There was a Time when Banksters Couldn't Buy Politicians

Wall Street makes a lot of money. Or, more correctly, they TAKE a lot of money, as the leeches and banksters on Wall Street are very much Takers, rather than Makers. They don't make anything - they just move money around and skim - take - their vig off the top. But in the process, they end up with hundreds of billions of dollars in cash - truly big bucks. About a dozen Wall Street banksters made over $2 billion dollars last year - EACH! And the banks themselves have had one of their most profitable years ever, borrowing billions from the Fed at zero percent interest rate, loaning that money to the US Treasury at 2 percent or so, spinning off trillions in derivatives, and stuffing all the profits in their pockets.

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Saprostomously Ugly!

The Good! *Yang Yaunqing* Unlike CEO's in America who hoard their wealth - and collect millions in bonuses at the expense of their employees - Yaunqing - the CEO of the computer company Lenovo - actually cares about his workers. The Bad! *Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ)* Kyl took the Senate floor yesterday to attack President Obama - complaining that he talks too much about the middle class. and the Very Very Ugly! *Fox News* On this morning's edition of Fox and Friends - talking head Brian Kilmeade interviewed two little girls and sisters - who had started a lemonade stand. And - somehow - Kilmeade managed to turn what should have been a cute fluff piece into an idiotic attempt to attack the President.

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Sextoys Look So Real These Days - Especially in China!

Thom Hartmann's crazy alert!

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Morning Joe...stop linking autism to Aurora shootings!

Mike Elk, In These Times & Ari Ne'eman, Autistic Self Advocacy Network join Thom Hartmann. Joe Scarborough was met with a firestorm of anger yesterday - after he blaimed Asperger's and Autism disorders for the Colorado shooting massacre. Why did Scarborough assume the shooter had one of these disorders - and is there any scientific evidence to back up his outrageous and insensitive statements?

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Billionaires can make a stuffed pig look like a strong politician

David Selig, Federal Tax Practitioner vs. Thom Hartmann. According to a new report - Republican's attempt to obstruct the debt limit debate in 2011 cost American taxpayers 1.3 billion dollars. How come Republicans in Washington are so good at wasting money - and so bad at putting Americans back to work? Given their track record - I'd be amazed that anyone would vote to let Republicans spend another two years running the People's House into the ground. Then again - a billion dollars in contributions from corporations, millionaires, and billionaires can make make even a stuffed pig look like a strong politician

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Rig the election for Romney in PA...Done!

The Department of Justice is investigating another state's attempts to kick thousands of eligible voters of the voting rolls in time for the November election. Why are Republicans waging a war against the democratic ideal that every vote counts - and when will it stop?

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Dog Whistle Politics Rip America Apart

Corey Saylor, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) joins Thom Hartmann. What do you do if you're Mitt Romney and you can't attack President Obama over issues that acutally matter? You blow the dog-whistle of course! How much damage is the Republican love affair with dog-whistle politics doing to the American society? They can't just suck up to racists by throwing out the lie that black people are lazy - or suck up to religious bigots by saying that all Muslims are terrorists - or suck up to the paranoid homophobes by saying that gays are pedophiles. So instead they talk in code - the Republican dog whistle. Sure - saying that President Obama's policies are "foreign" might sound benign to the general electorate. But to a much smaller, targeted group of individuals - like the Tea Party, the far Right, and Fox so-called News viewers - basically the crazies who actually think the President was born in Kenya or who are uncomfortable with a black man in the White House - characterizing the President as "foreign" has a very clear meaning. It's the Republican dog whistle. And Mitt Romney isn't at all afraid to get in the mud with these whack-jobs and tell them what they want to hear - albeit in code - because the paranoid, the racists, and the bigots actually show up to vote

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Full Show 7/23/12: Guns, Money & Koch

In tonight's "Bigger Picture" discussion Thom talks the latest from the Colorado massacre, the Anaheim police shooting and the continued power and influence of the Koch brothers and "charity" organizations. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom ruins breakfast for everyone when he looks at the state of our country's factory farms.

