Is the Facebook co-founder an American hero or anti-American?

Conservatives are quick to argue that millionaires and billionaires make their wealth on their own - without the help of the American government - but that's far from the truth. How do we stop the "greed is good" mentality taking over the country - and restore our history as a cooperative and collaborative nation?

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Cacestogenously Ugly!

The Good! *Chuck Hagel* Hagel - the former Republican Senator from Nebraska - attacked his party in an interview with Foreign Policy magazine. Hagel said that, "Reagan wouldn't identify with this party. and the Very Very Ugly! *Reince Preibus* Despite JPMorgan Chase losing a whopping $2 billion dollars from risky trading - Republican Party Chairman Preibus thinks Wall Street needs LESS financial regulation.

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Is the Americans Elect Democracy experiment a failure?

The grand "Americans Elect" experiment in democracy is a failure. The non-profit group - funded by hedge fund managers and a cadre of unknown donors - which called on Americans to use the Internet to select a third-party Presidential candidate to appear on the ballot in all fifty states, announced today that its nominating process has failed - and no candidate received the threshold of support needed to win. While Americans Elect said they were giving Americans a voice outside the restrictions of Party lines - it did all along reserve the right to pick the final nominee in backroom negotiations among its board members. Now it looks like that's exactly what's going to happen.

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Conservatives think legalizing gay marriage will increase the deficit?

David Selig, Federal Tax Practitioner & Tommy Christopher, Mediaite.com join Thom Hartmann. A coalition of politicians in Virginia barred a man from becoming a judge in the state - just because he was gay. Has anything really changed since President Obama threw his support behind marriage equality?

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Who are the secret "wind warriors?"

Gabe Elsner, Checks and Balances joins Thom Hartmann. Big oil is sabotaging our clean energy future. The organization "Checks and Balances" recently uncovered a treasure trove of documents outlining a strategy against President Obama's clean energy agenda - in particular - wind power. And behind this strategy are some very familiar names. Here to tell us who they are - and how they're trying to subvert clean energy in America - is Gabe Elsner, co-director of Checks and Balances.

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Chicago dons riot gear for peaceful summit protests

Adam Gabbatt, Guardian US joins Thom Hartmann. Chicago Police have spent 1 million dollars on riot-gear ahead of the upcoming NATO summit. But with only peaceful protests planned for the summit - is the Chicago Police Department going overboard?

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Chris Hedges - Why OWS Frightens the Corporate Elite

Chris Hedges, Truthdig / Author, "The World As It Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress." Right now the tip of the spear fighting back against austerity here in the United States is the Occupy Movement. So what will victory look like - and how will it finally be achieved?

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Greece austerity is shock doctrine capitalism

We might be seeing the beginning of the end for Greece and the eurozone. Greece's President announced today that parties have failed to create a coalition government - and has called for new elections in June. So if the anti-austerity parties win big again as expected - is the eurozone as we know it doomed?

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Full Show 5/15/12: Thom Talks OWS with Chris Hedges

Thom talks with journalist and author Chris Hedges on why the Occupy Movement frightens the corporate elite. Also discussed: the upcoming NATO Summit in Chicago, the failure of the "Americans Elect" experiment and the economic impacts of gay marriage. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at the "greed is good" mentality coming from the right over Facebook Co-Founder's plan to avoid paying US taxes.

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Full Show 5/14/12: Voters Reject Austerity

Thom discusses how voters in Europe continue to reject pro-austerity candidates, and whether the same will happen in the US Also discussed: the effort to end "shoot first" laws, race and marriage equality and tonight's political panel discusses the ending of unemployment benefits, the new Obama ad going after Romney and Bain Capital and whether Malaysia's convictions of Bush and Cheney means anything. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at how we can stop the takeover of American Democracy by corporations.

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Libertarian Wet Dream...One World Government?

The New York Times is out with a new story today on WPP - a London-based corporation that is buying up most of the big lobbying shops here in Washington, DC. The Times refers to the company as a "consolidating force at work in the influence-peddling industry." WPP is a $72 billion dollar foreign corporation - running more than 150 public relations, advertising, and lobbying companies employing nearly 160000 people. And K. Street is getting devoured by WPP - as more and more lobbying boutiques join up with the massive one-stop shop of influence. As the Times writes, "WPP has become, in effect, a special interest mega-firm, with offerings for conservatives and liberals, environmentalists and polluters, gun lovers and gun haters, Tea Party die-hards and public sector unions, old guard media and their high tech competitors - the entire gamut from left to right, top to bottom." So if you're a Texas energy baron - and you want to blow up EPA regulations on toxic coal ash - then reach out to WPP - where you'll have... First, access to their public relations team to promote your corporation and give it a good name in the community. Second, access to their advertising team to run smears against the EPA and "job-killing" regulations. And third, access to a lobbyist to whip up support for your anti-EPA agenda on Capitol Hill. Mitt Romney's Bain Capital did just that in 2011 - giving WPP $320000 to monitor "tax reform development." And here's what's most troubling - WPP runs ...

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Subtegulaneously Ugly!

The Good! *Saudi Arabia* Despite being the world's largest oil producer - Saudi Arabia is making huge strides in developing renewable energy. The Bad! *Rep. James Lankford* According to Representative Lankford - LGBT workers should not be protected from workplace discrimination because homosexuality is a choice and something that can be changed. and the Very Very Ugly! *John Derbyshire* Derbyshire is the former National Review contributor who was fired last month for publishing a racist article. Well - he didn't learn his lesson.

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Should older children be breastfed?

The cover of last week's TIME Magazine caused quite the stir across the country - and around the world. It featured 26 year-old Jamie Lynne Grumet breastfeeding her 3 year-old son. Besides heating up the debate on women breastfeeding in public - the cover and article sparked a new debate over attachment parenting - a style of parenting that promotes closeness. For the last week - websites and messageboards have lit up with comments from parents who either endorse the technique - or find it downright silly. But - if you think that attachment parenting is only about a mother breastfeeding her child past the cultural norm - then everything you know about attachment parenting is wrong!

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