Workers who make Twinkies are screwed but not the CEOs

David Cay Johnston, Reuters, joins Thom Hartmann. The corruption of American capitalism by Reaganomic deregulation is on full display at Hostess Brands company. Kids in American have been eating Twinkies since 1930. But the people running the corporation that manufactures Twinkies might have just broken the law. The story of CEO greed at the Twinkie factory - and what it means for American capitalism in general...

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The Trickle-Down Austerity Agenda only leads to Peons

Chuck Collins, Institute for Policy Studies joins Thom Hartmann. So with Republicans ready to bring the same trickle-down austerity to the United States - will pain and suffering follow suit?

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Is the Greek suicide the beginning of Europe's Arab Spring?

The banksters and technocrats pushing trickle-down austerity in Greece now have blood on their hands. Yesterday - a man walked up to the Greek parliament building in Athens and shot himself in the head. It's the latest consequence of trickle-down austerity measures choking the Greek nation.

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Thom asks why the partisan Supreme Court has the final say on the laws that govern us. Tonight's "Lone Liberal Rumble" panel discusses who Romney will be when the general election gets going, how a long overdue increase in minimum wage would immediately stimulate the economy and what happens if the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at how the occupy movement is treated compared with the tea party.

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Sticks & stones are not allowed...but handguns are...

On Tuesday night - 30 Santa Monica College students - including a small child - were pepper-sprayed. Five students were treated on the scene for injuries inflicted on them by the police, and two others had to be taken to the hospital. So what did these young people do to deserve a chemical attack by the cops? Nothing...absolutely nothing deserving that kind of a response. They merely were exercising their right to peaceably assemble at a Board of Trustees meeting at their college. When they protested against the college's plan to charge more money for classes - they were met with a face full of pepper spray. Just like these students at the University of California Davis last year were doing nothing - except sitting peacefully - when they were doused with pepper spray, too, by campus police officers. Or these young women - who were peacefully marching with the Occupy Movement and kettled in by NYPD cops who then hit them with pepper spray as well. They didn't deserve this sort of treatment. So what's going on here? Why are young people around the nation getting assaulted with chemical weapons for simply doing what patriotic Americans are supposed to - organize peacefully and speak truth to power? Or, perhaps more importantly - why have there been countless uses of pepper-spray against peaceful Occupy protestors, but not one use of pepper spray against armed Tea Party protestors? The hypocracy of this unequal response to two movements is on clear display in the city of ...

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Pusillanimously Ugly!

The Good! *Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy* Malloy is poised to sign into law a measure to repeal the death penalty in Connecticut for future crimes. The Bad! *Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker* Despite being declared unconstitutional on two seperate occasions - Walker's Voter ID law still managed to disenfranchise voters in yesterday's Wisconsin Primary. and the Very Very Ugly! *Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam* Haslam announced yesterday that he will likely sign into law a bill that attacks the teachings of global warming - biological evolution and the chemical origins of life among other scientific topics.

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Crazy Alert! Here's a Tree House for the 1%

Here's a Tree House for the 1%

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What are the economics of happiness?

Helena Norberg-Hodge, producer "The Economics of Happiness," joins Thom Hartmann. This week - the United Nations is hosting a major conference on...happiness. That's right - with the world obsessed with wealth, austerity, and debt-to-GDP levels - the United Nations is taking a step back to figure out what makes people in some nations way happier than people in other nations. The conference is hosted by the Kingdom of Bhutan - a small country in the Himalayan Mountains. Bhutan is one of the poorest nations in the world - yet - it's the happiest nation in Asia - and one of the happiest in the world. So what does Bhutan know that the rest of us don't? Well - that's what the United Nations wants to find out. On last night's show - we talked a little bit about this topic by dissecting the nation of Denmark - which routinely tops the list of happiest nations on the planet. So what else can we learn about how to be a happier nation?

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How many activists will the 99% Spring train?

Ben Manski, Democracy Advocate, joins Thom Hartmann. Spring is here - and that doesn't just mean warmer weather - it also means nationwide grassroots activism. This year is about grassroots activism versus moneyed interests.

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Lone Liberal Rumble - Another flip flop from Romney?

Kris Ullman, Conservative Commentator & Activist & Lachlan Markay, Heritage Foundation join Thom Hartmann for the Big Picture Rumble.

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Judicial review...A Constitutional crisis is brewing in America

It's time for Congress to require SCOTUS to conform to the Federal Code of Judicial Conduct.

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Full Show 4/3/12: The President Strikes Back

Thom discusses President Obama's speech on Paul Ryan's radical budget, health care and the middle-class. Also discussed: Ayn Rand's continued influence on the Republican Party, the many problems with our nation's high court and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at why Denmark is the happiest nation in the world, and what the US can learn from the Danes.

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What's the Point of Being Rich if you're not Happy?

A new report out says Denmark is the happiest place on Earth - and America isn't even close. So here we have Denmark - a nation that taxes at higher rates than we do in the United States - gives basic health care and free education to all its citizens - hasn't sold their elections off to the highest bidder - doesn't place any importance on arming their citizens against each other - isn't involved in any wars abroad - and has 72% of its workers unionized. Hearing those stats - Republicans' heads would explode. Yet - Denmark is the happiest nation on the planet. We're the nation that wrote the right to pursue happiness into our first founding document, our Declaration of Independence. Maybe we should take our own advice and learn a few things from Denmark.

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Papuliferously Ugly!

The Good! *Maine Senator Olympia Snowe* Snowe - a moderate Republican - attacked her party last night for using contraception as part of political debate in America. The Bad! *Mitt Romney* Yesterday - Romney became the latest Conservative to bash the Chevy Volt - General Motors' super fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle and Big Oil's worst nightmare. Speaking in Wisconsin - he told a crowd. and the Very Very Ugly! *Detroit's Frederick Douglass Academy* 50 students were suspended from the all-boys school last Thursday after walking out of classes in protest.

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Viewer rants - You're probably a Republican if...

Viewer rants - You're probably a Republican if...

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