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Food Fight - Some Humanity for the Chicken Industry?

If you ever want to enjoy eating chicken or eggs again - then you probably shouldn't look at how those chickens or eggs are produced. They usually come from conditions like these: Factory farms where they're crammed - two to three chickens to a cage. Cages that aren't even big enough for the chicken to fully turn around. Cages that are constantly rubbing against the chickens - causing feather loss and huge open wounds. Cages where chickens are forced to lay in their own excrement - contract diseases - then are slaughtered and end up on your dining room table. It's all pretty disgusting stuff. But now - Senators on Capitol Hill are debating ways to clean it up - or at least inject a little humanity into the chicken and egg industry. The United Egg Producers and the Humane Society have found rare common agreement on new legislation that would require farmers to use larger cages for the egg-laying hens - cages that allow the hens to at least fully turn around. The new law would apply to all egg producers around the nation - and would be implemented over the next 18 years - a more than reasonable time frame. But - there are some on Capitol Hill who are unhappy with the law. One - is a lobbying organization known as the Egg Farmers of America, a shadowy interest group that no one seems to know much about.

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Your Take/My Take - NRA - How many innocent people must die?

Your Take/My Take - NRA - How many innocent people must die?

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Azygophrenically Ugly!

The Good! *Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) * Congressman Sensenbrenner - one of the most Conservative Congressmen in the country - gave his take this weekend on Rep. Michelle Bachmann's Muslim Brotherhood witchhunt. The Bad! *Masterpiece Cakeshop* Last week - Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig went to the Lakewood, Colorado bakery to order their wedding cake. While they are getting married in Massachusetts - where same-sex marriage is legal - they wanted a cake for a celebration with family and friends in Colorado. However - the owner of the cakeshop - Jack Phillips - refused to make them a cake. And the Very Very Ugly! *Russell Pearce* Pearce - the former Arizona State Senator who authored Arizona's controversial SB1070 immigration law - gave his take this weekend on the shooting in Colorado. Rather than just expressing his condolences to the families of the victims - like most people did - Pearce decided to call out the victims in a Facebook post.

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Police Use Brutal Force on CA Protesters

Rania Khalek, AlterNet, w/Big Picture panelists Brian Darling, Heritage Foundation & SE Robinson, The Blaze & Karl Frisch, Progressive Strategist all join Thom Hartmann. Over the weekend - protesters in Anaheim, California were met with a brutal show of force by that city's police officers. Is this latest episode of police brutality a sign of the over-militarization of the nation's police forces - and what can be done to stop the epidemic of excessive force?

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Will SuperPACs be Forced to Reveal Donors?

Lee Fang, RepublicReport.org w/Big Picture panelists Brian Darling, Heritage Foundation & SE Robinson, The Blaze & Karl Frisch, Progressive Strategist all join Thom Hartmann. Super wealthy Americans like the Koch Brothers have corrupted our democracy with millions in campaign cash. But at least they put their name to it. What about the other oligarchs who are buying our democracy in the shadows? Do they have a right to anonymity when it comes to buying politicians?

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Does Anyone in America Need an Assault Weapon?

Josh Horwitz, JD, National Coalition to Stop Gun Violence w/Big Picture panelists Brian Darling, Heritage Foundation & SE Robinson, The Blaze & Karl Frisch, Progressive Strategist all join Thom Hartmann. In the wake of the Colorado shooting massacre on Friday - politicians and everyday Americans alike are questioning the role of guns in our society. Should lawmakers introduce stronger gun-control legislation - or are mass shootings something we need to learn to live with now that the Supreme Court says the NRA and their weapons manufacturing corporations are persons?

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Full Show 7/20/12: Conversations with Great Minds - Jeffrey Smith

For our Friday Conversations with Great Minds, Thom spoke to Jeffrey Smith. He's a leading consumer advocate in the fight against the use of genetically modified foods. Thom also spoke about the mass shooting in Colorado and the need for gun control here in the US And in our Friday Rumble we discussed gun control and the growing wealth gap in the US

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