The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Paratonicously Ugly!

The Good! *The National Cathedral* The historic Episcopalian church in Washington DC has announced that it will begin hosting same-sex wedding ceremonies. Speaking about the decision, Cathedral dean Very Rev. Gary Hall said, "I read the Bible as seriously as fundamentalists do. And my reading of the Bible leads me to want to do this because I think it's being faithful to the kind of community that Jesus would have us be." Let's hope that the Reverend's feeling spread across America - and that more and more Americans realized that marriage equality is a universal value. ---------------- The Bad! *Congressman Tom Cotton (R-AR)* During an appearance on the Laura Ingraham radio show - the Republican Congressman argued that women are physically unfit to serve in combat roles in the military. He went as far as to say that "it's nature" that women aren't intended to serve on the front lines. However - multiple studies have proven that notion wrong. A survery of several NATO allies that allowed women to have frontline roles in Afghanistan found that they caused "no significent problems" and actually were better at intelligence gathering than their male counterparts. ----------------- and the Very Very Ugly! *Rush Limbaugh* On yesterday's broadcast of his radio show - El Rushbo really outdid himself - going on a rant about a supposed movement that's underway to "normalize" pedophilia. I think we all know what's going on here. In the world of conservative talk radio - there's only ...

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Lone Liberal Rumble - How is an assault weapon ban treason?

Horace Cooper, National Center for Public Policy Research & Judson Phillips, TheTeaParty.net / Founder, Tea Party Nation join Thom Hartmann

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Is KBR Guilty in Iraq Negligence?

Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio, joins Thom Hartmann. War profiteer giant KBR was found guilty last year of negligence, and is being held responsible for the poisoning of a dozen soldiers with a chemical known as sodium dichromate, which is used to prevent pipe corrosion. The Huffington Post reports that one exposed soldier, who was told by KBR that the chemical was just a mild-irritant, ended up dying from sodium-dichromate-caused-cancer at age 52. KBR was ordered by a court to pay $85 million in damages, but KBR is saying that the government - and "you and me, the taxpayers" - should pay for the damages. Thanks to a contract with the Bush/Cheney administration, KBR argues that is has full legal immunity - meaning taxpayers should pay for all of KBR's legal costs and pay their victims. So far, this contract is classified, and is not available to the public.

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It's Time to Break up Ma-Biz into Baby-Biz

We wouldn't put giant whales in small aquarium fish tanks - because they would take over all of the food sources and other necessities that the smaller fish need to survive. So why do we let massive transnational corporations dictate what happens in our economy?

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Should We Give Up on the Constitution?

Professor Louis Michael Seidman, Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Constitutional Law-Georgetown University Law Center, joins Thom Hartmann. Our Constitution - the law of the land that we largely base all government decisions off of - was written over 200 years ago. When George Washington and this nation's other founders sat down in Philadelphia to write America's new governing doctrine - life was very different then today. For instance - back in the late 1700's - fire extinguishers and lightening rods were considered high tech - and flush toilets had just been invented. The fact is - we live in a very, very different time then the days of the American Revolution. Almost every facet of our lives today couldn't have possibly been imagined 200+ years ago. So - with that being said - should we still be relying so heavily on a document that was written when eyeglasses and carbonated water were just becoming popular?

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Full Show 1/9/13: A Whale in a Fish Tank is a Bad Idea

Tonight's "Lone Liberal Rumble" panel discusses how Governor Rick Scott is using his state's poor as pawns in his political game, if anything positive will come out of Biden's meeting with the gun lobby and what two states are doing to try and get rid of the death penalty. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom describes how corporate America is like a whale in a fish tank.

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If AIG is a Person - Pay Up!

Richard Eskow, Campaign For America's Future joins Thom Hartmann. The insurance giant would have brought down the entire financial system in 2008 - had it not been for a generous $182 billion bailout courtesy of "we the taxpayers." But - As the New York Times reports, AIG's "thank you" might be to sue "we the taxpayers" for that very same bailout.

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Do Right-Wing Nuts Need Guns Against Government?

Do right-wing gun nuts really need automatic weapons and military assault rifles to help protect themselves from the government? Our founding fathers say no.

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Brummagemously Ugly!

The Good! *ACLU* The civil liberties organization has settled a suit with the US government that will allow many military servicemembers discharged under the anti-gay Don't Ask Don't Tell law to receive full separation pay. Many members that were discharged under the law only received half of the seperation pay that they were due. Thanks to the lawsuit - ex-military members that were discharged after November 10, 2004 due to Dont Ask Dont Tell will now be entitled all of the money that they were originally denied. Don't Ask Dont Tell was repealed - and officially ended in September of 2010. Homosexual Americans now have the right to proudly serve and defend their nation - without fear of retribution. ---------------- The Bad! *Police Use of Excessive Force* Over the last few years - there have been countless incidents of police using excessive force - from Occupy Wall Street protests to college campuses. But now - the epidemic is spreading to routine traffic stops. A video of a recent traffic stop in Texas is circulating the web - in which two women can be seen being cavity searched. The women were originally pulled over for littering - when an officer claimed that he smelled marijuana in their car. After a thorough search of the car - no drugs were found - but the officer still called a female officer over to perform invasive cavity searches of both women. Of course nothing was found. The women are now suing the state of Texas. Just another sad day for civil liberties in ...

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Hell & High Water is Coming...Climate Change

Angela Anderson, Climate and Energy Program, Union of Concerned Scientists, joins Thom Hartmann. Earlier today - 2012 was officially recognized as the hottest year ever recorded in the United States. Not much could be more startling than that - right? Wrong. What does a new study suggest about the impacts that a global sea level rise could have on the world's population?

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Big Picture Rumble - Guns...Shouldn't we take a lessons from autos?

Kris Ullman, Conservative Commentator & Activist & Sam Sacks, Progressive writer/strategist & Neil McCabe, Human Events Online joins Thom Hartmann.

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Big Picture Rumble - Should Wendy's be in business?

Kris Ullman, Conservative Commentator & Activist & Sam Sacks, Progressive writer/strategist & Neil McCabe, Human Events Online joins Thom Hartmann.

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Full Show 1/8/13: The Founding Fathers Vs. The Gun Nuts

Tonight's politics panel discusses the GOP threat of shutting down the government over the debt ceiling, more companies cutting back on their employees' hours to side step Obamacare and Alex Jones' irrational actions and interpretation of the 2nd Amendment on "Piers Morgan Tonight." In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom details what our Founding Fathers intended with the 2nd amendment.

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Fox News Takes on the No Billionaires Campaign

It's really no big surprise that commentators at Fox so-called News are outraged by our No Billionaires Campaign. After all, their paychecks - like everyone else's at Fox News - depend on towing the line for their billionaire boss and his billionaire buddies. But it is interesting that Corporate America's favorite news network hates the idea so much. It means we must be on the right track. Join the #NoBillionairesCampaign at www.nobillionairescampaign.com.

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