Crazy Alert! Poltergeists at the Pub...Groping?

Poltergeists at the Pub...Groping?

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Argentina is Nationalizing their Oil - We Should Too!

There's a bigger picture here that goes beyond how Wall Street is screwing with the prices of gasoline. It has to do with how we as a nation should handle our own natural resources...

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A Congressional Summit to Overturn Citizens United?

So what did we learn from Monday night's defeat of the Buffet Rule in the Senate? Well - first and foremost - we learned that Republicans in the Senate did exactly what their billionaire campaign donors told them to do - prevent a tax increase on the Romney rich. We also learned that a majority of Senators can't pass legislation anymore. 51 out of 100 Senators voted FOR the Buffet Rule - a clear majority - but the bill failed - because of a Republican filibuster. And we also learned that the American people have lost their voice on Capitol Hill. A recent CNN poll found that 72% of Americans - including a majority of Republicans - support that very same Buffet Rule that the Republicans blocked in the Senate Monday night. Unfortunately - those 72% of Americans don't have multi-millionaire lobbyists like multimillionaire Grover Norquist working for them, and therefore can't buy off lawmakers to listen to them. And now - thanks to the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision - a millionaire can walk up to a Member of Congress and threaten to fund a campaign for their opponent in the next election if he or she doesn't vote the way the millionaire wants. With that power - don't expect the oligarchs' grip on power to loosen. At least not until we pass a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and explicitly say that corporations are not people and that money is property - not speech. Luckily - there are some in Congress working to do just that Members of Congress ...

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A Progressive Victory on ALEC & Guns or Not?

Lee Fang, RepublicReport.org joins Thom Hartmann. ALEC's corporate members are dropping like flies as part of the progressive backlash against the group. With their level of influence suddenly dwindling - are we seeing the end of this democracy destroyer?

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Full Show 4/16/12: Tea Party for Romney?

Will the Tea Party rally around Mitt Romney to beat Obama? Also discussed: what a change movement needs to succeed, what the Communist Party USA thinks of Rep. Allen West's recent comments and whether there's a link between obesity and autism. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom explains what people are saying about who Karl Rove's secret Super PAC donor is (hint: the president of Iran).

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Is Ahmadinejad supporting Karl Rove & Mitt Romney?

So here we have ten - or even 20 million dollars - anonymously handed over to Karl Rove to defeat President Obama and the Democrats this November. And beyond what some people are saying - most likely we'll never know who gave that money and what strings are attached to it. -We won't know if it's a hedgefund billionaire who's demanding that Republicans keep the Romney Rule capital gains tax loophole wide open. -We won't know if it's an oil baron who wants Republicans to keep the taxpayer oil subsidies to his industry flowing. -We won't know it it's a war profiteer who wants Republicans to keep the neverending war on terror going to keep up the high demand for cruise missiles. -And we won't know if - as some people are saying - the donations are from rogue dictators - who are making secret deals with the Republican Party. We just won't ever know - and that's a critical flaw in our democracy created by five un-elected hard-right-wing kings in black robes apointed by Republicans to the Supreme Court. It's time to put an end to this chaos in our elections - and not let foreign or corporate millionaires and billionaires speak louder in our democracy that actual American citizens with a vote.

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Dextrosinistralously Ugly!

The Good! *British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Robert Johnston* Johnston - a justice with the British Columbia Supreme Court - struck down a portion of Canada's medical marijuana laws. The Bad! *Representative Virginia Foxx* In a radio interview yesterday - Foxx - the House chairwoman of the subcommittee on higher education - attacked people that are drowning in student loan debt after college. The Bad! *Representative Virginia Foxx* In a radio interview yesterday - Foxx - the House chairwoman of the subcommittee on higher education - attacked people that are drowning in student loan debt after college.

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Crazy Alert! That's one fishy Fuhrer...

That's one fishy Fuhrer...

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Your Take/Mt Take - Don from New Zealand - Let them Eat Cake!

Don from New Zealand - Let them Eat Cake!

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A Link Between Obesity & Autism?

Dr. Irva Hertz-Picciotto, UC Davis Health System joins Thom Hartmann. Autism Spectrum Disorders affect 1 in every 88 children in America - but until recently - their causes have been a mystery. What does new research reveal about a link between pregnant mothers and the rise of Autism?

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Thom Hartmann explains to Prof Berkowitz why colleges are liberal

Professor Peter Berkowitz, Hoover Institute joins Thom Hartmann. The Hoover Institute recently published an article saying that California's public universities are trying to create a nation of liberal activists. What's really going on in the Golden State - and is this just part of the right-wing agenda?

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The Communist Party smacks down Allen West

Allen West told his constituents last week that Communists are running amok in the halls of Congress. What should West - and the rest of Americans - know about the real role of the Communist Party in America? Libero Della Piana - Vice Chairman of Communist Party USA joins Thom Hartmann.

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6 People You Need to Start a Revolution

Sara Robinson, Social Futurist / Editor-AlterNet Visions joins Thom Hartmann. The emergence of established activist organizations has upset some within the leaderless Occupy movement. Are established groups needed for successful revolutionary movements? And what does the future look like for progressive revolution in America?

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Who will the Tea Party support now?

A recent Washington Post/ABC News poll finds that a plurality of Americans - 45% - now disapprove of the Tea Party. So what does this mean for Mitt Romney and the Tea Party in American politics. Thom asks Judson Phillips - Founder of Tea Party Nation. The Problems that Require our Media's Attention The Buffet Rule likely won't overcome a Republican filibuster in the Senate anytime soon. This is a major issue for the 2012 election - and for our economy - yet the media doesn't seem to think so - they're hardly covering it. -What about the $1.3 trillion we've spend on a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan? -What about the $2.3 trillion that the Pentagon can't account for? -What about the $80 billion for the Bush tax cuts for the rich? -What about Wall Street's theft of $7 trillion during the economic meltdown? -What about the $40 billion that's lost every decade in oil subsidies? -What about the $2.5 trillion in wealth sucked out of our country over the last 30 years thanks to so-called Free Trade? -What about the trillions that Republican Presidents - Reagan, Bush, and Bush - added to our national debt? -What about the $2 trillion of infrastrucure debt since Republicans' "starved the beast" of government in the 1980s? -What about the $2 trillion in damage to our oceans that climate change will cost in the coming decades? We have multi-hundred billion, and trillion dollar problems facing the United States. Problems that require our immediate attention - and problems that ...

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Full Show 4/13/12: Conversations with Great Minds: Kaitlin Bell Barnett

Thom talks with journalist and author Kaitlin Bell Barnett in tonight's "Conversations with Great Minds." Tonight's "Big Picture Rumble" panel discusses the latest in the "Buffet Rule" debate, Rep. Allen West's communist allegations and the stand your ground law that has drastically increased the number of homicides throughout the country. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom tells progressives that we have to stay united to win this year.

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