On the Program March 28th 2008

Hour One - Guest: Gov. Brian Schweitzer http://governor.mt.gov/default.asp & Senator Jon Tester http://tester.senate.gov/

Hour Two - Guest: "Brunch with Bernie" Senator Bernie Sanders http://sanders.senate.gov/

Hour Three - Guest: Rep. Jim McDermott http://www.house.gov/mcdermott Topic: Iraq visit funded by Saddam, Iraq 5 years later, and his trip to India about energy (just returned Wednesday

Guest: Senator Max Baucus http://baucus.senate.gov/

Minneapolis talk show host Jack Rice (along with Rusty Humphries and Joe Madison) accompanied Ellen Ratner, Dan Patterson, and me in South Sudan and on the Darfur border. Here's one of his interviews with John Eibner, the director of CSI (to donate, here's the link: http://www.csi-int.org/sudan_donation_sac.php :


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