Bigger Picture - The Filibuster - Cashing in on Obstruction P2

Kurt Walters, Public Campaign Action Fund & Bob Edgar, Common Cause & Shane Larson, Communication Workers of America (CWA) all join Thom Hartmann. Imagine how productive Congress would be if the filibuster were a thing of the past. Things would actually get done on Capitol Hill for the benefit of ALL Americans. But is saying goodbye to the filibuster even realistic? For tonight's Bigger Picture discussion we're going to tackle the issue of the filibuster: what it is, it's history, how it's been used, and what are the current political dynamics shaping filibuster reform.

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The Rumble - Bring back the talking filibuster

Stewart Acuff, Utility Workers Union of America & Marc Harrold, Libertarian Commentator & Vince Coglianese, Daily Caller all join Thom Hartmann.

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The Rumble - Bill O'Reilly says, "Asians Aren't by Nature' Liberal"

Stewart Acuff, Utility Workers Union of America & Marc Harrold, Libertarian Commentator & Vince Coglianese, Daily Caller all join Thom Hartmann.

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Wanna buy a lifetime of disaster insurance?

Let's say you're in your twenties, and just starting out in life. And one day an insurance salesman walks up to your doorstep, toting his briefcase and wearing a cheap suit and a tie. He rings the door bell, smiles like a televangelist, and says, "Have I got a deal for you!" He's pushing a brand new insurance plan. He calls it "Lifetime Disaster Insurance." And he says..."For the rest of your life, you'll be covered whether you're a teenager, in your twenties, thirties, whatever age." He goes on to say...."This insurance protects you against anything. If you're disabled in a car accident, a mugging, or any other sort of horror, this insurance policy will kick in and cover all of your medical expenses, your rent, food, and pretty much everything else from the time you're injured until the day you die, even if you live to 100!" You look at him skeptically, but, unfazed, he continues. "Not only will this insurance plan cover you, but it also covers your spouse and kids, if something terrible happens to you, then your spouse and your children will be covered and cared for as a part of this insurance plan. And if something happens to any of them, their medical bills and the cost of feeding, clothing, and housing them will be covered, too. Forever! "Not only that," he continues, "If you have a child with a birth-defect that requires lifelong care, this insurance plan will cover all the medical expenses - and all the cost of living expenses - for your child from birth to death ...

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Full Show 1/4/13: The Lifetime Disaster Insurance Policy

In tonight's "Bigger Picture" discussion Thom talks with a panel about finally ending the destructive filibuster in the US Senate. Tonight's "Big Picture Rumble" panel discusses filibuster reform, what the 113th Congress will take up and Bill O'Reilly's comments calling liberals crazy. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom tells the story of an insurance salesman who's trying to scam you out of your social security.

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It's Time to Get Serious about Outlawing Billionaires

It's time to start funneling the riches produced by the American economy to the real job creators: working class people who are spending money. And the best way to do that is to outlaw billionaires with a 100% wealth tax on all assets over one billion dollars. We can call it the "No Billionaires Campaign," and it just might be our best hope to save the American middle class.

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Get Geeky on Being Successful!

It happens every year in baseball: A player goes on a huge hitting streak - and seems to knock every ball they touch out of the park. But have you ever noticed how that player's teammates respond to all of the success? How can individual success propel an entire team?

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Your Take/My Take - Pregnant & Fired?

Your Take My Take LIVE segment - your chance to call in and ask a question or make a comment live on the air .

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Can For-Profit Corporations have a Religion?

Maureen Ferguson, The Catholic Association, joins Thom Hartmann. So is a CEO's religious freedom more important than the religious freedom of his/her employees? When one person forces their beliefs on another - that certainly isn't religious freedom....

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Should teachers pack heat in our children's classrooms?

Neil McCabe, Human Events Online, vs. Thom Hartmann. Forget about creating sensible gun control legislation. The only way to stop gun violence in America is to arm more people....right? Should we really let our nation's school teachers pack heat in our childrens' classrooms? More guns is not the answer to more gun violence - it's only the answer to more profits for the NRA, gun manufacturers, and gun dealers around the nation -- who don't give a damn about the carnage their products are causing all across America.

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Rep. Dennis Kucinich...Congress Hearts Austerity

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH, outgoing) kucinichaction.com joins Thom Hartmann. As the Eurozone nations continue to suffer at the hands of austerity economic policies - how do we convince Congress that austerity isn't the answer to all of America's problems? Plus - In Kucinich's farewell speech yesterday he called for a new kind of politics...he'll explain.

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Full Show 1/3/13: The Case Against Billionaires

Thom talks with former Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich about the austerity obsessed members of Congress. Also discussed: Ohio's push for arming their teachers, whether corporations should be allowed to push their religious beliefs on their employees and Thom takes viewer phone calls in "Your Take, My Take Live." In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom continues his "No Billionaires" campaign.

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The Battle for 2014 Begins on Day One in the Senate

For a few hours on Thursday, when the new Senate comes into session, Majority Leader Harry Reid will have a chance to help the Democrats re-take the House of Representatives in 2014, and hold the Senate. He can do that by simply reforming - genuinely reforming - the filibuster. In doing so, he will not only put an end to years of rampant Republican obstructionism in the upper chamber, but also significantly slow down the billionaire-funded Tea Party.

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Django - Tarantino Tells the South "F You"

The importance of this movie wasn't just about the horrors of slavery, or the story of a knight off to rescue his damsel in distress, or even brilliant acting and filmmaking. It was a giant "F you" to the South. And not just the South of 1858. It was an "F you" to the South of today - and all the Republican politicians from other parts of the nation, increasingly including the Midwestern states - who have adopted the divisive and race-baiting politics of the South.

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Are We Ignoring a Return to the Dust Bowl?

Don Carr, Environmental Working Group joins Thom Hartmann. As of this past Thursday - 61.8 percent of the contiguous United States was under moderate to severe levels of drought. Drought conditions are so bad that experts are warning that conditions similar to the great Dust Bowl of the 1930's could be returning to the Midwest. So - will the new year bring relief to the heart of America's agriculture industry - or is 2013 set to be another year of record-setting drought conditions?

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The Middle Class Needs More Than Talking Points

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have been talking a lot about the middle class. But, that talk is cheap as long as their in bed with Wall Street.

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