On the Program - Feb 13th 2008

Hour One - Guest: David Horowitz www.horowitzfreedomcenter.org Topic: Right Wing Succeeds In Campaign To Bring Down Progressive College President - Thom will be asking David - Has the "political correctness right" turned into a "brown shirt" movement?

Hour Two - Guest: Michael O'Hanlon www.brookings.edu Topic: Iraq war - When are conservatives going to acknowledge victory in the war and talk about ending the occupation?

Hour Three - Guest: "Everything You Know is Wrong" John Pinkston www.watchamerica.com Topic: Is American headed for a "One World Government."

The Future of American Values Is On the Ballot

Thom plus logo The corruption of Donald Trump is legendary.

He was trying to cut a deal for a Trump Tower in Moscow right up to the day of the election in 2016, and lied about it over and over and over again.
From The Thom Hartmann Reader:
"Thom Hartmann seeks out interesting subjects from such disparate outposts of curiosity that you have to wonder whether or not he uncovered them or they selected him."
Leonardo DiCaprio, actor, producer, and environmental activist
From Screwed:
"Hartmann speaks with the straight talking clarity and brilliance of a modern day Tom Paine as he exposes the intentional and systematic destruction of America’s middle class by an alliance of political con artists and outlines a program to restore it. This is Hartmann at his best. Essential reading for those interested in restoring the institution that made America the envy of the world."
David C. Korten, author of The Great Turning and When Corporations Rule the World
From Unequal Protection, 2nd Edition:
"Beneath the success and rise of American enterprise is an untold history that is antithetical to every value Americans hold dear. This is a seminal work, a godsend really, a clear message to every citizen about the need to reform our country, laws, and companies."
Paul Hawken, coauthor of Natural Capitalism and author of The Ecology of Commerce