Your Take/My Take - on Denmark's Teabaggers

Your Take/My Take - on Denmark's Teabaggers

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Don't get tangled in the seaweed of the California coast - it's radioactive!

Paul Gunter, Beyond Nuclear joins Thom Hartmann. Biologists have discovered radioactive seaweed off the coast of California - the latest victim of the Fukushima disaster. Just how much radiation will affect the West Coast - and are American lives in danger?

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Ronald Reagan joins Thom "live" taking credit for the Kochtopus

The Ochtopus hit maximum power over the past few years, but it was Ronald Reagan who really gave them their launching pad.

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Is the Kochtopus really Dr. Evil in disguise?

Zaid Jilani, Republic Report, joins Thom Hartmann. The grue-some two-some known as the Koch Brothers have already done enough damage to America - but they're still at it. What is the Kochtopus up to now - and is there a way to stop the two-headed beast?

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Why are gangs of white supremacists "patrolling" Sanford?

Progressive Sam Sacks joins Thom Hartmann. George Zimmerman is still a free man - and gangs of white supremacists are "patrolling" the streets of Sanford. Just how bad is the situation in the city - and is the worst yet to come?

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Zimmerman had the rules of engagement wrong

Florida and 20 other states where the "Stand Your Ground And Shoot First" laws hold are turning America into a battleground. And it's a battleground where the rules of deadly force are even looser than Iraq and Afghanistan. As VoteVets.org points out, American and coalition forces in those countries have very specific things they must do before they can shoot somebody - even somebody they're quite sure is an enemy intent on killing them In states with the Koch-brothers promoted "Stand Your Ground And Shoot First" laws in place, there's no need to shout, no need to show your weapon, no need to try to restrain somebody, no need to fire a warning shot. All you need to do is - to quote the law - feel afraid - and you can shoot somebody dead.

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The Rest of the World Thinks we're Friggin' Crazy

While the nine kings and queens on the Supreme Court mull over the fate of Obamacare - the rest of the world is looking at us like we're friggin' crazy. As John Hudson over at the Atlantic Wire sums up, "The idea that health care coverage, largely considered a universal right in Europe, could be deemed an affront to liberty is baffling." First - the UK - where this is no such thing as judicial review - is weighing in on what's going on over here. The Guardian's Kevin Powell published a column last week saying, "Wasn't the point to make sure the richest and most powerful nation on the planet could protect its own people, as other nations do? If Americans are promised not just liberty but life and happiness, is there not a constitutional right to affordable healthcare?" The German are getting into the game too calling out the United States as crazy. Columnist Sabine Muscat wrote about the absurdity in the Supreme Court health debate in the German Financial Times - asking rhetorically, "If the government could require people to take out health insurance, they could then not be forced to also buy broccoli? The analogy of broccoli has been dragging on through the long debate about the American health care reform." But putting aside judicial review for a moment and the fate of Obamacare - the big picture here is this...the world thinks we're crazy because...well...WE ARE CRAZY! The United States is SO far out of the mainstream with the rest of the world - and today's Republican ...

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Pseudepisematicously Ugly!

The Good! *The Sacramento Area League of Associated Muslims* The group allowed a church-less Christian congregation to use their mosque for Easter services Sunday. The Bad! *Representative Vicky Hartzler* Hartzler told a crowd of constituents this weekend that she has doubts over President Obama's birth certificate. and the Very Very Ugly! *Steve Doocy* On today's episode of Fox and Friends - Doocy argued that the notion of a "war on women" in America was "invented" by Democrats because President Obama's stimulus plan was a failure.

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Everything U Know is Wrong - When God made man, was she only joking?

Bettany Hughes, joins Thom Hartmann. Modern religious teachings tell you that religion is a patriarchal institution. But how does new research shed light on the role women once played in the early stages of religion?

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Activist vs. Super Committee

Navy Commander Leah Bolger, Veterans for Peace, joins Thom Hartmann. Last year - a courageous war veteran gave a dose of reality and common sense to the infamous Congressional Supercommittee - and she was arrested for her actions. We'll talk to her about her activism - her upcoming trial - and how to get this country back on track...

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Why buying American could fix the economy?

Alan Uke, "Buying America Back," joins Thom Hartmann. How could something as simple as new product labels help rebuild America's crippled manufacturing sector?

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Crazy Alert! Guitar Gods Gotta Go Too..

Guitar Gods Gotta Go Too..

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Full Show 4/9/12: Trickle-down austerity

Thom looks at how the Republicans have been working tirelessly to destroy our economy. Also discussed: how the Citizen's United decision is putting lobbyists out on the street, will creating new product labels save the manufacturing sector and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at how America has gone insane and the rest of the world knows it.

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Hot tubs with champagne & hookers could change soon for Politicians

What if I told you lobbying could soon be obsolete?

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The New Super Pac Threat?

Dave Johnson, Campaign for America's Future joins Thom Hartmann. Thanks to Citizens United - corporations have a new way to throw their influence around Congress - without the help of K Street. So what could possibly put the millionaire lobbyists out of business?

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