Rumble - Will Legalization Be Thrown Out in CO?

Shelby Emmett, Attorney / Project 21 & Christy Setzer, New Heights Communications & Scott Greer, The Daily Caller join Thom Hartmann.

Conversations w/Great Minds p2 - Katrina Vanden Heuvel - Sanctions Don’t Work

Katrina Vanden Heuvel, The Nation Magazine joins Thom Hartmann. For tonight’s Conversations with Great Minds - we’re going to take a closer look at the momentous decision by the Obama administration to normalize relations with Cuba. First announced on Wednesday - the move - which came after months of secret negotiations - is the most significant shift in American foreign policy towards Latin America in decades. Not surprisingly - it’s also causing a lot of controversy back here in the U.S. - with many Republicans slamming the president for what they say is another example of his “weakness” But what's the real deal with America's new policy towards Cuba? And who stands to benefit most from the end of one of the last remaining Cold War standoffs?

Full Show 12/19/2014: Katrina vanden Hueval of The Nation Magazine

Thom talks with Kartina vanden Hueval, Editor and Publisher of The Nation Magazine on “Conversations with Great Minds.”

On the “Big Picture Rumble,” Shelly Emmett, Christy Setzer, and Scott Greer debate continued police brutality, the Keystone XL pipeline, Cuba, Sen. Marco Rubio, Marijuana, and Sony pulling “The Interview.”

Don't frack with New York!

Thomas Linzey, Esq., Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) joins Thom Hartmann. After a lengthy five-year study conducted by the board of health - New York is now poised to ban fracking in the Empire State. Could this set off a nationwide trend?

Robert Kennedy Jr - What the Ban on Fracking Means

Robert Kennedy Jr, Waterkeeper Alliance / Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) joins Thom Hartmann. Since the NYC fracking ban decision was announced - environmental groups have been applauding the Cuomo administration - and urging similar actions across the country. So - will other communities and states across the country follow in New York's footsteps - and ban fracking?

Is George Zimmerman right?

George Zimmerman - Yes, that George Zimmerman - actually has something somewhat intelligent to say about guns.

Bill O’Reilly’s Crazy Climate Change Rant Exposed

Bill O'Reilly has said A LOT of crazy things during his time on Fox News - but he's really outdone himself this time. Does Bill-O really think that man-made climate change is something people "choose" to believe in?

Full Show 12/18/14: Torture and Fracking with RFK Jr.

In a special, “Conversations with Great Minds,” Thom talks about Pres. George W. Bush, the Iraq War and if he should be prosecuted with author and former prosecutor, Vincent Bugliosi.

Thom talks about fracking dangers and the New York state ban with the Robert Kennedy Jr., President of Waterkeeper Alliance and Thomas Linzey, Co-Founder of the Community Legal Defense Fund.

Plus, “Your Take My Take Live” and Thom gives his Daily Take on the pros of gun insurance.

A Warren Run Would Change Everything

An Elizabeth Warren presidential run wouldn't just do good things for the Democratic Party - it would change the way we talk about politics. Here’s why….

Lone Liberal - Bernie’s Bill to Break up Banks

Horace Cooper, National Center for Public Policy Research & Patrick Hedger, American Encore joins Thom Hartmann.

What The Huge Historic Marijuana Victory Means

Bill Piper, Drug Policy Alliance, joins Thom Hartmann. The CRomnibus spending bill passed by Congress over the weekend bans the Justice Department from meddling with local medical marijuana laws. Just how big of a deal is this for medical marijuana patients across the country? And what does it mean for the future of drug policy reform?

Cuba…Are We Waking up From Anti-Communist Hysteria?

Mavis Anderson, Latin America Working Group & John Bradshaw, National Security Network both Join Thom Hartmann. Today - President Obama announced new steps to help the US and Cuba restore a full diplomatic relationship. But are Republicans in Congress going to go along with the plans?

Lone Liberal - Conservatives Have Anti-Communist Hysteria on Cuba!

Horace Cooper, National Center for Public Policy Research & Patrick Hedger, American Encore joins Thom Hartmann.

Full Show 12/17/14: US, Cuba Start a New Beginning

Thom discuss the prisoner transfer and new dialogue between the U.S. and Cuba with Mavis Anderson, Senior Associate at the Latin America Working Group and John Bradshaw, Executive Director at the National Security Network

On the “Lone Liberal Rumble,” Thom debates Horace Cooper, Senior Fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research and Patrick Hedger, Policy Director at American Encore on Cuba, the Keystone XL pipeline, Sen. Ted Cruz taking on Jeb Bush, New York’s fracking ban, Sen. Bernie Sanders’ big bank breakup plan, and prison privatization. National Affairs Director at American Encore, Bill Piper talks medical marijuana and the future of pot in the United States.

Plus, “Your Take My Take Live” and Thom gives his Daily Take on Elizabeth Warren’s inspirational stand.

Politics Panel - What You Don’t Know about Jeb Bush

Hughey Newsome, Project 21 / Move-On-Up & Ben Wikler, MoveOn.org & Jennifer Kerns, Washington Times / The Blaze join Thom Hartmann.

Is Amazon the #1 Threat To Jobs?

The conventional wisdom is that outsourcing to places like China is the biggest threat to American jobs.

And while that's definitely true, there's a new threat on the horizon.

As it expands out from its online bookstore roots, Amazon has approached virtual monopoly status - and regular retailers are paying the price.

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