Why can't the people who harvest food make a living wage?

Arturo Rodriguez, United Farm Workers, joins Thom Hartmann. Tonight - we take a look at farm workers - and the challenge they're facing on a day-to-day basis working the fields. But when discussing farm workers - we can't just focus on labor issues like wages and working conditions. We also have to look at immigration policies - since many of those who cultivate our nation's food supply weren't actually born in America. In Washington, DC - hopes of immigration reform have been dashed again and again - as more hard-line Conservatives refuse to endorse plans that include pathways to citizenship - and instead prefer mass deportations. Republican Senator Marco Rubio has recently tried to forge a partnership with Republicans and Democrats in Congress on immigration reform with a watered-down version of the DREAM Act. But even Rubio's proposal doesn't give undocumented immigrants - who've been working in America for years, playing by the rules, and raising families - a pathway to citizenship. So what do farm workers in America need to do to have a shot at the American Dream?

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A Revolutionary Way to Re-Distribute Wealth

Dame Pauline Green, International Co-op Alliance & Paul Hazen, US Overseas Cooperative Development Council, join Thom Hartmann. Raising taxes on the rich - raising the minimum wage - and putting restrictions on CEO pay have all been suggested as ways to reduce wealth inequality in America. While these ideas can help - shouldn't we be looking at more revolutionary ways to re-distribute wealth in our country?

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Is WI a test case beween organized people & organized money?

Ben Manski, Democracy Advocate joins Thom Hartmann. Scott Walker is in a dead heat with his likely Democratic challenger in the recall election - according to a new poll. But will Walker's millions of dollars and TV ad barrage buy him the victory in November?

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When will America focus on the rights of the unarmed?

Neal Asbury, host-"Truth for America" joins Thom Hartmann. Florida Governor Rick Scott wants every Republican to be packing heat at the Republican National Convention in August - so that they can protect themselves from the evil Occupiers. But Occupiers aren't even allowed to carry a water gun during the Convention. When will America focus on the rights of the unarmed?

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Full Show 5/2/12: Libertarianism Is Dead

Thom explains how the Libertarian dream of so-called "free trade" and "free market" is dead. And in tonight's Lone Liberal Rumble Thom takes on two conservatives to debate Citizens United, Romney's spokesman resigning, more income inequality and reports of Osama Bin Laden's dead body. In the Daily Take, Thom discusses how Rupert Murdoch and his media empire have poisoned the political debate in American and democracy.

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Crazy Alert! A lost parakeet gives address to police

Crazy Alert! A lost parakeet gives address to police

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Citizens fight back against voter ID Law

Judith Browne Dianis, attorney /The Advancement Project join Thom Hartmann. A new voter ID law is going to court in Pennsylvania - with groups like the ACLU saying the law denies citizens of their fundamental rights. Could this lawsuit throw a wrench at the Conservative war on voting rights ahead of the 2012 election?

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Does Paul Ryan think everyone is a producer or a looter?

Edward Hudgins, Atlas Society joins Thom Hartmann. Whether Paul Ryan wants to admit it or not - he's carrying Ayn Rand's vision forward. And those of who'd rather live in a "We" society than a "Me" society should all be concerned.

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The Good, The Bad and The Very Very Flatulopeticously Ugly!

The Good! *Aphrodite Voy-Key-THis* Bouikidis is the director of the Reinventing Greece Media Project - an organization that seeks to engage Greek-American college students to come up with solutions to help the nation rebuild. The Bad! *Wells Fargo CFO Tim Sloan* Last week - Ana Casas Wilson - a California homeowner who has cerebral palsy - went to Sloan's house and waited on his porch so she could personally give him a payment on her foreclosed house. and the Very Very Ugly! *Pastor Sean Harris* During a sermon in Fayetteville, North Carolina on Sunday - Pastor Harris talked about his support for the state's Amendment 1 - which would legally define marriage as between one man and one woman - and would outlaw civil unions and domestic partnerships.

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Is there a role for Anarchists in the OWS movement?

Dennis Trainor, documentary filmmaker & was w/October2011 DC joins Thom Hartmann. From its beginning - the Occupy Movement has preached non-violence in it's demonstrations and protests. But now - splinter cells of the movement are popping up - using violence to send their message. Is there a role for anarchists in the movement to re-build the American economy?

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Lone Liberal Rumble - A Re-Trial of Citizens United?

Adam Bitely, NetRightDaily.com & Marc Harrold, conservative commentator, join Thom Hartmann. Have Republicans become reliant on corporate executives to win elections - and did Republicans just prove this week that they are the party of bigotry? Those questions and more in tonight's Lone Liberal Rumble..

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Is Libertarianism Dead?

With England and Spain in double-dip recessions - and civil unrest from Madrid to Athens - austerity might be coming to an end. But is something else dying along with austerity - and why will it leave the likes of Paul Ryan and Ron Paul in tears?

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Full Show 5/1/12: May Day: Global Day of Action

Thom talks to OWS participants about their roles in today's Global Day of Action. In many parts of the world, today is better known as 'May Day'. It's a day when working class people take to the streets to demand fair wages and better treatment. Thom also talks to economist, Richard Wolff, about the significance of the growing number of OWS protesters on the streets and their anger over too much corporate power and corporate corruption of the US government.

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The Tea Party - A front group for Banksters & Billionaires

In the fall of 1773 - a group of revolutionaries dressed up like Indians - boarded a ship belonging to the East India Tea Company - and dumped over a million dollars worth of tea over the rail and into Boston Harbor. It was later called the Boston Tea Party - the first act in a drama that eventually led to the Revolutionary War - and the birth of the United States of America. What most people don't know about the Boston Tea Party is why exactly it happened - what the colonists were actually protesting against. It wasn't just against the King, or taxation without representation, or a fight for freedom. It was a protest against corporate control over the North American economy. It came after the British Parliament - who were mostly shareholders in the British East India Company - gave the largest corporate tax break in the history of the world to the world's then-largest corporation, the East India Company - so it could pull a Wal-Mart and put out of business all the local tea sellers up and down the east coast of the colonies. Enraged by that blatant example of crony capitalism - the Tea Act of 1773 - the colonists put feathers on their heads and dumped the tea overboard - and the rest is history. Our nation has a history of - and in fact was founded on - rebelling against corporate monopolies and rage about corporations getting huge tax breaks from Parliament. Which brings us to today - when tens of thousands of Americans across the nation have taken to the streets to ...

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How Romney Rich Fat Cats are Destroying America

Zaid Jilani, Republic Report, joins Thom Hartmann. Between right-wing think tanks like the American Legislative Exchange Council writing our laws on behalf of corporate interests - to lawmakers in Washington, DC doing the will of lobbyists just to keep the campaign contributions coming in - our democracy is growing more and more unresponsive to the people. And it's one reason why many Americans think they can make more of a difference in the streets than in the ballot box.

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