February 07 2008 show notes

  • Show live from CPAC in Washington DC.
  • Guest: John Felmy, Chief economist of the American Petroleum Institute.
  • Guest: Carl Abrams, WSRO. ICE is treating illegal immigrants badly.
  • Mitt Romney has suspended his campaign.
  • Guest: Davis Bossie, Citizens United, executive producer of "Hillary the Movie".
  • Guest: Gary Aldrich, President and Founder, the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty.
  • Guest: Thomas A. Schatz, President, Citizens Against Government Waste.
  • Guest: David Horowitz, Islamofascism Awareness Campaign.
  • Guest: Christy Harvey, Center for American Progress.
  • Guest: Mark Brewer, Chair, Michigan Democratic Party, who submitted all 8 candidates on the ballot.

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Thursday 07 February '08 National show

  • Show live from CPAC in Washington DC.
  • Article: As Big Oil Profits Soar, Sanders Calls for Windfall Profits Tax, OPEC Sanctions, Merger Moratorium, Senator Bernie Sanders.
    "Since 2001, Big Oil has earned more than half-a-trillion dollars in profits, but devoted less than a penny per gallon to produce clean and affordable renewable fuels in this country to reduce Americans’ dependency on oil. Instead, the president and his allies in Congress blocked efforts to repeal oil company tax breaks and devote those resources to incentives for the production of energy efficient vehicles and renewable energy."
  • Article: Polar Bear Habitat Receives Record Number of Bids.
  • Guest: John Felmy, Chief economist of the American Petroleum Institute (API). Americans are misinformed about energy. The US gets most of its oil from Canada, Mexico is 2nd or 3rd. The percentage that each fuel contributes to America's energy (40% oil). What Bernie said was incorrect. AAA today is saying that gas may drop 50 cents. OPEC is a cartel, and has been decreasing oil production recently. Why has the price tripled in 6 years? Iranian revolution. Strong demand from China etc, supply down. Limited excess capacity, so disproportional price rises. Yesterday's bids for land inhabited by polar bears. Royalties for oil on public land.
  • Bumper Music: Our Country, Jim Mellancamp.
  • The buzz at CPAC is that Mitt Romney may today announce that he is pulling out of the race. Last year there were Romney people everywhere. This morning only 1. 20 for McCain. Hillary loaned her campaign $5 million.
  • Article: Mukasey Pushes Back on Crack Guidelines. Attorney General Says Violent Offenders Will Go Free Under New Sentencing Rules.
  • Ellen Ratner of Talk Radio News. Last year they gave out flip flops. She is saving them for a mobile. Hillary said she raised $4 million online in 24 hours, beat Obama record for day. Hillary campaign press briefing, focus on Hispanics. Mukasey says new sentencing guidelines for crack contain dealers mean that lots of violent people will be released. That's racist, and a judge has to review each case. Bush spoke about stalled nominations. The guy in a grey dolphin just walked by at CPAC. Cheney got an ovation for CIA program at CPAC, and said about FISA that those who act in good faith should not go to trial - but Quest acted in good faith, and their head got jailed. He also said that the absence of another 9/11 is not an accident. McCain at 3pm. Tomorrow Bush will speak before he goes to Tennessee.
  • Bumper Music: No Sugar Tonight, The Guess Who.
  • CPAC is a conservative movement event, not a party event.
  • Guest: Carl Abrams, WSRO. Police arrested a 26 year old Brazilian man who was working illegally to feed his family back home. Unlike other countries where he would have been deported within 72 hours, he was handed over to ICE who have kept him in prison with hardened criminals for months and he only gets one meal a day. The police department is unhappy; such people pay taxes. It costs a lot to keep people in prison. There are other examples. Contact Senator Lieberman's office - he has oversight. Carl was the first to call them; the illegals are too afraid. You can contact Carl at carlabrams@verizon.net.
  • Mitt Romney has suspended his campaign, which means he keeps his delegates and finances. He gave a speech. The Democratic system is different; Edwards suspended and will lose some of his delegates to the winner. Romney is still speaking about the evils of big unions, government.
  • Article: McCain Admits Baghdad’s Daily Reality.
  • Guest: Davis Bossie, President of Citizens United, executive producer of "Hillary the Movie" which is being shown at CPAC tonight at the same time as the main dinner. It covers all her 35 years. The judge laughed their lawyer out of court when he claimed it was a documentary like 60 minutes? He says the movie is fact. He was an investigator for the government. He was fired him for editing Hillary tapes - not accurate, he resigned. Romney just literally announced his suspension. Bossie supports Fred Thompson. Reagan tax hikes. His parents are conservative democrat. He has the largest PAC. It gave the maximum to Hunter, Brownback, Thompson. Conservative. Ad campaign comparing McCain and Clinton on Fox, Time broke the story, Sean Hannity etc. picked it up. Meet the Press showed the ad. Terry Krepel at conwebwatch said that the movie is going to be like the swift boat veterans. People who were hurt by the Clintons.
  • Article: Anti-Hillary dirty tricks war hots up.
    " 'The Swift Boat campaign is going to be a direct model. They have openly come out and said that,' said Terry Krepel, editor of Conwebwatch, a website that monitors the output of conservative news media."
  • Bumper Music: Running down a Dream, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
  • Guest: Gary Aldrich, President and Founder, the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty. Author, "Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House, "Thunder on the Left". Anti-Clinton book. Politicians are our employees. If people do not like a policy, we can change it. Bill. Gays in the military was first the first Democratic issue, political mistake. Health care was controversial because Hillary should not have been in charge of it, it broke anti-nepotism rules. Masses of money against the immigration bill, and Lou Dobbs.
  • It is obvious at CPAC that all were prepared for Hillary to be the nominee, they are selling loads of anti-Hillary stuff, no Obama stuff.
  • Guest: Thomas A. Schatz, President, Citizens Against Government Waste. Lots of attack ads against positions Romney used to hold. He crumbled under the attacks of his own campaign. The CAGW PAC endorses people. Earmark reform should have been done years ago; they refused because they saw it as a way to get elected. Democrats not doing enough. Spending, borrowing. A democratic Congress and president would tax more and spend more. Taxing more and balancing the budget is not good; it increases the size of government. Bush didn't cut taxes, he borrowed; it's a tax deferral. We're paying for the spending too. If reducing taxes will stimulate the economy, why would you raise them later? What is democracy? Why is it fair that the top interest on dividends is 15%? Neither party likes to reduce any spending.

