Focus Your Energy

Focus Your EnergyStarting from the premise that nearly all good entrepreneurs are "born Hunters," Hartmann shows how to select an industry in which to start a business, how to grow the business.

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"Focus Your Energy" is one of the best how-to business books around, as well as an excellent source of information on ADD. Starting from the premise that nearly all good entrepreneurs are "born Hunters," Hartmann shows how to select an industry in which to start a business, how to grow the business, discusses partnerships and relationships in business, corporate structures, and how to avoid the disasters and pitfalls that so often plague ADD entrepreneurs.

"Every entrepreneur and businessperson in America must read Focus Your Energy"
—Wilson Harrell, former Publisher, Inc. Magazine

Edward Hallowell This pithy and inspired book fills a great need in the ADD world: A concise, practical guide Focus Your Energy is a gem!"
— Edward Hallowell, MD, co-author of "Driven to Distraction"

"Focus Your Energy" is back in print, under a new name and with updated information - its new title is "ADHD Secrets of Succcess." Click here to see it.


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FrrThom 12 years 31 weeks ago

Your comment made after the break reminded me of an old saying: "You spot it you got it." I am flabergasted at the reasoning of the right. They have no idea how silly they sound in their convoluted rants. Unfortunately, we live in silly times and that is what society identifies with.


Katie Couric, reporting on the woman whose head wad steped on in Kentucky, reported last night that she was hurt seriously. Apparently CBS is a subsiderary of FOX since the Dan Rather debaacle.

I think your show is the best thing since sliced bread. Keep it up.

Fr. Tom†
Prison Missioner for the Diocese of Florida & Assistant Chaplain @ Baker Correctional Work Camp

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Gavriel 9 years 43 weeks ago

I would love a price list of your books sent to my e-mail, any way thank you Thom you are truly a freedom fighter and I am continually surprised at the quality of your knowledge of history and the quality of your arguments in the face of ignorance or lairs, I am not sure, but any way I am posting to respond to a guy on 8-2-2013 called in and asked you to dedicate one hour a week to teaching activist tools and tactics, he basically asked about strengthening the grass roots progressive movement, I am apart of a group that is doing that and more if he would like to inquire please e-mail me at, (Gabriel) or he could go to the schools web page (the new message community is a religious group, but my new message community action center group is multi-faith and some are non faith based focus, but all are progressive activist) I agree we must be bold.

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