Why You Should Get Naked in Public

Victoria Bikiempis, Bitch Magazine, joins Thom Hartmann. The traditional stigma of nudism in America revolves around retirees with bad tan lines and foppy skin letting it all hang out for the world to see. But is nudism in America undergoing a revolution - and moving away from that all too disturbing image?

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Crazy Alert - What?! There's a rise in "erotic zoos?"

Thom Hartmann's crazy alert

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How your privacy & emails may take a major hit this week

Amie Stepanovich, Electronic Privacy Information Center, joins Thom Hartmann. If the head of the CIA can't hide his emails from the federal government - what chance do you and I have of keeping e-mails private? Well if Congress has it's way - you and I don't stand a chance at all.

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Robert Greenwald on Pakistan, Drones & War Crimes...

Robert Greenwald, Filmmaker/Producer & Founder-Brave New Films, joins Thom Hartmann. The US government says that drone attacks in the Middle East are targeted - and don't put innocent civilians in harm's way. Yet - our drones have killed hundreds of innocent men, women and children. When do we say enough is enough with drone warfare?

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Is the GOP ready to put the interests of America ahead of Norquist?

David Frum, The Daily Beast, Newsweek & Author of Why Romney Lost joins Thom Hartmann. After their fairly dismal showing in the election earlier this month - high ranking Republicans came out and said that the party needs to change - and stop catering to the interests of the far right. But is that easier said then done for the Grand Old Party?

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Is Grover Norquist an Enemy of the State?

Is it possible that Grover Norquist, the multi-millionaire K-Street lobbyist long funded by billionaires, is an enemy of the state? Pretty strong language, but consider that he has connived over the years to get hundreds of members of Congress to violate their own oath of office by pledging a higher oath to keep billionaires taxes low than their pledge to the Constitution itself.

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Full Show 11/26/12: The Walmart Hunger Games

Thom talks with author and former George W. Bush Speechwriter David Frum about Grover Norquist's anti-tax pledge and why Romney lost the election. Also discussed: the increasing drone war across the middle east, how the government may gain new access to read your emails and how Republicans in Florida are finally admitting to their plan to suppress the vote. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom discusses why Black Friday should be renamed the Walmart Hunger Games.

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Full Show 11/23/12: The Bigger Picture: Health Care and Climate Change

Tonight's special edition of "The Big Picture" looks at two important issues facing the nation: Health Care and Climate Change. A panel of experts join Thom in two recent "Bigger Picture" discussions.

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Agenda 21 & the Republican Fear Machine

When the Corporate Elite tells us we need to be afraid of something, they almost always expect to make some money off our fear. From the same people who brought us the "Ground Zero Victory Mosque," FEMA concentration camps, and every single George Soros conspiracy theory, comes a brand new hyper-paranoid threat-to-America's-sovereignty that, they say, should scare the hell out of all of us. It goes by the name of Agenda 21, which just so happens to be the title of Glenn Beck's new dystopic novel. Billed as, "more frightening than anything Orwell could have envisioned," Beck's Agenda 21 paints a disturbing picture of America following the implementation of the United Nation's Agenda 21, which is actually a real life UN initiative, though not nearly as nefarious as Beck would have us all believe. The book's tagline reads: "This used to be called America. Now it is just 'the Republic.' There is no president. No congress. No freedom." Over at GlennBeck.com you can watch a movie trailer made specifically for the book featuring grizzled Americans lined up on the streets in a post-Soviet winter landscape reeking of desperation, waiting for tiny morsels of food to be parceled out by "the authorities." Reminiscent of both Nazi concentration camps and the Book of Revelation, everyone's foreheads are tattooed with identification numbers - and in homage to Sarah Palin's "death panels," one scene in the trailer depicts an emaciated, scraggly-haired old man loaded on to a conveyor belt ...

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Behind closed doors - What Wal-Mart is really saying about strikers

Josh Eidelson, The Nation, joins Thom Hartmann. Black Friday is looming - and so is a potential Walmart workers strike. What are the latest tactics the retail giant is using to keep it's streak of 50-plus years without labor unions intact?

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Your Take/My Take LIVE

Caller takes Thom on - about minimum wage

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Lone Liberal Rumble - I say it's time to lower the retirement age!

Marc Harrold, Libertarian Commentator & Francesca Chambers, Red Alert Politics, join Thom Hartmann.

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Lone Liberal Rumble - Talk me off the ledge??

Marc Harrold, Libertarian Commentator & Francesca Chambers, Red Alert Politics, join Thom Hartmann.

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I'm Jumping off the Cliff!

Enough with even trying to negotiate with the hostage takers on the Right. As the nation approaches the so-called fiscal cliff - I have an urgent message for Democrats. And that is...go off the dang cliff!

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Full Show 11/21/12: Agenda 21 and the Republican Fear Machine

Thom makes the case for why America needs to fall off the "fiscal cliff." Tonight's "Lone Liberal Rumble" panel discusses the "fiscal cliff," whether Republicans in Congress will prevent unemployment insurance from being extended and how Republican governors are sabotaging Obamacare. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom details the latest paranoid rants from the Republican fear machine.

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The Death of the Middle Class was by Design...

Even in the face of the so-called Recovery, poverty and inequality are getting worse in our country, and more wealth and power is flowing straight to the top. According to Paul Buchheit over at Alternet, this is the end result of winner-take-all capitalism, and this destruction of the working class has all been by design.

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