Bush's Failed to Keep America Safe on 9/11

As a new op-ed published today in the New York Times uncovers, the Bush administration was repeatedly warned in the months leading up to the attack that terrorists were operating in America and determined to carry out an attack. We all know of the infamous memo Bush received titled, "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US" on August 6th - a month before 9/11. What we didn't know about was the slew of other memos that Bush received in the months before - that like the August 6th memo - went largely ignored. As journalist Kurt Eichenwald uncovered in that New York Times Op-Ed - as early as May of 2001, the CIA was warning Bush of a coming attack. On May 1st - the CIA warned the White House there was a terrorist group "presently in the United States."

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Crazy Alert! Elvis's Underwear didn't sell

Thom Hartmann's crazy alert

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What It's Like to Fight Against $15 Million Deluge

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) & Sarah Jaffe, AlterNet join Thom Hartmann. Some politicians are lucky enough to have billionaires like Sheldon Adelson behind them - donating billions of dollars to help buy off the election. But what about those who truly believe in our democracy - and want to run without the help of corporate cash? Can they still hope to win in November? We'll ask Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown

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First Responders Left in the Dust

John Devlin, 9/11 first responder & Kirk Arsenault, 9/11 first responder join Thom Hartmann. Now on to those who continue to struggle 11 years after the attacks. I'm talking about the 9/11 first responders - the police officers, firefighters, and volunteers who rushed to the rubble to look for survivors - and spent days, weeks, and months at ground zero recovering bodies and cleaning up the rubble. Those men and women are today dealing with sickness - unaware at the time that the air they were breathing at Ground Zero was toxic. Cancers, heart problems, and respiratory problems continue to plague the first responders today - and tragically - have led to the deaths of as many as 1000 of these brave Americans. A year and a half ago - Congress passed the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act - to give sick first responders the healthcare they deserve for serving their nation. It was a hard fought victory just to get the bill passed - as Republicans in the House opposed it - with even Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan voting against it. But passing it was just the first battle - the next battle for responders was proving that the cancers and illnesses they suffer from were indeed caused by the toxic rubble at ground zero. Now - there might be some good news. On Monday - the National Institute for Occupational Safety announced they do recognize a link between more than 50 types of cancer and the work done at Ground Zero - thus giving health care coverage to more ...

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Full Show 9/11/12: Sen. Brown Talks Citizens United

Thom talks with Senator Sherrod Brown about running for reelection in a post Citizens United world. Also discussed: Romney's latest lie, lawmakers in DC trying to prevent Wall St. reform and Thom talks with two first responders on the 11th anniversary of 9/11. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom details why the Chicago's teacher strike is the battle for the future of America.

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Will Obama accept Ryan's challenge on medical marijuana?

Since he took office - President Obama has been the most radical anti-drug president in American history - despite promising otherwise. Should he continue America's failed war on drugs - or take a surprising page out of Paul Ryan's playbook? Update* Paul Ryan has now backtracked on medical marijuana.

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Is Obama's mobilizing 1000s of lawyers for Voter ID battle?

Mike Papantonio, Attorney, Host, Ring of Fire Radio & Hilary Shelton, NAACP join Thom Hartmann. While Republicans are relying on billionaires to win the election this year - Democrats are enlisting the help of lawyers. In response to a rash of Voter Suppression ID laws and restrictions on early voting and voter registration, President Obama's re-election team and the DNC are deploying teams of lawyers in states around the country to challenge right-wing anti-voting laws. The voter-protection teams, as they're called, are monitoring any new law changes, putting pressure on local election officials, and training poll watchers to keep an eye on any "shenanigans" come Election Day. It's a crime that such efforts are necessary in America - the beacon for democracy around the world. But with the Republican Party committed to kicking millions of Democratic voters off the polls by November, what other choice is there?

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Everything You Know is Wrong: Can Politics be transformational?

