Full Show 4/27/12: Inaccurate US History Lessons

Thom discusses the lies written about US History in textbooks with Conversations with Great Minds guest, Dr. James W. Loewen. Tonight's "Rumble" panels debates the student loan crisis, the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act and whether or not George W. Bush committed war crimes. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom explains the meaning of National Worker's Memorial Day and sheds light on the reality of US workplace dangers.

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Just 10 Fund The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN, 5th District) joins Thom Hartmann. A new study of SuperPAC donations finds that just ten donors are responsible for one-third of the $202 million of SuperPAC money so far this election. We'll talk about who these oligarchs are - and what Congress can do to stop the billionaire takeover of the American Democracy.

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Norwegians Heckle Fear w/Singing not Bombs

Osama Bin Laden and Anders Breivik had similar goals. They hoped their actions would drive the United States and Norway into a fear-driven frenzy - that once confronted with terror, then our governments and people would react with desperation and actually become as angry and evil and murderous as were Bin Laden and Breivik. They hoped that their acts of terrorism against the United States and Norway would give them exactly what they needed - a violent, warlike reaction that they could point to as justification to wage more violence against Americans and Norwegians. But so far - only one of those two men actually succeeded. And while Bin Laden may be dead and at the bottom of the sea - he died knowing that George Bush did exactly what he wanted. On the other hand, Norwegian terrorist Breivik is today hearing the songs of a triumphant population - knowing he failed in his mission to bring fear to the people of Norway. It's time for us to do a lot more singing and a lot less bombing...

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Ventripotentously Ugly!

The Good! *Keystone Progress* The progressive advocacy group in Pennyslvania started a grassroots campaign to encourage Pennsylvania legislators to reject membership in ALEC. The Bad! *Donald Trump* Trump was in Scotland yesterday testifying before the Scottish Parliament - arguing that plans to construct wind turbines would make Scotland go broke. and the Very Very Ugly! *Spirit Airlines* Spirit Airlines is refusing to refund the ticket of 76 year-old Vietnam veteran Jerry Meekins - even after he was told he cannot fly because he is dying of cancer.

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Your Take - Dil from Singapore comments on the GOP

Dil from Singapore comments on the GOP

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Geeky Science - Does Exercise Make you Smart?

Promising new research suggests exercise may do more than just help you lose a few pounds....it might make you smarter, too!

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Is 1 Case of Mad Cow Disease a Threat?

Dr. Michael Hansen, Consumer's Union joins Thom Hartmann. Earlier this week a cow in California tested positive for mad cow disease - meaning that after several years - the US beef supply could be in danger again. Should Washington be doing more to protect Americans from a fatal outbreak of the disease?

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Crazy Alert! Facial Hair Isn't Free

Facial Hair Isn't Free

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Should we end the Federal Reserve?

Stephen Zarlenga, American Monetary Institute joins Thom Hartmann. The Federal Reserve came out with it's new forecast for the American economy showing that a full recovery is still years away. But there could be another way to fast-track the economic recovery - even if it means a fundamental transformation of the Federal Reserve itself

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Full Show 4/26/12: Thom Talks with Rep. Keith Ellison

Thom talks with Progressive Caucus Co-Chair Keith Ellison on Super PACs, the Violence Against Women Act and the Foreclosure Crisis. Also discussed: whether the government is doing enough to protect us from mad cow disease, what ending the fed would actually mean to our economy and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom suggests Americans should follow the Norwegians and do a lot more singing and a lot less bombing in response to terrorism and fear.

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Full Show 4/25/12: The Next Economic Disaster

Thom discusses the student loan crisis that's effecting millions of Americans and our entire economy. Tonight's "Lone Liberal Rumble" panels debates immigration, the BP oil spill and who will control the House of Representatives in 2013. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom wonders if we'd be safe from mad cow disease in a Libertarian utopia.

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Libertarian Paradise complete w/Mad Cow Disease?

Officials are saying a cow found in California with Mad Cow disease is just an isolated incident - and nothing to worry about. But if some in government had their way - this wouldn't be just one incident - it would be an epidemic - killing thousands of Americans. I'll tell you why in tonight's Daily Take.

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Drones...from the Middle east to Main Street USA

Jeff Morley, Salon joins Thom Hartmann. The use of domestic drones is on the rise - which means there's a good chance one is flying somewhere near you. While officials say they are used for law enforcement and protection purposes only - how is the abundance of domestic drones affecting your privacy rights?

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The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Proceleusmaticously Ugly!

The Good! *German Bank WestLB* Last week - the German bank announced that it would not provide any financing for offshore oil or gas drilling in the Arctic Ocean. WestLB's sustainability manager - Dustin Neuneyer - said that the risks of drilling in the Arctic were simply too high. The Bad! *Missouri State Rep. Dwight Scharnhorst* Scharnhorst is a co-sponsor of the state's so called "Don't Say Gay" bill - which would prevent teachers from talking about LGBT people and issues in public schools. And the Very Very Ugly! *John Harris* Harris - president of the Tennessee Firearms Association - expressed outrage when Republican state politicians refused to support a gun bill that would allow people to bring guns to work - provided they left them in their cars.

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Professor Richard Wolff - The UK in a double-dip recession

Professor Richard Wolff, New School University NYC joins Thom Hartmann. Bad news for European economies...With the UK in a double-dip recession - the Dutch government disbanding - and countless other nations in turmoil - where is the world headed if it continues with the trickle-down austerity experiment?

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