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"Your Take - My Take" is YOUR chance to send in your questions, comments, rants and observations about anything we talk about here on The Big Picture or during my radio show.

Exposing the New Republican Conspiracy & Paranoia

Sam Sacks, Progressive Strategist joins Thom Hartmann. The Republican party loves to start conspiracy theories in attempts to sway American voters. Why do they resort to these tactics - and do they really think they're fooling anyone?

Wall Street Scored Big in the Last Elections

Wall Street - not Santorum - came out on top in last night's Republican Primaries. How is it that Wall Street seems to always get its way in American politics?

Full Show 3/13/12: Super (PAC) Tuesday

Thom looks at the impact the Citizens United decision had on the Alabama and Mississippi primaries. Also discussed: Sarah Palin's bad week, the ever increasing rise in the cost of college and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom talks about why Republicans need to start acting like Ronald Reagan to save the economy.

Palin - Dog-Whistle Politics?

Shannyn Moore, Host-The Shannyn Moore Show, joins Thom Hartmann. While using corporate money is one way for Conservatives to win an election - they've been using another tactic far longer - dog-whistle politics.

Why Republicans should start acting like Reagan

Our economy desperately needs Republicans to put politics aside - and work with President Obama and Democrats to pass a common-sense economic stimulus to put millions of Americans back to work. That doesn't mean Republicans have to act like "socialists" - or spend money like drunken sailors. All it means is that Republicans have to act like Reagan - and show the same respect to the office of the Presidency that Democrats gave Reagan thirty years ago. In other words - they should start acting like the "Party of Reagan" that they claim to be - instead of acting like the "Party of Crashing the Economy to Make Obama a One-Term President."

Your Take/My Take - Keystone oil for foreign not US

Mary Lou on the Thom Hartmann Facebook asks..."Why hasn't the national media told us that the oil that would flow through the XL Pipeline would be destined for foreign ports, not homeland use? Listen to McKibben!"

The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Cacestogenously Ugly

The Good! *The American Public* Even though Congressional Republicans are attacking President Obama over high gas prices - it appears the American public can see right through the lies. The Bad! *Representative Cliff Stearns* In a meeting with constituents in Florida last month - Stearns told the audience that America needs to sell off it's national parks. And the Very Very Ugly! *Grover Norquist* In an interview on the Daily Show last night - Jon Stewart asked Norquist if President Reagan should be scorned for raising taxes during his presidency.

The Plot to turn your Kids into Religious Warriors

Katherine Stewart, Journalist / Author "The Good News Club" joins Thom Hartmann. The radical right is on a mission. But are they REALLY trying to use the public schools to turn your children into religious warriors?

Crazy Alert - Squirrels Drinking w/Straws?

Bushy-tailed and busy in the backyard! We all know how hard squirrels will work to find food in our backyard - but one little guy went the extra mile

How the Student Loan Bubble will Affect our Nation

Don Soifer, Vice President-Lexington Institute & Molly Katchpole, Campaigns Fellow-Rebuild the Dream. College tuition in America is out of control. How are mounting student loan debts affecting our nation - and is the government ever going to help out our next generation of scientists, doctors, and engineers they way they did previous generations?

Are SuperPacs a good way to run a Democracy?

David Selig, Conservative Commentator vs. Thom Hartmann. So, thanks to Citizens United - we're headed for a billion dollar election cycle - or more. And as we've seen so far in the Republican Primary - the guy with the most corporate SuperPAC money - Mitt Romney - is also the guy who's the front-runner to win the Republican nomination. So is this a good way to run a Democracy.

Republican at the polls are not voting for candidates

Republican voters hit the polls down South for another round of primaries today. Only - they aren't voting for candidates. I'll tell you who they're REALLY voting for - and what it means for our Democracy.

Full Show 3/12/12: Why are we still in Afghanistan?

Thom asks tonight's panel if a Saigon-like withdrawal from Afghanistan is in our future. Also discussed: how ALEC is ruining Wisconsin's public school system, how Romney's religion will play out in the general election and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom introduces us to the man responsible for preventing a recovery in the housing market.

WI: Why let ALEC fund a Corporate Dating Service?

Mark Pocan D-WI State Representative joins Thom Hartmann. What shadow forces are behind a new bill in Wisconsin to promote for-profit education?

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