Rumble: Is Limbaugh Exploiting his Audience's Bigotry?

Hughey Newsome, Project 21 / Move-On-Up & Patrick Howley, The Daily Caller & Erikka Knuti, Democratic Strategist join Thom Hartmann.

Full Show 8/23/13: North Carolina Republicans Don't Want Anyone to Vote

Tonight's "Big Picture Rumble" discusses the continued efforts by North Carolina Republicans to prevent people from voting, whether the U.S. Military should ...

Full Show 8/22/13: Will the U.S. Military Accommodate Chelsea Manning?

Thom talks with Radio Host and Attorney Mike Papantonio on the fate of fracking in America and debates Libertarian Austin Petersen on whether real libertaria...

Journalism is Like Porn...You Know It When You See It...

Journalism is not a job or career - it's an act - and we need to continue to protect that act by upholding the First Amendment.

Politically Corrected/Steve Doocy - ObamaCare - visiting you at home by force?

For tonight's Politically Corrected - I'm correcting talking head Steve Doocy of Fox So-Called News -- seen here sporting wax lips with fangs for a segment o...

The Good - The Bad and the Very Very Anapodicticly Ugly!

The Good! The Ted Cruz Hecklers! A group of protestors confronted rookie Texas Senator Ted Cruz at an even in Dallas yesterday and blasted him for trying to ...

ALEC is Messin' w/Texas - Big Time!

Brendan Fischer, Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), joins Thom Hartmann. Right here in the United States - ALEC - or the American Legislative Exchange Cou...

Egypt - Could dictatorship return with a vengeance?

Rebecca Abou Chedid, Truman National Security Project, joins Thom Hartmann. More than 1000 Egyptians have been killed since the Egyptian military began its b...

Lone Liberal - How much worse does the situation in Fukushima need to get?

Neil Munro, The Daily Caller & Jessie Jane Duff, Gunnery Sgt, U.S. Marine Corps (ret) join Thom Hartmann.

Lone Liberal - What about the people behind the atrocities that Manning leaked?

Neil Munro, The Daily Caller & Jessie Jane Duff, Gunnery Sgt, U.S. Marine Corps (ret) join Thom Hartmann.

Manning going to prison while torturers go free

This morning - Bradley Manning received his sentence for leaking classified documents to Wikileaks. But what about the people behind the atrocities that Mann...

Full Show 8/21/13: Manning Sentenced While More NSA Spying Details Revealed

Tonight's "Lone Liberal Rumble" panel discusses the latest NSA spying details, the sentencing of Bradley Manning and why the world continues to use nuclear p...

Politics Panel - Yo Birthers - Cruz was born in Canada to Cuban Dad...

Marc Harrold, Observations of White Noise & Ben Cohen, The Daily Banter &Vince Coglianese, The Daily Caller join Thom Hartmann.

Climate Change is Worse than You Have Ever Imagined

Climate change is real - deadly - and worse than you have ever imagined.

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Who rejected United States-North Korea peace talks?

There were conflicting reports on Sunday regarding a recent proposal for United States-North Korea peace talks which was allegedly made before North Korea"s recent nuclear test

U.K. Pound Falls As Markets Get Brexit Jitters

Bloomberg said on Monday the pound had sustained its biggest fall against the dollar in 11 months

Clinton: I'll defend Israel but push for 'two-state solution

Hillary Clinton believes both Republican candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz "missed the mark" with their approach to the Israel-Palestinian Arab conflict

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