February 15 2008 show notes

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Friday 15 February '08 National show

  • Show live from KJFK, Reno.
  • Article: A Crisis of Faith, Paul Krugman.
  • "Brunch with Bernie" with Senator Bernie Sanders, Independent of Vermont. The House Republicans walked out yesterday over telecom immunity. He voted against; it's a bad precedent. There are other issues, for example global warming. Their only trump card is security, and they are not helping with that. The ambassador in Morocco, a moderate Muslim country, said that in the last poll Bush was at 9%, so how can we create support to fight al Qaeda? Subprime mortgages. Phone companies. The odds of passing the Employee Free Choice Act after a new president are excellent. Quest did not hand over information to the Bush Administration. It started in March 2001, before 9/11.

    How would the candidates' plans control the cost of health care? Loans. Mortgages sold. Marine units sent back, education benefits. They are looking at a new GI bill. There's a major league baseball investigation on tax dollars, and they are focusing on players, not the bosses who profited from it. Antitrust. Outsourcing of jobs. When a candidate drops out of a presidential race, they cannot keep the money for themselves, but for political purposes. Banks, bring back the tax deductions for consumer credit? Who in Congress is up to overseeing the financial crisis? Co-operate with the administration? Paul Krugman's article today. Bernanke is doing too little too late.

  • Bumper Music: One Big Union, Matthew Grimm & The Red Smear (video).
  • Bumper Music: A Day In The Life Of America, Ronnie Milsap.
  • Paul Krugman's article today. The Port of New Jersey's loan went up from up 4.3% to 20% last week. Rant. The most recent 2 books by Kevin Phillips, author of "The Emerging Republican Majority", Manufacturing versus service. Auctionable rate securities. Last week nobody came to the auction. Now it's hitting student loans. Tipping point. Deregulation. Prepayment penalties. Change of interest rate if credit score changes. Tax breaks for investors.
  • Bumper Music: Anything Goes, Harpers Bizarre.
  • The Democrats had a quorum when the Republicans walked out yesterday, and passed contempt citations against Harriet Miers and Josh Bolton.
  • The two motivating strategies, moving towards pleasure and moving away from pain. The Republicans are only using one. Use information, emotion, other tools.
  • What happened to the anthrax investigation?
  • In '68 Thom got arrested for hitchhiking in Reno; they took him to the city limit.
  • Contact your local elected Democrats in Michigan to encourage them to hold a caucus, or there will be the perception that there is a fix in for Hillary.
  • Evelyn suggested that Harry Reid should schedule Republican filibusters for 7pm or evenings so they can't do their fundraising.
  • Bumper Music: How Did This Country Get So Bad?, Us the Band.
  • The long term effect of the subprime mess would be massive deflation; money harder to get, more valuable, like 30s. Companies cannot borrow, downward spin. They are pumping money in, so hyperinflation.
  • A veto of the FISA bill endangers Americans, Keith Olbermann.
  • Anthrax. Operation Northwood. Cointelpro.
  • 9/11. Thom's experience of investigating the death of JFK for Ultimate Sacrifice - it isn't easy or quick; no easy answers. We need serious investigations of 9/11.
  • Access of the disabled to caucuses. Robin said caucuses are undemocratic; Obama won caucuses because students and rich white people were able to attend.
  • Riff on superdelegates. As superdelegates, rather than representatives, their job is to do what is best for the party.
  • Bumper Music: Somebody, Eagles.
  • Evangelical atheism.
  • Bumper Music: What a Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong. Thanks.
  • Ellen Ratner of Talk Radio News. The Senate Democratic policy committee hearing February 20 will be in St. Paul, in back yard of Norm Coleman. Fallout from the Republican walkout. Stenny Hoyer press conference, bipartisan on FISA. Her phone signal broke up.
  • Torture. Eighth Amendment. Treaties. Fourth Amendment if use evidence from torture.
  • Monday is President's day.

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