The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Subderisoriously Ugly!

The Good! *Former Senator John Danforth* Back in 2010 - Danforth - a Republican - told The New York Times that if Senator Dick Lugar was seriously challenged by anyone in the Republican Party, then the party had gone "so far overboard that we are beyond redemption." The Bad! *Representative Allen West* In his latest government conspiracy theory - West said this weekend that the federal food stamp program is actually a way for the American government to "enslave" American citizens. and the Very Very Ugly! *The Tea Party* In a recent monthly newsletter - a Virginia Tea Party group said that an "armed revolution" will be necessary in America if President Obama is re-elected in November.

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Cubans get doctors - we get Porno X-ray scanners - who's safer?

For those who think the United States has the best darn healthcare system in the world - I have a little mission for you. Go to Florida - go to the very southern tip of the state - and look south 90 miles off the coast. There, if you could, you'd see Cuba. And trust me, looking at Cuba won't cause your eyes to burns out of your sockets - and won't turn you into a pillar of salt - or get you dragged in front of the House un-American activities Committee. Instead - you'll actually learn a lot about what a compassionate and effective healthcare system is supposed to look like.

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Lugar/Murdoch - The Banksters vs Big Box Retailers

The Republican Party kicked another moderate to the curb last night. After 35 years of serving in the Senate - Indiana Senator Dick Lugar lost a primary battle Tuesday night to Wall Street's candidate, Tea Party Republican challenger Richard Mourdock. Mourdock attacked Lugar for crossing the aisle to support the auto bailout, the START nuclear treaty, and President Obama's Supreme Court nominees, but Lugar's real crime was voting on the side of the Big Box retailers to put a ceiling on how much Banks could charge the stores in credit card fees. That vote cost the banksters $16 billion, and, to get revenge, they showered money on Mourdock, using conservative blogs like Red State, K street hacks, and funding millions in TV advertising in Indiana. As Politico pointed out, "The banking industry is making an example of Sen. Dick Lugar." Now Lugar will probably follow in the footsteps of Indiana's past four senators and become a millionaire lobbyist himself. As for Mourdock - he plans on carrying the banksters water all the way to Congress and not compromising. I guess when you're an agent of the banks - there's no room to compromise. But here's the bigger picture and what it means for our democracy...

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Crazy Alert! Global Gassing?

According to a new study by British scientists - dinosaurs may have passed enough gas - or methane - to warm the planet significantly and contribute to their own extinction.

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Gay Marriage - turning point in civil rights history?

President Obama made a historic announcement today - becoming the first President in our nation's history to support same-sex marriage. Following the President's announcement - will marriage equality gain more traction with the rest of the country - and how much of an issue will it be in November?

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Why is Fox so-called News Supporting the Christian Taliban?

A Reverend goes unhinged about womens' right to vote. And while most Americans would write the guy off as a crackpot - Fox so-called News calls him a contributor and a guest.

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Lacuscularously Ugly!

The Good! *Pinole City Council* The Pinole, California City Council adopted an ordinance this week banning the sale of firearms and ammunition from home businesses. The Bad! *South Carolina, Indiana and Colorado* According a new report by the Center for Public Integrity, lawmakers in all three states have exempted ALEC - the corporate lobbyist front group - from state lobbying registration and disclosure laws. The Very Very Ugly! *House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy* Yesterday - Republicans in the House pushed ahead bills that prevent any cuts in military spending - but cut over $260 billion dollars from programs like food stamps, Medicaid, and other social services.

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How Corruption takes $14 from Each Tank of Gas

Filling up the gas tank can be pretty painful to most Americans struggling in this economy. But what if I told you as much as 14-dollars of gas in that tank is courtesy of corruption in Washington, DC? Investigative Reporter Lee Fang, Republic Report, joins me to explain this hidden "corruption tax" that we're all paying at the pump.

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How Fast Food is No Different than a Crack House

Next time you drive by a fast-food place, just imagine that it's actually a crack house selling drugs - because it essentially is - Thom Hartmann explains why.

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What is Driving the Obesity Epidemic?

Frank Melli, Producer of the weekly FSTV program "Meet the Farmer" joins Thom Hartmann. As Americans get heavier - so does our national debt. We'll take a look at the stagerring projections for obesity over the next few decades - and what needs to be done to slim down the nation.

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Crazy Alert - Dude Drought Down Under

There's a drought going on in Australia right now - and it's not in the huge Australian desert. According to Father Tony Kerin of the Archdiocese of Melbourne - Australia is suffering through a "man drought" - because women in the country are being too picky choosing mates.

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Immigration is Taking Babies Away from Mothers

Seth Freed Wessler, Applied Research Center/Colorlines.com joins Thom Hartmann. Children are being ripped from the arms of their parents at an alarming rate today in America. 5000 American children are in foster care today because their parents have been deported. So is this really what Americans want when they call for greater enforcement of our borders? Or has something gone terribly wrong with immigration enforcement?

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Student Loans vs. Corporate Overlords

Sam Watson, Cool Springs Financial Group, LLC joins Thom Hartmann. If you had a choice between helping students or helping tax-dodging corporations - which would you choose? Well, Republicans in the Senate made their choice today - and it shouldn't surprise any of us.

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Full Show 5/8/12: Mitt Romney is a liar!

Mitt Romney wants to take credit for the auto bailout even though he said, on record, that he wanted the auto industry to go bankrupt. Thom talks to conservative commentator, David Selig about Romney's outlandish move to get elected. Then Thom discusses the enormous student loan debt and its corporate overlords. Plus the Obama administration is leading the way when it comes to separating families due to deportations. Why is the government arming its military to go after undocumented workers instead of the US companies that hire them? In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom explains why FOX so-called News is supporting a misogynist reverend who has been hired as a paid contributor.

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