Author & activist Marianne Williamson joins Thom Hartmann. What does the lack of spirituality/consciousness in politics have to do with low female participation in politics?

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The Curious Case of Don Siegelman

Actress & author Mimi Kennedy joins Thom Hartmann. Just how sordid is this take down of Gov. Siegelman?

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Siegelman...now driving to prison to serve 78 months

It's not easy being a Democrat in a red state - just ask former Governor of Alabama Don Siegelman. Thom talks to former Governor of Alabama Don Siegelman and his daughter, Dana, as he prepares to start serving a 78 month prison sentence on trumped up bribery charges.

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Chicago Teacher"s Strike - Education is now get-rich-quick scheme for corporate CEOs!

Gloria Steinem, Womens Rights Activist joins Thom Hartmann. The nation's third largest school district is without teachers today. After contract negotiations fell through over the weekend, the Chicago Teachers Union declared a strike and walked off the job this morning. This is the first time Chicago teachers have gone on strike in 25 years. Altogether 29000 teachers and school workers are joining in on the strike to demand better pay, working conditions, and stop the march toward privatization of the city's schools. At the heart of the strike are several issues: One is a four-percent pay increase teachers were promised last year -- but was cancelled by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Instead, the mayor is asking teachers to work a longer school day. Also, teachers are asking for a state limit on classroom sizes -- a law that's in place in 32 other states, but not in Illinois. Plus, teachers are trying to reverse the Mayor's plans to slash public education funding and use that money to create 250 non-union, for-profit charter schools. Chicago has now become ground-zero in the battle over how we as a nation will educate our children. Will we embrace the public school system that Thomas Jefferson and Horace Mann worked so hard to create -- and support teachers who perform one of the most important jobs in our society? Or, will we hand off educating our kids to the money-changers and corporate CEOs who see education as a get-rich-quick scheme? Keep an eye on the Windy City.

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Chicago teachers on strike - Privatization vs Public Schools

Mike Elk, Reporter-Working In These Times & Neil McCabe, Human Events Online join Thom Hartmann. For the first time in 25 years - teachers in Chicago are on strike - leaving more than 350000 students locked out of the classroom. What's the motivation behind the teacher's strike - and can we expect to see a resolution anytime soon?

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Full Show 9/10/12: Strike in the Windy City

Thom discusses the Chicago teacher strike with Labor Journalist Mike Elk and Human Rights Columnist Neil McCabe. Also discussed: whether this year's presidential election will be decided by our courts because of voter suppression laws and former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman joins Thom with less than 24 hours before he starts serving his 78-month prison sentence. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at how the medical marijuana issue may be the deciding issue come November.

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How & Why Other Countries have Ended the 2-Party System

So the conventions are in the books, and we're two months away from the election. We're two months away from Americans having an ultimate choice - vote for the Democrat or vote for the Republican. Actually...that's not really much of a choice at all. In fact - other Democracies around the world would laugh at us if we claimed that a vote between one of two major parties here was ACTUALLY a legitimate choice. The truth is - a two-party system isn't really that Democratic at all. And most of the other Democracies on the planet know that - that's why they've reformed their elections to prevent a two-party duopoly from taking over their representative governments. Did you know there are six political parties represented in the German Congress - the Bundestag - and even more parties represented in state parliaments around Germany - including the Pirate Party? Australia, too, has six parties represented in their parliament. In the Italian Parliament as well - there's six major parties represented - and more than two dozen smaller parties that are represented in some way as well. Brazil has 15 parties represented in Congress. Heck - Israel's Parliament has like 18 parties in it.

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Conversations with Great Minds - Alan Uke - Buying America Back P2

Alan Uke, author, Buying America Back: A Real-Deal Blueprint for Restoring American Prosperity, joins Thom Hartmann. Could "buying American" create new jobs across the country and help improve the state of the economy? Is "Buying America Back" a political issue - is it Democrat versus Republican. Or is it simply about looking out for America?

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