WWRL in New York City.

We've been overwhelmed with emails regarding WWRL, and just can't reply to them all, so we're posting this response here:

Thanks so much for contacting us about the changes in programming on WWRL in New York City. WWRL is programmed by Rennie Bishop (a great guy, by the way), whose email is bishop@wwrl1600.com and phone is 212 631 0800 (these are both publicly posted on their website). The station is owned by a company called Access 1 Communications. Their phone number is 212 714-1000 (also publicly listed in the phone book).

Most media companies, radio stations (and the companies that own them) do listen to the thoughts and opinions of their customers (you, their listener).They want to know if they are making wise or unwise programming decisions. They usually welcome (and often even solicit) feedback.

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