Why is TN teaching creationism?

Dinesh D'Souza, Columnist/Author vs.Thom Hartmann. Republicans in Tennessee want to re-open the Scopes Monkey Trial. So what's with the Conservative war on science - and how might big oil be behind it all?

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Keystone Pipeline...Big Oil Pandering

Karl Frisch, Bullfight Strategies joins Thom Hartmann. President Obama was in Oklahoma today where he reversed his position on the Keystone XL pipeline - and is fast-tracking approval of the southern portion of the pipeline to take Canadian tar sands from Canada down to shipping lanes in Texas. The current pipeline runs from Canada to Cushing, Oklahoma. The full proposed pipeline, not supported by the president would have crossed the US border in Montana down to Cushing and then to the Gulf Coast. The part President Obama announced today that he supports will run from Cushing, Oklahoma to the Gulf Coast. So why did the President reverse course here and give into most of the demands of big oil? And what are the political consequences of such a decision?

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Paul Ryan's Budget-most extreme corporate welfare

Rebekah Rast, Americans for Limited Government joins Thom Hartmann. The more we learn about Paul Ryan's budget - the worse it gets. Just how politically courageous is it of Paul Ryan to tell millionaires and billionaires they get more tax cuts - while telling poor people they have to lose their health insurance?

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Why do 5 banks hold 52% of all banking assets?

Wallace Turbeville, with Demos & Former investment banker who spent 12 years at Goldman Sachs joins Thom Hartmann. Remember when our lawmakers promised they would end "too big to fail"? Well - they didn't. And now - too big to fail is even bigger. Here are the shocking numbers regarding Wall Street's wealth inequality.

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Full Show 3/21/12: Paul Ryan's Radical Budget

Thom takes a deeper look into Paul Ryan's radical budget that only benefits the 1%. Tonight's "Lone Liberal Rumble" panel discusses Ryan's budget, last night's Illinois primary and a law in Tennessee that would force public schools to teach the "controversy" over global warming and evolution. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at the severe economic implications of a potential war with Iran.

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Republican Chickenhawk's New Plan to send Prez Obama Packing

So, guess what's the latest right-wing ploy to crash the economy before the election? War with Iran! On Tuesday - International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde warned that a military strike on Iran could disrupt oil supplies around the world - causing the price of oil to spike 30%. Lagarde said, "Clearly it would be a shock to economies if there was a major shortage of exports of oil out of Iran...A sudden and brutal rise in the price of oil would have serious consequences on the global economy." Right now - oil is the lifeblood of our economy. All economic production - from how our food is grown, to how our products are manufactured, to how our pharmaceuticals are made, to how our buildings and infrastructure are constructed, to how our workers get to and from their jobs - to how we power our homes - it nearly ALL depends on oil.Currently - Brent crude oil prices are about $123 a barrel. A 30% increase - would push the price to well near $160 a barrel. That's higher than where the price of oil peaked in 2008 - at $147 a barrel - just months before the entire global economy went into full meltdown.

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Limnophilously Ugly!

The Good! *Elaine Johnson* Johnson - a second-grade teacher in Sacremento, California - is truly devoted to her job of teaching and caring for young children. The Bad! *Minnesota Republicans* Republicans in the Minnesota House of Representatives helped pass a voter ID measure today that would require voters to show government-issued identification at the polls when they vote. and the Very Very Ugly! *Fox News* Fox News has created an audience filled with racist hatred. After an article about the Trayvon Martin death was posted on the Fox News website - a flurry of comments began to pop up - and most were marked by racism and intolerance.

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Your Take/My Take - Don't Hunt in Cities!

Your Take/My Take - Don't Hunt in Cities!

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On what grounds are health insurers charging women more than men?

Sam Bennett, The She Should Run Foundation, joins Thom Hartmann. Women are screwed - and I'm not just talking about the Republican war against women's contraceptive rights. A new report from the National Women's Law Center reveals that health insurance companies are charging women in America an extra billion dollars annually, and it's just good old fashioned gender discrimination. The report finds that the practice of for-profit health insurers charging women more than men for identical coverage is widespread - and states are doing little to stop the rip-off. In the states that don't ban health insurance gender discrimination, 92% of the best-selling plans charge women more than men. Again - they charge women roughly a billion dollars more than men! So how is this blatant discrimination allowed to continue?

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Should we ditch the shoot to kill law?

A man with a history of violence against police was legally issued a gun and used it to murder a harmless teen. How is this allowed to happen in American society today? Since this Koch Brother's ALEC-endorsed NRA-inspired law was signed by Jeb Bush, the "justifable homicide" rate in Florida has more than TRIPLED. So Isn't it time we rethink these infamous "license to kill" laws so we can prevent more murders? And better yet - shouldn't we be asking ourselves how a man who was previously arrested for violence and battery against a cop was able to get a gun at all? While Trayvon Martin's death is a tragedy - we don't have to let him die in vain...It's time we stopped the needless crime that plagues America's streets - and enact tougher gun control legislation that will prevent deaths like Trayvon's from ever occuring again. Joining Thom Hartmann to discuss the case is Josh Horwitz, Executive Director of the National Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and John Manuelian, a pro-NRA criminal defense attorney.

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Crazy Alert! Are you dying for a ride on a Harley?

Are you dying for a ride on a Harley?

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Lone Liberal Rumble - Romney wants an Etch-a-Sketch

Vince Coglianese, Daily Caller & Lachlan Markay, Heritage Foundation join Thom Hartmann. Romney trounces Santorum and Tennessee takes up arms in the war against science. And more in tonight's Lone Liberal Rumble.

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Public Workers get a Pay Freeze & Banksters get Bonuses!

John Gage, American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) joins Thom Hartmann. Traditional morality tells us to take care of the poor, the sick, and the elderly. Paul Ryan's new budget, however, does none of that. What does it say about that Conservative vision for America when public workers have to suffer a pay freeze - but banksters on Wall Street are free to rake hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses?

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Full Show 3/20/12: Why does Paul Ryan hate the middle class?

Thom discusses Paul Ryan's 2013 budget and why it would further hurt the middle class and working Americans. Also discussed: what one Congressman is doing to help college graduates with their ever increasing college loan debt and Thom gives his take on the shooting murder of Trayvon Martin. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at how Germany is making history with their revolutionary alternative energy plan.

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Germany to Make History With Alternative Energy

Here's a "tale of two cities" - or two countries, actually. Germany and the United States. One country is preparing for a future in which their children will breathe clean air and lead the worlds economy - and the other is preparing for a future in which their children will choke on polluted air - and fall behind the rest of the world in the global economy. Can you guess which is which? Germany just announced a $260 billion investment in new energy - that's 8% of their GDP - with a goal of getting 80% of their nation's energy from wind and solar. This is the largest investment in energy that Germany has made since World War 2 - and they're even making this investment right in the middle of the financial crisis sweeping Europe - because Germany "gets it." No nation in the history of the world has ever cut its way to prosperity - just look at Greece. So Germany knows that the only way to get out of this crisis - is to GROW their way out of it - to come out in the end of it a better, stronger, and wealthier nation - through government investments in the future. Germany is going to build offshore wind farms - covering an area six-times larger than the size of New York City. They're going to put up thousands and thousands of miles in new power lines to modernize their energy grid - enough new smartgrid power lines that, if they were stretched out in a single line, would reach from London all the way to Baghdad. And, prompted by the Fukushima disaster in Japan last year ...

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