How you can help Salem's Uganda children in 2008

The Ugandan program Thom helped start. You can help!

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From the Salem International Site:

Salem Uganda is now urgently seeking funds to maintain its services throughout 2008.

In 2007, Salem Uganda, with the help of donations and sponsorship from friends, supported over 80 children both in the Children and Babies Home and though education and vocational training support. Other children and families were assisted with food and other basic requirements on account of their extreme poverty.

We are grateful for all the ongoing support received from sponsors and donors that is enabling these young people to achieve their goal of independence and the means by which to sustain themselves and their families. But the existing level of sponsorships and donations does not cover all these needs.

Since the founding of Salem Brotherhood Uganda Ltd by Gottfried Mueller in 1981 in the eastern District of Mbale, many hundreds of orphaned, abused and vulnerable children have benefited from care and a safe refuge in the Salem village. The majority of these have been resettled back to their villages of origin. Some, including the disabled, continue to need loving care and support. Children and babies continue to be received into the care of Salem.

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