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Apr 7 - Apr 11 2008 Radio Guest Highlights for the Week


Guest: Patrick Michaels www.cato.org Topic: Thom will be confronting Pat Michaels who says don't worry about Carbon emissions or Global Warming & Paul Hannam www.brightgreentalent.com Topic: green collar jobs

Guest: Paul Waldman www.paulwaldman.blogspot.com Topic: New book Free Ride: John McCain and The Media


Guest: Dr. Deal Hudson - McCain surrogate & Director www.insidecatholic.com Topic: Thom is challenging Dr. Deal Hudson on his "white-wash" interview of Rev. Hagee.Guest: Regina Herzlinger www.manhattan-institute.org Topic: Thom and McCain supporter Regina Herzlinger will be debating Universal Healthcare


Guest: Dr. David Berlinski www.discovery.org Topic: In THE DEVIL'S DELUSION: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions "Everything you Know is Wrong" Guest: Tarek Saab www.buygutcheck.com Topic: Tarek says - There is a crisis of manhood and we need to overcome it.


Guest: Former Ambassador and Gov. of VT - Madeleine Kunin Topic: Her new book - PEARLS, POLITICS, AND POWER: How Women Can Win and Lead

Guest: Christy Harvey www.americanprogress.org Topic: News Under the Radar


Guest: Senator Bernie Sanders "Brunch with Bernie" taking your calls

Thom's Travel & Events Coming Up…
April 12-13, 2008 - Seattle Green Festival - Washington State Convention & Trade Center - Thom is speaking on the main stage Saturday at 4pm on - Cracking the Code

May 3, 5:00 - 9:00 pm - Coquille: Coos County Democrats
Coquille Community
115 N Birch, Coquille (map)
Thom Hartmann, Bill Bradbury, Joanne Verger, Steven Novick, Arnie Roblan and others. Tickets $25, $22.50 if purchased before April 15th

May 17th - Chicago Green Festival- Thom will be speaking on main stage Saturday - time TBA Thom will be on Radio Row at both the Democratic and Republican Conventions

All our affiliates are welcome to Thom's videos - New videos available: Check them out at http://www.goleft.tv/

Newest Video available! Church vs. State? - Thom debates Tara Ross (author of Under God) who claims the cross is above the flag. The Naval Academy color guard has been attacked for "dipping" the American flag below a cross during worship services, reports the NY Times.

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