Fast & Furious...Why Didn't Pelosi Arrest Karl Rove?

The Republican Chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee convened a vote Wednesday to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress over Holder's refusal to turn over documents related to the DOJ's Fast and Furious program. Those documents could compromise active criminal investigations, and have been withheld by the President using executive. But Issa moved forward anyway - getting all 23 Republicans on his Committee to support the contempt vote, while every single Democrat on the Committee voted no. But the best reaction to Wednesday's vote came from former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi - when slammed it as "strictly political" and reminded reporters that when Democrats controlled the House, they could have arrested Karl Rove for contempt of Congress. Pelosi said: "I could have arrested Karl Rove on any given day...I'm not kidding. There's a prison here in the Capitol ... If we had spotted him in the Capitol, we could have arrested him." So Republicans hold an Attorney General in contempt over a bizarre conspiracy theory, yet war criminals and operatives who leak names of CIA agents for political retaliation get to walk?

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Full Show 6/20/12: Why the Rich Love Romney

Tonight's "Lone Liberal Rumble" panel discusses Obama's use of executive privilege with the "Fast and Furious" program, the new report that reveals taxes on working Americans would increase under the Paul Ryan budget and what sort of Armageddon-type alien event would have to occur to make Republicans actually work toward fixing the economy. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at why it's a good investment for the rich to contribute to and support Mitt Romney.

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Lone Liberal Rumble - Republicans are waiting for an alien invasion?

Michael Warren, The Weekly Standard & Lachlan Markay, Heritage Foundation join Thom Hartmann. Republicans want to give the working class in America a tax hike - but surely that violates grover norquist's tax pledge - right? That and more in tonight's lone liberal rumble.

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MItt Romney Wants a 12.5% Tax Break that you Pay For

There's a picture floating around of Congressman Paul Ryan and MItt Romney. Congressman Paul Ryan wants to give Mitt Romney a tax break worth millions of dollars. And if Paul Ryan wanted to give you the same sort of tax break - then you'd probably be hugging him too. But he doesn't want to give you a tax break - in fact - he wants to raise your taxes in order to pay for the tax break he wants to give to Mitt Romney. Here's what's going on...The congressional joint economic committee just released a new study on the paul ryan republican budget - which passed out of the house earlier this year thanks to the support of nearly every single republican. And what they found is - millionaires like Mitt Romney would get a 12.5% tax break. Considering Mitt Romney is worth about $260 million bucks and makes tens of millions a year - that comes out to a pretty hefty million tax break courtesy of his buddy Paul Ryan. That goes on top of the sizeable $77000 tax break romney got by writing off his wife's horse as a tax deduction. A side note: Ann Romney really loves horses. Unfortunately for the rest of us, who aren't worth $260 million and don't have an addiction to dressage horses that we can write off as tax deductions - The Ryan plan would actually raise our taxes. As the Washington Post points out: "the tax reform plan that house republicans have advanced would sharply cut taxes for the wealthiest americans and could leave middle-class households facing much larger tax bills ...

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Corporate Greed Over Kids' Needs?

Fran Brennan, Working America joins Thom Hartmann. The Michigan house recently passed sb 619 - a so-called "cyber schools" bill. And while sponsors of the bill argue that it will improve the quality of education students in Michigan receive - that couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact - the bill is not about providing a better education at all. It is about padding the already packed wallets of for-profit education companies - companies that put the bottom-line ahead of a quality education. But - corporations haven't destroyed public education Michigan just yet. The Michigan house has the ability to bring sb 619 back up for reconsideration - where a simple majority can trigger a new vote on the bill - and could allow it to be defeated. So who is behind sb 619 - and just how much damage would it do to education in Michigan if it were to become law?

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The good, the bad and the very very tautoousiously ugly!

The good. *A C-Span caller* On monday - florida republican rep. Allen west was on c-span - taking calls from viewers. One viewer called in - and asked rep. West to name a few communists in congress - in reference to remarks west recently made about communists in the democratic party. Well - west had a hard time coming up with names. The Bad! *Sen. Marco Rubio (r-fl)* In an interview with christianity today published yesterday - rubio repeated his opposition to same-sex marriage - saying that the bible opposes it and so do all faiths that he's experienced. and the very very ugly! *The National Review* You may remember in april the national review firing contributor john derbyshire because of a highly racist piece that he had written.

