The Good - The Bad - and the Very Very Spurcidically Ugly

The Good! Cory Kalanick! The California firefighter has become the talk of the town after CBS 47 in Fresno California aired this video of him saving a little kitten from a house fire last week....

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Wisconsin has Discovered Something Very Creepy in their Woods!

John Nichols, The Nation Magazine, "Dollarocracy," joins Thom Hartmann. What happens when corporate power and peaceful protestors collide? You get a hoard of paramilitary personnel patrolling...

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Politics Panel - More Bang for Your Buck w/Living Wage

Francesca Chambers, Red Alert Politics & Kay Steiger, Raw Story & Neil McCabe, Guns & Patriots Newsletter all join Thom Hartmann.

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Politics Panel - Republicans want into vaginas...

Francesca Chambers, Red Alert Politics & Kay Steiger, Raw Story & Neil McCabe, Guns & Patriots Newsletter all join Thom Hartmann. If the GOP really is the "pro-life" party - why does it cut...

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Full Show 7/9/13: The Media's Whitewashing of U.S. Atrocities

Tonight's "Big Picture Politics Panel" discusses whether the GOP is really the pro-life party, the Koch Brothers anti-Obamacare campaign and whether the do-n...

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Why We Have a "Do Nothing" Congress

If you want to know why Congress is so ineffective - you should take a trip back in time to January 20 - 2009. The current Congress is well on its way to set...

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The Good - The Bad - and the Very Very Scatophagusly Ugly!

The Good! The Sacramento Food Bank! Until Blake Young took over as CEO five years ago - the California capital's food bank wasn't that different from many ot...

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David Gregory is "Politically Corrected" on the Obamacare Surtax

David Gregory is "Politically Corrected" on the Obamacare Surtax.

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How The Prosecution is Losing the Zimmerman Trial...

Debbie Hines, Legal Speaks & Marc Harrold, "Observations of White Noise" both talk to Thom and the Zimmerman Trial.

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Have Most Democrats Become "Social-Issues Corporatists?"

Richard Eskow, The Libertarian Republic, joins Thom Hartmann. in recent years - the Democratic Party has had success in national elections by rallying younge...

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Will the GOP Let the Free-Market Get Guns out of Schools?

Austin Petersen, The Libertarian Republic joins Thom Hartmann. Considering how much libertarians and conservatives love the free-market - you'd think they wo...

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How can you sue NSA when they are spying on you?

Amie Stepanovich, Electronic Privacy Information Center (E.P.I.C.), joins Thom Hartmann. The New York Times detailed some of the disturbing powers of the FIS...

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Why Snowden is really fleeing the U.S.

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has drawn a lot of comparisons to Daniel Ellsberg - but their experiences differ in one VERY important way.

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Full Show 7/8/13: The Best Do-Nothing Congress Of All Time

Thom talks with EPIC's Amie Stepanovich about Edward Snowden and her organization's petition with the U.S. Supreme Court asking it to stop the NSA's surveill...

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Full Show 7/5/13: Thom Hartmann Talks with Ralph Nader

In tonight's special edition of "The Big Picture" Thom talks with five-time presidential candidate, consumer advocate and author Ralph Nader in this week's "...

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Five things you need to know about this week's market crash

Giant market declines like the one we had on Monday are simply a fact of market life, but it was a bit unusual, compared with others

Thousands of Syrian refugees continue to reach Europe

According to reports of several Syrian refugees, the price for the boat is around 1,200 U.S. dollars per person. The captain of the boat is one of the passengers that receives training for five minutes

US sanctions czar due in Israel for Iran deal talks

President Barack Obama was set to speak directly to the North American Jewish community about the Iran nuclear deal via a live webcast to shore up support for the agreement

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