Why Prisoners Should be Allowed to Vote?

In a true democracy - every citizen has the right to vote - and to have a say in the direction of their nation. But here in America - while we may call ourse...

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Geeky Science - Cooperation & the Prisoner's Dilemma

Geeky Science - Cooperation & the Prisoner's Dilemma.

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Can SF Ban Walmart & McDonald's?

Austin Petersen, The Libertarian Republic, joins Thom Hartmann. If you're the mayor of a city - then there's one thing you absolutely need to do to boost you...

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How Common Are Anti-Union Firings?

Catherine Ruetschlin, Demos, joins Thom Hartmann. Let's talk about what today's strikers were demanding: a living wage and an end to retaliation against unio...

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Politically Corrected! The Main Stream Media on Fracking!

Thom Hartmann's politically corrected.

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Your Take/My Take Live - Is it Really Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill?

Call Thom LIVE at (202) 904-2134 TONIGHT 7-8pm ET (check local listings)

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Syria...Are We Cheap Mercenaries for Saudi Arabia?

Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio, joins Thom Hartmann. If you look at the polls - a majority of Americans do not support military action in Syria. Are Pre...

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Full Show 9/5/13: Shouldn't Prisoners Be Allowed to Vote?

Thom talks about the potential military strike in Syria with Attorney and Radio Host Mike Papantonio, with Demos' Catherine Ruetschlin on today's Walmart wor...

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The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann

The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann tackles the latest in political news, debates, commentary and more. Thom Hartmann is a NY Times bestselling and 4-times pr...

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Should Hurricane James Inhofe hit the East Coast?

Each year - millions of Americans are forced to have their names associated with devastating hurricanes and tropical storms - thanks to the World Meteorologi...

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The Good - The Bad - and the Very Very Polymicrianly Ugly

The Good! John Pepper! The CEO of the popular Boston burrito chain "Boloco" told the Huffington Post on Tuesday that while his company already pays its worke...

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Crazy Alert! Stork Arrested as Spy?

Thom Hartmann's crazy alert.

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Can an Ice Wall Save Fukushima?

Thoim Hartmann's green report.

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Lone Liberal Rumble - Can San Francisco Ban Starbucks?

Dan Bongino, Candidate for Congress (R-MD, 6th District) & Horace Cooper, National Center for Public Policy Research both join Thom Hartmann.

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Lone Liberal Rumble - Our record on War is Zero!

Dan Bongino, Candidate for Congress (R-MD, 6th District) & Horace Cooper, National Center for Public Policy Research both join Thom Hartmann.

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Obama to veto legislation on refugee screening

President Barack Obama would veto a Republican bill introduced in the wake of the Paris attacks to toughen the screening process for Syrian refugees

New York officials: No credible ISIS threat against city

There is no credible threat to New York City at this time, officials said

China denies torturing political prisoners

A Chinese delegation denied mistreatement of prisoners held in police stations and deaths in custody

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Why the Kochs Really Embraced Criminal Justice Reform...

It looks like the Koch brothers have scammed us once again.

When news first came out that Charles and David Koch -- the Koch brothers -- were supporting criminal justice reform efforts in Congress, many of us thought, "Wow, they're actually doing something good for once."

And for good reason, too.

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