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Republicans Stick the Knife in the Backs of American Workers Again

Shane Larson, Communication Workers of America joins Thom Hartmann. The US call center industry has lost 500000 jobs over the last six years thanks to corporations like bank of America, Well Fargo, and t-mobile outsourcing Americans jobs to foreign countries where they can exploit low-wage workers. The big four wall street banks have all moved their call centers to the Philippines in the last few years, laying off hundreds of thousands of American workers who bailed out the banks to the tune of a couple hundred billion dollars back in 2008. Well on Tuesday, republicans in the house had a chance to put an end to this giant sucking sound by passing the us call center worker and consumer protection act. The bill cuts off federal loans and grants to corporations that outsource American call center jobs. Unfortunately for Americans workers, the bill failed as house republicans lined up against it - voting it down, while most democrats supported the bill. So now, corporations once again have free rein to outsource as many call center jobs as they like to stimulate the Filipino economy - while turning their backs on the American economy? So what does Tuesday's vote say about the republican party and how they really feel about hardworking Americans? Time to call your member of congress - especially if they're a republican - and ask why they support stimulating the Filipino economy over the American economy.

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The Outrageous Conspiracy Theory about Guns Behind Fast & Furious

The republican descent into the "fast and furious" twilight zone continues. Today - republican darryl issa's house oversight committee. Voted to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress for not turning over doj documents related to the "fast and furious" program. That vote comes on the heels of the white house asserting executive privilege over those same documents that issa is demanding - A move that president george w. Bush employed six times, and president clinton used 14 times. "Fast and furious" was a program started by the bush administration, and centered on selling guns in mexico and then tracking those guns up to high-level drug cartels. Ultimately, the program was abandoned after an american border patrol agent was killed in a shoot-out with suspected undocumented immigrants that were using "fast and furious" guns. And that's when republicans began their witchhunt into attorney general eric holder - alongside some truly bizarre conspiracy theories. Despite testifying eight times in front of congress and handing over thousands of documents, attorney general holder was unable to satisfy congressman issa's witch-hunt because he was unwilling to turn over documents that would compromise ongoing, live criminal investigations. In response to the contempt vote - attorney general holder issued a statement saying: "this divisive action does not help us fix the problems that led to this operation or previous ones and it does nothing to make any of our law ...

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Full Show 6/19/12: War Against Public Workers

Thom talks with author and political activist Van Jones about the Republicans latest war against public workers. Also discussed: Romney's first trip to a WaWa, the latest from the radiation leak from the San Onofre nuclear plant and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom compares the Texas Democratic Party's platform with Iowa's Republican party platform.

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There's a Major Difference in the Two Party Platforms

So looking at these two platforms - how can anybody possibly say there's no difference between Republicans and Democrats? Republicans want to outlaw pornography, Democrats want to legalize marijuana. Republicans want to get rid of the minimum wage, Democrats want everyone to receive AT LEAST a living wage. Republicans want to deny global warming and teach creationism in schools, Democrats want to move forward with stem cell research and help us again graduate world-class scientists. Republicans want to throw women in jail who get raped and want an abortion, Democrats support a woman's right to choose. Republicans want fat cats to pay no income tax, Democrats want rich people to pay more and working people to pay less. Republicans want more Shoot First laws, Democrats believe healthcare is a more basic human right than gun ownership. The point is - it's easy to get frustrated - and even despair over - our nation's current two-party system. It's true corporations have far too much influence in both. But - there are still monumental differences between the two parties, with one party - the Republicans - trying to take America back to the days of the Puritans, witch-burnings, and feudalism. And the other party - the Democrats - trying to move the nation forward with science, equal rights for all, and a strong social safety net. Just a little something to think about with the elections looming a few months away.

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Republicans find another union to bust

Van Jones, Rebuild the Dream / Global Activist & Author joins Thom Hartmann. In America today - thousands of homeowners are struggling to stay in their homes - college students are drowning in loan debt - and public sector workers are being laid off in droves. Time to stop Republicans from tearing down everything we've built since World War 2 - from social security to unemployment insurance to Medicare.

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The Middle Class Needs More Than Talking Points

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have been talking a lot about the middle class. But, that talk is cheap as long as their in bed with Wall Street.

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