Lee Fang Exposes Shadow Lobbyist's "Ending Spending"

Lee Fang, RepublicReport.org joins Thom Hartmann. A group called "Ending Spending" recently purchased $375000 worth of advertising to help promote Paul Ryan's trickle-down austerity budget. So who is behind the group - and is it just another front for the big business takeover of America?

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Go to the99spring.com & help Rebuild the Dream

Van Jones, Rebuild the Dream.com joins Thom Hartmann. The progressive movement needs to come up with fresh and innovative approaches to create the lasting change that America desperately needs. So how do we do this? The survival of our democracy and the middle class depends you getting involved. You can start by going to the99spring.com - and show up at a meeting in your neighborhood to take back America. Let's Rebuild the Dream.

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Patriotic Millionaires beg for more taxes...

Richard Schottenfeld, Schottenfeld Group LLC (investments) & a Patriotic Millionaire joins Thom Hartmann. Believe it or not - there are plenty of American millionaires who want to pay their fair share in taxes to help our government and economy. So why won't Conservatives in Washington accept their help?

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Go to "second chance on shoot first.org" now to sign up

Neal Asbury,"Truth for America" vs. Thom Hartmann. George Zimmerman faced a judge today. But his trial is just the first that America needs. We need to put on trial the Shoot First laws that allowed Zimmerman to walk around as a free man for 6 weeks after killing someone.

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Full Show 4/11/12: Zimmerman Charged

Thom gives his take on the charges filed against George Zimmerman. Also discussed: the 99% spring, the Buffet Rule and the Romney campaign's uncertainty when it comes to equal pay for women. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at the only strategy the Republicans have to win in November. Lying.

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Vicissitudinariously Ugly!

The Good! *Ohio Governor John Kasich* In stunning comments made last week to Republican donors - Kasich said that he was "all for" action on climate change. He told the crowd, "This isn't popular to always say, but I believe there is a problem with climates, climate change in the atmosphere. I believe it. I don't know how much there is, but I also know the good Lord wants us to be good stewards of his creation. And so, at the end of the day, if we can find these breakthroughs to help us have a cleaner environment, I'm all for it." The Bad! *Missouri State Representative Ed Schieffer* Schieffer - a Democrat in the state legislature - has introduced a bill that would allow public transportation users in the state to have concealed weapons with them while riding trains and city buses. and the Very Very Ugly! *Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam* Haslam said today that he will allow a bill that prevents schools from punishing teachers who teach faulty and wonky science to become law. The bill allows teachers to teach students about creationism alongside evolution - as well as other fake science issues like climate change denial.

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Your Take/My Take - The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

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Thom Hartmann asks Paul Cameron if homophobes are gay?

Dr. Paul Cameron, Chairman, Family Research Institute, joins Thom Hartmann. North Carolina plans to vote on one of the most radical amendments banning same-sex marriage next month. How far are gay marriage opponents willing to go to prevent equal rights for millions of Americans?

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The fate of the middle class is linked to the fate of organized labor

Ken Hall, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, joins Thom Hartmann. While America may be experiencing an economic recovery - American workers aren't reaping many of the benefits. So what's preventing America's laborforce from recovering along with the rest of the country?

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Lone Liberal Rumble - Zimmerman & The Buffet Rule

Adam Bitely, NetRightDaily.com, joins Thom Hartmann. A new report shows that credit card companies handed out 1.1 million new credit cards to people with bad credit in December of last year. Do Conservatives and Wall Street really want to cause ANOTHER economic disaster for Americans? That and more in tonight's Lone Liberal Rumble...

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There are a lot more of us than there are of them...

Justin Ruben, MoveOn joins Thom Hartmann. Billionaires can spend all the money they want now in our elections. But they still only have one vote - and there are a lot more of us than there are of them. So get active and get organized - go to The99Spring.com.

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Full Show 4/10/12: Shoot First, Prosecute Later

Thom looks at why it's easier to kill on the streets of Florida than on the streets of Baghdad. Also discussed: the history of the Koch Brothers and their continued influence on the Republican party, the radiation from the Fukushima disaster hitting California and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at the latest from the 1 percent's war against the middle-class.

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The 1% don't want the poor to eat...unless it's out of a trashcan

One percenters are threatening to destroy America - and the middle-class is hanging on by a thread. How can we eliminate the threat from FDR's "economic royalists" - and restore the American Dream?

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Uxoravalentously Ugly!

The Good! *Judge Elizabeth Magner* Magner - a federal bankruptcy judge in Louisiana - said that Wells Fargo's behavior during five years of litigation with a single homeowner was "highly reprehensible" and ordered the big bank to pay the homeowner a staggering 3.1 million dollars in damages. The Bad! *Jacqueline Cassell* Cassell - the superintendent of the Pontiac Academy for Excellence Middle School in Pontiac, Michigan - fired one her teachers last week for organizing a fundraiser for Trayvon Martin's family. and the Very Very Ugly! *Herman Cain* In an interview today on Fox So-Called News - Cain suggested that Mitt Romney is losing the support of women because women aren't as "familiar" with policy as men are.

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New reports say earthquakes "man-made" by fracking

Dr. Tony Ingraffea, Dwight C. Baum Professor of Engineering-Cornell University joins Thom Hartmann. New reports suggest recent earthquakes in the US are "almost certainly man-made" and fracking is the culprit. So should we be continuing to let energy companies tear apart the ground under our feet?

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