Crazy Alert! A whopping bar tab for $323000?

A whopping bar tab for $323000?

Why politicians are trying to scare and alarm Americans

Only Mitt Romney can save us from danger. You hear the same talking points when the subject comes up of cutting the defense budget - which has tripled since 1997 - and accounts for more than half of the world's total spending on weapons. We can't cut the Pentagon's budget...or else we'll be vulnerable to attack! But the odd thing about these frightful talking points - is that they are just talking points - and not true at all. The truth is - Americans have never been safer in history than they are today - and the number of violent conflicts around the world is at an all-time low. Really - despite the warnings and so-called threats - how many times has Al Qaeda attacked the United States since 9/11? Zero. So - if we're not really in danger - then why are politicians in Washington and members of the media trying to scare and alarm Americans? We're the land of the free and the home of the brave - not the cowardly and frightened. Time to stop listening to the fear mongers and war profiteers who make millions off scaring us into a neverending war on terror and an intrusive security state. Joining Thom to discuss this is Michael Cohen - Columnist with Foreign Policy and a fellow with the Century Foundation and author of the book "Live from the Campaign Trail."

Lone Liberal Rumble - Name 1 thing Republicans have done

Vince Coglianese, Daily Caller & Mike Brownfield, The Heritage Foundation join Thom Hartmann. Mitt Romney won the most states last night - but is increasingly disliked by the American electorate. What's going on with this, and why don't Democratic primaries hurt Democratic candidates the way Republican primaries hurt Republican candidates? Plus - The backlash from Rush Limbaugh's highly misogynistic tirade continues to grow.

Full Show 3/6/12: Why "Super Tuesday" isn't so super this year

Thom talks about super Tuesday with tonight's political panel, and with Rep. Schakowsky on the 70 members of Congress who are urging Pres. Obama to reduce speculative oil trading. Also discussed: Rush Limbaugh and his fleeing advertisers, the United Nation's efforts to make 2012 the year of the CO-OP and Thom's "Daily Take" on why super Tuesday isn't so super this year.

Republicans - propped up by Daddy Warbucks

This might be Super Tuesday - but there's nothing "super" about the Republican candidates running for President. In fact - there's nothing "super" about the Republican Party anymore. Thanks to this primary season - 40% of Americans say they have a less favorable view of the Republican Party than before the primaries began. What else do you expect when the candidates are forced to actually publicly reveal the Republican agenda - which means fighting to be number one guy to take away contraceptives from women, deny food stamps to struggling families, and cut taxes for the super rich while jacking them up on working people? Because it's a primary, this isn't a race to appeal to the broad majority of Americans - it's a race to appeal to the most selfish, most bigoted, and most greedy among Republican base voters.

Is 2012 the year for worker co-operatives?

The UN has launched a new initiative for 2012 - declaring it the Year of the Co-Op. Using a theme of "Cooperative Enterprises Build a Better World," the UN hopes to encourage the growth and establishment of cooperatives across the globe. The international body is urging nations to promote cooperatives and raise awareness of their benefits and contributions to society. Joining me now to discuss more about the Co-Op initiative is Betsy Dribbin - Director of Policy for the United Nations' International Co-operative Alliance.

The Good, The Bad, and the Very Very Autoschediasticously Ugly

The Good! *Alabama State Rep. Daniel Boman* Boman introduced a resolution in Alabama's House that mocks Republican-backed job creation efforts in the state. The Bad! *Ann Romney* The wife of Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was asked by Fox News' Neil Cavuto yesterday about her family's reputation as being out of touch with the majority of Americans. The Very Very Ugly! *Pat Robertson* The television evengelist added his two cents yesterday on why a string of tornadoes ravaged the Midwest last Friday.

Listen Carefully for the giant Rush sucking sound

David Selig, Conservative Commentator join Thom Hartmann. Despite a history of making sexist, racist, and downright outrageous remarks and getting away with it - Rush might have finally jumped the shark with this one.

Is Limbaugh's rhetoric harmful to America's armed forces?

Super Tuesday, Citizens United, GOP Primary, CO-OPs, United Nations, Rep. Schakowsky, Oil Speculation, Rush Limbaugh, Thom Hartmann, The Big Picture. Kayla Williams, Iraq War Vet joins Thom Hartmann. So if Rush hoped his non-apology on Saturday would have closed the book on "slut-gate" - he thought wrong.

Crazy Alert! Robotic Fish teaming w/Robotic Pigeons?

Robotic Fish teaming w/Robotic Pigeons?

Super Tuesday...has Republicans in tears

Jeff Poor, The Daily Caller & Karl Frisch, Bullfight Strategies join Thom Hartmann. We keep hearing about this bruising primary - poor Republicans they have to beat each other up. Isn't the real story about this Primary is that for once Republicans have to tell the truth - they have to tell the American people about their plans on SS, Medicare, Taxes - and it's turning voters off?

70 Dems go after oil speculators

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky joins Thom Hartmann. Seventy members of Congress have told Wall Street to back off. How are they trying to bring down the rising price of gas?

Must see! Iceland is prosecuting PM for not stopping the $$ bubble

Egill Helgason, Public Affairs Host on Icelandic TV joins Thom Hartmann. Meet Geir Haarde - the former Prime Minister of Iceland who was in court today facing charges related to Iceland's economic meltdown. Haarde is being charged with negligence for failing to prevent his nation's banks from going under in 2008 - taking the entire nation down with them - and eventually costing him his job in 2009. And today - he is the only world leader so far to be charged with crimes related to the global financial crisis. According to a recent report commissioned by Iceland's Parliament - Haarde and his government "lacked both the power and the courage to set reasonable limits to the financial system." But is that really a crime? And what might a conviction of a world leader mean for others whose fingerprints are all over the financial panic of 2008?

Is it time to lock up the oil?

India is taking drastic economic measures to save their nation - and we need to do the same thing here in America. As the Times of India is reporting today - the government there has banned all exports of cotton until further notice. Considering that India is the world's second largest producer and exporter of cotton, - then this is a BFD - and global investors are lighting their hair on fire. As the Financial Times wrote today, "India's last export ban, declared in 2010, helped send cotton markets to record highs. Farmers and mills defaulted on deliveries as prices jumped, causing losses or poor results for global commodity merchants..." But India doesn't care - because they view their economy different than we do in the United States. They put the best interest of their citizens above the best interests of global markets - so they could care less about what the banksters and the Financial Times are saying.

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