Rep Jan Schakowsky - Democratic Party is Becoming More Progressive

US Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL, 9th Congressional District) joins Thom Hartmann on he The Big Picture. We'll get live reaction from Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky as the DNC continues in Charlotte - and as President Obama prepares to address the nation on why he deserves four more years

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Papantonio on Elizabeth Warren / Citizens United

Mike Papantonio, Attorney, Host, Ring of Fire Radio joins Thom Hartmann. While Bill Clinton stole the show at the DNC last night - Elizabeth Warren showed exactly why she needs to be in Washington. What impact did Warren's speech have on the DNC - and on the Progressive movement?

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Full Show 9/6/12: Progressives Vs. Obama

Thom talks the DNC with Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Mike Papantonio and Mediaite's Tommy Christopher. Also discussed: Germany on the brink of recession, the so-called free trade debate and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at the DNC's missed opportunity of keeping god out of politics.

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Why is the DNC promoting school vouchers?

Randi Weingarten, American Federation of Teachers joins Thom Hartmann. While some of the Democratic Party's top stars speak inside the arena in Charlotte this week - a great deal of attention is being paid to a movie playing outside the arena. That movie is "Won't Back Down" - a Hollywood production which starts Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis - and chronicles the actions of a public school teacher and a mother who combine forces to help reform a local public school. However - the movie - which also played during last week's RNC - isn't getting rave reviews from everyone. It's about a parent using the so-called "trigger laws" that have been passed in California, Texas, Ohio, and Connecticut, and are the brainchild of Ben Austin, formerly an employee of and attorney for green dot public schools, a for-profit charter school chain. It was produced by Walden Media, which right-wing billionaire Philip Anschutz backs. Anschutz has made other films promoting for-profit education, like "Waiting for Superman," which also attacks teachers and unions and was partly funded by billionaire Bill Gates.

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Rebuild the middle class...rebuild America

Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) joins Thom from the floor of the DNC.

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World's Richest Woman Wants Africans To Work for $2 A Day

So generally, the corporate elite like to stay tight-lipped about how they view their workers. Most don't want to come across as greedy - or a Scrooge. But every now and then a cocky billionaire comes along - spouts off about entitlements and the work ethic - and we get a glimpse into how the billionaire class thinks. And this week - we recognize Gina Rinehart - the world's richest woman - as that billionaire big mouth. Here's a little bit of her background: she's worth about $18 billion - all of it is thanks to the lucky sperm club. She was born into wealth - never having to work a day down in the iron-ore mines that she now owns it - as a billionaire with really clean hands - she thinks she knows what motivates workers. And she thinks the key to economic success in her home country of Australia - is to pay those workers basically nothing - slave wages like $2 a day. This is what she said, "We must be realistic, not just promote class warfare. Indeed, if we competed at the Olympic games as sluggishly as we compete economically, there would be an outcry. The evidence is unarguable that Australia is indeed becoming too expensive and too uncompetitive to do export- orientated business. Africans want to work. Its workers are willing to work for less than $2 per day. Such statistics make me worry for this country's future."

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Purpuraceously Ugly!

The Good! *US District Judge K. Michael Moore* Yesterday - Judge Moore ruled that Florida's policy of charging in-state students higher in-state tuition for college if their parents are illegal immigrants violates the Constitution. The Bad! *State of Virginia* Thanks to incredibly lax gun laws in the state - last year Virginia issued a staggering 1632 concealed carry permits to NON-VIRGINIA residents alone. That's right - the state allows people who don't live in it to obtain Virginia concealed carry permits - and even more shockingly - 8 states allow people with Virginia concealed carry permits to carry a gun without a permit from their home state. and the Very Very Ugly! *Monsanto* Monsanto - the GMO food and agri-business giant - will soon be introducing it's gentically-modified foods directly at stores across the nation - without labels saying that the foods are genetically modified. And if that isn't bad enough - new reports suggest that some strains of Monsanto genetically modified corn have helped to create "superworms" that are resistant to pesticides

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Lone Liberal Rumble: Is the US a we society or a me society? Part 2

Marc Harrold, Libertarian & Horace Cooper, conservative commentator join Thom Hartmann.

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Lone Liberal Rumble: Is the US a we society or a me society? Part 1

Marc Harrold, Libertarian & Horace Cooper, conservative commentator join Thom Hartmann.

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Donna Edwards on Citizen's United & Michelle

Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-MD, 4th District) joins Thom Hartmann. As Democrats gather in Charlotte - corporations continue to flood our democracy and elections with millions of dollars. How can we fight back against all the corporate cash - and reclaim our democracy?

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America's future is the middle class

Congressman Steve Israel, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), joins Thom about the DNC.

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Tea Party & The John Birch Society...One & the Same?

James Hoffa, International Brotherhood of Teamsters joins Thom Hartmann. How do working people get fired up to fight back - and crawl throught his avalanche of corporate spending?

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Full Show 9/5/12: Wall Street Vs. The DNC

Thom gets perspective from the DNC with Senator Harkin, Rep. Edwards and James Hoffa. Tonight's "Lone Liberal Rumble" panel discusses the DNC and RNC platforms, the Kennedy/Romney debate from '94 and the auto industry's best sales month since 2007. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at what the world's richest woman thinks is a fair daily wage for Australian miners.

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Are Cons Reinventing Labor Day into Billionaire's Day?

For thirty years - Republicans have been waging a war on labor - a war on working people. And they've been incredibly successful - with unionized workers now representing just a tenth of the workforce today - when they used to make up a third of the workforce a half century. Today in America - this war on labor is picking up steam. Republican Governors like Scott Walker in Wisconsin, John Kasich in Ohio, and Chris Christie in New Jersey have launched attacks on public sector workers - trying to deny them collective bargaining rights. Republicans are close to killing off the Post Office - throwing a half-million unionized postal workers out of a job. With the help of Conservatives in Hollywood - teachers' unions are under attack, as well. Tragically, the United States is no place to for organized labor anymore - and as a result - no place for the Middle Class, either. Which brings us to Labor Day - the reason why a lot of us had Monday off work. To Republicans - it's no longer about passing legislation to make it harder to unionize - or cutting spending so that unionized public workers get laid off - or endorsing smears against teachers' unions. They've already done all that - now it's about re-writing the history of America - ensuring the next generation doesn't even know that the United States USED to be a place where organized labor flourished.

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Christine Pelosi - Are We Better off?

Christine Pelosi, Democratic strategist/author-"Campaign Boot Camp" joins Thom Hartmann. From the Democratic National Convention.

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