Full Show 3/28/12: The End of the American Dream

Thom speaks about the end of the American dream, and what has replaced it. Tonight's "Lone Liberal Rumble" panel discusses Obamacare (SCOTUS v. POTUS), our extreme airport security measures and the latest from the Trayvon Martin case. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom gives his reasons why the Supreme Court doesn't have the constitutional power to strike down laws.

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Democratic Underground Readers are Wrong on SCOTUS

On Monday of this week I did a rant about how the Supreme Court was never given the power to overturn laws based on the Constitution. The clip went up over at Democratic Underground yesterday, and today here are the comments - with my responses. The Supreme Court doesn't have the power to overturn acts of Congress - so why do so many people think otherwise?

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Your Take/My Take - Caller "You Moron! Supply side economics rules."

Caller "You Moron! Supply side economics rules."

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Terpsichoreanously Ugly!

The Good! *LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman* Hoffman recently loaned $1 million dollars to a website that lets people make direct loans to entrepreneurs in impoverished countries. The Bad! *The Eagle Forum* The Eagle Forum - a national ultra-conservative group is pushing a law in Tennessee that would place limits on the number of foreign-born teachers a school could hire. and the Very Very Ugly! *The Daily Texan* In the newest chapter in the Conservative smear campaign against Treyvon Martin, the University of Texas's student newspaper published a racially insensitive political cartoon yesterday.

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Lone Liberal Rumble - Who wins & loses off the Supreme Court decision?

Caroline May, The Daily Caller & Jeff Poor, The Daily Caller join Thom Hartmann. Who wins and who loses off this Supreme Court decision? TSA Security Theater: What's the point of all the new security installed after 9/11 - when we have passengers ready and willing to protect the planes themselves? So It might not be too long before our economy gets screwed by Wall Street again? The Trayvon Martin story: Meanwhile police in Sanford are re-opening an investigation into Zimmerman - though it will be tough to get a case together because of Florida's Stand Your Ground law - a law written by the NRA and Wal-Mart and pushed into the Florida legislature by ALEC. So should corporate lobbying groups like ALEC be writing our laws - especially now that we know the damage they can cause? On MSNBC - former Senator Arlen Specter gave the best analysis of Romney flip-flopping yet - relating Romney's positions to a porn star's positions. So - let's assume that Romney IS a pornstar for a moment - what might his favotire position be?

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Reporter fired over state's extreme ultrasound law

Texas reporter Scott Braddock joins Thom Hartmann. There is a war on journalism and free speech going on in this country - and Scott Braddock is the latest victim. Braddock - a well-known Texas news radio reporter - was fired last week after he aired excerpts of an interview with a woman who was "forced to undergo several medically unnecessary transvaginal sonograms to obtain an abortion" due to the new Texas sonogram law. While his employer - KROI News 92 FM - says he was fired for filling in for another reporter on a competing radio station - But Braddock claims that's not the case. Scott joins us now from Texas to talk more about the situation - and why he really may have been fired.

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Must watch! How the Koch Brothers spent $3.9 million under the radar

Lee Fang, RepublicReport.org joins Thom Hartmann. The gruesome two-some known as the Koch brothers are a driving force corrupting our Democracy. How were the Koch's able to launder money and spend millions electing Conservative lawmakers in the 2010 election - while hiding it from the rest of us? And what might they be up to now?

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Crazy Alert! There are Aliens in that Mountain!

There are Aliens in that Mountain!

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The New American Dream - Winning the lottery!

This isn't just about healthcare - this is about the middle class. And as more and more Americans fall out of the ranks of the middle class - and into the working poor - then they resign themselves to the fact that their life isn't going to get any better. The old American Dream is dead for them - and that their only hope now is to hit a lottery jackpot. That's the new American Dream - that's the lottery culture in America.

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Full Show 3/27/12: Progressive Caucus Releases their Budget

The house progressive caucus released their budget, and guest host Sam Sacks compares it with Rep. Ryan's radical budget released last week. Also discussed: how the individual healthcare mandate used to be a conservative idea, the US and it's ranking 5th in killing its citizen and why the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements are joining forces. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at why conservatives are so ready to go to war with Iran.

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Full Show 3/26/12: Thom talks with Dennis Kucinich

Thom talks with Dennis Kucinich about Obamacare and the case against it being heard in the Supreme Court. Also discussed: Obama's new pick to head the World Bank, the latest from the Trayvon Martin case and Thom talks with actress Mary-Louise Parker about her role with the Hope North Uganda organization. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at the economic similarities between the conservatives in the US and the UK

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Zombie Reagan & Zombie Thatcher feasting on the Middle Class

Zombie Reagan and Zombie Thatcher are on the hunt - biting into the wallets of the middle-class. How do we protect ourselves from these money-hungry monsters?

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Somniloquaciously Ugly!

The Good! *The Jiangsu Xin Chang Jiang Group* The group - one of China's top 20 private enterprises - handed out 300 kilograms of gold and 300 kilograms of silver last weekend to the nearly 3000 residents of Changjiang Village. The Bad! *Karl Rove* Last week - Rove's Crossroads GPS SuperPAC spent a whopping $650000 dollars on a television ad that claimed President Obama is responsible for the rising cost of gasoline. and the Very Very Ugly! *Rick Santorum* Santorum's campaign released an ad over the weekend that briefly replaces a picture of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad with a picture of President Obama.

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Your Take/My Take - Cavit from S. Korea - A booming country with medical for all

Cavit from S. Korea - A booming country with medical for all

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Ugandan Child Soldiers w/Mary Louise Parker

Actress Mary Louise Parker, Hope North Donor & Okello Sam, Hope North join Thom Hartmann. Until the release of the now viral Kony 2012 video two weeks ago - very few people in the world understood what was happening in Uganda. For over two decades - the nation has been in a constant state of civil war - but the world has let it go largely unnoticed. However - there are some groups like Hope North that have been in Uganda for years - seeking to help those affected most by the violence.

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