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Florida's Privatized Vote Problem

Brad Friedman, The Brad Blog joins Thom Hartmann. Though Democrat Patrick Murphy was declared the winner in the race, and is even attending orientation on Capitol Hill - his opponent, freshman Tea Party Congressman Allen West is refusing to concede. Especially now that 800 votes vanished over the weekend when an unsanctioned recount was conducted on electronic voting machines in one county in the district. Those vanished votes allowed West to gain 500 votes on Murphy - bringing the margin between the two candidates very close to just a half-percent, which would trigger an automatic recount. But what happened to those vanished votes? And isn't this more proof we can't trust electronic voting machines?

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Blacks, latinos & women, oh my...thanks a lot moochers!

Richard Fowler, The Richard Fowler Show, joins Thom Hartmann. President Obama didn't win re-election on the merits - or because Americans overwhelming disagree with Republican policies. No - according to Mitt Romney - the President won because he gave gifts to minorities and young people. What do these comments say about Romney and the Republican Party?

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The Secret Obama Mind-Control Plot

The latest paranoia being pushed by the Koch's John Birch Society and its brethren in the Republican Party is a project of the United Nations' Division for Sustainable Development called "Agenda 21."

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Full Show 11/15/12: Why Romney Lost

Thom talks with Progressive Strategist Richard Fowler on Romney's post-election whining over why he lost the election. Also discussed: last week's big wins for marriage equality and Florida's privatizing the vote problems. Thom takes viewer calls in "Your Take, My Take Live" segment and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom details how capitalism dies when it seizes control of the government.

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The "Impeach Obama" March has begun

Thom's listener from AZ shared a robocall which is calling out to impeach President Obama

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Spending vs. Investing...what makes America work?

There's something that every single American family understands, that Conservative budget hawks don't want us to talk about, and that's the difference between spending and investing. Let's assume that the typical American family collects its paycheck at the end of the month and decides to go out to eat for a fancy dinner. A couple glasses of wine, an appetizer, four entrees, and a few desserts later, the waiter brings the check and -- at least here in DC -- that family is now out about $150. Do that once a month as a special treat, and you're pushing $2000 a year. That money is not coming back. It was spent and is now gone.

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Omniligentously Ugly!

The Good! *Eureka Springs, Arkansas* On Monday - Eureka Springs became the first city in Arkansas to officially endorse marriage equality. A four member majority of the city council approved the measure. Eureka Springs has a population of 2300 - and is often called "the San Francisco of Arkansas" for both its physical resemblance to the city and it's large LGBT population. Eureka Springs decision to endorse marriage equality comes just weeks after another Southern city - Austin, Texas - did the same thing. Both of these decisions show that support for marriage equality is spreading throughout America. Hopefully it won't be long before marriage equality is a right in our country.

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Will the EU Protests Be the Turning Point for Austerity?

David Marty, Activist & author "Occupy Strategy" joins Thom Hartmann. Violence protests erupted across Europe - as the Eurozone economies continue to suffer in the wake of devastating austerity policies. Could these continent-wide strikes - lead by organized labor groups - be the turning point in the global fight against austerity?

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The Black Friday Strike Begins...

Josh Eidelson, The Nation, joins Thom Hartmann. Black Friday - one of the busiest and most lucrative shopping days of the year - is a little over a week away. Will striking Walmart employees deal a blow to the bottom-line of the world's largest corporation?

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Lone Liberal Rumble - Romney Thinks Obama is Santa Claus

Marc Harrold, Libertarian Commentator & Dan Bongino, Conservative Commentator join Thom Hartmann.

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Lone Liberal Rumble - It's The "Jobs Cliff" Stupid...

Marc Harrold, Libertarian Commentator & Dan Bongino, Conservative Commentator join Thom Hartmann.

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It's The "Jobs Cliff" Stupid...

They're up to it again -- this time with what they call the "fiscal cliff."The "fiscal cliff" rhetoric coming from the nation's financial and political elites is "all hysteria," says Hartmann. Beware of con men bearing slogans. The oldest trick in the book is for conservatives -- cons -- to create hysteria around something, and then get all of us to give them billions of our tax dollars to fix the problem they've gotten us all hysterical about. Four generations ago, the right was whipping up hysteria about Reefer Madness. They got us to spend trillions over the years incarcerating mostly poor people for a mostly victimless crime. But they made a fortune doing it! And now they're even building private prisons to hold potheads. Three generations ago, the right was whipping up hysteria about Communism. Although Khrushchev never actually said, "We will bury you," right-wingers and their PR machine made sure every American thought he did. And the Red Chinese were going to take down Vietnam and that domino would flip other countries from Laos to Canada -- and pretty soon North Dakota would be filled with commies. They got us to spend trillions over the years building nukes and having pointless wars. But they made a fortune doing it! And now that they're making money partnering with China, they'd like us to forget that it's still officially a communist country. No droids in this car!

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Full Show 11/14/12: Republican Hysterics

Thom looks at the Republican's hysteria surrounding the "fiscal cliff," and the history of the party's manufactured hysteria over fictional crises. Tonight's "Lone Liberal Rumble" panel discusses the "fiscal cliff," the real question that needs to be asked following the Gen. Petraeus scandal and why Republicans keep pushing to repeal Obamacare despite people's growing support of it. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom explains the important differences between spending and investing.

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4 easy steps to turn America into a third-world country

America may be the "shining city on the hill" according to Mitt Romney - but it only takes 4 easy steps to turn our nation into a third-world country. I'll tell you what those steps are - and how we can avoid taking them.

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