How the Main Stream Media Helps the GOP Big Lie

In the annals of political convention history - you'd be hard-pressed to find another speech like the one Paul Ryan gave on Wednesday night. Not because the speech was incredibly rousing - or passionate - or full of inspiration. But because it had so many dang lies in it - you'd have to think the guy has spent the last year living on a different planet. But maybe there's a strategy behind all the lies - I'll tell you what it is....

Full Show 8/30/12: Ryan Lies for the Corporatocracy

Thom dissects Paul Ryan's lie-riddled speech at last night's RNC Convention, and "The Nation's" John Nichols joins Thom to preview Romney's speech tonight. Also discussed: President Obama's support for overturning Citizens United, why we all may be forced to become vegetarians and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at what America would be like if Republicans win big in November and are able to carry out their secret plot.

It's all Another Republican Con Job

Here's something you need to know about the Republican Party. They will pretend to be the party of courageous leaders - the party that's willing to tell the hard-truths - the party that's willing to make the difficult decisions - decisions that aren't politically popular. They want to act like they're the adults in the room. But really - it's all another Republican con job. I'll hand it to Chris Christie and the Republican Party - they have been willing to say "no" a lot.

Europe now looking at alternative economies?

Professor Max Fraad Wolff, Economist/Instructor, New School University, joins Thom Hartmann. As Europeans continue to struggle through the Eurozone mess - many are turning to alternative forms of economies in order to survive. What kinds of systems are Europeans using - and are these alternatives the answer to the global economic crisis?

The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Barratrously Ugly!

The Good! *New Zealand* Today - New Zealand's Parliament approved a marriage equality bill - by a vote of 80 to 40. In New Zealand - nearly two-thirds of the population favors same-sex marriage. The Bad! *South Carolina State Rep. Alan Clemmons (R)* State officials in South Carolina - including Gov. Nikki Haley - have repeatedly claimed that their new voter suppressions ID law is not unfairly targeted towards African-Americans. However - now it seems like it may be. As part of the federal trial underway this week on the law - Clemmons - chief author of the law - admitted yesterday that he welcomed a racist email from a friend supporting the law. and the Very Very Ugly! *RNC Attendees* Last night - Chris Christie said in his RNC speech that the Republican Party would bring back American exceptionalism. Apparently - for some at the RNC - that includes overt racism. During the convention yesterday - two attendees were ejected after throwing nuts at a black CNN camerawoman. And - if that wasn't bad enough - after throwing the nuts - the two attendees were heard saying, "this is how we feed animals." For their part- RNC officials called the acts "deplorable" and "inexcusable."

Must Watch - Thom Hartmann vs. Senior Economic advisor to Mitt Romney

Senior Economic advisor to Mitt Romney Glenn Hubbard. There's a very high likelihood that if Romney wins the presidency, then Glenn Hubbard might become the next Chairman of the Federal Reserve. So Thom moved in to get to the bottom of his - and Romney's economic philosophy - which is essentially rooted in Reaganomics - or supply-side economics. Notice how Hubbard agreed with Thom's premise - that growth is not being shared evenly. However - there was no achnowledgment whatsoever about the failure of Reaganomics. Instead - Hubbard attributes the problem to...well the same thing that all Republicans say it is - government's too big, taxes are too high, regulations are too burdensome.We need revolutionary economic change as we saw during the last economic crisis in America in the 1930's. And these guys don't have a clue about how to make it happen.

The Secret Plot to Overthrow the US Government

Mark Potok, Southern Poverty Law Center & Mr.Gary Berntsen, Concerned Veterans of America & led the "Jawbreaker" team into Afghanistan immediately after 9/11 join Thom Hartmann. Four US Army soldiers have been arrested on charges of murder and have also been accused of plotting to assassinate President Obama and overthrow the government. Is this just an isolated incident - or do other members of the military pose a threat of domestic terrorism?

The GOPer Says...End the Failed War on Drugs!

Marc Harrold, Attorney / Author-"Observations of White Noise...an 'Acid Test' for the First Amendment" joins Thom Hartmann. Thanks to the failed war on drugs - in the last thirty years the incarceration rate in America has jumped from 220 people out of every 100000 to 743 out of every 100000. That equates to 2 million more prisoners in America - a quarter of whom are non-violent drug offenders. And for the first time in history - both prison spending and student loan debt topped one trillion dollars. We haven't heard anything about the failed drug war yet at the RNC - and I doubt we will. But isn't it time we end it - and divert all the money wasted on it to sending more young Americans to college?

No room for the 99% @ the GOP Convention

Congressman Chris van Hollen (D-MD, 8th district) joins Thom Hartmann. Paul Ryan addresses the RNC - but what can he possibly say - considering he's trying to destroy America?

Thank Liberals for Saving America...

Alan Colmes, Host-the Alan Colmes Show & Author-"Thank The Liberals... For Saving America, joins Thom Hartmann. At the GOP Convention Republicans are pretending to be the party of adults - willing to tell the American people the hard truths. Isn't the hardest truth to hear that our government has been completely overtaken by corporate interests thanks to the Republican Party?

Full Show 8/29/12: Romney: The Missing Man at the Convention

Thom discusses the latest from the RNC Convention with Fox Contributor Alan Colmes and Rep. Chris Van Hollen. Also discussed: why Republicans want to spend more money on prisons than education, the plot to assassinate President Obama by US Soldiers and the alternative economies springing up through the austerity countries of Europe. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom agrees with Chris Christie that the Republicans are good at saying no, but only to the sick and poor.

GOP's Nightmarish Response to MLK's "I Have a Dream"

49 years ago today - Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous "I Have A Dream" speech - a speech in which he envisioned a more equal and just America. Unfortunately - Republicans are gathering in Tampa this week to undo just about everything MLK dreamed of

Can the GOP Silence Ron Paul?

Austin Petersen, FreedomWorks joins Thom Hartmann. Despite largely falling out with the Republican establishment - Ron Paul made a surprise appearence on the convention floor this afternoon. How is his presence affecting the convention - and what's the latest fight brewing between Paulistas and GOP officials?

How much money does it take to buy a seat in Congress?

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Broadcaster/Author, joins Thom Hartmann. How much money does it take to buy a seat in Congress? Well Shelden Adelson thinks $500000 dollars should do the trick. Who's he throwing his latest campaign donation at - and what does this say about Democracy in America?

The Good, The Bad & the Very Very Cacestogenously Ugly!

The Good! *New York State Senator Daniel Squadron* Despite losing many of its members over the past several months - ALEC is still alive and well - and still influencing corporate-friendly legislation across America. And - since somehow ALEC is still registered as a non-profit group and not as a lobbying group - it can influence as much legislation as it wants without anyone knowing. However - New York State Senator Daniel Squadron - a Democrat - is trying to change that. He has created a webpage on his official site asking state legislators or candidates for state legislatures to sign a pledge - disclosing whether or not ALEC has influenced any legislation they may have sponsored or introduced. While the pledge is completely voluntary - it's clear Squadron is trying to put some transparency and accountability back in government - and that's exactly what America needs. The Bad! *Donald Trump* Trump - the darling of the Republican Party and Fox So-Called News - really doesn't like it when journalists call him out. In fact - he hates it so much that he calls them names on Twitter. Recently - Trump called Salon's Alex Pareene "a total joke in political circles" and Vanity Fair's Juli Weiner "a third-rate stalker." Well - this morning - the man with the world's worst hair plugs decided to lash out at Arianna Huffington. In a tweet - Trump said, "@ariannahuff is unattractive both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man - he made a good ...

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