Imagine life with no water...in America!

You wake up - you can't take a shower. You can't brush your teeth. You can't use the bathroom. You can't cook. You can't clean. You can't do laundry. You can't really do anything. Luckily - this isn't really a problem facing most Americans...but it might be soon.

The Good, the Bad and the Very, Very Dolichoprosopicously Ugly

The Good! *Bill Gates* Gates told a crowd of energy entrepreneurs and scientists yesterday that, "It's crazy how little we're funding energy." The Bad! *Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell* McDonnell signed a bill yesterday overturning the state's landmark one-gun-a-month law that was enacted in the early 1990's. And the Very Very Ugly! *Alabama State Republicans* Since the state Republicans enacted the extreme immigration law HB 56 - Latino children have been forced to stay home from school and have been denied food stamps despite being born in the United States.

Crazy Alert! Politics is now a real cat fight..

Even though nothing in the Constitution says only humans can run for political office - the campaign still faces an uphill battle - since federal law says Senate candidates must be at least 30 years old and be citizens. However - in cat-years Hank is 52 - old enough to be a seasoned politician - and he's an American purebred!

Lone Liberal Rumble - Will Republicans go after converts or heretics?

Vince Coglianese, Daily Caller & Lachlan Markay, Heritage Foundation joins Thom Hartmann. Mitt Romney, Senator Olympia Snowe and more in tonight's Lone Liberal Rumble.

Occupy...the rise of the "99% Spring"

Sarita Gupta, Jobs With Justice joins Thom Hartmann. A major change is coming to the 99 Percent movement. How is the group planning to flourish with the arrival of Spring?

Your Take/My Take - Reinstalling Solar Panels on the White House?

Reinstalling Solar Panels on the White House?

Walker Recall Moves Ahead

Richard Fowler, Democratic Strategist & Anthony Holm, Republican Strategist. The Walker Recall moves forward & Polls are closing in Michigan - and it's likely to be a long night before a winner is named.

Why is Rick Santorum Pining for the Pilgrim/Theocrat days?

While some Conservatives may be nauseated by the seperation of church and state - how is it an essential pillar of our democracy?

Everything U Know is Wrong...What accounts for the "smart idiot" effect?

You would think increased knowledge would make an individual more understanding of science. You would be wrong - at least regarding a certain group in our society. For hundreds of years there has been the notion that knowledge exists to unite us all. Well - it may unite the minds of some - but it doesn't do much to enlighten the minds of Conservatives. If you think that a Republican with a college degree would be less likely to deny proven scientific concepts like global warming...then everything you know is wrong...Joining me now is Chris Mooney - Science & Political Journalist and Author of 3 books including his newest out in April...The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science and Reality.

Students on Hunger Strike for Living Wage

Hunter Link, hunger striker, joins Thom Hartmann. University of Virginia students are the latest soldiers in the fight for workers' rights. How have they chosen to fight for change - and will they succeed in reaching their goals? Making sure working people earn a living wage isn't just the morally right thing to do in the wealthiest nation on the planet - it makes good economic sense too. The more money working people have - the more they spend - thus stimulating our economy and creating more demand and thus more jobs. Working people are the REAL job creators! People shouldn't have to be starving themselves to raise awareness of this issue - it's economics 101

Millionaire Fox Business panelists go after hotel maids

Millionaire Fox Business panelists go after hotel maids

Are Americans becoming less not more conservative?

Sarah Jaffe, AlterNet joins Thom Hartmann. Conservatives like Rick Santorum and Marco Rubio will tell you America is becoming a nation of Conservatives. Is this really the case - or are they sorely mistaken?

Afghan protest-more than burning the Koran

Ali Gharib, Think Progress joins Thom Hartmann. Violence in Afghanistan has escalated tremendously over the past two weeks. Is a full military withdrawl from the country still plausible - and is there a way to stop the current violence?

Hartmann: The Good, the Bad and the Very, Very Allochthonously Ugly

The Good! *Corey Husic* Husic - a 17 year old high school student from Pennsylvania - sent a loud and clear message to the Heartland Institute - the conservative organization planning to create a nation of global warming deniers. The Bad! *Arizona Congressional Candidate Frank Antenori* At a Arizona Tea Party rally last week - Antenori told a crowd of about 300 people that President Obama's presidency is very similar to Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait in 1990. And the Very Very Ugly! *Rick Berman* Viewers of the Oscar broadcast last night may have noticed a peculiar ad during the show - an ad attacking the Humane Society of America claiming that only a small portion of donations made to them actually go to help fund animal shelters.

Hartmann: Crazy Alert! Dictator Drama...

Crazy Alert! Dictator Drama...

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Earth's credit card has been maxed out!

If Earth's resources were a credit card, we have already maxed out our entire allocation for this year. The think thank Global Footprint Network announced that August 19th was “Earth Overshoot Day,” meaning that all the resources we use after that day exceed what our planet can produce in a single year.

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