Capitol Hill. Voter Suppression ID laws, cuts to early voting, long lines in heavily Democratic precincts, and new hurdles to voter registration are nothing compared to this latest vote-rigging scheme. While most of us are focused on "fiscal cliffs" and budget battles in Washington, DC, the real fight for the future of our democracy is, right now, happening in State legislatures in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan.

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Panivorously Ugly!

The Good! *Martha MacCallum* Normally in the GBU - we go after Fox So-Called News and it's assortment of talking heads for practicing phony journalism. But this morning - in what may be a first for the network - Fox host Martha MacCallum actually asked a Republican a question - and when he refused to answer - she continued to press him and wouldn't let up. Tea Party Congressman Steve King refused to address specific spending cuts that the Republican Party would support in the debt ceiling debate. MacCallum also did a great job of showing that Republicans are intent on letting America default on its debt - and don't have a plan B to deal with the debt ceiling.

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Corporations wants students to be cogs in their profit machine...

Kris McBride, Academic Dean & Testing Coordinator-Garfield High School in Seattle, WA joins Thom Hartmann. Teachers in Seattle are fed up with the corporate school reform agenda - and they are standing up against standardized testing. Nearly the entire teaching faculty at Garfield High School announced they will not teach, or administer, a new standardized test for 9th graders known as the MAP - the Measures of Academic Progress. The teachers say such standardized testing is a waste of time and money. A second school is even expected to join the boycott.

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Big Picture Politics Rumble - Bye Bye Assault Weapons P2

Richard Fowler, Progressive Strategist & Host of the Richard Fowler Show & Vince Coglianese, Daily Caller & Marc Harrold, Libertarian Commentator

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Big Picture Politics Rumble - Our Vets - Peons w/o Job? P1

Richard Fowler, Progressive Strategist & Host of the Richard Fowler Show & Vince Coglianese, Daily Caller & Marc Harrold, Libertarian Commentator

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