    He said social security is going bankrupt. Thom said, not if you take the cap off. He said that that would only extend it a few years. Thom said it was only the trust fund that would run out of money, and that it was planned that way - it was created to deal with the baby boomer population bulge, and was always intended that social security would return to pay as you go once they died.

  • Bumper Music: Our Country, Jim Mellancamp.
  • Guest: David Horowitz, author, "The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party". His "Islamofascism Awareness Campaign" kicking off on Saturday. Flyer, two women in Muslim garb, one with a sign saying "God bless Hitler". How the Iraq war started. How do we stop the genocide? We should be afraid too.
  • Bumper Music: Radio, Paul Wright.
  • Article: Disgraced Evangelical Leader Ted Haggard Breaks Counseling Ties With His Former Megachurch.
  • Article: Prosecutor May Have Known of CIA Tapes.
  • Article: Secret camp inside Gitmo confirmed.
  • Article: Romney ends bid, eyeing 2012.
  • Article: McCain Skipped Stimulus Vote, Other Senators On His Plane Returned To The Floor In Time.
  • Guest: Christy Harvey, Director of Strategic Communications at the Center for American Progress, MicCheckradio.org. Thom asked two Republicans about Romney taking himself down attacking his own former policies, and his negative campaigning. Did he buy his way to the governorship of Massachusetts? He and his supporters have a lot of money. The cost of delegates and votes. The Reverend Ted Haggard has quit his "rehabilitation". Is it time for a gay evangelical church? The CIA torture tapes - the lead prosecutor against Moussaoui said he knew more than a year ago - the documents were just unsealed. Secret torture prison at Guantanamo. Camp 7 with 15 prisoners, even the military do not know. The death chamber there. There's a rumor at CPAC, and Politico reported, that part of the reason Romney pulled out was an attempt to unify people at CPAC, and the buzz is please do not boo McCain when he stands up to speak. Hillary and Obama are not way off base, McCain is far out. She's mad because he did not turn up to vote yesterday. It failed by his vote. Last night Thom read the Newsweek piece on him. He's going to be hard to beat.
  • Bumper Music: Goodle, USA, Darrell Scott.
  • Guest: Mark Brewer, Chair, Michigan Democratic Party. The House and governor are Democrats, the Senate is Republican. He submitted all 8 candidates on the ballot, as he was supposed to. In Michigan, candidates can withdraw by a certain date. Some withdrew, others did not. The difference was due to the campaigns' different interpretations of their pledge not to campaign. At the Convention, if the delegates get seated, Hillary will get 57% of delegates, with the balance uncommitted. If these delegates mean that Hillary wins, it is better than the alternative which is writing off Michigan in November, which could lose the election to the Republicans.

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