Staples has your office needs covered & the destruction of the US economy covered too...

Staples business model represents the cancer stage of capitalism. It's also what Mitt Romney claims as one of his biggest accomplishments at Bain Capital - expect to hear him mention it during the debates. So what exactly did Romney accomplish at Bain Capital by investing in and growing Staples? The destruction of one slice of the American economy. Consider this...economies are complex ecosystems with lots of interdependent players and basic rules. In nature, the wide range of players is called biodiversity - maintained by varying ecosystems like the arctic - jungles - plains - and so on.

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Rhonchisonantously Ugly!

The Good! *Chris Kluwe* Kluwe is a punter for the Minnesota Vikings NFL team. And - recently - he came out in strong support of marriage equality. However - not everyone was happy about his endorsement. Minnesota State Rep. Mary Franson - a Republican - called out Kluwe for attacking "traditional marriage" and said that homosexuality is not "normal behavior." In response to Franson's comments - Kluwe doubled-down on his support of marriage equality - and even offered to formally debate Franson on the issue. Kudos to Chris for standing up for the rights of millions of Americans.

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Your Take/My Take - Caller says Thom is "very very ugly" about gay marriage

Thom Hartmann answers viewers' and listeners' questions

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We are back in Iraq - when will this miserable chapter in American history be finished?

Activist & former State Senator Tom Hayden, joins Thom Hartmann. Based on what the government tells you - and what the mainstream media reports to you - you probably think America is out of Iraq - right? Wrong! Why are American special forces back in Iraq - and when will this miserable chapter in American history finally be finished?

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GOP's October Surprise?

Craig Unger, Vanity Fair Magazine, joins Thom Hartmann. We all know Mitt Romney wouldn't know foreign policy if it hit him in the head - but now Fox News is trying to make President Obama look like a foreign policy quack too. Is this the Right's plan heading into November - and their so-called October Surprise for American voters?

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Crazy Alert - Doggy Style on Surf Boards?

Thom Hartmann's crazy alert

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Why Right Wingers Need Skewed Polls & Conspiracy Theories

Adele Stan, Alternet, joins Thom Hartmann. If you look at nationwide polling - it appears that President Obama is pulling away from Mitt Romney - even in the all-important swing states. But Conservatives are saying that's hogwash - and that the polls are being "skewed". Could this outlandish conspiracy theory actually prove valuable for Conservatives come November?

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Voters in PA got their voice back - sort of...

Brad Friedman, The Brad Blog, joins Thom Hartmann. Voters in Pennsylvania got their voice back - as a judge blocked that state's Voter Suppression ID law from going into effect. But what about the millions of other Americans who's votes are under attack by Conservatives. How do they get their say back? And ultimately - this issue will likely be settled by the Supreme Court in the near future - a court whose right-wing members have already ruled, 5 to 4, that Americans do not have a fundamental right to vote.

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Sensata blockade against Bain...

Tom Gaulrapp, Sensata employee of 33 years joins Thom Hartmann.

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Are Republicans embarrassed Romney would appoint a bailed out Bankster as Treasury Sec?

Thom Hartmann vs. Neal Asbury, host-Truth for America. If you were the CEO of a failed bank that lost a staggering $11 billion dollars on your watch - you probably shouldn't be Secretary of the Treasury - right? Why is Mitt Romney considering a Wall Street crony to be his Treasury Secretary - and what does this say about Romney's view for America?

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FINALLY...a politician who'll stand up to the Banksters...

The banksters' blatant fraud in the run-up to the financial crisis hasn't gone unnoticed by one top lawyer in the nation. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman - who also chairs the President's Mortgage Fraud Task Force - filed a civil suit against JP Morgan Chase for "widespread fraud in the sale of mortgage-backed securities." This is the first legal action brought against the banks by this taskforce. Most of the allegations are actually against failed bank Bear Stearns, which was bought by JP Morgan Chase just before the economy went into meltdown in 2008. According to the lawsuit - banksters at Bear Stearns knowingly sold defective loans and mortgage backed securities and kept their investors in the dark about how crummy these deals were. And just like banksters at Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns' banksters openly bragged to each other about how bad the deals were and how much their customers are getting screwed. And Bear Stearns made big money off the fraud.

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Full Show 10/2/12: Staples: the Cancer of Capitalism

Thom discusses which former Wall Street executive would be Romney's Treasury Secretary if he's elected president. Also discussed: the ruling in Pennsylvania against the GOP's efforts to suppress the vote, what the Republicans October Surprise may be and why the US has deployed more troops to Iraq. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at how Romney's beloved Staples is the cancer of capitalism.

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Crazy Alert! Political Kombat 12 in the Fictitious Land of Obamaville

Thom Hartmann's crazy alert.

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Occupy DC - a Movement or a Moment?

Robert Stephens II, participant-Occupy DC & law student, joins Thom Hartmann. Happy Birthday Occupy DC. Demonstrations took place all across the nation's capital today, as Occupy participants marked the one-year anniversary of the occupation of Washington, DC. Targeting the corruptive influence of lobbyists on our government, demonstrators planned to "shut down K Street." The corporate capture of our democracy is more evident than ever today - which is why we need grassroots movements in the streets to push back against it. What we've learned in the year since Occupy DC was birthed - and where does it goes from here.

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Why Some of our Cities are being Sacrificed

Josh Eidelson, Labor Reporter-Salon & In These Times joins Thom Hartmann. If you want to see the devestating results of global capitalism - look no farther than Camden, New Jersey. Why has the city been called a "sacrifice zone" - and why are city officials trying to save money by putting the lives of residents at risk?

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