Why is Rick Santorum Pining for the Pilgrim/Theocrat days?

While some Conservatives may be nauseated by the seperation of church and state - how is it an essential pillar of our democracy?

Everything U Know is Wrong...What accounts for the "smart idiot" effect?

You would think increased knowledge would make an individual more understanding of science. You would be wrong - at least regarding a certain group in our society. For hundreds of years there has been the notion that knowledge exists to unite us all. Well - it may unite the minds of some - but it doesn't do much to enlighten the minds of Conservatives. If you think that a Republican with a college degree would be less likely to deny proven scientific concepts like global warming...then everything you know is wrong...Joining me now is Chris Mooney - Science & Political Journalist and Author of 3 books including his newest out in April...The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science and Reality.

Students on Hunger Strike for Living Wage

Hunter Link, hunger striker, joins Thom Hartmann. University of Virginia students are the latest soldiers in the fight for workers' rights. How have they chosen to fight for change - and will they succeed in reaching their goals? Making sure working people earn a living wage isn't just the morally right thing to do in the wealthiest nation on the planet - it makes good economic sense too. The more money working people have - the more they spend - thus stimulating our economy and creating more demand and thus more jobs. Working people are the REAL job creators! People shouldn't have to be starving themselves to raise awareness of this issue - it's economics 101

Millionaire Fox Business panelists go after hotel maids

Millionaire Fox Business panelists go after hotel maids

Are Americans becoming less not more conservative?

Sarah Jaffe, AlterNet joins Thom Hartmann. Conservatives like Rick Santorum and Marco Rubio will tell you America is becoming a nation of Conservatives. Is this really the case - or are they sorely mistaken?

Afghan protest-more than burning the Koran

Ali Gharib, Think Progress joins Thom Hartmann. Violence in Afghanistan has escalated tremendously over the past two weeks. Is a full military withdrawl from the country still plausible - and is there a way to stop the current violence?

Hartmann: The Good, the Bad and the Very, Very Allochthonously Ugly

The Good! *Corey Husic* Husic - a 17 year old high school student from Pennsylvania - sent a loud and clear message to the Heartland Institute - the conservative organization planning to create a nation of global warming deniers. The Bad! *Arizona Congressional Candidate Frank Antenori* At a Arizona Tea Party rally last week - Antenori told a crowd of about 300 people that President Obama's presidency is very similar to Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait in 1990. And the Very Very Ugly! *Rick Berman* Viewers of the Oscar broadcast last night may have noticed a peculiar ad during the show - an ad attacking the Humane Society of America claiming that only a small portion of donations made to them actually go to help fund animal shelters.

Hartmann: Crazy Alert! Dictator Drama...

Crazy Alert! Dictator Drama...

Full Show 2/27/12: The causes of the Afghan protests

Thom talks with Think Progress's National Security Reporter Ali Gharib on the real causes of the protests in Afghanistan. Also discussed: why Republicans deny science, the Univ. of Virginia's hunger strike and Thom's "Daily Take" on why Santorum wants to turn America into a theocracy.

Full Show 2/24/12: An Extended Edition of Friday's "Big Picture Rumble"

Tonight's "Big Picture Rumble" panel discuses the Republicans eagerness to bomb Iran, Jeb Bush's critique of the GOP candidates, Occupy Wall Street 2.0 and Maryland becoming the eighth state to allow gay marriage. In today's "Daily Take" Thom discusses the end of US dominance in the global economy.

Hartmann: The Global Power Shift to the BRIC Nations

So what is it that the banksters, billionaires, and transnational CEOs see that most Americans don't see? It's the end of US dominance in the global economy. And not just US dominance - but the end of Western dominance altogether. Right now - a global power shift is occurring underneath all of us. With the United States economy still struggling through the muck - and the European economy in complete free fall - new economic powers around the world are seeing this as an opportunity to gain more power in the global marketplace. Those new economic powers are known as the BRIC nations - Brazil, Russia, India, and China - plus, South Africa. The BRIC nations are home to 40% of the world's population and already account for a quarter of the global economy.

Full Show 2/23/12: Will we ever get the "New Deal" style program this country needs?

Thom discusses last night's GOP debate and the economy with Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein. Also discussed: the Republicans pathetic infrastructure spending bill, the latest from the Occupy Wall Street movement and Thom's "Daily Take" on the GOP candidates eagerness to go to war with Iran.

Our Nation's status as a global superpower is on life-support

America has been in a state of war for over a decade now. Why are Republicans so intent on starting another one - and how much damage could it do to our nation?

The Good, the Bad and the Very, Very Crassilingualeously Ugly

The Good! *US District Judge Carl Barbier* Judge Barbier ruled Wednesday that BP and one of it's minority partners in the blown-up well-site of the Deepwater Horizon explosion are liable for civil penalties under the Clean Water Act. The Bad! *State Governments* The $26 billion dollar foreclosure fraud settlement was intended to help those affected most by the crisis - the homeowners. And the Very Very Ugly! *Arizona Congressional Candidate Gabriela Mercer* Mercer - a Republican candidate for Congress - told a group of Tea Party members yesterday that her opponent - incumbent Rep. Raul Grijalva - was anti-American.

Geeky Science: What ocean temps have to do w/the evolution of the human race

What ocean temps have to do w/the evolution of the human race

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