March 17 2008 show notes

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Monday 17 March '08 National show

  • Thom Hartmann is traveling in Darfur, Peter B. Collins guest hosted live from the Take Back America conference.
  • Carlyle Capital and Bear Stearns are going under. Carlyle was leveraged 32 to 1, the Carlyle group did not bale them out.
  • Cheney and McCain in Iraq.
  • Guest: DNC Deputy Chair Susan Turnball. Florida and Michigan. Rules are not made to be broken. There are hopes that compromises will be presented to the DNC. Democrats took back Hastert's seat in spite of the money the RNC spent. 3 times as many Democrats as Republicans voted. Obama, his pastor, McCain and Hagee.
  • Thom and Joe Madison talking about Darfur on the show last Friday.
  • Guest: Carl Pope, Sierra Club Executive Director. Combating global warming is positive for the environment. The Fed is paying for people to stay in their homes, but utility bills are skyrocketing as well as mortgages; retrofitting houses would cut bills, could double the size of the construction industry, and they would pay the going rates unlike after Katrina. Candidates' greed. Obama has good vision, but connections to a nuclear power company, Exelon. Clinton has a good vision too. Both have the past holding them back.
  • He saw Rob Kall over with the bloggers, and Robert Greenwald nearby. Some people were wearing O'bama buttons for Saint Patrick's day.
  • Guest: Jim Dean, Democracy For America. This morning Donna Edwards spoke. She won her primary. We need to have her back and that of others at Congress. Bob Borosage said we can not let up, identified as progressive rather than party. How many people like Donna are they working on? 30 republican seats are being vacated. Charlie Brown is a retired USAF colonel, the Republicans have carpetbagged somebody in. The DCCC probably won't put much money behind Charles, he wants PDA and DFA to stay with Charlie who knows defense, corruption in the military. Charlie's son is in Iraq. Rick Noriega vs. John Cornyn. Workshops, 17 more scheduled before convention. Night school soon, which you can take from the comfort of your own home. What we can do.
  • Article: Hothead McCain, Richard Dreyfuss.
  • Article: Rove on Fox: It's Fair to Say He's Mellowed, Howard Kurtz.
  • Guest: Robert Greenwald, Brave New Films. They have just passed 14 million viewings. "Uncounted". Robert Dreyfuss in The Nation, "Hothead McCain". Critiques from people who know. Giuliani. The Fox Attacks are updates to "Outfoxed". Howard Kurtz's puff piece on Karl Rove. Obama's pastor.
  • Guest: Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, representing the 9th District of Illinois. The house has not caved in on FISA. The leadership has passed a number of important improvements in energy, minimum wage, etc. 5th anniversary of Bush's invasion of Iraq. She's the national organizer of Obama's campaign. How do we stop Democrats caving? Keep talking about it. With impeachment Democrats would be the target, so not during the campaign.
  • Guest: Stewart Acuff, AFLCIO. Unions moving base, education members. The real McCain. Issues. Wall Street dire. The Fed met over the weekend to bail out Bear Stearns, but not workers.
  • Guest: Biko Baker, League of Young Voters. Young people's involvement in politics. How they reach young people and get the involved. They are using peer to peer communications, developing leaders, Facebook, text messaging etc. Clintons, freemasonry. The candidates.
  • Guest: Ron Pollack, families.usa Executive Director and Vice President. Health care in the presidential campaigns. The two plans are similar and would both move us in the right direction and would make health care more affordable. Mandates. There will be compromises and changes in Congress anyway. How SCHIP evolved. Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch sponsored legislation in 1997, attached to an omnibus bill. Hillary Clinton was helpful with SCHIP. Veto override not yet scheduled. New congressman Bill Foster made it part of his campaign.
  • Guest: Elizabeth Frawley Bagley who was Senior Advisor to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright from 1997-2001 and served as the US Ambassador to Portugal from 1994-1997 (Clinton Administration). Campaigning for Clinton and the Catholic Outreach effort. Israel and Palestine, and Bush's recent effort which is not working. Madeleine Albright called it the ABC policy - Anything But Clinton. President Clinton put a lot of work into trying to bring about a peace agreement. Colin was brought back because he could not negotiate. Bush is too little too late. Hillary's position on the Middle East. The non-binding Kyle-Lieberman resolution last September. We have to be tough on Iran, have sanctions, not go to war. Cheney in Middle East. Global economic slowdown. Attacks minimizing Obama over the past few weeks.
  • Guest: Donna Edwards. She won 60 - 36. 2006 was close, the loss felt like a win. She said she used to work for Lockheed, Goddard Space Center assistant engineer for Spacelab. Getting out of Iraq doesn't take a rocket scientist.
  • Thom called in for 5 minutes from Nairobi; Ellen Ratner was about to take the satellite phone with her as she had a flight. They were just in from Lokichokio, but has had time for a shower and a meal. All the places they went to were contested areas. One town they were in yesterday had been evacuated 4 days ago because they were afraid that the militia was coming. There was smoke on the horizon 15 miles away, as they left. They were talking to Monica, an elder of community, the only one left in her family, when an old man showed up who had just been repatriated after 25 years as a slave, and he told her stories about her childhood, he turned out to be her uncle, her only living relative. She hadn't known he was alive. He hoped to be in Zurich in 14 hours and home at midnight Tuesday night and on the show Wednesday morning.
  • Guest: Christine Pelosi, "Campaign Boot Camp: Basic Training for Future Leaders". She got married last month, Mrs. Peter Kaufman. Boot camp book for activists. The key components to getting people fired up and sustaining it until November. She's a member of the Democratic National Committee. So many people have voted this time. She's a superdelegate.
  • Guest: Simon Rosenberg, president, NDN: New Democrat Network think tank. They are still neutral on the campaign. He used to work for Clinton but admires Obama. The next few weeks could be a danger for Clinton, people have worked out that Obama is in a better position, how does she win? Road map? There is now a 5 week lull. Clinton won't accept defeat gracefully and will bloody Obama. Peter B Collins decided to back Obama in December; the debates showed him he could be K with Hillary too.

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